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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CET

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coalition agreement the finance ministry is well which really is a key ministry here in germany that something magical got a lot of criticism over from her own party that she gave away that's one key ministry so this is something the sister democrats simply didn't want to say before they learned the result of the vote because they're very keen on at least dimming down this debate this bruising battle that there has been over posts and people and names within the party and certainly if they were seen to already divide up the ministries before they even know what the party base wants them to join merkel's cabinet once again that ford of really decrease the chances of this vote going in the direction of the party leadership wants to see and for a viewers are just joining us michelle we are waiting for the social democrat party to reveal the results of that key ballot and we are hearing some unconfirmed reports at this point we should stress that these are unconfirmed that the party base has voted in favor of supporting another coalition government with
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a chancellor angela merkel's conservatives were again waiting as you said michel for mr newton to reveal those results confirm that information but that is what we are hearing from reports here at d.f.w. and i can imagine simon and yobe as well also listening to you and if i can yes please michele it. you know what could have happened as we saw those people who counted the ballots behind us and they disappeared just a couple of minutes ago now i would expect them to have been handed back their mobile phones so i could because they were to those phones were taken away from them so that could potentially be a source for this but we'll just have to wait and hear what the official confirmation of that is if it is indeed michelle that is an important point to soon as twitter goes on line there with those people who might have been tossed for counting those ballots because get some early reports that again are unconfirmed but i imagine that would be an expected but important side really for a lot of people here berlin going to be a huge sigh of relief for the s.p.d. leadership first of all and second of all for anglo-american. you know actually for
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the whole political establishment really and across europe i should say because people i think around europe are looking at germany and hoping that stability can finally come to europe's largest economy but in terms of what's going on in berlin what this would mean as you said we should we should point out this is speculation and rumor at the moment. but it will mean that chance the man who can be elected by the book just for a fourth term as chancellor. and a very sort of new look cabinet can be finally sworn in with some interesting new faces in it what's been talked about the last couple of weeks here is something michelle also was discussing the cabinet posts and how important that has been and what was really important probably for a lot of members imagine is the details the devil's in the details what kind of you know agreement that they get and do you think that the s.p.d.
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party leadership could go to its members and say we have done the best we could. yes i think the result of the negotiations must vary in favor of the s.p.d. it's basically an s.p. do you coalition agreement with some conservative accents and that's. just not. reason why the s.p.d. members were grumpy this time they. they had a problem with their own leadership they have they are afraid for a new coalition that their friends are losing them from phone even more than they already have. doesn't really matter how good the result was they were just insecure about their own leadership and about their own political course for of people again just joining us you are looking at pictures of the s.p.d. party headquarters in berlin a room full of journalists people watching a dramatic scene well as dramatic as it gets in german politics i suppose people watching us from the wings there waiting for the results of this a social democrat ballot among its party members we have heard some unconfirmed
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reports that the membership did vote in favor of entering another a coalition government with chancellor merkel and as you said simon we can imagine that chancellor merkel herself that this will be now the impetus she needs to move forward and finally get things going yeah i mean she has said that she definitely didn't favor any of the other possible outcomes or no vote would mean the choice between a minority government which would be very unstable and medical and instability and the two things that you know to give a. the alternative would have been to go back to the country with new elections is of course about whether that possibly would result in a boost for the far right. and you know the specter of. all the negative development in jim politics generally in that state so this vote if it goes the way
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we expect will mean that no government business that it can get old and you know as you said it's a green mint contains an awful lot that the s.p.d. can be very pleased about this. forty five billion euros worth of spending planes here and that's something they say the easy extremely necessary to deal with questions of integration the migration problems but also boosting germany's infrastructure piece in the end the education system getting on with the transformation of germany's energy system and so on and so on there's an awful lot of things for the government to do and nobody really likes the current interregnum that we've got and she's very young satisfactory nice that used to talk about the dramatic moments you know this scene that we're seeing here really is a very unusual scene india in politics the idea that something is going to be
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revealed a rabbit she's going to be pulled out of the hacked any of all those people sitting there waiting to find out they don't really know they are all playing with the mobile phones to see if there's any hints from the internet but you know. this is a very special moment in german policy. center regnum which mention is now almost six months instability something you said chancellor merkel doesn't like but also it's not really a a mainstay of german politics either how unprecedented had this has this period really been for germany very unprecedented i know during politics as extremely stable and extremely consistent politics now you see the two parties that are probably going to form a government if the reports are true they are both parties now that are weak and they have a very strong opposition on both sides they really have to deliver this time and so they're also change the position of germany you are possibly broadly not be as
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efficient as germany was before so even though if the reports are true this is a yes the problems and the crisis are definitely not over and it could be very well that's the political system in germany will be more in stable from now on. well if you are just joining us these pictures you're looking at at the s.p.d. party headquarters here in berlin that is a room full of journalists there are people in the first and second floor watching waiting very quietly tense moment michelle is there michelle if you can hear us give us an idea of what's going on these are again pretty dramatic pictures we're looking at. yes well you can now see the counting team they. miss ala i look so we just lost our signal there it could be very likely that
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michelle is moving in closer. to see what is happening there but simon and you know just getting an idea that this is a suspenseful moment as you were saying yeah i mean these people who. was writing on these. journalists they have it but members of the. machine know the political parties in the german system are very important yes b do you use germany's oldest seacoast back to the nineteenth century and it's one of the kind of stability blocks and if they can get their ducks in a row to use that metaphor and you know voting be getting together a solid vote he does need to be you know. perhaps sixty percent to look really like a solid voting but it may not be that much and so people may say well it's you know it's been close it's a bit like a break we don't really know what your people really thought perhaps not at all
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that because there's been an opposition against this from some quarters we've been . within the s.p.d. the campaign by the way against the.


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