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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm CET

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home to store close cities during the war. starting march tenth on g.w. . this is live from berlin a sigh of relief as germany and nearly half a year of political deadlock the social democrats a vote to join a coalition government more than five months after the country's elections this paves the way for a new government led by chance langley americal we'll find out what it all means for germany and europe and also coming up. italy votes on election news outcome if
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anything but certain polls show a surge in support for silvio berlusconi's center right bloc as well as the n.t.'s dalgleish meant the five star movement migration and the economy are among the key campaign issues. and welcome to the program the wait for a german government is over and that's because the social democrats have voted yes to joining forces yet again were chancellor angela merkel's conservatives two thirds of s.p.d. members voted in favor of the coalition deal hammered out by their party leaders and their goals christian democrats this gives the chancellor another term in office and a new government is expected to be in place within two weeks. a nightmare for s.p.d. party leaders didn't come to pass as the results were announced there was no applause and no cheering instead a reserved reaction from a cautious party leader who fought very hard for this yes is
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a. sixty's interest social democratic party did not take this decision lightly in the past few weeks they discussed the results of the coalition agreement openly and transparently these were important and exciting debates in which many members of the s.p.d. actively participated or at least. the results of the members vote is not exactly cause for showing off s.p.d. leaders know that many in the party have struggled with this decision fearing that the s.p.d. will be completely sidelined in another grand coalition as p.d.u. swing boss kevin crooners back in the spotlight he became the figurehead of the resistance against a grand coalition and despite his disappointment says the start of the democratic vote and of course we accept this result we are not sore losers and will try to make the best of it. out of the germans feel many are just happy to see a government take shape. if they can push through everything they're planning
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gladly otherwise we will lections what could without a dentist now have on its part if it was good for the s.p.d. in the long run i don't know it's been months now. good for the s.p.d. or not no one knows for now but in any case it will benefit the coalition partner the christian democrats. this is not s.p. the result is a good basis in addition ninety seven percent support from the city you similar support from the c.s.u. a good coalition agreement and a good team that's good governance. the german president also satisfied germany will soon have a new government. it is simply good for our country that this phase of a. uncertainty and insecurity is over and that the three parties are prepared to take on the responsibility of governing. nieman only the opposition has found a fly in the ointment amid a feeling of general relief. fact is the fact is that now the
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losers find themselves together the statement is clearly carry on as usual. as america prepares to be sworn in for a fourth term as chancellor scrutiny will no doubt return to a new edition of the grand coalition. political correspondent nina and you know this vote and the political stalemate that has gone on for nearly six months how are people in germany reacting to this result because we certainly didn't see that much excitement at the social democrat party headquarters this morning that we are now is by no means a marriage of love between these big parties the traditionally the old parties in germany some people call it a marriage of convenience other people even speak of a forced marriage and many german voters feel like they're getting the same result whatever they vote every time you have to remember that eight out of the twelve
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past years the german voters have been governed by such a grand coalition and so this has also led to a big degree of frustration that was visible because both big parties uncle americans conservatives and the s.p.d. gemini's oldest party lost significantly in september's elections you mentioned angle merkel's party also losing out significantly one of the main challenges facing her now in the new government. well the new grand coalition only has a narrow majority in the german parliament right behind me which is going to make things a bit more difficult then again the parties have agreed on a big sum of money that they're going to be spreading and they're going to be investing in policies together those were hammered out in the coalition deal that was presented a few weeks ago some forty six billion euros will be added and they're going to aim at different voter groups to sort of bring them back to the table and win their
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support back because of course the big fear is that they'll lose voters over time and we've seen that fractionalization of the german political landscape already so this will be one big challenge at home and of course america is also entering a big this is the beginning of the transition period where america is going to prepare the ground for her successor to take over and this is of course interesting for an international audience to remember that for years germany has meant stability has meant america but these times are drawing to an end as well and we can't forget about the fact that a vast petey's joining the new government as they have said now that they well that leaves the f.t. the far right party as the main opposition in parliament how will that impact join politics. we can see the impact already the political debate in germany has changed already and also the debate here going on in the parliament
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behind me. is dominating the tone in many debates. just to be specific as the biggest opposition party the a.f.p. will be able to preside over the budget committee which is one important committee in the parliament they will also get well speech time so these are important symbols but of course the big question is can the grand coalition the next edition of america's led coalition can they actually tackle the issues that the voters once tackled question off the future of digital infrastructure of the future of the labor market only if they manage to really office aleutians to voters will they be able to contain this so in right wing populism that we're seeing since september as elections. political correspondent you know has a thank you very much we're going out to brussels to look at the european picture with political correspondent barbara vai's all barbara there you are relief is the
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word of the day here is that the outlook from the e.u. powerbrokers. oakum pleat lee whew for relief you can say anything else congress relations from all sides particularly of course from paris where the french president. says now the decision of the social democrats was good news for europe with the belgian prime minister shouts michel he said that now is the time where germany has to show germany has to show some leadership in europe again and let's go forward together the french nur and the dutch commissioner and everybody who sort of is send their good wishes will come this result because what the last thing that european union wanted was an evil german government is so much hinges on bullen and paris working together well and working in as solid an unchallenged men are far from like internal strife and internal wars and so there
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isn't fact nothing but relief here nothing but relief from brussels now what can brussels in terms of priorities look ahead to now that berlin is going to have a government. there quite a number of priorities but you have of course the beginning burke said negotiations during the summer of this year this will heat up a bit so far we've just seen the preliminaries we do have a rogers sincere problem a severe problem with some eastern european countries and at the upcoming summit at the end of march. the heads of state and government will be talking about the situation poland developments where countries if you membership member countries are turning away from democracy and so that will take some very sort of strong leadership on this on the part of the other countries then there is the upcoming euro reform of course we will look for instance for the summer for.
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turning off the e.u. fund the crisis fund of the eurozone into a real sort of european monetary fund that might be one of the first steps to give something to him on what started out was a very strong european and a very strong reform platform so there is still many issues this european defense that goes on and on so many urgent things to do and also we don't know what will happen when it's really so yes great relief and everybody says all right no get down to work get going do that and work solidly together work solidly together but there was a potential for another coalition before this one with the f.d.p. and the greens would brussels have welcomed that as well. no brussels looking rather to kill that coalition of course because the greens are known factor here the greens in the european parliament are very pro european the strong on the
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environment strong for solidarity but this is the f.t.p. the liberal party had shown a certain skepticism it was also strong on the tight fiscal policies things that are not welcomed in brussels and so this is really the desired result this is the favorite result for the european union what happened today in bowlen d.w. political correspondent barbara vai's all thank you very much meanwhile another european country is facing uncertainty this hour italians are casting their ballots in a general election that's turning out to be a tightly contested race a center right coalition anchored by former prime minister silvio berlusconi's forsyte italia party could gain a majority the economy and migration have dominated what's been an unpredictable campaign and there were more surprises on election day. former italian prime minister and leader of the right wing coalition silvio berlusconi prepares to cast
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his vote in milan but like so many things in this eighty one year old's life nothing is predictable. a topless activists from the women's group femen shouts time's up bella stony and your expired dallas county. but a lot. but there's little that can deter this veteran politician telescope he is barred from holding office because of tax evasion his coalition no could emerge as the largest bloc in parliament making him the kingmaker. and i used to like a cartoon character who wants everybody to like him what makes me laugh is the fact that in two thousand and eleven he was absolutely finished destroyed devastated to detect by everyone but now he's supposed to be the savior of the country. unique only he can adapt this way. i admire
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him a lot for his tenacity. to do that but bella scrutiny isn't the only politician who gets attention of the anti establishment five star movement led by luigi to my own could end up with the most votes but that may not be enough for an outright majority. enough to challenge it and also former prime minister dismissed teo vincy who leads the city of democratic party but he's expected to limp home in third place. from immigration to the struggling economy this election has been dogged by division and with a new election law and indecisive result likely italians may end up wondering what exactly they voted for. now some of the other stories making news around the world syrian troops and allied militias have captured a number of villages and towns near bubble how. hundreds of people are reportedly fleeing the largest events since an offensive began last month to crush the last
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major rubble stronghold near the capital damascus. at least four people have been killed and dozens more injured after an apartment building collapse in the west or polish city of poles not rescuers have been combing through the debris of the four story block authorities are still investigating what caused the collapse but say could have been a gas explosion. thousands of people opposed to the split from spain gathered in barcelona and a mock rally calling for the fictional to barney a region to separate from catalonia this comes as former catalan leader carr last pushed him off with drew his bid for a second term on thursday. in a century after a british women gained the right to vote activist celebrities and politicians are joining a rally for gender equality on the streets of london demonstrators on the march for women are calling for an end to violence and. nation and the workplace.
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voters have overwhelmingly rejected a plan to abolish their t.v. license fee the final count shows more than seventy one percent voting no in sunday's referendum a mandatory feat for radio and television programming costs around four hundred euros per household every year and provides funding for public broadcasters. will see because you're watching news still to come the film industries biggest and brightest stars are descending on hollywood for the ninetieth a cademy awards we preview the contenders opening for oscar glory tonight. and two weeks russians will head to the polls for national elections president vladimir putin's challengers lag far behind him but that hasn't stopped him from campaigning in the past week alone he's boasted of russia's military might and sought to stoke national spirit in moscow over one hundred thousand gathered for
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a star studded rally to support putin at the city's main sports complex. tickets to see russian pop star. usually cost up to one hundred seventy euros but on saturday more than one hundred thousand people saw him perform for free along with a host of other russian celebrities an extravagant campaign rally for the dimia putin whose election victory is over but so. we should look he's a real man a strong president a great person but. russia is doing so much better than in the ninety's we have putin to thank for that. we were told to come here. as well as public sector workers the audience included delegation said from chechnya and other russian federation republics a backdrop for putin's latest appearance days after he set the course for a new arms race with washington on saturday he sought to whip up nationalist. if
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we stand together i believe we will achieve stunning victories in the coming decades of the twenty first century we will do that yes. then. the russian national anthem topped off an appearance of just seven minutes putin seems confident that's enough to secure the support of his in two weeks' time. you're watching the w. news if you're just joining us the center left social democrats here in germany have voted yes to once again forge an alliance with conservatives and form a so-called grand coalition two thirds of as being members voted in favor of the coalition deal hammered out by their party's leaders and merkel's conservatives this gives the chancellor another term in office or for a new government could be in place in less than two weeks time. tragic news from italy's football league city off their feet on tonight captain
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david a a story has died the club confirmed the story passed away overnight after what it called a sudden illness beyond playing in florence the thirty one year old has also played for italy's national team he was found early this morning in his hotel room just hours before his club's match against wood in a say all seven of c.b.s. sunday matches have been postponed. and sunday's early bundestag on match further woes for cologne who are already sitting in the league's basement they were beaten three two at home at the hands of state cart after taking the lead and having a goal taken away by the video assistant goalkeeper t.-mo horne made a costly mistake to allow mario gomez just for his second of the game cologne are looking do. eight points adrift of safety with nine games left. in the bundestag of the week on saturday leipzig hosted dortmund in a key clash for the champions league slots the top half of the german league is so
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tightly bunched that a win could have done wonders for leipsic but instead had to settle for a draw. as players dortmund spader's drugger and leipzig zuroff wasn't good till one titles together in their native austria now the old friends are rivals the stakes were high but somebody should have told the visitors manuella country his slack touch let in team over now for the game's first chance on nine minutes i remember a key equal to the shot. dortmund were also a threat andre shore left lady and me she bought you i but the goal was ruled out for offside soon after a near repeat scenario this time marco it always was on target the officials denying dortmund again up the other end not b.k. to time his past better for his young kev and i was down one nil to the hosts after twenty nine minutes dortmund wasted no time in hitting back though mark who sent royce through on goal no upside this time royce rounding the keeper and slotting
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home. the friends level at half time. the game got scrappy after the break. but she y.-e. with the best chance of the second half but the cross from toad in the touch from the chelsea loney were both lacking that cutting edge leipzig brought bruma for more attacking threat wingers trust sailing agonizingly why and so it ended one all a result that helps neither side if nothing else an old friendship remains intact. hamburg is the only founding member of the bundestag either has never been relegated that's almost fifty five years in the top tier that saturday hamburg sides chances dwindle to just about nothing when the team failed at home to take three points from another cellar dweller minds. staring relegation in the face of the coach bans hollaback took his team wanted to date boot camp in midweek for
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the parents' minds also in danger this was a veritable six pointer to have started with the necessary urgency that it cost it rattled the crossbar minds grateful for the fingertips of florian malone his been asleep at debut. hamburg then had to go chopped off by v.a.r. on the day it was approved for the world cup hostage thought he'd schools replay showing this time new technology did stephanie get it right. into the second half and hamburger afforded a lifeline. dismissed after picking up a second yellow for the foul in the box. batman caustic stepped up but it wasn't looking like his or humpbacks day with more magic from mines. despite their dominance homburg couldn't make the extra man count hollaback still looking for his fast when his coach it was at one point isn't enough but in the end
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you don't know we still have nine games left we mustn't give up. as we go through. that's little comfort to be as angry fans that he was clear thanks for nothing. british athlete roger bannister has died at the age of eighty eight is family announced his death in a statement bannister was the first man to run a mile just over one point six kilometers in under four minutes it was a test of both speed and endurance in one nine hundred fifty four and it was considered one of the defining sporting achievements of the twentieth century his accomplishments didn't end there though after his running can the career bannister became one of europe's leading neurologists. some hollywood glitz and glamour now hours from now the stars will hit the red carpet for this year's oscars and the award for best picture is already shaping up to be a tight race a fairy tale romance and a dark murder mystery are both in the running for the top prize here's
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a look at those films and some other contenders hoping for oscar glory later tonight. cast from brawn freed from their molds then filed and polished to perfection. the final touch is a golden coating. oscar statuettes have been made this way since one nine hundred twenty nine these are the first steps in their journey from new york to los angeles its late night talk show starts any kennels job to host the ceremony. there will be a. big scripted surprise and the show. will certainly want to avoid a nasty surprise like the one that happened last year confusion over an envelope led to the wrong film being named best picture this year it's the sheet of water which has received the most nominations it tells the story of an unfair p.s. creature who falls in love with a meat cleaner while trapped in
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a us the burra tree. the big favorite for best actor is gary oldman for his role as winston churchill in darkest hour. you know why you should which i buy. my daughter angela frances mcdormand is up for best actress in three billboard sites a day being the series she plays a mother who tries to shed light on her daughter's rape and murder of a metal bar god. i know chief but i think we're kind of abroad where like oscar hopes to for this women series sharon and place a teenager who wants to escape from the banalities of life in suburban california in the tragicomedy ladybird and then back to city college and then maybe you're going to pull yourself off about expect everybody to know everything. do you have the papers. less surprising though is meryl streep's best actress nomination for
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the post that same two is a write in the washington newspapers decision to publish a secret government report on the vietnam war during the presidency of richard nixon the film is also up for best picture. that's a voter as one of two german backed films hoping for an oscar the short film is based on a real life event when islamist terrorists stormed a bus on the border between somalia and kenya wanting to kill the christians on board the missiles protected them. it's a story of it saw the diary see which knows no religious by injuries oh no. class of two not everyone here will be able to take home an oscar but many will count the nomination alone among their greatest achievements. her minder of the top stories we're following for you germany's social democrats have voted in favor of and called grand coalition. conservatives it will give the chancellor
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a fourth term in office and a new government is expected within just a couple of weeks. and italians are voting in a general election today after a campaign focused on migration and the economy with the pointing to no clear winner a hung parliament could be the most likely outcome. and don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download from google play for me. that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that to send us photos and videos. you're watching the news from. join my colleagues at the top of the hour and all the latest news and information around the clock on our website. or follow us on
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