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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2018 7:00am-8:00am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin and this year's best picture oscar goes to director guillermo del toro he takes home the gold statue for his cold war fantasy the shape of the water and of the whole round up of the academy awards big winners and losers and how me to dominate the night. also in the program italy
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faces political gridlock after an inconclusive national vote the center right alliance led by former prime minister silvio berlusconi has a slight edge over the anti establishment five star movement but it's not enough seats for a majority in parliament. plus germany social democrats give the grand coalition the green light clearing the way for a new government for our political correspondent tells us about the challenges piling up for uncle americal if he takes on a fourth term as transfers. and historic changes underfoot in china as a legislator start opening the path for president xi jinping to stay in office indefinitely we look at how he's managed this assent to power. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. hollywood's brightest stars
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gathered in los angeles for the ninetieth annual academy awards on sunday the night's big winner was filmmaker guillermo del toro's the shape of water which next is him two oscars for best picture and best director gary oldman picked up his first oscar for his portrayal of winston churchill in the gritty world war two drama the darkest hour and frances mcdormand took best actress for audience favorite three billboards outside of being missouri. well for more on the oscar night we're joined by d.w. film buff scott roxboro hey scott fellow the shape of water great film one of the favorites nominated thirteen times do you think that movie is worthy of the best picture award which it won yeah yeah no i mean i thought actually the shoes a pretty good line up and if you look back at the oscars they tend to give their
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all honors the top honors best picture either to a fairytale story which this was this is literally a fish out of water story a sort of combination side high fantasy romance but it really is told like a fairy tale and you know usually the oscars though the best picture oscar goes to a fairy tale story like that or to a very socially relevant film you could make an argument that this film shape of water was both because it is a film of it is a fantasy story and a story about a sea creature that falls in love with a woman but it's also somebody socially well the because the woman is literally a woman with no voice in a time period one nine hundred fifty s. america where women have very little power and so it also plays into a lot of the the movements that were very well and they're very relevant today and that were very relevant we also have to flee the the me too ok so hollywood likes fantasies like romance but as you say also like socially relevant films and that i suppose would be the category the actress frances mcdormand film falls into now she
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won her second oscar right yeah and basic basic actress this film is the other one that was favored to win. best picture three billboards outside evan missouri it's a story of a woman whose daughter is brutally murdered she thinks the police aren't doing anything to help so she staged this protest where she writes three billboards accusing the police of not doing anything so it's a story of social activism also a story of of mourning and trauma quite quite interesting quite powerful movie friends with one really stole the night though when she showed up for get her best actress on her because she paid tribute to the whole movement and the call for dr greater diversity in hollywood by taking oscar putting down the stage and then she called for everyone all the female nominees in the night to stand up and celebrate with her i think that we have that clip and take a look. if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight the out there only if you do it everybody else will come on. their own little girl.
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thank you the earth god. this really was the moment of the night and after that after she sort of celebrated all the women who have been nominated in the room she made the call called on hollywood on the business people in the room this is a business event the oscars to do more than just play lip service to me to a diversity but to call them up she said after the parties tonight calls up next week and and start funding our projects. so i mean i think i think that was sort of the message of the night it was about inclusion was about diversity but was also about making a real change and real real progress and ok politics and business there a little bit so that's the best actress best actor went to gary oldman for his portrayal of winston churchill no surprise there no this is sort of typical i mean
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gary oldman a phenomenal actor i think is one of these actors that they wish they'd given the oscar to many years ago and so now they're making up and getting to give it to him before he gets too old. but this is a classic oscar performance playing this this epic figure playing winston churchill as you'd expect he disappears into the role. he seems to channel winston churchill i have to say this film the darkest hour was of my favorite i don't think it's really really we're seeing except for gary oldman summer formants but you can't can't describe the man he's an amazing actor and has been for decades and fully deserved to win the oscar lives ok just briefly about the ceremony itself in past years we've seen a number of folks paul as we enter last year the famously naming the wrong oh no jerry yeah. anything out of the ordinary this year or did everything go smoothly what caught your eye yeah basically went went as planned and there weren't that many surprises in terms of who won what i found interesting was unlike the golden globes which was very activist where when where or black in solidarity with me to
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movement this time the activism was a bit more low key and it was more focused on action what can we do now people don't all wear black they their few pins that we saw particularly khans up buttons which are this movement that was set up beginning of the year to introduce diversity into the hollywood system so i think that type of sort of low key activism has really been the theme of the ok so hollywood may have learned something is moving on we hope in a whole different way scott writes for our film about thanks so much and. so you look now at some of the other stories making headlines today australian cardinal george pell has appeared before a melbourne court at the start of hearings into historical sexual abuse allegations against him is the most senior member of the catholic church to face charges judges will determine over the next several weeks if there is enough evidence to put him on trial. as mark is president has called for substantial changes in his country's
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coalition government or early elections to resolve the political crisis and renew public trust andrzej peace because comments follow the murder of an investigative journalist that triggered widespread anger about corruption in slovakia jaan could siac and his fiance were shot dead a week ago. and thousands of people opposed to the split from spain gathered in barcelona in a mock rally calling for the fictional top top bothered me out of reach into separate from catalonia this comes as former catalan leader to college wisdom on withdrew his bid for a second term on thursday. now to italy where voters have delivered a hung parliament in elections sunday setting the stage for political gridlock that could take months to clear up butters opted for anti establishment parties and the far right dumping the current center left administration into third place the poor
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results for centrist parties means that whichever coalition emerges from this ballot if any it almost certainly won't be pro european union will be testing the murky waters of italian politics this morning with our correspondent in rome but first this report. italy's voters have spoken according to projections the clear loser in these parliamentary elections the establishment. the five star movement led by thirty one year old luigi demaio was the biggest single party winner on the day. its anti corruption message resonated with voters especially in the impoverished south. to say one thing is certain from these preliminary results the five star movement will be the pillar of the next legislature. then she manages. and the biggest block of votes went to a right wing coalition between former prime minister silvio berlusconi's forts and
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talia and the anti immigrant league. regardless of their strong showing it's unlikely that five star or the conservatives will achieve the necessary majority to govern outright reeling from rising anti immigrant sentiment in a struggling economy the ruling democratic party and its center left coalition had a core showing coming in third. barring any surprises with the final ballot counts the country looks headed for a hung parliament this would likely mean weeks of tough negotiations to hammer out a governing coalition. only but. gail glass is joined just now from rome georg this election result is a bit of a political earthquake what does it tell us about the country's political trajectory. it will still take a couple of hours until we have official results but what we can already say is
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that more than fifty percent of the italians have voted for populist parties and this gives you a taste of the kind of desperation of the italian voter they have tried the center right they have tried the center left and now they have opted for someone new someone was zero experience the five star movement for instance or the leader nor to populist parties we have other big winners of this election the big losers are the established parties of battle stony and deal renzi so what are the prospects of any of these parties coming together to actually form a government. of the five star movement is now about to become the single biggest party in this race but they have not enough votes to reach a majority by themselves now the problem is they have ruled out coalition so far
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but if they would opt for a coalition if you go by the money fast though a likely party could be the northern league or league of material salvini homophobic anti immigrant euro skeptic a politician who has come out very strongly in fact went past a battle school me in this in the center right coalition and is now the strongest force in that coalition if they would team up together they could form a government carney that's the only option the only thing is that i've talked to the leader of the five star movement reach of the myall only a couple of days ago and he made very clear to me this is he said categorically no to such a coalition he said the real threat for europe the real threat for italy are far right parties of the sorts of marine le pen the german a.s.t and then he specifically named. as a threat to italy ok so a big shift a big upset there in italy what are the implications of this election for the
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european union. i'd say ever since bracks said both far right and far left the populists in italy have toned down their rhetoric their euro skeptic rhetoric rhetoric dramatically they have seen that marine le pen in the french elections with euro skeptic complain it was not successful and so they moved away from this the real threat for europe here is a dysfunctional italian government a hung parliament with weeks off of of haggling of horse trading that will distract from the solving the actual problems the country has with a debt crisis with a micro crisis all of these things will be left on the table while the haggling is going on on the in back rooms so just briefly georg how will italy be governed then through what could be a sustained period of political limbo. well the italian
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president could decide that the ball attention loney the current prime minister just remains in place in other was a caretaker government that could run its elite and what is now they needed many say is is another electoral reform that could reform the system and make it more possible to bring out one strong force it has been reformed in the past in a way to avoid a success of the five star movement but now this came back like a boomerang to all the other parties because now no one is the strongest force and it's only cared thank you very much. is there in rome well whatever coalition might emerge in rome the government will have to get to grips with some pretty difficult economic issues helena has more good morning terry absolutely of course forming that coalition could take weeks of course and that means that the prospect of italy entering
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a period of deep political uncertainty is very real and it could be unnerving to the european union as a choice and don't its financial reforms meanwhile the new government in rome will have a lot to to ensure that it's only remains an attractive place to do business so we caught up with some company found in milan to find out what they say they need to make that businesses thrive. he's a man with a mission now and the store matteo esposito makes software that allows supermarkets to go online in three d. his technology is a world market leader it's just that not many know about it and that's partly to do with where he is you know immediately when you're talking about food facial and design or all is ok when you're talking about technology. is different he also says the internet is still far too slow in many italians regions just like the country spirit crecy but no one's taking the initiative to change things here the taxation
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is hot and it's difficult to raise funding since so maybe our counties that are more profitable more of them more easy. in the world bank's doing business index italy ranks lower than romania but some hope to change that especially in milan the country's commercial center. it's the home of one of europe's biggest digital asset management companies money farm founder paolo gold funny hails the labor market reforms of recent years he says his city is leading the way when it comes to showing italy how to leave its economic malaise behind. is becoming more kind of an examples that the rest of italy trying to copy and move in that direction so. i perceive me. as a more as a leader rather than. backed by the overall situation that overall situation is
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still very difficult italy's economy is growing slightly again but the people aren't feeling it more than ten percent of italian still have no job millions live in poverty there's deep rooted anger at the italian establishment. but belafonte says he hasn't given up on italy even if it has a lot of catching up to do the united states they can have a meeting in printing four hours and i can have a yes or nor you now two days and here may be i think weeks or months or so i can see this gap. but i don't feel stuck in the here and i'm proud to be here it may be a bumpy road ahead but more and more italians now say they want things to change. let's bring in financial analyst your kind stanzel from c m c markets now good
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morning to you when italy is the use for largest economy we've just got over some uncertainty here in germany regarding the political situation can the e.u. a call in may now cope with the for a further period of uncertainty regarding italy for a good morning it's a good question it's better now than a year ago because the crowd has returned to the euro zone and to europe so it's better able to cope with that but after the political chaos in berlin there could be another month long political chaos now in paris and now we compete with the united states for example who just had tax regulation tax reform and direct relation and that there's appropriate fiscal policies there and we have to compete against the united states as europe as a place to make business and that's very a very bad situation but in the end we have to respect the democratic vote of
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course but it could be a month long period of uncertainty coming in that's a bad situation well taking a look at the potential economic policies we did see any sleep at the campaign for a universal basic income was very popular from the five star movement gaining vote is that is that something that you think is feasible. well when we had france elections last year and the other populistic candy that talked about a thirty week work working week and also about basic income. it is feasible twenty five years ago if you remember back we talked about computers and rolled over old boss and how much work to do for us and in the end it's not less work today but it's it's the same amount of work and nothing has changed so basically it's possible but it won't be possible for italy alone it won't be
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possible for the eurozone alone because still we need to compete with asia pacific and we need to compete with the americas and the productivity down taking europe just because of the basic income would be a bad thing in my opinion briefly you know what should and you government's top economic priorities. there have been years of austerity now and no uptick in italy and now they need to have and says of how to print croll fact italy of how to bring crawled back to the eurozone crisis in the end it's not italian solutions alone but it needs to be european solutions and no and so the new government should have answers to that actually to have an italian answer and also have a eurozone answer you can stand out from c.m.c. markets in frankfurt thank you well back to you terry now here in the rain at least
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a new government is starting to take shape that's right helen is taken nearly half a year but its long last wait for a new german government is over that's because the social democrats have voted yes to joining a coalition yet again with chancellor merkel's conservatives now merkel will soon be sworn in for a poor term as chancellor but for the center left social democrats getting to this point has brought out internal divisions that may prove difficult to heal. a nightmare for s.p.d. party leaders didn't come to pass as the results were announced there was no applause and no cheering instead a reserved reaction from a cautious party leader who fought very hard for this yes it will tell democrats to put tie ups if the social democratic party did not take this decision lightly and in the past few weeks they discussed the results of the coalition agreement openly and transparently these weren't important and exciting debates in which many members of the s.p.d. actively participated in. the results of the members vote is not exactly
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a cause for showing off s.p.d. leaders know that many in the party have struggled with this decision fearing that the s.p.d. will be completely sidelined in another grand coalition as p.d.u. swing boss kevin coonerty back in the spotlight he became the figurehead of the resistance against a grand coalition and despite his disappointment says. it's one of the more coffee shops it's a democratic vote and of course we accept this result we're not sore losers and will try to make the best of it what you can dispense to the votes tomorrow how do the germans feel many are just happy to see a government take shape. if they can push through everything they're planning gladly otherwise new elections what good would that have done us now hopes for and it's not good whether it's good for the s.p.d. in the long run i don't know it's been months now good for the s.p.d. or not no one knows for now but in any case it will benefit the coalition partner
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the christian democrats. this is not the s.p.d. result is a good basis in addition ninety seven percent support from the cd use similar support from the c.s.u. a good coalition agreement and a good team that's good governance. the german president also satisfied germany will soon have a new government. this is and it is simply good for our country that this phase of uncertainty and insecurity is over and that the three parties are prepared to take on the responsibility of governing. seba nieman only the opposition has found a fly in the ointment amid a feeling of general relief. fact is the fact is that now the losers find themselves bound together and the statement is clearly carry on as usual. with a slump that young. now until america is due to be sworn in again as chancellor on march fourteenth and scrutiny returns to
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a new edition of the grand coalition. as chief political editor mccain joins us now for some analysis good morning mikaela this is a bit of a watershed moment it must be said a lot finally falling into place with the formation of a new government what's happening today yes it appears that demi's some what's gone full. circle i will see a continuation of the current of course so-called grand coalition of the social democrats and the c.d.u. were expecting to a chance to an american to give a statement today at ten am and we also expect a conservative end of conservative coalition the c.s.u. in bavaria to tell us who they want to send in to future cabinet and his house on the magical this must be a real collective sigh of relief for germany even for german voters after months of not knowing what's going to happen in terms of their government well actually we did see the impatience grow in the polling over these past five months and in the
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end want to see a government in fact we've had voices from the opposition who were saying who basically had accepted that the grand coalition is what it's going to be now also this signals already from the free democrats and the greens who of course failed to form this so-called to make a coalition with machall i mean we saw a failed attempt leading up to this we tend to almost forget that now is saying that they would actually be co-operative on key issues like education reform here in the financing of education so some signals that there will be a broader support for this on particular issues for foreign audience i think i think that the expectation that germany would stay this beacon of stability in europe is the correct one we're not going to see a complete change of course here after all but we will certainly see a more open arms policy towards europe europe which was the plans of a man on my call in france who of course had already mapped out his vision for
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a closer europe also of different speeds last summer and so many still owes him a nonsuch the difference between something that was dominated by the conservatives around machall would have been it would have been a warm hand handshake i think now we'll see more of a warm embrace with the system across the board ok so germany may be embracing europe even more in that with this new government what about the personnel questions the faces in merkel's new cabin. chancellor merkel herself will remain chancellor but what about the rest were cabinet but she already mapped out who it is going to be and certainly that we see some known faces like defense minister we see one of her key critics actually doing the health ministry so that's an indication that she is kind of reforming her own party she's allowing more debate also around to will eventually become her successor but now a position has been more secure we will learn today from the conservative c.s.u. and very they will send most prominently hospital for who will become interior
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minister and the social democrats despite all this time they have still won't really let us in on who will be this six ministers ascending but we all expect or so it seems the interim posse heads the man to come back to become the finance minister and everything else would be an appealable a surprise he would also be expected to be the deputy tonsils out there still isn't a big question for the s.p.d. who are they going to put up as foreign minister a lot of people watching that one just briefly how stable do you think this government is going to be given all the internal divisions i think it is very stable in the sense that both sides know each other they actually have one hundred seventy seven pages of an agreement so frankly this seems to be more than a roadmap for government they simply have to work the their way down the list of policies that they've put down in in key detail but at the same time this was a very difficult plunge for the social democrats to take if they are embroiled in a fight for survival as as
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a mainstream party left of the center now is that comes to a head once again it might not last the full term but i would expect it to do so to do a cheap political editor make it a quicker thanks so much. and you're watching the news still to come clarity for germany as we just heard with a new government approved in america once again at the helm of brussels correspondent tells us how europe now wants to move forward. that's a much more still to come. this move caught just in community in the last american country of suing the. katydid of eight thousand kilometers from the town of truth in saxony gemini. nothing said and blown. through the naked city of the missionaries from the radiant sense who came here to do good. in the radiance of sunaina.
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sixty minutes p.w. . hijacking the news. where i come from the news was being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china churchy people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get me on the smoking mirrors it's not just about me dear friend balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. funny was boring goff and i were good enough.
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to stop us because he made a plea to stop. a meal could represent to. me architect of east germany. the plan b. if i had my way. east germany would still be here. pastor. but you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . welcome back you're watching news i'm terry martin our top story director of the death toll road takes home two oscars for his cold war fantasy the shape of water movie best picture and best picture best best director. and more than five months after germany's national election the country's social democrats abetted in paper teaming up with
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conservatives to form a government that government could be in place in less than two weeks. well that news about germany found to get a government has been welcomed by germany's main european partner france president manuel mcallen said it was good news for europe he was elected last year on an unapologetically pro e.u. platform but without a government in berlin he hasn't been able to push through keep reforms at the evil level he released a short statement saying france and germany will work together in the coming weeks to develop new initiatives and balance the european project for more let's cross over to political correspondent max hoffman who's standing by for us in brussels max i want to ask you in a moment about the machall tandem but first and you've been looking at the headlines what are european papers having to say about the s.p.d. finally approving a coalition deal. well that piece of news really did make the front page on all
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newspapers i had to live through a little bit with the election italy going on and other things in europe but here she is right here financial times and financial times writes europe's most powerful leader is back in control so that is a very positive assessment here and then also online you find a lot of news for example the bells and chose to print a portrait of kevin kuna that we just saw the young social democrat who was the leading voice against a grand coalition what else do we have for example more on the fence a lot more in the newspaper says europe shaken by the braggs it needs a solid germany and finally let me quote the guardian from the u.k. germany's coalition deal safeguards the macro michael vision of europe so overall a pretty positive assessment for europe that this finally came through ok so maybe good news for the vision of europe we heard there from the french president he
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obviously is is elated what does this new government in germany mean for the mycon machall tandem in terms of setting the course for the european union mines. well the most important thing here is having a functioning german government we've all quoted over the years the german french engine it really does exist without those two countries it's hard to push through any kind of major reforms so that was the top priority for michael having a government in germany and now they he might not be in agreement with machall on all the topics because what he for example once in the euro zone he talked about own euro zone budget finance minister for the euro zone that's something that mechelle was very reluctant to rejoice in but on the other hand you now have the s.p.d. which is part of the grand coalition in germany and they're much closer to what might call once and that's no big surprise if you think of who actually helped craft the coalition deal that was mounted sure it's no longer around but former
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president of the european parliament so extremely pro european union but like i said most important thing from my craw government is government functioning government in germany is within reach ok so the franco german engine is looking like it's going to be purring along there but what about the rest of the continent how are leaders elsewhere in the e.u. viewing this result. you know terry we didn't have a whole bunch of reactions maybe they're waiting until this actually really happens in the next week or so but we had sean michel for example from belgium who is no stranger to coalitions taking a long time to form here in belgium and he said ok this is great now let's get on with it time is of the essence that that's what he tweeted on sunday and we also had the vice president of the european commission funds to months who is a social democrat himself who said this is a good this is good news basically saying grow grow because you know the german word for it for a grand coalition the short version is grow cold grow grow basically signaling his
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support there ok so some relief and positive response is there you know you brussels correspondent max hoffman thanks so much. well the social democrats interim leader that. he said that the grassroots decision by his party to approve the grand coalition gives the party a clear mandate. as he did to members of the s.p.d. have proved the proposals put forward by the party leadership by a large majority. we now have clarity the s.p.d. will enter the next german government the social democratic party did not take this decision lightly we were very open and transparent august. we debated the results of the coalition agreement at length over the past few weeks these were important
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and exciting discussions in which many s.p.d. members were actively involved i believe this debate has brought us closer together and it gives us the strength we need as a party to enter into the government and to get our country going in the right direction. so what does the expertise for yes to another grand coalition mean for the party and for german politics to address those questions others i'm joined now here in the studio by spaniard cults she's from berlin's humboldt's university thank you so much for being with us this morning many were expecting the s.p.d. vote to be much closer than it turned out to be in the end two thirds of the party members voted in favor another of another grand coalition what does that tell you about the party well it tells us that they are the party is not as divided as we have fought but still it doesn't send a really strong signal for unity so it will be very interesting to see how this result will have implications on the upcoming three and javi use specially
7:37 am
with regard to kevin kuhn and through my try to to ensure that the leading position in this body can come it can at the leader of the youth wing of the s.p.d. who was lobbying very hard against joining another coalition now the s.p.d. had its worst ever result in the september election and we've seen its popularity ratings decline since then do you think that being in another grand coalition with chancellor because conservatives is really going to allow the party to claw back support. yes and no i would say so on one hand i would say it's good for the s.p.d. that they are now finally settled the coalition deal and they're now going to be in government and there's not going to be another referendum or anything else or even new elections so this is good for them so they can call him down now in the long run we will have to see how they are able to translate their are promises into
7:38 am
actual policies so if we look at the coalition agreement the s.p.d. was actually very successful. in the coalition to go sheesh and so if they're also able to really translate this into policies this might have positive effects for the upcoming election ok now that the yesterday has decided to join the grand coalition they will be in government and not in opposition the main opposition party in the german parliament now will be the par right alternative for germany the a d. they have nearly one hundred seats in this new parliament what impact is that going to have on germany's political culture well we've already seen that they they haven't gone quite a different way on on how to do polya mentary were good and stablished parties and some people thought that they might actually come down as soon as they are in the parliament but this is actually not what the what's happening right now so they're they're sort of also trying to send these fake news about mc poly amends and stuff
7:39 am
like that so this is really going to be interesting how this is gone play out in the next couple of years now some other some commentators believe that with the revival of the grand coalition this will benefit fringe parties that the margins on the far right perhaps the far left as well will get a lot of big tailwind from this do you see a further fracturing of german politics and the potential for radicalization. i think personally that. the d. will not be able to to gain substantially more votes in the upcoming years because i think they sort of reached their maximum point but what we will definitely see is that other smaller parties will become we become even stronger especially when the
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two big parties are in the coalition together we still see this in the last years many are looking at chancellor merkel as such a strong figurehead in europe and as a strong leader on the global stage what does this next coalition government mean for her political legacy. i think. well some like i would it would have definitely been more difficult for her to make it just after the meeting had she gone into coalition with the free democrats and greens exactly so she i don't think she's that unhappy about having another grand coalition so she will be probably be able to to rob a stable government for for the next three and a have years so this district be fine for her i guess ok some are saying that perhaps this government will not go the full term they're calling for earth or suggesting there could be fresh elections before the end of the term or that
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chancellor merkel might hand off to a successor what do you think. i don't think so to be honest i think that. the coalition agreement builds a very stable foundation of this government and. i mean we always have to wait to see if something unexpected happens but if not i think the goal issue will be able to run the full legislative term and i thought so don't think that michael is going to call new elections to bring in her successor it's funny thanks for talking with us turn your calls from berlin's humble to university. now to china where the parliament the national people's congress has kicked off a central meeting over the weekend in beijing it's expected to approve changes to the constitution that would allow president xi jinping to stay in power for an unlimited number of terms that would reverse a system and acted in one thousand nine hundred two meant to prevent a lifelong dictatorship in china reporter but he has has more from beijing.
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the look of a man who has every reason to feel satisfied after five years as the head of state in party xi jinping is at the peak of his powers or me are you we will always maintain our strength and youthfulness we will always be at the service of the people be the vanguard times and the backbone. and that always is taking on a new meaning she wants to remove the two term limits of the presidency from the constitution last fall he even managed to have his name written in the projects that turn out only one other chinese statesman has achieved these during his lifetime cham in moments of time. no chinese leader in the past few decades has been as powerful as c.
7:43 am
and none has been as unforgiving with adverse reason within the communist party and as tough on public dissent as him. the most recent example he denied fatally ill nobel peace prize laureate. released on bail until his death. she was the son of a high ranking party official but his father fell out of favor during most country of. see him self was banished from the countryside where he lived in a cave in the worked in the family because he was hellish trying to personality around. one of the few people whose to dare to criticize him publicly is political scientist would. sooner or later he things she would get into trouble. so far dissatisfied chinese have lent local authorities in particular for their problems. but the more power. but for the time being no one appears
7:44 am
ready to challenge is authority yet no one doubts that he will succeed because plans for this term limits ten years china policy. and our correspondents here spelling out who filed that report joins us now on the line from beijing tell us where tears how is president xi justifying this move to scrap term limits affectively allowing himself to rule indefinitely. well there has been no statement from him himself but the media officials have run a few editorials that justified the spy the need for more stability and more predictability off the chinese leadership in this critical phase of free full moons china does not have the time to take a break is one of the sentences we heard it's quite interesting because for the
7:45 am
last thirty years the chinese. communist party of china has has claimed that the typical stability is due to the collective leadership system and they have obvious definition now they have saying they need one person to lead so they kind of have stability and many observers outside of china are looking at this with great concern that the possibility of see or someone else becoming president for life there is talk of the concerns about dictatorship in china is that criticism being echoed in china itself. it is it is but it's echoed on a very low scale i think a lot of analysts are scared to avoid opposition to this has been clamped down on the internet even and you mentioned that could be attributed to this process of
7:46 am
voting the term limits sends a very. clever ways to get around and since you cannot use would ever have for example on the chinese internet you cannot use the name of we need to pull with a beer and for the name of diddly because she has often ridiculed with images of her we need to prove there is concern in china we don't know how far that extends because any open discussion of this topic is off limits. but yes thanks so much they're talking to us from beijing thank you now swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected a plan to abolish broadcast license fee is the final count shows more than seventy one percent voting no in sunday's referendum that means voters want to keep the mandatory fee for programming that costs around four hundred euros per household annually and that's in order to support public broadcasting. a sigh of relief that
7:47 am
this was public service broadcaster. the station produces content for switzerland's minority romance language speakers a vote against the license fee would have spelt the end. we unite the roman speaking world including those people who don't live in roman speaking areas in switzerland and abroad where an important market marked supporters of public service broadcasting see sunday's vote as a clear signal in favor of independent journalism and the opponents these activists sparked the debate they say swiss public service broadcasting is no longer relevant and it's too expensive despite the result they don't see themselves as loses. me. there was a huge media occur that we succeeded in making arguments in the public debate it's up to us to keep this debate running and to argue opposition the pressure remains
7:48 am
on swiss public service broadcast as the first round of reforms and cuts has already been announced. now to bangladesh where drowning is one of the leading causes of death among children many never learned how to swim that's despite living close to water aid agencies are working to change that and our next report we need a girl who decided to become a swimming instructor after tragedy struck her family. my jetta begum treasures had daughters close. one month ago six year old drowned near their village. she was such a good daughter she was always helping me. everyone loved her. i sure would have loved to have had an education. i asked his older sister fuzz ana is a great comfort to her mother she misses her sister every day. would
7:49 am
come to school did everything together we walked to school played together afterwards and ate together. one fifth of bangladesh is just a metre above sea level but many here cannot swim the statistics are shocking fifty children drown every day in the south asian country these children have learned to swim and have a lot of fun splashing about just a stone's throw from their homes most villages are situated on pools like this one they used as laundry bathing area and playground. i learned to swim last month it's great in the water so nice and cool. off the planet before i could swim i was afraid of the water. now it's found.
7:50 am
that i have a sixty. children who can't swim can only watch from the bank they need to be careful it's very easy to slip in the mud and fall in. all over four year old ruby all says that he cannot swim but definitely wants to learn . he only baits where it's shallow. fasano has set off for the next village with her mother today there are swimming lessons taking place there first on a knows how to swim and now she wants to become a swimming teacher. so she's helping the instructor. learning how to swim it's really important for us kids many die as my sister did because they can't swim. so i. don't need.
7:51 am
to match what has been schumi is giving me lessons in this mostly muslim country female teachers aren't a common sight had training is financed by a british organization which has helped to set out more than one hundred courses in bangladesh. about somebody. i'm in the twelfth grade i'm a year ago my two children in my village drowned. afterwords i wanted to become a swimming instructor. and i'm very happy about it. he thought. finally after practicing on dry land it's time to hit the water here in bangladesh women swim fully clothed a special bamboo practice area has been constructed for beginners there's a floor so that no one can slip and go under. his mother's still understandably nervous thousand are in the teacher trying to help the children overcome their fear of the water. actually she's still young and quite shy but she'll
7:52 am
soon get better at it if she's determined she'll be a good instructor but perhaps even better than me well if. they practice swimming two hours every day then they head home to help out with the chills almost all of the children can swim after five days according to the aid organization that organizes the courses. you've shown in bangladesh all too often of diarrhea cholera malaria meningitis another diseases but eighteen thousand children also died by drowning we have to do something about that. darkness is falling fast on her and her family are eating dinner they missed desperately. both children should learn how to swim then they wouldn't drown like my youngest daughter did it's so important.
7:53 am
says ana feels the same the tragic loss of her sister means a whole that she wants to help others stay safe. in german soccer sunday saw a bonus legal leaders buy in munich looking to bounce back in freiburg after being held to a draw at home last week against how to build in north of the bavarians were desperate for a win they went into the game sitting on a massive cushion at the top of the table. the best striker going into this match wasn't playing for the side you'd expect newspapers in his scored ten goals in his last ten outings for freiburg for more than eleven dusky who was rested for pickett tosca head freiburg scored first but at the wrong end jealousy use you blocked so much must first shot but he wasn't going to be denied again next sunday swallow
7:54 am
deflecting into his own mess in the twenty fifth minute. by and waited just three minutes for the second forty million manco on talent only saw finally justifying his price tag. line extended their lead again in the fifty fifth minutes of the video assistant referee judge eleven dusty's replacements on the marginally on side the goal counted. but the result beyond doubt scoring finds for an final goal. thanks neither pietersen nor levon dusky made them mark on this game it was by a second string strikeforce who had their day in the limelight. also on sunday the bonus league is bottom side collodion took on stuart got in high spirits after fighting their way back to a comeback win in leipzig last week another victory and they'd get off the bottom
7:55 am
of the table for the first time since week too. for it all started so well for beleaguered cologne they grabbed the lead after just seven minutes to cloudy opie's out of. the thirty nine year old peruvian netting is one hundred and ninety seconds punters they got. stuck up on the ropes until the end of the first half when suddenly they made one mom mario gomez if the after colognes defenders still there like statues. almost immediately afterwards it was to want to start gomez again after some comedy goalkeeping from a distraught. colognes already brittle confidence was shot and traced back medics three one after the break cologne were heading for their fourth home game in a row with that so when. a late free kick from milan jonny only gave the billy goat
7:56 am
false hope the mini revival of a few weeks ago is long gone. the second tier beckons to stephan bruton becks team. and you're watching t.v. news so we've got another posting coming up for you didn't just a couple minutes enforce or story so let's watch.
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