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tv   Pop Xport - Bands Trends and Events - the Best Music from Germany  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us in the sponsored by distinctive instagram or see. b.w. stories for topics each week. to grab. a low and a very warm welcome to pop export to your guide to the german music scene my name is marcus shorts and i will shed some light on the following artists. about clothes hitting the club stages. german singers dina conquers uganda.
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and new comers for your life in berlin. we're going to stop the show with a rep of who is one of germany's biggest music stars despite the fact that we've never seen his face grow doesn't care about stardom and all the hype surrounding his person and that's probably one of the reasons why he chose to play concerts at small clubs on this tour rather than huge arenas we met up with him at his recent gig in berlin. berlin club might be. keeping it real with his new true tour he wants to go back to his roots. i didn't want to lose my bearings i wanted to go back to basics i have this feeling
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of clubs again cigarettes on the floor where. get a bit i want to revive the nice feeling of the old days so that's why i'm going back to smaller venues ok so some fans are prepared to wait for hours even to below freezing temperatures. we've all got a ticket so what are you standing in line for so that we can be at the front. it's warm and cozy and. doesn't mind the fans getting right up close to him but when it comes to his music he wants to be free to. never only done rap or pop or rock i've always been three i don't want to be pigeonholed anywhere. in two thousand and twelve when he posted a clip for his song easy. to
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fame immediately. fifty six million times. but. the phrase for his mix. and made his debut. that's now sold over five hundred thousand copies in the trains media designer oh. hides his face he wants to remain anonymous on stage but also when he removes his panda mask. every fifty goodbye like to ask and i like that i always look good in it and yet i wouldn't want to perform or appear in public without it with. the disc on his wall or whatever. his motto is take it easy it seems to have worked for him he's received countless
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awards including the echo and it's now a huge star. and his recipe for success is pretty simple no time himself in knots for fame. he's on knows the time got nothing to do other than philosophize about life about things and ideas i just scribble things. i don't need to put bricks on top of each other punching holes and staple things together. like it just spend the whole day looking into space and thinking about the world and doesn't touch my junk and of course there's money. but it might become a bit more stressful for karl later on in the year in the summer he will be playing festivals and his stay true to our big concert halls will kick off in november. we found the female equivalent of crow on fox no one knows who the rep you had the
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fox is but we do know that on to folks as one of the pops up and coming stars has more on our new releases. humans fall or in the german rap scene on people from flensburg and northern germany has been making music for more than four years her debut album storm comes out at the end. much. i. love that. others latest single. has biblical overtones to charles his second album source it's due to be released at the end of april.
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cut the time. when you ladies and playing an astronaut in one of his music videos he performs in the u.s. australia and across asia in the fall he's going on tour in germany his debut album choices will be released in early may. a little detour to south america surely to wrestlers by the main role in milky chances new video these indigenous women from libya peru and chile don traditional
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dress in the wrestling arena. play. one song we have surely been hearing plenty over the next few months is let me walk alone by me show to the twenty seven year old will be representing germany at this year's you're a vision song contest in lisbon and may but what are his chances of actually winning have a listen and decide for yourself. until
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you. kill. him.
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just like michelle is sure to our next artist also shot to fame practically overnight the german singer as a billionaire hell known as dina is a superstar and uganda she has no qualms playing a front of fifty thousand people at festivals has the unusual story of an exceptional artist. this is the music video of the song conclude the case of the afro pop two news song
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in luganda one of uganda's national languages. special about this is that the singer is not a native speaker of the gundam sabrina half you know owners do you know there's a twenty four year old german woman she's made a name for herself as a pop star in the east african country of uganda what does that actually me. i don't really know so i don't have a definition. but my songs are on the radio on t.v. people recognize me in the streets and i've already met all the successful people and have sung on big shows. of course and trolls. although do you know spends most of her time and uganda these days we meet her in berlin where she's just graduated in social work she's also written a book about her unusual career. leave us service to find his mother was very
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important to me to tell my story myself and it really is very autobiographical it's about what's happened since probably trial but i also wanted to give a more modern and hopefully more realistic view of an african country i was awfully conscious on the side i experienced many things in uganda that many people in germany can't even imagine much forgot a four stroke was in two thousand and twelve sabrina harris spent a year doing voluntary service in rwanda the neighboring country of uganda. later she travelled around east africa and particularly like the ugandan capital kampala and that's where it started she was at a bar where they played live music and she began to sing a music producer happened to be in the audience going on i had to and he just asked almost jokingly whether we should record something i said yes and we went to a studio and wrote a song and luganda it and off we recorded it made a video and posted it online big media organizations were already running the next
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day and then it all went really fast that's clouding i. was her first song became a hit in twenty fifteen. means bring him to me and look around for a european singer singing in and out for can language could also be a source of criticism. he's got a lot of gods first i think that people understood really fast that i wasn't just doing this for fun. it's not like i just turned up and started making music like them and. they understand that i'm doing it seriously that i live here and want to live here in turkey that i understand what i'm doing and that i've got some background knowledge that's why i don't think i've ever experienced any hostility i've been received very positively positively. cannot live off the proceeds of her
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music she's hoping to expand her fan base in africa and her talent for learning languages helps a lot. but also after. there few more languages coming in twenty eighteen i'm going to release a song and swahili i was recently nominated for two wards in uganda and i'm really excited about that the ceremony is in march and i hope there will be lots of concert. it's that i've also been invited to a few festivals in germany which is nice and there's a lot happening and i'm looking forward to the state of in five if you aren't one. that we can look forward to doing his new video which is currently in the making.
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what's a story next we're on to something weird and wonderful previously known as the bass player of eighty's new wave band work team will belong has gone solo he takes us on a trip down memory lane to the eighty's. i'm.
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that was something else wasn't it so what else is happening on the music scene it's next stop on the news. german justice is shaking up the united states which is video for us to get doctors cause plenty of excitement that's because it's featured on the you tube channel. it's already had over ten million views but the depiction of sex violence and drugs has controversy for. users of flooded you tube video showing their reactions to
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just a song is the first single from his new album vocals even which will be released on may twenty fifth. is going to south by southwest german funding agency and it's. taking her in twenty three other acts to the world's biggest showcase festival every year german newcomers get the chance to perform in austin texas. says alice phoebe lou and psychedelic rock band black berries out of will be there too when the festival starts. will be interrupting her tour with a rapper to make an appearance at the festival as well. she'll be coming back to europe to continue her current tour. on the next band has just wrapped up a visit to
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a fault played thirteen concerts all over germany and switzerland then nearly all of them were sold out we joined the trio for the berlin gig they had definitely a bands to keep an eye out for. the story. the show. in the stands powerful and loud rocking berlin and the three musicians are happy they're just doing what they have to do. shout into the mike with everything we've got trying to unite very loud beautiful melodies with very hard music as a takes of the lyrics come from very deep down and go straight to the core for us to be speaking of we consciously broach difficult and unpleasant subjects that make us angry. stalls and you don't have such a vent to be go play tennis or something tennis mean this was.
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the lyrics are often about inner conflicts but they also talk about politics such as the rise of the far right in germany the band wants to be active and their fans appreciate that. i've been i've been a fan from the start of the day we came all the way from switzerland they're amazing on stage from that side much but it's simply fun. before the concert they explore the german capital the bands from often is made up of singer chris helm bass player david frings and drummer frank shall pounce they wrote the first song of their first album when they first played together in twenty twelve the band's name came to them. quickly to just come forward what's there was during our first
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rehearsal we had a feeling that the music sounded like if your big and powerful and forceful but also beautiful somehow. we jokingly made a word association and said it sounds like you're. asking fault. even though it sounds like it was all simple the band had to work hard for their success at the beginning they once played to an audience of five. since released three albums in six years and played a lot of gigs earning the respect of critics and fans alike.
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and they will continue singing in german even though this means they might never be huge internationally but writing in english is not an option. this is going on this is exactly the form of expression that we need it's much more direct and raw to write in german. i the final sound check in the late afternoon at the lido there are still five more hours till. the three ten to get live off their music but they're glad to have found their vocation. and we enjoy every little bit of it is a side business like a big canvas that you can paint every bit of you can really let off steam it's creative it's really great to be able to do something like this when the weather was nonsmoker. their passion is definitely contagious the band is going on tour in
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switzerland in april and there are a lot of festivals planned for the summer here's on the up and up. wow we continue without instruments and amps now slovakia and i couple of vocal group for you perform the song of a female singer from germany and their own unique way you know how this works just let us know originally sang the song and enter your answer to get the chance of winning a number of great albums here we go. to . i've got no drugs.
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were. found. on the ground that. were on the ground that. you recognize the song right off the bat right but do you also know who originally sang no roots if you know the answer right to the w pop export what the stars the six in one double three double five girl in germany all by e-mail to pop export it's d w dot com don't forget to include your mailing address you can win a book by de. and cities but if you're tom blank and crow and now tell me the truth
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who of you still has a cd by the next you're a dance act hidden at home somewhere mr president koko jumbo has just turned twenty two back then it even hit the u.s. charts to celebrate the song's anniversary we have the video for you enjoy that's all for today have a great week bye bye and as the ego and i go and build. coming
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up the. cohen. group the. at the. thank you feel.
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these productions have achieved colton status. the bomb. going to energy is contagious. operas by director barry kosky are setting new standards. for the flu is the man behind these masterpiece and simon. thirty minutes.
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but on morning edition i mean you may notice him going yes. kosovo no doubt cynical media may see in us all up with only about a. vision of getting. better more than. this you know i mean when you're monotonous inclined you know why didn't i put this on a moment tonight is. what i'm focused on him is you know what i'm with what an organizer i know what is a term. is you know i mean you're my noticing guy and you are getting what a guy i don't want to. me number one unanimous. the show could go it's as if i had yes it's a. quote i've only said but i thought economy of the day fun to. see it because as if to say yes it.
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really feels. the scars on some of. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for cities edge but the more. they have survived to do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new beginning in peace time for the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness the city's after war. starting march tenth on t.w. .
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this is d.w. news live from berlin at long last the wait is over germany's new governing coalition is approved markel urges lawmakers to get to work right away she says europe needs germany strong voice as the bloc confronts trade and security threats also coming up a rude awakening for italy's political establishment more than fifty percent.


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