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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2018 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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populism and new popularity these fears for europe's future were dispelled in recent key national elections but no one told that to the italians tonight voters in italy with a message to the mainstream left no more bus to go off in berlin this is the day. it momentous for the five star movement this election has been a triumph to feel. we are a political force that represents an entire nation and shown to you but the people that hold it by the voters have punished all of the parties that have approved the kountry until now come on nobody is she bought going to vote because she terminfo to lenses to rebuild europe with men and women not with paragraphs in the bureaucracy in this little cross here and he did you one of these and the left is
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not in their fancy living with him some in and out of touch you know if you stick you or your shoulder i am and i will remain proudly populist because those who listen to the people are now carrying out the people's will will global anything you need that strong on immigration on family policies on the general economy indeed the italians have spoken clearly they want to center right government. also coming up at the oscars in los angeles a star studded show with the invisible man and the defiant woman she just loves to stand out and stand up and be counted. is amazing is there really be a difference a peaceful way. we begin the day with europe's disappearing socialists tonight italy's material renzi resigned as head of the center left p.d.
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party after dismal results in yesterday's national election the year were crisis and the unprecedented influx of migrants into europe have left many voters feeling abandoned by social democratic parties those parties who rebuilt europe and led governments for much of the last seventy years now across the continent voters have been migrating to the right last spring dutch voters gave the far right p.v. party of garrett builders thirteen percent in the national election the next test of the ballot box was in france there the socialists were humiliated emanuel microland the candidate without a party became president and marie le pen's far right national front came in with just a little over thirteen percent last september voters right here in germany went to the ballot box and all mainstream parties lost support the weakest result ever for the s.p.d. the social democrats the far right alternative for germany the a.f.d. came in just shy of thirteen percent they are now the largest opposition party in
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the parliament now these are not alarming numbers until you see what the italians did in their national election yesterday the far right parties earned a whopping thirty seven percent of the vote the anti-establishment five star movement received more votes than any other party are we about to see a far right party take power in europe my colleague a org spoke with italian political scientist professor giovanni or seen all eyes on the five star movement of. could he form a coalition with the far right of any because if you look at the money festivals they have quite a bit in common. that might be the case i'm not saying it is impossible but i don't think it is likely because it would be politically not clever and not wise for selena to enter a coalition as a junior partner with the five star movement salvini as being one of the winners of
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this election and would like evil try and make the most of it so either a government which is the edge a man or a position and then maybe possibly becoming the strongest force of the italian rights or in the next elections. so for the five star movement has that they don't want a coalition at all they are anti establishment what if they would come together with the center left political parties in italy i think this is more likely than the previous option they will try to build a coalition of course on their own terms but they will try and get the most of this victory and form a government and the p.d.p. as the popular democratic or as been the major loser of his election and that they have got problems of identity and that they might eventually agree. to entering into coalition with the face of movement so that's an option once again not
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necessarily the case but it is not so impossible i believe so quite a bit of horse trading to come where does this leave italy which is desperate for reforms these leads easily into a transition of its political system. and before adding reforms we need to find a new equilibrium in our political system each cell has been leaving out of the pos communists and they will scorn you for twenty years now the post communist party p d the last hair. is in a crisis that was going his eighty one years old so the challenge system is changing and five star movement in league are the new forces on the rise so first of all we must to really restart realize the political system and then with a new balance each of you may have the political strength to implement real reforms thank you very much. strong shift to the right in italy how does this fit into the
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future of the european union and what about the new german grand coalition government so i'm joined tonight at the big table by our political correspondent kate brady and in brussels tonight our correspondent barbara to both of you welcome bob i'm going to start with you europe sot that it had the far right under control after the elections that we saw in the netherlands france and here in germany so what in the world happened in italy you know we thought the worst was over that but that was just a miscalculation what can you say you win a few you lose a few and in italy the european union as a whole as an institution lost badly italy has been really in the doll drums for years and years there was stagnation if you look at economic growth there are really down in the european league the unemployment is consistently high around ten percent and for terry in voters there was just nothing on the arise nothing that
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promised anything that things would get better and they lost completely trust in the institutions in parties in state in and of course in europe and so this is what we see we see the result that is seen from the introspective medium maybe even a large disaster and that just could bring up sort of real political chaos in italy and sort of from there sort of going into europe and barbara after breaks in italy will become the third largest economy in the european union i mean is political power war is going to be growing and doesn't that make a shift to the right very problematic and disturbing for the e.u. . there are pictures extremely disturbing no as to the political power of italy in europe it's been all those sort of like in the second row because it has never really punched its own weight it's always been like a ship in a convoy and i further down for the down the road and it canonically it's of course
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the third biggest economy only on paper because if you look at the picture behind that it is truly frightening it's a budget deficit stands at two point two trillion trillion euros and the banking bad the non-performing loans the bad loans in the italian banks standard around sixty five billion euros so all this means that italy in a way is too big to fail seen from the european perspective and it is much too big to be saved so if things go bad there the euro will sort of implode it's a very negative and it's a very frightening picture have been covering the german election yesterday speedy vote in favor of another coalition government was merkel's conservative has there been any reaction from the chancellor to the results in italy or even to the
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resignation of mr renzi oh we haven't heard from angle of michael herself yet but the government spokesman stephan side but he spoke earlier today saying that the german government wished italy good luck in forming a new government and it wouldn't take as long as it did hare in germany that was almost six months it was interesting though that he said that he wished italy could look to form a stable government not only for the benefit of italy but also for the benefit of the use of course this is something that angle of merkel is going to be watching very closely the building of this italian government especially when it comes to matteo so vini the leader of the annoyed of course she there is that concern that if he was at the helm of italy that this could. not bode well for her plans with a french president. as they try to push through these reforms and they've got every the storage your skeptic to deal with anything that's very good point today the
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french president is micron he was asked for his reaction to the italian results i feel your pain is what we could hear from mr take a listen. i notice that in today's world we can defend beautiful ideas if they did that but we cannot do it by putting aside the brutality of the context things it did italy today suffered from the pressure that has been building up for months and months now in the context of the migration crisis we have to bear that in mind you know if you want france to keep defending an ambitious europe that protects people which i have defended since i was elected as a explained during my speech in france strategy last september these principles will guide friends ex and together with the most person in the coming years. all right so that's mr barber let me ask you what is the french president trying to
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do you i mean if he can find common ground with donald trump successfully can he do the same with the far right to tell you government. that's pretty much impossible because donald trump is far away i mean and sort of give him a lovely military parade and trump is happy but it's impossible to make material salvini the the leader of the league are not happy in europe because if you listen to the economists round salvini i mean they are talking about leaving the euro and that would be immediate bankruptcy off the italian state i mean that would be the biggest national bankruptcy in years and decades probably ever internationally all this is just stuff that you can't even consider it's so bad and it looks like so he just have to has to hope the micro has to hope that together was on the america he can sort of dent down the worst aspects of all this first we have to wait of course what emerges in italy we might end up was
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a caretaker government for months maybe even a year and then have new elections so all this we don't know yet but it gives you a headache and it can really cause bad dreams dreams and then i tell you it sounds like the situation with politics here in germany we know it's a dismal future for the social democrats and italy what about here in germany will they survive another coalition with the conservatives of uncle americal we have this report. germany's conservative bloc says enough waiting around let's get to work and the chancellor got the ball rolling this morning. it is good and important for things to get started in a few days since with our coalition agreement we basically have a full book of orders and tasks to execute namely with a view to the people in germany who are rightfully waiting for a government that's able to act like. the c.d.u. already introduced its team of ministers more than
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a week ago now bavarian sister party the c s u has followed suit. gets to stay on its development minister he's known for being a team player c.s.u. chief. will be the next interior minister and transport minister both said to enjoy the political rough and tumble. but the social democrats have yet to announce their cabinet ministers their biggest problem what to do about popular foreign minister. who is highly controversial among his own party members. so far the s.p.d. has revealed very little. that there are six ministers there will be three women and three men and there will be a few who are already ministers and a few newcomers. patients will likely be tested once again and probably not for the last time. i mean are these social democrats in germany or are they
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condemned to a future of becoming insignificant when they all realize now in this profile crisis that the social democrats has been facing for quite a few months now and the paseo the party leadership has promised that that will be a part of renewal and that will be where the integrity of the party survival over the next in the next legislative term and said that. i mean obviously the s.p.d. the social democrats really moving away from that send to ground and a second question with regards to the f.d.a. is the far right party the biggest opposition in parliament of course it's a now the exactly now that the social democrats have joined this grand coalition the leading opposition as well and this is a largely a symbolic role but it does come with some perks for this for the f.d.a. so now they'll be able to hold long speeches in the german parliament and they'll also be able to respond first to speeches given by chancellor merkel if
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she's appointed chancellor in just a couple of weeks time so is likely that we'll see much more heated debates in the now that we've already had a taste of that since the f.d.a. entered parliament in autumn. let me ask you i mean if we are looking at the demise of social democracy across europe what is there going to mean for bread certainly. then what happens after a break we have to remind our viewers the social democrats they have been the proof e.u. party used in europe they have always pushed this european project. they have always pushed this european project but we also have sort of the this center conservative party in europe which that makes for the biggest block still at the moment and they have been really the force carrying those soul thing and sort of pushing it
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forwards but that if we look at italy also begin is beginning to crumble what this means for breaks it breaks it negotiations will largely take place next year and the year after as long as and among them across are in power they can link arms and try to sort of hold things together and hold to the british side to to keep european regulations and to consider keep the e.u. in itself intact if really right wing populist italian government should come into power within this you then all bets are off then all this this whole scenario will have to be completely rewritten it really is something that at this time of the night i would hardly like to think about it well i mean let me ask you i know you're not a betting woman barbara but if you were were jews would you say that italy we're looking at a long process of trying to create a government or are we looking at a far right minority government to tell. minority government wouldn't
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really have a long i mean you have to consider brant and that's maybe the consoling side of this the consolation in all of this that the everetts life span often telling governments throughout the last decades has been about a year and a half so maybe it's not all going to be that bad we probably will be looking at a very long period of the interim a caretaker government and then we don't know yet what will happen maybe it may be another round of elections so all this is very uncertain and if you look at the italian history you always fear the worst and then mostly doesn't come to pass that's spoken like a true meant was a positive thinking woman that. i'll bet i'll bet on that there will always bet on your barber there's your. in brussels about four hours into a break here at the big table to vote thank you.
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all right let's go from politics now to hollywood although the two are increasingly difficult to separate the ninetieth annual academy awards in los angeles last night the big winner was a film that has not enjoyed the biggest of all the answers for oscars went to get more dittos fantastical cold war love story the shape of water but the evening belong to the women and the movement against sexual harassment which began six months ago. the highlight of the oscars fade dunaway and warren beatty handed out the coveted best picture award. the shape of i it was guillermo del toro second trip to the stage having earlier picked up the oscar for best director. del toro's fantasy romance a quirky love story between a mystery merman like creature and a mute cleaning lady was
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a favorite throughout the awards season this is intelligent capable of like reach. to become a golden globe and the director's guild award before grabbing two oscars. best actor accolades went to gary oldman for his portrayal of winston churchill in the gritty world war two drama the darkest hour. old man had to endure up to five hours and makeup every day during filming to complete his transformation to britain's storied wartime leader. the best actress oscar went to frances mcdormand for her role as a grieving mother in the comedic drama three billboards outside adding missouri mcdormand use the podium to make a stand for more diversity. if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight thank the actors merrily you do it everybody else will come on third filmmaker and thank you
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thank you thank you thank you the right thing to conquer thank you thank you thank them to guide her thank you look around everybody look around ladies and gentlemen thank you as we all have stories to tell and projects we need finance judging by the overwhelming support in the room many here hope the call is too loud for the hollywood studios to ignore. that's right and what a night it was we understand too that that oscar that you just saw there has been stolen today that's full of entertainment journalist a.j. matthews in los angeles she's told the story for us good evening to you k j i just ask if you're there you heard anything about what happened with that also her troisi being stolen. yes that is the weirdest thing to happen i think i thought it nothing weird happened initially but then when i heard this story about what a weird weird thing about it here's what happened frances mcdormand left the oscars
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in what white next door to the governor's ball which every oscar winner gets every single year to enjoy yourself apparently she put her oscar on the table while she was there begin to talk to people maybe got something to eat during that time a gentleman walk up grab the oscars and then start saying it was his oscar he it won it a lot of people working graduating in and then my own thing was caught on facebook live you can believe it he had it for about two minutes he kept saying to the party all these people were congratulating him asking him what category why didn't he said it was a producer in music and he said i finally i asked me keeps looking into the camera it was truly bizarre before security guards came over and grabbed the oscar back but he wasn't even arrested until some hours later when people realize who wells what he had done and now my understanding is that he is still in jail he's being
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charged obviously with grand theft but that's truly bizarre it shouldn't be what you know who he is and how in the world did he even get to the governor's ball that's a very very very bizarre story let's talk a little bit about the what happened last night with the shape of water he was the big winner but it is not a film that has been released all over the u.s. and when you compare that to a film like the post with tom hanks and meryl streep which has been released nationwide it won no word so what does that tell us about what the academy is thinking. well you know this is really up on a debate that happens every year in hollywood there are the films that are much more aren't seeing creative that maybe fewer people see and you know the blockbusters that everyone sees and a lot of people always feel like the films that the critics love that are a little bit more artsy creative really aren't what middle america loves and embraces and they may not be the blockbusters so there's this guy that happens all
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the time but you can argue that he water was beautifully written beautifully executed even though it may not have been released why every single american no one could argue that it wasn't a uniquely executed thing. and it was the night of a defiant woman in the night of an invisible man that's how i described it earlier maybe i should have said it was the night of the invisible male jenna tell you take a look what. i ask for is the most beloved and respected man in hollywood and there's a very good reason why just look at. keep his hands where you can see them. never says a rude word and most importantly no penis at all. here's how clueless hollywood is about women we made a movie called what women want and it started mel gibson. of the ok you know you have to laugh a i guess. there's
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a will to strike at the right tone there last night but we've got about what like a minute meant to half what about the men in the room and the men in the business i mean i said it was the night of the invisible man is that what's happening. you know i think they wanted it to be really about women obviously frances mcdormand pretty much stole the oscars when she asked all the women to stand on their feet who'd been nominated and urged hollywood especially let me and those in power to hire them and to fund their quad yes and so you saw a lot more women presenting awards we saw a lot more woman giving great speeches when they won from allison janney to obviously frances mcdormand and you saw women on the red carpet discussing that i mean men were there but i really loved the way jimmy kimmel set the tone of the first unit one minute it was monologue where he basically he talked about how he wants that he talked about up a inequity he talked about sexual harassment he attacked all of that what really
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set the tone and so everybody was allowed to just relax and be themselves and not have to have this time's up in the media hanging over every single thing that was said and done at the oscars and i really think he struck the right chord. or tame a journalist a.j. master with the latest and the after party news as well as an interesting crime story from also angeles tonight k.j. as always thank you very much. thank you it's. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or write to me off t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag today and remember that whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day and don't set your troisi down where you can see you posting in a bar. claim .
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