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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2018 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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he's of creative people and innovative projects around the world trying to use the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action on a globalized lives the multimedia environment series on d. w. . everyone welcome to the show here's what's coming up today. free to forge illegal fakes of convicted called off this one gun can help crack the. free to choose my color is an option tax the swiss optician jack clean.
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i'm free to write what states those who love won't go through the black forest. vols gang belts rocky is one of the most prolific art forges in history his fakes fooled experts the world over making millions in the process but it's talent for forgery eventually landed him in prison by two thousand and eleven now that belt rocky completed his sentence he's back at it again but this time it's all legal the painter has joined the kairos project which aims to create new works in the style of famous artists and both rocky is just the man to do it. a dab of black on the brush to accentuate a few lines on the canvas. just a bit more orange. and read all of. the
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talkie is creating his very own gustaf clint it's hard work even for the forger of the century as he's been called. the spirit of course there's a lot of paintings taking an unbelievably long time a good author more than i ever would have thought of target of the. i calculated three or four days for it and when the first i did a study that cost me almost a week then i did another one. and i'm not that's why i'm still not satisfied with it with. the imitation self-portrait is part of a new project conceived by entrepreneur an art lover christiane thought he's commissioned bell truckie to fill in some of the blank spaces in art history a dream job for a master forger. using the original materials and styles of the artists from each epoch the idea is for him to create
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a series of key works of the past two thousand years they are to be paintings that would have been milestones today if they had ever been done. oh this picture is in the style of lucas cranach the elder the epiphany of martin luther the story goes that as a young man he was caught in a thunderstorm he prayed to his patron saint anna to save him promising to become a monk if she did. not move there was studying law and because of an incident that he might even have dreamt that gets oak an entirely different path. and that changed the course of history. i mean by fish that oh. that's so this painting of martin luther kneeling before st anna has great relevance. and. another
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historical moment was charles darwin's departure from england in eight hundred thirty one he returned from his round the world voyage with his theory of evolution a moment that his contemporary william turner never painted. when planning his paintings for the kairos project vote truckie leaves nothing to chance he had younger me or studio reconstructed in detail for this painting in the dutch masters style. and the studio in which he painted his clint was a ball room from the art nouveau era. truckie always prepares his projects together with his wife elena the couple who are behind the biggest forgery scandal of the twenty first century so far they out when did the art world for nearly twenty years before being discovered and sentenced to years in prison the bill truckies had smuggled over three hundred four
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juries into the art market most of them have yet to be identified. now he is doing what he's always done and does best he's creating art work in the style of other master painters but clint almost had him stumped it was to. myself to do the background the figure of death or what i think he might have seen so that's first i have to figure out what he could have seen last night it occurred to me he sees the fairy man the fairy man as a symbol of approaching death as. christiane sought hopes the kairos project will introduce art history to a wider public before the paintings move into their permanent home in a new museum in under armor galba varia they'll go on tour in autumn with stops in venice and vienna vote has until then to complete his stuff claimed it will even be
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signed a genuine don't try. now before we move on to our series let's go to round up of what's happening across europe in our express today we start off in london with a legend of musical theater. the memoir of one of the most successful musical impresarios of all time hits bookstores on tuesday. andrew lloyd webber's book on masked is an account of his childhood and chances burgeoning career up until nine hundred eighty six when the phantom of the opera premiered in london's west end. it quite frankly i was rather into it but people said well why don't you tell these stories. about my childhood and things and people's lives that kind of interesting are you sure all you sure that it's remotely interesting to anybody a person is very boring the book's publication coming science with a release on mobster sixteen for the compilation album of lloyd webber's most popular hits from the last five decades that includes covers by lana del rey and
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nicole scherzinger. researchers in london have discovered what they think could be the world's earliest figure tattoos on the upper arms of two egypt in mummies that are five thousand years old the two tattoos one of the wild bull and the other of a sheep were identified with the help of infrared cameras the mummies have been on display at the british museum for decades they were discovered in juggling close to luxor. stella mccartney unveiled her latest collection at the paris opera on monday. the british designer has long been in the vanguard of ethical fashion. and the show featured her trademark synthetic for info leather. her newest looks feels men and women styles with classic men's suits revamped into
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dresses and. statemented where paris fashion week wraps up on tuesday. now today's installment of this week's series on pioneering women yesterday we got to know director daughter coby ella and today's featured artist has also impacted the world of film as a child jacqueline obama made her own toys out of socks because a family didn't have the money to buy her presents later she trained as an optician in switzerland but moved to hollywood to combine her job with her passion and crafts let's find out what she came up with.
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amazing colors and even patterns for your eyes it's all possible with custom contact lenses. the idea to combine vision correction with bright colors and fantasy shapes came from a swiss woman. titian or shocking or about one particular i contact gave her the inspiration i was talking. one day i saw a brown eyed woman and gold who had a golden spot in one eye. and that fascinated me and i thought a gold all color in your own eye that's an idea as. it was nine hundred sixty six and twenty four year old jacqueline orbach had established herself as an optician in hollywood after moving to the us from switzerland with little cash and lots of ideas she started developing new contact lenses. in. the system while i did that i bought my first c.n.c.
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les then experimented on it day and night on the set that april at first i had no idea how you made contact lenses. it was just trial and error his watch and i just kept trying and trying. it would be the proper appropriate eventually she succeeded experimenting with different materials she found a way to color lenses and filed for the patent that still serves as the basis for motive lenses for movie effects as one example brad pitt wore them in interview with a vampire. why light red contacts gave the vampires their blood thirsty look and in alice in wonderland colored lenses help transform johnny depp into the mad hatter. now the selection is vast whether hard or soft contacts corrective or purely cosmetic green. blue diamond black cat green cat reptile. if i was a white i. scary. starting at just ten euros anyone can
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compliment an ensemble with brightly colored people so the first colored lenses were made by hand each pair took a week to produce as well as i did it was a test run we didn't even sell those and we just passed them on to select an optician for them to show to special customers and hasn't tried them on. years past before the colored lenses caught on and went into mass production. today jacqueline or back at over eighty years of age is back in zero six and running an online mail order company for contact lenses. she's larry courageous she makes courageous decisions that are like that and she is very creative which has to do with her story and i think creativity is an important factor in running a business she has lots of it. now or shocking or back our suppliers produce the
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answers. she has good memories of the early day. all innocence i'm proud there is little me who had the idea to do this and make it a. ality how the small thing at the time i never expected it to be such a huge success so i thought he's an awful. jackley no a box invention may be small but it has certainly changed the look of today's wells . well you can catch me struggling with those contact lenses on an instagram page at the w. europe max i certainly didn't make it look easy now lets coast along to our next topic longboards around berlin you see plenty cyclists but there is a growing number of people whose vehicle of choice is the longboard as the name suggests it's longer than a skateboard and also
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a more comfortable ride with added suspension we travel down south to fi borg to meet the man who had makes some of the best boards in the world. when it comes to skateboards nobody outclasses hard. he's nicknamed. and his company makes our. bread longboards are handmade in the black and sold worldwide. just as suited to cruising down sidewalks as they are to racing downhill. definitely a whole lot of love for life in the sport but you can experience so much on a board you get around you can travel and always have it with you it's an awesome feeling. riding along borders hawks life that's why he not only builds them he designs them according to specifications dictated by the road itself.
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his little shop and has been turning out longboard since two thousand and two what's unique about his boards aside from them being handmade is the qualities they present that no factory can imitate. thin veneer is of wood mostly from local forests are layered with fiberglass or carbon fiber and a poxy resin he won't reveal any more of his recipe for success each of the forty models has its own feeling character depending on the blend of materials and the shape. is the interface between the human being and the street you're moving on or you have to be able to connect with this. can't be too hard or too mushy under your feet the main thing is how you connect with this. after the board itself comes the assembly the axles and wheels can be standard mass production goods from asia or high tech from germany and the price tag as high as one thousand euros the models have names like water black forest ham and held
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valley but the long board has to. and that's not a question of age. i had a lady customer who was over sixty and buying her first board but she wanted our advice on it but it was awesome. she bought a model called the kingdom of heaven named after a nice spot in the black forest and the joy of writing the board. spring is just around the corner and if you haven't made any plans yet for a holiday then maybe we can help at least where your choice of hotel is concerned we've put together a list of some offbeat european accommodations which provide guests with more than just a room where staying the night is a proper experience in its own right so here are.
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five european hotels that really stand out from the crowd. this is a true beast of a place to stay this bed and breakfast in the edge belgium takes its shape from an ancient greek new guests can hide and sleep in the trojan horse. it's our number five as in the trojan original there's lots of room inside the belgian horse although it's a much more comfortable than the first one. the highlight is the panoramic window the horses head can be moved up and down by joystick. the view from here is equally spectacular the exterior of this hotel located one out of a mile off the coast of southern england may not look very inviting but inside the over one hundred forty year olds bank ford pure luck. guests can stay where
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munitions and gunpowder used to be stored. as i said this was one of the they see we are facing so there are the twelve and a half inch kind of facing out to sea. another taken up or if. there's not much to do in the immediate vicinity of our number four and there's no beach so this is probably more for short stays. our next hotel is also connected to the sea it's located in the german port of our namenda on the baltic guests stay in two by twelve meter shipping containers are number three of the hotels that stand out claustrophobic small like it but it's a good choice if you're on a budget a night in a room with multiple beds costs nineteen euro's. if you can't stand tight spaces but aren't afraid of heights it's worth visiting the port of amsterdam and this crane it's number two of our hotels that really stand out and elevator whisks you forty five meters up. the guest room extends
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over two floors up there where the crane operator used to sit but guests need strong nerves the crane sways a little in the wind. if that's not spooky enough then head to sweden south of stockholm you'll find our number one in an abandoned silver mine. your guest take the elevator down for five minutes one hundred fifty five meters underground where it's dark and cold the temperature is only two degree celsius. the one who tells wheat is the only part of the mine that's heated if it gets too scary guests can call for help on a walkie talkie or hope to comb the mines go by singing.
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not sure i'd found see that last one well we saw some impressive hotels there but i doubt any of them can match the luxury of the same. regis model resorts on the spanish arland of new york up at the five star institution suites come with butler service you may think the tradition is a thing of the past but it's very much alive at the resort where guests are catered to like characters on downton abbey your every wish is their command. head butler rico if linda's getting a suite ready for a new guest it's eight o'clock in the morning here at the five star hotel st regis marta valma york a resort. originally from leipzig he's worked on the bali auric island for nearly ten years catering to his guests every whim. also known as it's legal and within the realm of possibility we do everything in our power to meet and wishes today for example we had guests who wanted to take
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a helicopter to a restaurant for lunch. so our concierge service sorted that out for them and then some of the island's resources are often stretched and if a guest wants a luxury car like a maserati say then we'll have to water it from barcelona. it might take two days to get here. so now and then we reach the limits of our abilities. we'd like to be able to do more or make more possible. there's only so much we can do. the hotel is on mayorkas southwest coast west of the capital palma a popular haunt of the international jet set it boasts one of the biggest spas in europe and a start restaurant. rooms cost up to three thousand euros a night with butler service included the. most attention to detail but i have no problem switching off in my private life
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it's not like i'll be checking hygiene standards every time i visit another restaurant or hotel i can forget about it but i do have an eye for these things definitely. his guest today is mark can see a vintage car dealer from southern germany he's visiting majorca on business for a few days he's used to luxury hotels and limos but today's the first time he's ever had a butler wait on him. a woman hello welcome to the scent reaches. this way please mr can see if you like we can go inside the porter will take care of your luggage have you had a pleasant journey a wonderful super. should please come in this is the ocean too sweet. it is here is the living room. allow me to show you the view. please mind the stamp. if you have the grounds
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and the large terraces below. in the garden where the restaurant is located. breakfast is normally served outside when it's warm enough and as our. guests to book a sweet complimentary butter service the butler does everything from making dinner reservations to unpacking and arranging for anything else that strikes their fancy it's a novel experience for. i've never had a butler by my side before doing everything for me. it's a first. while his guest settles in rico takes care of the practicalities first heading to the kitchen to discuss his guest's menu with the chef. he also arranges an acupuncture session for him in the hotel spa.
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keeps a file on every guest noting down their personal preferences and habits he speaks five languages and has been in charge of the hotel's team of six butlers since two thousand and fifteen. they finished we have a lot of regulars and we always enjoy seeing familiar faces it's nice to look at the guest book and see that people come back again and again. and specially when they have children you get to watch them grow up. there's a little bit of a family atmosphere if you will lots of familiar faces not as lovely as. the guest bags have been unpacked his shirt sent to the hotel laundry to be ironed time now to serve dinner. says a good but there must be discreet and enjoy working with people he also needs to be sensitive to his guests needs and skilled at fighting creative ways to fill them.
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but will there be anything else or thank you then. if you like it is that just ring the bell. and have a nice evening so yeah. he was satisfied with his service and that makes all the effort worth it that's why we do it. isn't just to satisfy the guests but to provide a service that supposes their expectations. but if and. when the head butler shift is over he heads out into the mayor tonight to be waited on himself for a change he has no plans to return to germany. as mission that is with new york has become home i've lived here for a number of yes i have friends this is where my life is that. it's definitely become home and the whole of. rico if linda will be back to work in the morning
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ready to receive a new guest from hollywood no less he won't say more than that discretion after all is paramount in his profession. so is that your type of holiday experience let us know what your ideal getaway looks like on our website all this week we'll be running a poll on d.w. dot com slash lifestyle and will pick one lucky winner to win an exclusive euro max wrist watch so make sure you take part and stay in touch with us online by liking us on facebook and following us on instagram d w your box so we have time for today but we'll be back tomorrow with another pioneering woman of our from out. on the next edition of your a max we celebrate a sporting icon steffi graf who. did not know tennis plan ever done before or has done since graf won the holy grail attempts the gold in the slam and then went on
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to scoop them. cold and so gang set and match. the feel. good movie. the. movie. movement.
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going to. move. the baltic scenes of always worth a visit to the bats while the host nicole foolish sets off. where she barks on her wintry expedition. making discoveries along the way. a mysterious gold treasure maritime delicacy and millions cool charm. thirty million dollars. this is
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a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. this teacher is beating a boy for talking by complots. on the rest of the class watches. on here and toddlers being hit by his mother. breaking up glass. is child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. fear. online bowling. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are make them visible visible. violence against children disappear.
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the really feels. the scars on us all. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for cities edged by. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and it's who decided to create something. a new beginning in peace time more the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness cities after a war. starting march tenth on d w.
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od . this is d. w. music live from for lead the un bourne's of a planned apocalypse in syria's civil war the un human rights chief says there is no acceptable justification for the syrian government's brutal assault on eastern. we will go to geneva for more of the abuse was just released on the rights of foreigners are also coming up sierra leone is voting for any new president of the west african country is hoping for non-canonical turnaround after being targeted by a poll last.


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