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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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and they're challenging. the citizenship and percent. platform for. tonight reports that half of eastern huta in syria has fallen to his sons' forces bombing of the rebel on klav near damascus intensifies but there are conflicting reports about who's in control the syrian government says it has seized the region despite united nations' efforts to stop the fighting also coming up british police
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say they determine what kind of substance was used a former spy and his daughter on sunday it was a nerve agent that poisoned the pair are in critical condition and police are treating the incident as an attempted murder also ten years in prison for eight members of a german right wing extremist group a judge in dresden hands down the sentences for a bombing campaign against migrants and refugees home. it's good to have you with us tonight there are conflicting reports over who is in control of how much of eastern huta in syria but what is certain the rebel held on klav is falling to the forces of syrian president bashar al assad a u.k. based monitoring group. says regime forces have seized around half of the region
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the syrian army and its allies claim to be in control of the entire area and what has not changed civilians caught in the firing line and united nations efforts to stop the fighting not working we begin tonight with this report. on a childhood from hell. the syrian civil defense workers must dig children out from the rubble after yet another bombing raid taking them to safety if anywhere in east ghouta is safe the united nations high commissioner for human rights says it's urgent to reverse course and refer the syrian regime to the international criminal court. this month it is east which is in the words of the sector general hell on earth. next month or the month after it will be someone else will people face an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and
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executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of the foreign supporters. pro-government militias reinforced syria's regular troops. and the government itself is backed by iran. and especially russia which says it is coordinating with the regime to offer an aid. and to help get people out. we managed to evacuate thirteen civilians including five children and we also plan to evacuate about one thousand sick and wounded people but the rebels did not give us the chance old people women and children are being held as hostages and used as human shields this now. but many observers blame russia for blocking un resolutions or for helping the syrian regime violate them hell on earth has no end in sight.
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panos month so this is the u.n. regional humanitarian coordinator for syria based in amman jordan. hundreds of people are hiding in basements and really the little food with the concept sheer not knowing if they're going to live another day that needs to change now if the routes are all plenty of aid can go in if medical supplies can go in and if injured people come out also people should decide what they want to do of course people love their homes and also well if you see they would like to stay where they are but if it's really continues as it is as we have seen of course they would rather be in a safer place when there are the moments when security council what is important is to apply its own resolutions there is allusions really have no meaning if they're just a piece of paper we have to see action in these areas we need to see essential facilities and it's not just above is a good day's above multiple occasions point nine million syrians today live in the
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hard to reach and beseech area these are areas where we are systematically do not have. to go in to talk to people to bring them assistance and to really ensure that support in normal life so the security council to be effective if there's allusions have to be a flight and that was upon those momentous u.n. regional humanitarian coordinator for syria speaking to us from amman jordan or tonight british counterterrorism police say a nerve agent was used to attack former russian double agent sergei scrip all and his daughter over the weekend the u.k.'s top counterterrorism officer mark rowley says police are treating this case as attempted murder he says cripple and his daughter you'll get both remain hospitalized in critical condition along with a police officer who was first on the scene script all was convicted of spying for britain in two thousand and six and was exchanged with the u.k.
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as part of a spy swap four years later he and his daughter were found unconscious on a bench in the city of solsbury on sunday. big mosque is all records funded in london she has been monitoring the situation for. well the police did not confirm exactly what. they suspect is that kohut cause of the poisoning they did however say they're investigating the murder and they do all say think that d.h. and. student were targeted deliberately now of course it is crucial to know which it was because two to know what it was would also mean that they could know more about where it was potentially fabricated where it comes from also another really important question this is the rule of these in the u.k. they do say that there is not a wide risk to the public however of course the british people it would be.
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wrecking especially for people who live in this area that one of the police officer says who was fast at the scene was taken into hospital that's now in critical condition so very much it's an ongoing investigation at the moment and for the public there are still many open questions there was big mosque reporting from london here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a senior religious official and his bodyguard have been killed by a suicide bomber in the afghan city. here was the head of the ministry of hard and religious affairs. problem there has been no immediate claim of responsibility. in sri lanka in the central region of comedy have defined a state of emergency and watched new attacks on muslim targets hundreds of police have been deployed to stem the violence in the forty's have blocked social media in some areas official see at least one hundred fifty homes shops and vehicles have
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been set on find. the high court in the eastern german state of saxony has handed down terrorism convictions to any far right extremist these so-called frights whole group named after these small town in saxony where they operated carried out arson attacks against refugee shelters and political opponents the hefty jail sentences that they were given today are a sign that germany is taking far right hate crimes increasingly seriously a closely watched session at the court and dresden the judge's sentences were almost exactly what the state prosecutor had called for. defuse the stuff and that is all of this could you please get clapped the eight defendants have been sentenced to four to ten years in prison for being members of a terrorist organization for attempted murder or accomplice to attempted murder for using explosives for grievous bodily harm or attempted grievous bodily harm and for
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property damage and in one case a four year juvenile prison sentence has been handed down. the so-called titan group committed five bombing attacks their targets included the car of a local left party politician and two refugee shelters it's only by chance that no one was killed the state prosecutor said the verdict was fitting. we're hard on the clock we brought charges of membership in and leadership a terrorist organization for the court some of these attacks as cases of attempted murder as did we so we feel validated local prosecutors and saxony wanted this case to be handled by the local juvenile court but the federal prosecutor's intervention confirmed the investigation as a terrorist lated case it sets a precedent that xenophobic crimes will be severely punished. when else ethiopia and its film industry now those in the know say that the industry in the country is
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known may sleep mostly for producing or mantic comedies but that's not all that the countries you're makers have to offer a what if you got a spot in the blue you know iowa cademy where they learn how to produce films for the big screen on a shoestring budget take a look. a film screening at the blue nile economy if the o.p.'s only film school today student get it to use and gallo is presenting his first film a documentary about rastafari. the film screening history but trainer abraham haley barrow is not quite satisfied with its cinematography the guy is in the dark so you need more light to see him and maybe you can come closer to that. truth. or in the interview what he's saying.
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abraham haley barrow is a camera man and a filmmaker his films have won international awards because there was no film school and if your peer he studied in the netherlands now he wants to teach young filmmakers in his home country. i wish the interview macadam to create up the quality of see my hears that young talent. because there is no seema school here at all so for me is very important that the young talent. can learn what it is and that i can support a little bit after a year of initial training the students can choose their major cinematography screen writing directing or editing abraham has already trained more than one hundred forty up and coming filmmakers at his own expense the school does not receive any state support the television academy is financed by myself so i paid
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r.'s zero pm to see what a graph from. my school does my problem is equipment because i need space around the percent income tax for the equipment. with no way of promoting the films and high taxes the f.p.o. pay and government makes it difficult for filmmakers to do their work in this increasingly authoritarian state the government fears critical artists so it censors assess every film before its release. and if you making a movie there is. a desire to the culture of the bureau you need to have permission. loans of screening from the agency that means the agency can block you if they are not happy with the message what you have abraham says that for this reason many of his colleagues prefer to deal with less contentious topics those writing most of them running to the committee because then
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you know it's only to law for people not serious to think about the issue what's going on in the country the problem what we have the social issues exeter exeter why should they want. despite these problems the a.t.o. paean film industry is booming every year one hundred films are produced here mostly romantic comedies. is a lot of as i'm reduced i have to work on market oriented films drama there's onerous that we produce right now i'll just romantic comedies because that's what the market wants which to launch the films are well received by audiences but abraham has bigger plans for the country's film industry that are moving in. that african countries and also always arrow where not because we understand. christian state censorship and poor infrastructure make life difficult for young
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filmmakers but they refused to give up their passion. to formula one now mclaren's reliability issues have continued in barcelona a pre season testing fernando alonso session was brought to a grinding halt after just forty seven laps because of an oil leak the two time champions misfortune came a day after his team mates car broke down twice with a likeable problem at bowls daniel ricky argo set the pace on wednesday and went round the track faster than anyone since his layout was changed in two thousand and seven. the.
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police also. news followed.


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