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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is why. british police say they now know what was used to poison a former double agent and his daughter counterterrorism investigators have determined that a nerve agent was the substance that left. his daughter critically ill investigators are treating the incident and attempted murder also coming up syrian government forces. despite efforts to stop the fighting there's been heavy bombing and conflicting reports about who's really in charge of
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the rubble on clay near damascus and it is sitting at a signal against far right. the german judge gives a lengthy prison sentences to members of a unio nazi group behind a string of attacks targeting refugee. headbangers in him. we take you to indonesia to meet the teenage girls and smash. with their devotion to heavy metal. it's good to have you with us tonight british counterterrorism police say it was a nerve agent that was used to attack a former russian double agent and his daughter last weekend. believe that sergey
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screwed up all and his daughter were deliberately targeted and say they're treating the incident now as an attempted murder there has been speculation that russia could be behind the attack that as investigators attempt to piece together what really happened on a bench in a quiet british town last sunday. the significance of the souls britax was clear as the u.k. government's emergency committee met wednesday morning all signs indicating that this was an attempted murder. this is a script during his shopping just a few days ago in his adopted hometown of souls pray police have now confirmed the former russian spy and his daughter with the victims of the deliberate attack so having established a nerve agent is the cause of the symptoms leading us to treat this attempted murder so i can also confirm that we believe the two people originally who became a world were talked to specifically it's still not clear who is behind this attempt
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to murder the former russian agent script was convicted of spying for britain in two thousand and six he was later brought to the u.k. as part of a spy swap. or stories he say there's no longer any danger to the public the first police officer on the scene is now in serious condition in hospital no details about the nerve agent have been released but experts say this kind of substance is difficult to produce and not available to the public london has threatened a robust response if the trail of the poison leads back to moscow. well i'm joined now by allister hay he's a toxicologist at the university of leeds in northern england it's good to have you on the program i want to ask you police say they believe that a nerve agent was used to attack this former spy mr scribal and his daughter what clues or what evidence would there have to be in order to determine that
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a nerve agent was used well they wouldn't be making this claim unless they had good laura tree evidence that and it are actually that they lost. chemical defense establishment in the u.k. and they are very very highly rated internationally so it would be look archery evidence that would also be matched up to with some of the signs that the individuals would displaying when they were taken to hospital and largely that of oratorio it's ok the board to evidence and without knowing exactly what the nerve agent was can we talk about the types of affects that a nerve agent would have on the body in this kind of attack. yes i know that agents can poison individuals by any one of a number of routes inhalation ingestion or skin penetration and they work essentially by knocking the message from the nerve to the muscles that results in
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muscle spasm so the muscles are not expanding and contracting as they do normally so this inhibits breathing it causes peristalsis failure of gut know to the t. the muscles in the eyes don't work so you get pinpoint pupils you get massive see creation of fluid in the long and that inhibits breathing so there are a whole range of symptoms and difficult to deal with but conditions can treat and there are specific treatment protocols for the agents as well and that mr hayman we're talking about than an attack with a nerve agent what is usually the likely cause of death in this case are what can make someone critically ill i mean based on what you're describing it sounds like someone could easily suffocate yes and that's usually how people die it's
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a shame that's how most people on a kilt you can have of course a range of other symptoms if he does it is not lethal and that can be an throbbing headache and very. upset stomachs got weakness in the legs and limbs because all of the different muscles are not working properly. ok i was to hear you have talks ecologist at the university of leeds in northern england shedding light tonight on this story about the attack on a double agent former double agent and his daughter in mystery thank you very much . it well. in syria there are conflicting reports over who is in control of eastern huta but what is certain the rebel held on klav is falling to the forces of syrian president bashar al assad a u.k.
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based monitoring group says regime forces have seized around half of the region the syrian army and its allies claim to be in control of the entire area and what has not changed civilians caught in the firing line and the united nations failing in its efforts to stop the bloodshed. of childhood from how. the syrian civil defense workers must dig children out from the rubble after yet another bombing raid taking them to safety if anywhere in east ghouta is safe the united nations high commissioner for human rights says it's urgent to reverse course and refer the syrian regime to the international criminal court. this month it is east which is in the words of the sector general hell on earth. next month or the month after it will be someone else will people face an
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apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of the foreign supporters. pro-government militias reinforced syria's regular troops. and the government itself is backed by iran. and especially russia which says it is coordinating with the regime to offer an aid. and to help get people out. who managed to evacuate thirteen civilians including five children and we also plan to evacuate about one thousand sick and wounded people but the rebels did not give us the chance old people women and children are being held as hostages and used this human shields this now. but many observers blame russia for blocking un resolutions or for helping the syrian regime violate them hell on earth
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has no end in sight. and to find out more about how civilians in eastern food you are coping we spoke with panos months it's easy un regional humanitarian coordinator for syria he's based in amman jordan. hundreds of people are hiding in basements and really the very little food with the constant see here not knowing if they're going to live another day that needs to change now if their roots are often if they can go in if medical supplies can go in and if injured people come out also people should decide what they want to do of course people love their homes and also well if it's safe they would like to stay where they are but it's really continues to still it is as we have seen of course they would rather be in a safer place when they're of the moment the security council what is important is to apply its own resolutions there is allusions really have no meaning if they're just a piece of paper we have to see action in these areas we need to see
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a suspension facilities and it's not just above is what i was about multiple locations two point nine million syrians today live in the hard to reach of the siege areas he said areas where we are systematically do not have full access to to go in to talk to people to bring them assistance and to really ensure with the support and normal life so the security council to be effective its or solutions have to be a flight. and that was pantos months as the u.n. regional humanitarian coordinator for syria speaking to us earlier from amman jordan. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world is saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salmond has arrived in the u.k. for an official visit but the event has sparked controversy with critics staging a protest over saudi arabia's involvement in the yemen's civil war it's also led to calls in parliament for the u.k. government to take a stronger stance on human rights abuses in the kingdom. a senior religious
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official and his bodyguard have been killed by a suicide bomber in the afghan city of jalalabad abdul's a here hakani and the head or was the head of the ministry of hodge and religious affairs in a hard province the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility via its news agency but it did not offer any evidence. of a high court in the eastern german state of saxony has handed down terrorism convictions to eight far right extremists the so-called frights whole group named after the small town in saxony where they operated carried out arson attacks against refugee shelters and political opponents the hefty prison sentences that they were given today are a sign some say that germany is taking far right hate crimes more seriously. a closely watched session at the court in dresden the judge's sentences were almost
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exactly what the state prosecutor had called for. often not as well and it's going to please. the eight defendants have been sentenced to four to ten years in prison for being members of a terrorist organization for attempted murder or accomplice to attempted murder for using explosives for grievous bodily harm or attempted grievous bodily harm and for property damage in one case a four year juvenile prison sentence has been handed down. the so-called triton group committed five bombing attacks their targets included the car of a local left party politician and two refugee shelters it's only by chance that no one was killed the state prosecutor said the verdict was fitting. charges of membership in and leadership a terrorist organization the court saw these attacks as cases of attempted murder as did we so we feel validated local prosecutors and saxony wanted this case to be
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handled by the local juvenile court but the federal prosecutor's intervention confirmed the investigation as a terror related case it sets a precedent that xenophobic crimes will be severely punished. or turnover business danial is here more jockeying verb positions in the negotiation who saw leaving the world's biggest trade union was going to be difficult brant rex it was never going to be smooth sailing but now the president of the european council is put out the strongest warning yet against british cherrypicking tosk saying brics it will make trade with the u.k. more complicated and costly. donald tusk has dismissed the idea of smooth and frictionless trade between the e.u. and the u.k. after brics it the president of the european council was all smiles today as he presented a draft of tough guidelines for future economic relations with britain he emphasized
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that trade will only be more complicated and costly after brics it. i fully understand. because i respect the. political objective. to demonstrate that. it could be a success and was a right choice. but. it is not our objective of. tusks trade deal also only office financial companies limited scope to offer their services in the e.u. single market british chancellor philip hammond immediately responded to say any settlement without the services deal could not claim to be fair and balanced. a busy day for you officials because it is official d. or p. and union is ready to strike back against donald trump's trade tariffs the list of counter measures targets typical american products but make no mistake they're highly targeted to hit republican politicians where it hurts the down to earth
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industries in their districts. motorcycles jeans and whiskey could all be about to experience higher charges in europe the e.u. announced today that they will slap terrorists on stashing u.s. products if president donald trump moves ahead with his proposed import taxes trump has repeatedly said he will levy penalties of twenty five percent on imported steel and ten percent on allen many an import putting thousands of e.u. jobs in jeopardy the president argues that the terrorists are a matter of national security but today european commission efforts raid cecelia moussa called the move deeply unjust we find that assumption and just we should make it clear you opinion statement against this. because it's not related to dumping subsidies kerry says it's really too close
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a market of the united states and this is the ruling of the euro and therefore we need to action from the. u.s. steel and agricultural products i will say when the e.u.'s lifts the mouse on has the night fears that countermeasures could escalate the situation into a trade war. the city of cape town has pushed back the day today expects to run out of water authorities expect days erode as it's been dubbed to take place at the end of august instead of july as previously fear the south african city is suffering its worst drought in recorded history there are some dark clouds on the horizon though in the positive sense the rainy season is due to begin in may with a bit more luck cape town might avoid days erode altogether. for it's going to be a brave investor to jump on the volatile bit coin bandwagon banks and politicians of all warned the cryptocurrency comes with considerable risk but apparently many
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teens listening they've grown up with tech can see bitcoin and other digital currencies as an opportunity rather than a threat. for dean ashton endurance it all started when he bought his first bitcoin at age fifteen so. i basically didn't really spend much money in high school. i saved it all and. my plan was to you know put it all interior investment for years on the university student in australia has a diverse crypto portfolio and helps others to invest although analysts around the world dissuade people and especially youngsters from trading in crypto currency as well as most banks in australia are even bending their customers from buying big coin with credit cards. we've grown up with tech we understand how to use the internet quickly we can really do our own research quickly and opinions about things via the internet very quickly in spite of all the risks and the recent
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downturn more and more teenagers investing cryptocurrency they talk about it during recess that's why a brisbane high school decided to host a session for students and parents about safe online crypto trading. to be fully aware decisions top tips for future investors do your research take chances and consider the warnings. always encrypt those because while it's kids and now to west africa in a pivotal vote that was exactly right day no voters in sierra leone cast their ballots today to pick the country's next president from a field of sixteen candidates one person will have the difficult task of trying to turn around and economy that's been hit by a number of crises in recent years including an ebola break out the vote might have to go to a runoff with observers saying it's unlikely any candidate will score the fifty
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five percent required to win outright in the first round candidates from the two major parties the a.p.c. and the p.p. are tipped to come out in front but third parties have worked to make their mark on this election. our correspondent in sierra leone is adrian krishi he sent us this report from a polling station in the north of the country. here right now it's a polling station in koidu in the northern part of the country and you can see it's a little bit tense a lot of people are not happy that they had to wait for a long time before they can vote let's talk to one of them how long have you been waiting. slow and now since this morning on here it's a long time well till then i didn't vote. but a lot of people seem to be not happy about the process right yeah yeah yeah you know just because of this because of the did not start. the actual time because we start seven o'clock well this is we. do the does the problem thank you so let us
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talk to the person who was in charge of this polling station. i tell you. so i was going here as i say a lot of people are waiting some are getting angry why does it take so long just because some of the. population is women and. so you didn't expect so many people to show up and we are some of them because we know that they really start. out as why does it still takes so long than if you expected so many people because of the wood does because when someone is going to vote it was more than the expense of. people who are voting for the mayor the local council the parliament but most importantly for the president and over here this is the place where the voters are coming and they get their vote just cause for the presidency elections this is the list of sixteen candidates in total and the most promising candidates we find on the list as well number one is somewhere come our of their ruling a.p.c.
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the party that has been in power for ten years and come are was hand picked by the current president koroma to succeed him the second most promising candidate is the one of the major opposition party further down on the list this is the s l p p with the candidate of julius a former military head of states those two parties have been running the country since. independence by this time is the first time of this also the third week promising opposition party and this is why most people believe that there's going to be a runoff because party needs more than fifty five percent of the votes to get the direct seats. the elections are considered crucial for sierra leone a country that had to go through many crisis in the past on till two thousand and two when there was a civil war here in two thousand and fourteen the massive ebola outbreak that killed more than four thousand people back then also the economy collapsed before it was a double digit growth for sierra leone after was the economy declines double digits
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also the mining industry that is so important in this region he had collapsed during that time so most people believe that if the elections are going smooth and this is what most observers believe it is going to be an important milestone for the future of the country. there was a dream crease there reporting from sierra leone are you want to turn now to indonesia and a heavy metal band ready to make some noise their head banging riffs hardly music to the ears of many in the muslim majority country and there's another twist to this story because of the band's members well they're all female hate mail and death threats haven't stopped these teenagers from hitting the stage turn your speakers now or. be. this is not your typical heavy metal band these huge job wearing girls call themselves v.o.p. short for voice of basic or just noisy voice. that may be the
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typical i mean. they're recording their first album in jakarta. this song is called school revolution. and it means a lot to lead singer fear the cornea you must live. by phone and when i record the song i sing it with all i've caught the lyrics are about how it got picked on at school because i'm different i'm not afraid to speak my mind many people think i'm weird and i exciter and this song i let loose feeling site. the band members are sixteen and seventeen years old in indonesia many girls this age are already married but these three are obsessed with making music. i used to be really shy while i still am but i'm a lot more confident now i can pay bass guitar and they aren't many people my age
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who can do that and need to. fear the city and we are excited they're about to get on a plane for the first time they're going with their assistant manager to a music festival in bali. but this. year it will listen and. this will be a great experience for us. their rise to fame is like something from a hollywood film three years ago they founded the band at school in a rural town now they're making t.v. appearances recording an album jetting to bali for three days it's a completely new world for the three girls from humble beginnings and it's both scary and exciting. because.
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at first their parents didn't allow them to make music heavy metal is not exactly what conservative muslim parents want their daughters to do but the girls didn't give up. my parents are still worried but by now they realize that we're successful that's why they allowed me to come on this trip although they did tell me to be careful. my parents they'd be good and don't forget to pray. after landing in bali the girls rush to the sound check. they say they need to let off steam just like all teenagers music is their way of showing their different and rebelling. we've done a lot of saw in event the music. playing in love in this is the minimum
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i thought it would be it might. get with the and find it it is my duty. and first the cover songs written by other bands but now they compose their own music. and. think about one with their song speak fight the pru can school system discrimination and equality our generation cares about these subjects many of our friends escape through casual sex and drugs and we have music i'm going. to do it here. i don't see this. on stage these three shy teenagers transform into rock'n'roll professionals. vigorous vocals and loud guitars the job heavy metal it's the opposite of
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submissiveness the band wants to be role models for girls they say islam and heavy metal can go hand in hand. good job heavy metal music here first after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that. true.
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entered the conflict zones confronting the powerful the far distance we can see british immigration on the studio possibility of the un here in geneva. his government forms a middle east peace conference but does he seriously think anyone will show up. when the fifteen sixteen t.w. folks. wouldn't confine potentates to take you seriously in the world oh boy
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here's what's coming up women's tour. of the dysfunctional superhero name of smart talks smart stage and legend frank recently dangerous time for w. for my. happy birthday in good shape returning tendency of things you can do with this amazing fake news backpack if you want to know what's inside it isn't on the web. the path to turning the most favorite holmgren's into. coughing mamie little bit a chance to do so. much. to stop the stasi medicine can still. represent to. me good architect of east germany's police station. declaimed if i had my way.
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east germany would still be delish me mr. you know people. starting march thirteenth teetotal you. when we're down they love us now it's time to turn the tables and see how they learned to love us then tough talk on trade from u.s. president donald trump now if you think he was referring to china think again tonight against all ally is trump taking aim at the european union i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. that the european union has.


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