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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CET

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is a trade war time it looks like donald trump could present his new tariff plans as soon as the day one of america's biggest trading partners the european union is ready to strike back also coming up a hostile in a shipping container the only one of many quickie reasons why germany has racked up a record number of hotel states and they say risky investments are for the young we'll look at teenagers who are brave enough to put their pocket money into bitcoin . and on a winter and this is your business update it's official the european union is ready to strike back against trump's trade tariffs the list of countermeasures targets typical american products but make no mistake they're highly targeted to hit republican politicians where it hurts the down to earth industries in their districts. harley davidson motorcycles levi's jeans and whiskey are some of the u.s. products that could be affected if the e.u. follows through on
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a threat to retaliate against trump's proposed import tariffs. the us president has decided to slap at twenty five percent levy on imported steel and ten percent on aluminum it's a move that could put thousands of e.u. jobs in the industry thout risk no surprise then that new officials have called transplant deeply on just the pm commission is calling for collective action in response. we should make it clear european statement against this. announced by the way the states because it's not related to dumping or subsidies cases is really to close a market of united states and this is the ruling of the double euro and therefore we need reaction from. the e.u. also considering imposing tariffs on u.s. steel in our cultural products rhetoric that sparking fears that a trade war could be proving. what is donald trump going to follow through with
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this terrorist's threat the departure of his top economic adviser gary cohen has made it look increasingly likely the former goldman sachs banker had spoken out against the plan but his efforts to dissuade the u.s. president evidently failed his resignation means they'll be one less dissenting voice in the white house it's not clear who succeeds. tracking this from wall street is yes quarter so hints who could fill gary cohen shoes and how could the new appointee change the white house's approach to the economy. well i think the big story is not really who's going to follow gary coleman in the short term that is not going to change the course of u.s. president donald trump as far as we know donald trump will make an announcement on terror of thursday around to noontime eastern standard time and the big question is will there be exemptions so that was speculated here on wednesday that some
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countries could be extend probably canada maybe mexico or probably not so much the european union and certainly not china at this point it is pretty likely that the terrorists will come and the big questions are the exemptions and who could follow a gary caldwell one name is peter navarro who seems to be a hard liner when it comes to trade but it could also be an insider or some other outsider as terror stealing the headlines there and also perfect timing to rile up trump it looks like america's trade deficit is getting a lot less yeah you could say that proof stunnel trumps point because the trade deficit reached the highest level since october two thousand and eight so since the financial crisis broke here in the united states imports were pretty much flat but we did see
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a decline of experts but the big reason is why do some countries have not bought u.s. products maybe it's because the u.s. didn't produce what other countries needed so that's really going to change with those tariffs remains to be pretty unlikely looks like if they're looking for a reason why the trade deficit is so big they might have to look at home first thank you very much and scott are there on wall street. it's now going back over the pond rex it was never going to be smooth sailing but now the president of the european council has put out the strongest warning yet against british cherrypicking donald tusk saying brics it will make trade with the u.k. more complicated and costly donald tusk has dismissed the idea of smooth and frictionless trade between the e.u. and the u.k. after brics it the president of the european council was all smiles today as he
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presented a draft of tough guidelines for future economic relations with britain he emphasized that trade will only be more complicated and costly after brics it. i fully understand. because i respect there is a major. political objective. to do the most trades. and the. brics it could be a success and it was the right choice. but. it is not our objective of. toughs trade deal also only office financial companies limited scope to offer their surfaces in the e.u. single market british chancellor philip hammond immediately responded to say any settlement without the services deal could not claim to be fair and balanced germany is more popular than ever with travellers four hundred sixty million
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overnight stays were not stopped last year that's a new record no wonder germany has so much more to offer than burley in b.f.s. and the black forest if you want to head off the beaten track you could try the state of mecklenburg for palm up the official partner of the i t b tourism fair which opened in berlin on wednesday. summer time on eastern germany's baltic coast. in the winter hardly a soul in sight. where nearly two hundred thousand people depend on tourism wants to attract more visitors with creation of accommodation like the fleet virals a campground. or the equally unusual dock in a hostile environment to where you can spend the night in a refitted cargo container an increasing number of guests are checking in even in the wintertime. the hostel which opened a year ago has already won a tourism prize. another local attraction is
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a darwinian at the ross talk zoo described as a living museum of evolution it includes a whole featuring orangutans and other primates in their natural setting. a large part of the thirty million euros it cost was covered by funding from the state of mechlin book for palm on. the zoo has plans to expand still further. visitors tell us what they'd seen in their travels europe is big the world is big and we bring the course here to rostock. with a darwinian we have created something unique a link between museum and zoo and we want to move on from there. this very decorative as he is on offer the historic cities and architectural highlights like spherically in castle which now has is the state parliament attract lots of german visitors in twenty seventeen mecklenburg for palm and racked up more than thirty
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million overnight stays but there was little tourism from abroad. german tourists have always played a major role for us till now there wasn't much international demand in part due to transportation issues so it's a lot of catching up to do we want the i.t.v. the biggest international tourism trade fair to be a platform that will provide an impetus to support from. the state of mecca and work for palm one is earmarking hundreds of millions of euros for further investment inter ism the hope is that in the coming years the beaches cities and hotels will fill up even in winter. mecklenburg for the winter holiday hotspot who'd have thought well you've got to be a brave investor to jump on the volatile bitcoin bandwagon banks and politicians of all warned the cryptocurrency comes with considerable risk but apparently many teens aren't listening they've grown up with tech and see bitcoin another digital currency as an opportunity rather than a threat. for an interim it all started when he bought his first big
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coin at age fifteen. i basically didn't really spend much money in high school. i saved it all and. my plan was to put it all into investments. four years on the university student in australia has a diverse crypto portfolio and helps others to invest although analysts around the world dissuade people and especially youngsters from trading in crypto currency he's followed by most banks in australia are even banning their customers from buying big coin with credit cards. we've grown up with take we understand how to use the internet quickly we can really do our own race as quickly make a line opinions about things via the internet very quickly in spite of all the risks and the recent downturn more and more teenagers investing cryptocurrency they talk about it during recess that's why
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a brisbane high school decided to host a session for students and parents about safe online crypto trading. to be fully aware poem decisions top tips for future investors do your research take chances and consider the warnings. the city of cape town has pushed back the day today expects to run out of water authorities expect day zero as it's been dubbed to take place at the end of august instead of july as previously fit the south african city is suffering its worst drought in recorded history there are some don't cloud on the horizon though in the positive sense the rainy season is due to begin with a bit more luck cape town might avoid days in a row all together. and that wraps up another business update if you want to check us out on social media just such the d.w. business i'm back with you with more. see that.
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