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darkness city's after war. starting march tenth. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin chile's foreign minister pushed out of office i think mungo obvious says he's leaving his post after a bitter round with his party leadership that means he won't speak on his chance of going to make his new coalition government what led to this fall out i'll ask our political editor also on the program convoys blocked again as you're sort
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intensifies on used to the syrian government forces and the allies seized off of the area under rebel control and around four hundred thousand people remain trapped as bombs people willing to go live to damascus. and this international women's day we look back at the campaign to get somebody in the right to vote one hundred years ago and we talked to one a gun politician who's pushing for more women to run for office. hello and welcome under thought she we begin with some breaking news from germany where one of the country's most popular politicians foreign minister sigma gabriele has announced he will not be included in chance the new coalition government gabriele posted a lengthy tweet saying he'd been informed by his spotty the social democrats that
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he would not receive a cabinet position the government leaves his post after a brutal rout within the party leadership. here fighting that's your own government . for more on this news i have with me our chief political editor. welcome mug obviously is one of the country's most popular politicians and also want the best known what is this beauty rather too busy between him and the party that led to this development where we basically saw a very public breakdown of relations particularly with martin sword's the former head of european parliament who became the party leader has now resigned who so basically lost in these past elections and when he announced that muscle shoals that is that he wanted to become foreign minister that's when they really reacted very badly he took this as a promise that wasn't fulfilled insinuating that there had been a promise that he could remain on as foreign minister and he quoted his daughter as apparently saying look dad you have more time with us now it's not so bad what i
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have to say you will it's much better than spending time with that man with the head in the face meeting martin this was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back as much as it is valued as somebody who is very smart very fast thinker very analytical we saw that also at the munich security conference recently where he mapped out what he felt is europe's necessity to act particularly on the international scene to stand together and he's also seen as somebody who was always very difficult to handle and his party particularly the party leadership and the analysis now on all sides drew the line allowing him to come into the new cabinet with angela merkel the continuation of this current government and there is now it's the end of a political career absolutely he's of the running also who are the likely candidates who could replace him as a former foreign minister for the s.p.d. there's a lot of discussion now it could because it could be a poem on my bet would be on to less of a man from what i'm hearing he's the former parliamentary party leader of the
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social democrats and current vice president of the german parliament were due to learn exactly who will be on the social democrat side in this cabinet machall tomorrow on friday will read. who the c.d.u. is sending and we know that german chancellor angela merkel is including one of her fiercest critics also in this new cabinet is the s.p.d. reconned going into a new look a new coalition government with down signal god bless you mention these of a popular politician absolutely at the height of his popularity he now it was at the low of the popularity within his own party and while that was what this whole split within the social democrats was about there was a very strong camp that said there's only it's only possible to strengthen the party that lost in these past elections by going into opposition this particular party leadership saying the only way to renew the party from a position of strength is going into new government there was a vote on it which came out strongly in favor actually much stronger than expected with two sides voting in favor of going into. the new government with angela merkel and now the party leadership has to prove that it can indeed strengthen the party
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despite being in the cabinet with sometimes some. political editor thank you very much for that analysis. and conboy for the besieged syrian opposition enclave of eastern who has been postponed as fighting in the area intensifies syrian government forces of seize top of the. rebels in the damascus suburbs the last opposition stronghold close to the capital around four hundred thousand people are believed to be trapped in the area the u.n. has. to abide by a cease fire in order to deliver aid and evacuate the wounded. we're now joined by elizabeth kafa from the world health organization she's currently in the syrian capital damascus welcome it is but you know it may fall from you which is a suburb of damascus what are you hearing about the humanitarian situation that. you
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have. to go. i think it's hard to get across to be. cutting. things not. really hearing reports of people suffering from symptoms of a toxic attack do you have any confirmation of these reports.
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to me and. i don't do much with the syrian authorities really give them more than others saying about the village you need to send in humanitarian aid into. the bounds. of. security. thank you very much. and i do apologize for the quality of the damascus tuning. police are receiving to find out who poisoned a former russian. with
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a nerve agent. there has been speculation by talk to us and the media the drugs show is behind the attack sparking a between the u.k. . investigators are treating the case as attempted but much still remains unknown about how the crime unfolded. surrogate's cripple lived a quiet life in the english cathedral town of salisbury this c.c.t.v. footage was captured days before the former russian spy and his daughter yulia collapsed near a shopping center. british police now say she was deliberately poisoned so having established the nerve agent is the cause of the symptoms leading us to treat this is attempted murder i can also confirm that we believe the two people originally who became a well were talked to specifically. scruple worked as a carnal in russia's military intelligence service in two thousand and four he was
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arrested for selling russian secrets to british intelligence six years later the double agent arrived in britain as part of a spy swap. russia has strongly denied any involvement in scruples poisoning just to be honest it's difficult to evaluate this story as anything other than provocative media allegations intended to further exacerbate relations between our countries solution but london has threatened a robust response if the trail of the poison leads back to moscow that if this does turn out to be in any way. the result of hostile activity by another government or directed led by another government. then the people of this country can be absolutely sure the u.k. will respond. no details about the nerve agents have been released but experts say this kind of substance is difficult to produce and not available to the general
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public some areas of solsbury are still cordoned off the first police officer on the scene is now in serious condition in hospital. let me now bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the world the trial is open in denmark of the man accused of killing swedish journalist kim wall danish inventor peter madsen had has denied murdering the journalist on his homemade submarine which she boarded last year intending to profile him for an article a dismembered body parts were later found in copenhagen harbor. japan's chief nuclear regulator says the two thousand and eleven fukushima disaster is not over as yet radioactive waste is still being removed from the three crippled reactors a hugely challenging task that could take decades this weekend marks the seventh anniversary of the nuclear accident and the tsunami that caused it. police in sierra leone have crushed clashes in the capital freetown following wednesday's
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election tensions mounted after an opposition spokesman said the parties had come to search the party's offices without a warrant at least one person was stabbed in the skirmishes vote counting is ongoing with initial results expected by friday. you watching the devaney is coming up ahead more than one hundred years ago suffragettes a vis prison and stage hunger strikes to get the right to vote what will it take to get more women into elected office today. but first tonight she joins the full business season despite international and the donald trump's trade strategy looks set to go for it absolutely unsurprisingly the concerns of the global trade war now just a week off to donald trump announce those plans for the new trade tariffs on imported i mean even steel the u.s. president is reportedly set to sawing off a limb this soft a new now that would take effect within
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a month not canada and mexico could be exams but not the european union and brussels announced yesterday it is poised to strike back in what could be the getting of the trade for donald trump's tariffs could soon drive up the price of imported steel and aluminum in the u.s. but with talks underway to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement the white house now says its neighbors might not be included. and there are potential carve outs for mexico and canada based on national security and possibly other countries as well and if that's a sign the nafta talks may be going trumps way other u.s. allies have so far been restrained in their response the european union has threatened to retaliate by slapping tariffs on a number of iconic american products like motorbikes and whiskey that don't account for a huge share of transatlantic trade meanwhile trump's democratic rivals have warned against the danger of a trade war saying he should focus his energies on where the trade deficit is
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biggest the president's instincts to go after china are correct but the policy proposes doesn't fit the bill it's not well targeted it's not precise and as a result it could cause a mess of collateral damage that hurts america more than it helps. a more subtle approach levying the tariffs provide some hope to european steel producers they're worried about a major upheaval in the pricing structure of their most important market and a potential flood of cheap steel from china that is no longer going to the u.s. . well let's get more on this now with our financial correspondent jeanette do mylar on who joins us from the frankfurt stock exchange journal with us terrorist potentially being signed off on today later are investors concerned about that. well like the rest of us investors aren't sure at all whether this tariff confirmation of will come out today now a white house trade advisor peter navarro did say on wednesday that we could expect
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an announcement today but a look into the white house schedule actually reveals nothing so there's plenty of confusion on the european markets and that's making for pretty tricky trading but looking at the bigger picture of course there's concern that a tit for tat spiral could descend into a full blown trade war now especially if you consider the fact. that trump is using national security as an argument in order to circumvent trade rules that could open the door to other countries pointing to their own national laws in a bid to get their own exceptions now there are of course dispute mechanisms within the world trade organization but this would be a pretty big mess for them to have to mediate a journal the e.c.b. is me seeing today we were expecting to hear about interest rates but we've prospects of a trade war looming do you think that they will have to say something about. well all this tariff talk is definitely going to make e.c.v. chief mario draghi tried slightly at least that is the expectation but that's not
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the only thing at play here on top of a looming trade war there is also the high performance of anti euro parties in the in the italian elections and of course inflation is also still an issue at one point two percent it's still a way away from the goal of just under two percent so all these things taken together are expected to stay that you see these hand but investors will be looking for signs that the policy hawks the ones who want to see a quicker end to stimulus that they will have gotten some concessions in some form or the other for us plenty to talk about. covering it for us from frank thanks to no. well marches demonstrations and rallies are taking place around the world to mark international women's day and one of the most pressing issues for women today is the persistent gender pay gap according to the european statistics office germany has one of the highest gender pay gap in the european union taken as a whole women in the german workforce almost twenty two percent less than men women
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living in the u. sixteen point two percent less than men on average while italy has one of the smallest break ups at five point two percent for women today around the world are making their voices heard over to you amrita that's right helen today is international women's day there are demonstrations across the world as women press for progress protesters in spain got an early start launching a twenty four hour women strike demanding an end to unfair wages domestic violence and the country's prevailing macho culture. and the south koreans are rallying to show solidarity with the need to movement against sexual harassment the protests come after a politician on key you joel who is viewed as a future presidential candidate quit his post as a provincial governor after being accused of rape. and to mark
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international women's day did obvious profiling women around the world are working to bring about change now these are five women would be meeting today and as this year marks hundred years since some women gain the right to vote in britain a next profile is on helen bank us now she's the great granddaughter of emily and bankers emily was at the forefront of the campaign in the early one nine hundred ninety s. which fought for marriage women to cast their ballots in local elections because up with helen to talk about the barriers still holding back women today. but i never said by her. she is celebrated like a rock star helen pancoast great granddaughter of emily and pancoast one of britain's most eminent campaigners for women's rights at a women's march in london's trafalgar square. the be to be speaking here
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on the exact same platform used by my grandmother sylvia and my great grandmother and myleene was. during those very very difficult suffragette campaign feels incredibly surreal to me people have always asked helen pankhurst about her name and as a consequence she could involved with feminism from a young age she now writes books and uses her famous name to raise awareness of the battles that still need to be fought as you put the sash on this that engagement with. the past. the same would still relevant today and you feel quite energized over one hundred years ago helen family sometimes used militant tactics to fight for women's right to vote they were put in prison and went on hunger strike. today women do have equal rights but for helen pancoast
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there are still many injustices in day life the overruled miss option either overrule male entitlement at home girls putting themselves backwards to hold pink if occasion of their space just as so many ways in which we still have a major problem helen pankhurst says there is still a lot of work to do in parliament itself. that's despite a third of british m.p.'s being women and that being female prime minister theresa may she also works with female politicians. we're still in a very male dominated on the sphere and we still had i had a colleague in a previous call going to twenty fifteen saying he was with the chamber from by conservative m.p. nicholas soames and that kind of behavior still goes on it's a very adversarial atmosphere. at events and parliament and also at the women's
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marches helen pankhurst stands shoulder to shoulder with britain's politicians and they are listening to have. what we need is feminism without borders a world where the voices of the most women count as much as that of the richest man the rallying call oh just as good as ever peace no words peace no work. from the fight for the right to vote to getting access to positions of power in politics the ongoing struggle for equality and representation is a long and hard one joining me now is a german politician and deanna kinard she's a member of the americans christian democratic party west indian i love this to have you with me in the studio now you decided to join politics as a teenager in two thousand and eight what made you kind of how did. you have to see
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young age i was attracted to the political business at all but there was attracted to be like political i have parents from are from different countries my dad's from poland my mom is from the philippines i was born in germany so i was confronted with like diverse perspectives and i thought that in general politics is about like dealing with the diversity of dealing with what should be forbidden and what should be support of the west like a fair level on something and like being politically wasn't like a real decision that was something which was like just going. daunting me so given your diverse background what are the kind of challenges that you faced as a young person and as a woman joining the conservative c.d.u. party like accident i have like many attributes which i like underrepresented in political parties i'm young like i have my aggression background i'm female one i'm also digital which is like nothing which is like dominating political parties and because of that of course like my natural behavior my working methods with digital instruments stuff like that when like really like a scene there so i need to
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a conference all the people who are like work in politics and with all my new methods and this was a big challenge and still is now the leader of the party that you remember off is that she's viewed as one of the most powerful women in the world jill needs defense minister is also a woman how important are these women as rural models for women who want to get into politics i think in general the growing mode serve of like a really really important role you can identify yourself with you have like that you don't need to stay in fantasy because you see that the path as possible and i think this is important but i don't think that you can short everything with role models we need to structure it so with our fair fall under represented groups now there is a great sense of disenchantment with politics across the board in across europe across many countries in the world what advice would you give to a young woman who would want to join politics find yell insists find your friends find argue that it's not about just being
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a woman or just being female it's about that i think diversity in every and every role and would like every people from different at your birds and bring like the richness of creativity and innovation into place and i think that this is like the best investment for shaping the future and why do you think it's important to have women in politics because they're half of the work population there's one croad from china's fall also which is like women half of the heaven right ok that's a well put if you will do kind of represent the. studer typical image of a politician and a conservative politician even more so how do people react to you when you kind of go down into a cd of bodies addressed the way you are and with the views that you have kind of confused in the first few but i don't think that it's the right thing because i don't see politics as like a business thing where you need to be like serious in a way like of what you behave i think politics is something like and don't democracy where everybody should be involved and we're like people. trust and i
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think when somebody is true to themselves it's maybe gaining the most trust and they often people say that women who go into politics need to be behave more like men do you agree with that and also do you see a big gap between younger and older politicians if they have different ideas different ideologies in general i think there is there's of course a gender bias but there's also like an h. bias i think that all the political and all the people in general like like from my experience and not that relaxed and not. so natural like with their versity and all the young people i'm working with in politics but also besides politics men and women alike supporting diversity because they don't think it's about the gender it's about like what kind of impact we have and diversity is supporting that d.n.a. from the c.d.u. party in germany thank you very much for coming in talking to us and d.-w. thank you and seeing the team of women an all girls football team has been given a broom did refugees
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a real hope in the largest refugee camp in the democratic republic of congo the morningstar squad has precious few resources but that hasn't dampened the enthusiasm for the plan as. the morning starts. these young girls were forced to flee burundi in twenty fifteen but have discovered a love of football in there to match was lives now in the democratic republic of congo they have formed an all girls football team in the us and the refugee camp oh me forget we are refugees when we are playing we could be anywhere in the world. despite lacking football boots or even their own bar the girls are making the most of what they have. we are the best football team in this camp everyone has their own style of playing in their own nicknames. this is louis
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rara as the suspect a. business other children with a severe lack of funds the girls rely on volunteers coach and fellow refugee eric in town is their biggest fan i'd like to see the girls be encouraged to play and to have the equipment they need to play sports. while during the refugees continue to face hardships in neighboring countries the morning stars provide a glimmer of hope and the girls have big ambitions as well. as seeing your member of the hear that they are refugees playing in the olympics that is our dream. be. the indy has never sent a football team to the olympics with passion and dedication this morning stars are determined to make history. that it was s'posed is that in the champions league ventus produced a resilient performance against tottenham to progress to the quarterfinals tottenham took an early lead through zone and looks to be on their way to victory
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but you want us to own the tie on its head in the second half. equalized in the sixty fourth minute and paolo di bella netted just three minutes later to give you vent to a two one victory they went through to the next round for three on aggregate. and here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you gentlemen from the sigma gumby has announced he will not be included in chunks of the new coalition government. today lengthy tweets saying he'd been pushed out off to a with his spotty the social democrats and today is international women's day they are just across the waldos them and press the progress spain has gotten already saw the twenty four hour strike against reach disparities and domestic violence and south koreans are rallying in support of the need to movement against sexual harassment. on the back if you look forward to seeing them.
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for the machine can be a lot more than just functional. playing with. combining. venting into your. room and still are. living spaces.
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designed. next. will spain soon harbor europe's largest uranium mine. not as jorge rodriguez from stopping. the mayor from the salamanca region is concerned about the. arment and for farmers reputations. those in favor say the mind will create badly needed jobs . by deep rift divides the community which will play him sixty minutes d.w. . with that women may be lost. but the world is still far from complete gender equality. now has the need to movements influence the world why did based on sexism international women's day twenty easy. our focus this week on d w. explain about
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the moments that. it's all about the stories in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us in being sponsored by distinctive instagram or others at g.w. stories the topics of each week on instagram. i want to welcome to another edition of your own max i'm your host meghan li we are celebrating women in female related movements on the show today here's a look at what's coming up.


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