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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by truck bought. this is d.w. news line from birdland the syrian army makes further advances in eastern guta government soldiers have reportedly surrounded the enclaves largest town dumont as air strikes pound the last opposition stronghold near the capital damascus thousands of civilians remain trapped. and can trade officials from the european
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union get out of the upcoming american pm port tariffs on steel and aluminum or is the block going to counter with tariffs on u.s. products. and not because of us and welcome to the program syrian government forces say they have made significant advances into eastern ghouta the army has spent the last three weeks conducting an offensive on the area which is the last major rabble stronghold near the capital damascus the fighting has already claimed the lives of over a thousand people and some observers say chemical weapons have been used well get the latest mark correspondent but first this report. syrian state television shows government forces rolling into the center of misrata the syrian observatory for human rights says the syrian army has taken the time as it steps up its assault on
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eastern. the enclave is the last major rebel stronghold near the capital damascus assad's forces a night claiming major gains they have reportedly isolated the key times of duma anti-rust moving into the areas around them and cutting off connecting roads opponents and aid groups have accused the regime of using chemical weapons attacks they used they used just to roam and fourscore and they're now. i mean in just a sea days there were already more than one hundred and fifteen people killed most of them children i saw in my so if i work as a journalist and therefore the graph there with the mostest media center when the building gets a hit this site but then i'm death. we're washed it through there to dismount what have been civil ends and children the government strongly rejects the allegation. we absolutely denied the existence of any chemical weapons including chlorine gas.
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the united nations has condemned the intensity of the government to so in the last three weeks the shelling and ash trikes have been almost constant monitors say the bombardment has now killed more than a thousand people. correspondent. developments for us from beirut in neighboring lebanon and thanks for taking the time the syrian army says advances have divided eastern time to several parts rebel forces are disputing that claim what are you hearing about the situation on the ground. oh buring is a city no museums actually in quite a strong position right now and that's actually not surprising the top military the rebels are far weaker will they have to sit in a team attitude with their russian military might the bustle ethel's that they're also using what we've given here to do that now is that in fact the regime has
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entered the center that dealt with that as an excuse of she claiming but and they have but they are perhaps always stating that if she wins at that point because of the belts are also persisting under the weather also fighting it as a visually not set that it has been given a lot i have seen not the right we do are completely surrounded by that which we bought we had a search and this march the regime is in these areas and has been the last digits we need is intensively bombing all of these areas and it's just a matter of time before they get in the world. you mention of there's been constant shelling and that the rebels are obviously fighting back what kind of resistance are they putting up though. this is really more of a political planetary man because as i mentioned earlier they just do not have the ability to take on the syrian army that is do not have the ability to take on the russians so less strategy has been more on how to tell the world which of the
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journalists how their actions are also well in work around and put pressure on the international community on the ground or the archives they just do not have a single. strand as some say. there is you know as if there was even to go on resisting militarily on the ground they are bound to do that's not a bitchy than even looking at with the last four years of the international community kept with some sort of a pressure on the regime and to leave to be honest and actually seen in many ways as in those that are less mature including laws now there was a thousand syrians who were on the ground as i'm speaking of those civilians we've been hearing about the horrific humanitarian situation in the district what more can you tell us about the civilians who remain trapped there. well it is a to look at as a human their purses major thousand and thirteen
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a single does being under siege by the feel of the dials. live from loadmasters engine would i be able to get there this is a lie as they all do and fuel was the answer grades of the officials after the crossings we are possibly regional and lucky good last year the stumble over the stumbles are also gone and the seed has been absolute but over the last week it's a completely and it's evil are hung up in that these lands are not only able to get out. they haven't been watching the indian i dislike is not of food supplies it's really just nothing they're not of medicine. so it's quite a nightmare situation of these people and hundreds and thousands of these will sell their course a lot to get out the others are scared that if they do get out that might either be singled out by the regime or they might go in to enjoy it since people refugees and essentially are alive and it's just mentioning against us all together so it's
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a pretty hard situation for hundreds and thousands of people in dumb allston there are civilians. and child for our many thanks. now of some of the other stories making news around the world british officials say they've identified some two hundred witnesses and a couple hundred pieces of evidence in their probe into the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter the two are now in critical contain condition but rather they are stable and hospital authorities have been seen carrying out forensic work in the cemetery where the former spy's wife and son are buried. doll trumps former white house aides ben has made a controversial appearance at a conference of the far right front nasional and friends bad and who helped shape trump's america first campaign platform was invited to address delegates and will after repeatedly expressing support for europe's far right movements. top
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trade officials from the european union and japan have pressed an american trade envoy to exempt them as long time u.s. allies from upcoming steel and aluminum tariffs the tariffs are set to go into effect in two weeks the e.u. has said if it can't secure an exemption it will consider tariffs of its own on u.s. products like bourbon whiskey blue jeans and peanut butter. look for allies and keep negotiating for now that's the strategy of europe's trade commission assist celia maelstrom who put on a show of friendship with the japanese economy minister. japan has also shop late criticized the u.s. president's try terrorists. u.s. envoy robert bly ties it was late for the meeting which was supposed to focus on cheap chinese steel prices but it was trump's terrace that dominated the talks europe and japan are attempting to obtain an exemption from the deity's so far without success still germany's economy minister is pressing her arguments is that
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of a fish it is important that the european commission finds a way with the americans to prevent a trade war not just for europe's sake but for all affected countries under the porch. the e.u. has already prepared a list of over two hundred u.s. products that could face vitale atory import taxes but first brussel plans to take the matter to the world trade organization in the hope it might make trump change his mind obviously it's doubtful whether it will be possible to explain to the u.s. that this will be damaging mostly to themselves we can't forget that a big part of his trade policy has little to do with trade it's a chance for trump to score points against his domestic rivals holes on the high model and gets two points in europe and japan left the meeting empty handed which countries might receive exemptions from the u.s. will require more negotiations. the government of slovakian prime minister robert
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fits under severe pressure this weekend after tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets across the country on friday they're calling for fit so and his ministers to step down after the murder of investigative journalist could siac and his fiance last month could siac was looking into links between policy makers and the mafia prior to his murder so far no one has been charged in the killings. it's been decades since slovakia has seen such large protests people nationwide are outraged by the double murder of the young journalist and his fiance twenty seven year old young siac had published research about connections between italy's mafia and slovakian politicians there's now a tremendous mistrust of the government we need new elections were people can freely waltz and be their own new government which they can trust again. and e.u. delegation visited slovakia for two days met with prime minister robert feet so
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opposition politicians and journalists they wanted to learn more about the investigation into the murder. as the country is deeply divided there's a great deal of mistrust enormous mistrust of the government of state employees of the police state prosecutors who in a large part are no longer trusted to carry out the investigations. the e.u. delegation also traveled to the small village of dhaka much of fifty kilometers east of the capital there they visited the scene of the couple's murder. this terrible and criminal tragedy will be investigated as quickly as possible and those responsible will be held accountable. for the double murder has thrown slovakia into a deep political crisis in parliament the opposition has now submitted a vote of no confidence against the government. now to somalia where millions of
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people are facing an unprecedented drought due to poor rains for four consecutive seasons repeated failed harvests have led to widespread malnutrition farming families have abandoned their homes in search of food and aid elsewhere and in a country where most people make their living from the land the humanitarian crisis is only growing more dire. the heat sets in early in the morning and dolo in southwest somalia women line up for assistance they've been here for about a year back then the drought was at its worst and the sheepherder families lost their animals. well get out of the well most of us survive on what relatives give us not everyone has gotten help from the aid groups ofa. aid organizations seem somewhat overwhelmed with the constant influx of families donor money from germany has secured this project by unicef and the world food program workers take care of malnourished children. and mothers are given education on
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issues like breast feeding or protecting their kids from disease and about nutrition in exchange for registering with the program women get a card that allows them to receive food. and now they have assistance and livelihood was through shows. child protection c.d.'s all of that healthy. but droughts are becoming more common and another issue remains the traditional way of life for livestock herders does little to guarantee one's future these days. no one does lay a game on saturday it was leverkusen facing local rivals munching gladbach lucas ario hit the target for leverkusen late in the first half and then with just seconds left in the match a lhari zero turned provider for julian bryant two nil for leverkusen the final
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score. alex take a look at all the bundesliga results with the saturday games in the can as we saw laver couzin defeated back fire in munich demolished hamburg six nil hoffenheim wolfsburg and berlin and freiburg ended in a scoreless tie outs berth down hanover on sunday stuttgart take on rb leipzig and dortmund face frankfurt on monday night bremen battle cologne in friday night's game shall come managed and narrow win over minds childhood's danielle collie jury outfoxed five minds players before firing off an unstoppable shot in the fifty fifth minute a one nil victory means she can sit back and enjoy the rest of the weekend's action in second place minds meanwhile remain deep in the struggle to avoid relegation. now let's take a look at what all those results mean for the bun this league table byron munich and shall gusts ilse filling those top two spots followed now by laver couzin in
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third oxburgh leapfrog lodbrok into eighth and in the bottom half things are tight from start cart down through freiburg braman wolfsburg and minds are teetering just above the direct relegation spots you're watching the news live from berlin i'm not equal loss and more coming up at the top of the hour join us if you can thanks for watching. own secret the sing for the. sometimes you just have to pump up the volume. on the big guns.


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