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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2018 12:15am-12:31am CET

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there's miss them so attack you are sailing in the in-port race in auckland new zealand conditions were lightened by tomato harbor the shifting winds made for plenty of lead changes over the course of the one hour race dongfang race team emerged as the winners of the crew have now cut the gap on volvo ocean race leaders moffitt to just three points. you're watching it on abbey call us and don't forget you can get all the latest on our website any time dot com thanks for watching see you next time a. movement to fight unfolding hates to take you seriously in the world oh boy here's what's coming up women's talk. smartarse smart state of the german great recently dangerous time for a summer job for my. climate change. waste.
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pollution. isn't it time for good news. for a couple of people and projects that are changing no one farm and for the best it's up to us to make a difference let's explain. the farm and make using. long d.w. . sometimes a rainy night is a bit of a drip but sometimes when the heavens open up the football gods bring you the luck and the result that. threatened minds did put up a hell of a fight on friday possession and out shooting their opponents. but it was the royal
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blues who found the back of the net to take all three points and tighten their grip on second place. the action continued on saturday with a host of sides hoping to move up the table it was coming up. in hopes to vault into third place when they played host to go. but would it be the foal's own desperation to get back into europe that would win the day. and win a hamburg visit a gaggle of goals are virtually guaranteed for the very state to find out if the big boys busted loose again on saturday. welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i'm matt herman we're going to start off our broadcast in the rhine by labor hosted regional rivals. and again with big implications for the race for europe now
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the home side they entered the weekend pressing for the champions league they were in fifth place there in the thick of that european race the visitors though have begun to look like pretenders the folds of one just one of their last six games they blew a two goal lead last weekend in disappointing fashion to draw with braman if want to get back into the european mix they better get a move on and win in labor q's. but for gladbach it was about much more losing here and would make it tough to achieve their aim of a ticket to europe next season. and always makes things tough for the jamaican too hasty with a shot here. minutes later band grabbed the and threw it out fast dangerous again but he didn't spot the young coming charles out on geese and
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took an ill advised shot himself. then it was down the right side this time attempting to turn provider but kevin wasting the huge chance. one minute later though down the right again. this time back to look at the argentinian made it one nil in the thirty ninth minute bailey was crucial in setting up the gets the credit for the assist my in the second half. on the right side up until he was replaced by bronze with twenty minutes to go. finally made some noise late in the game when they threw everything forward yes it germinates getting close here. but it was a labor of player who came close is just going for when dale testing his own keeper in the eighty ninth minute. then in added time you liam browns rounded out the
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two nil victory. bragging rights while glad buck stumble in the race for a year. plenty of other games with plenty of goals. in a dual of the desperate hannover hosted out both of these teams have picked up just a single win in their. seven games but you know first we're going to go looking at a team looking to go on a run the last time often time record of consecutive victories was back in september they hosted votes for looking to do just that and keep their own european push on track. victory of a post would push hoffenheim chances of champions league qualification and i got off to a perfect starts on try try marriage forced to say from colin castillo's nikos scholtz claimed the
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boss of the break off at home went to nail up. cannot break grabbing his fifth goal of the ses and the band the three nil rout was completed on eighty minutes and in comical sessions the brutal of the day is false but the brother in cuffs attempted clearance bouncing back a few vokey the boffin high and now those men hoping the three know when the handsome fights will no mentum on house and have to draw in the first hostile of perhaps eight or nine chances we always looked like scoring and we finally did it was a highly deserved to win for the music. hanover went into their clash with housework with just one win in their last seven games and they were soon on their way to extending their barren run he shall go gourevitch heading home in the twenty
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sixth minute i'm. from a moment of magic from sally sonny brought the scores level i vow wonderful hit from the synagogue international of a very. good hausberg work done toby setting up go catch up just before half time above. before gregorian spread his second to ceiling three one victory by. him. if christian strife looked bored watching hats or and warm up it was nothing compared to what he would witness in the ninety minutes when there was a slice of excitements bit out of piece of it's fluffed his golden chance that
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pretty much summed up the game the callers drawl sholay a contender for worst contest of the season. been. delighted that we managed to get appointees but we wanted to win but if you talk to create many chances to school you have to be happy when you don't concede any. kicks. to make up for that last snooze or i bring you goals not that that should come as a surprise the last seven meetings in munich between byron and hamburg have seen a whopping forty seven goals forty four of them for biron who have won each and every time they call hamburg the bundesliga dinosaur they are proud to have been in the top flight for all of the bundesliga fifty five seasons but this week the troubled club signalled they may be preparing for year one individual to starting a rebuild by firing their chairman and their sporting director could they muster up
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a fight this week against by. hamburg have been passed by byron for nearly a decade last year in munich they can see the eight goals this match started off looking bad for the visitors frank rebury hurdle in finish at the eight minute mark showing he still got the goods considering his touring ligament earlier this season the freshman still has some spring minutes later robber live in dusky put his head to work. and the assist coming from yahshua kimmage camber work implicitly caught off guard here to see. not even ten minutes later another defensive blunder for him bert levin dusty another goal the wonderful pass came from jerome bulleting catching the hamburg defense on their heels. the game already looked over at the break it's the first time this season buyers court three in the first forty five iron rubbing picked up the score now after the break. byron made hamburg's defense
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look like swiss cheese and they still weren't done. river his contract instead season but it looks like he's not ready to hang them up beating three to make it five nil his first brace since december twenty third team. eleven dusty from the penalty spot missing his first shot at a hatchery. but not the next with the twenty third goal of the season for the full giving him five more than the entire hamburg team. and. we're very sorry for the fans who came here to see hamburg if defeated like that and. a few thoughts hamburg's impossible mission and as expected
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a landslide defeat. but you see the highlights if you're a hamburg fan the lowlights let's look at this weekend's results up on the wall with that big win over. by a minute without even bigger win over hamburg hannover they slumped at home to. a win over in big fashion both spork sorry head to berlin and each failed to score on friday night's lost at home to show up on sunday we got a couple of good ones stuttgart are taking on. frankfurt will be travelling to dortmund and monday night football returns with braman entertaining cologne in a relegation special let's look at what all those results mean on the table by or they are still lording it over the rest of the league with that twenty point gap of their shock and leverkusen they are in second and third due to their good results
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on match day twenty six dortmund frankfurt and of course yet to play this weekend down in the second half really not that much movement braman in cologne they play head to head up on monday but all the other relegation candidates mights hamburg all lost on match day twenty six they stay in trouble it's time for our play of the day as voted for you on twitter and the winner with forty six percent of the vote is the french winger aging like a fine wine fall river re your he comes to find his way through a sea of hamburg defenders to that second goal of the match is for strike the season he's feeling himself right now after that goal is one more look a bit of a food for thought for the brass you know maybe they could use. next season. well that is all for us here at the sit back and enjoy these images from the
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