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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2018 7:30am-8:00am CET

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my way. east germany would still be here. do you think you could master the fear. here is what you know about peace. starting march thirteenth d.w. . welcome to your own acts highlights the best of this week in the european lifestyle and culture is what's coming up. mean machines why women are in the fast lane when it comes to buying cars. evil ice i was swiss oppositions invention changed our wing and hollywood. and cultural
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connections what to expect on a special train journey so the single women and francois. let's start off with a look at the geneva motor show for the last eighty eight years the coc invention has been a platform for the latest and greatest an automobile design and technology for decades car companies have viewed men as their key demographic and marketed their products to a male clientele that cliche couldn't be further from the truth and life of international women's day we explored what comic is a doing to change this outdated business model. from high powered to compact from practical to outlandish. for this car drivers need a pilot's license. the eighty eighth she need. the international motor show would
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seem once again to be aimed at men who like muscle cars and dark colors with abundant horsepower. the colorful compact seem to be intended for women. but is this really what they want in cars. can i like big cars with lots of room i've got two kids and a dog so i need a lot of space for me it's important that when i close my car door i feel at all if the whole package if it's in a design the system is there everything to get it is one. contrary to the cliches women tend to prefer as uvas. although they are generally regarded as men's cars seventy percent of those driving them are women. italian polo to me nelly has been researching consumer behavior in the automotive industry since two thousand and two. this should be just as he views are tall which gives
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drivers a sense of security because as you bees have room for children luggage space and often all wheel drive so you're prepared for snow and other kinds of bad weather it's like. what's important for many men is what's under the hood most male buyers appreciate the innovative technology found in these new b.m.w. and jeeps. ninety percent of the customers buying them are male. women tend to look for the sort of comfort in design found in this honda. japanese carmaker will put this electric model on the market in twenty one thousand. both men and women appreciate features like parking assists and sat navs. if it's nostra would we know from studies that women make or influence fifty to eighty percent of buying decisions and not just of cars. to be honest it would be foolish
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to ignore this fact and not take women's preferences into account and. women apparently aren't into mercedes only twenty percent of the brands buyers are female . that's even a smaller ratio than for porsches beamers in our days. receive he says trying to improve its image with women with a p.r. campaign titled she's mercedes. the company hopes that british style icon sarah jane adams will succeed in changing some minds. if you to speak out it's less about tailoring advertising to women we want to listen to and learn more from women we want to know what features they're looking for in a car and try to find communicative themes i want to get to the team. but there is some truth to some clichés compact cars are often a turnoff for men. and certain brands do do better with women even if that may not be the result of anything intentional. backstabbing
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and the kids and folks fagen develops its cars based on what customers in general want not what men or women or what big and small people prefer. people's spine decisions reflect the needs they have at certain points in their lives. both sexes are demanding when it comes to automotive quality and safety. and no one knows what the car the future will look like. he was ideal vision comes without a steering wheel it's operated by gestures and spoken commands and it's projected to hit the market by twenty thirty. whether you're a man or woman a child or a grandparent everyone will come together automotive life will be completely different. even if the majority of visitors to the geneva motor show are men car makers ignore women's wishes at their own peril.
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now it's a topic i'm somewhat more passionate about than cars and that's food here in berlin there is a wonderful variety of food on offer with restaurants serving up delicious dishes from all over the world and today we're heading to the district of cannes lower back for a look behind the scenes at café a.b.c. that's where french australian alan ball has set up shop and created his own slice of sydney sunshine. well i'm isabella's tries like really simple is the son i'm is the. wearing flip flops where my boys when i go for a swim every day i always miss it a lot when i'm in winter especially when it gets dark at three o'clock in the afternoon i really do mrs wells a wise. wheat. alan
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bond has found his little place here in berlin relieving the gloomy winter with this possible strain sunshine in the foremost cafe a.b.c. allen spread. and of course that's breakfast down under style he's a naturalized australian but his roots are actually french. island used to help out in his mother's restaurant in paris where he was born in one nine hundred seventy four. rich and he wanted to be a teacher then studied art and communication and eventually moved to australia. then he worked as a dishwasher cook waiter and so many years before returning to europe from sydney in twenty thirteen and sitting in. two years later he opened his own café i'm going to try and share their knowledge transfer but i love food i love cooking so basically. everything i learn from different places that i work in. i think. try them at home or have to come home and we cook together and practice together
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every show that i work with every restaurant and i work every kitchen i work with they're all trying to give me something that i love. and in conversative form a bar into a cozy breakfast venue enlisting the help of friends to renovate the premises and making the furniture and fittings himself. there's plenty of features that make it feel like a typical beach bar that's the atmosphere that allen wanted to recreate. in australia as cafes everywhere. beck says it is not and this is. really a way of life we wake up in the morning we call our son we gather together and we go to a cafe. and drink and spend time together yeah we're just big foot is that's what it is we just love. one of his cafés signature dishes is a poppy seed bagel with avocado unsaddling. allen marinates the salmon in breaking
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its. salt. sugar. fresh still. and bucket. he needs to chill in the refrigerator for three days. most of the cardio is of course a staple of upon diabetes breakfast. australian cuisine is big on fusion combining asian and european flavius. alan enjoys reinterpreting classic dishes. the red meat marinate gives the salmon a pink issue and usual slightly sweet edge.
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so that's is. we're used to living my girlfriend and everything like every morning we go for a morning swim then after that next to our place is a cozy place called harry. i was born and we always used to go there and sit down in the swing just salty and auto someone bagel with have a condo and papa said and every morning we used to be like like it was amazing it was just perfect is that the best thing you could do. an inspection is in france the neighborhood he lives in even though it's gentrified it has surprisingly few good breakfast menus putting talent is now filling the gap in the mountains. his cafe is open from wednesdays to sundays and it's always for. this is really one of the best breakfast places in france or wonderful food great
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quality great service wonderful environment even on a cold day it's really wonderful to sit outside the trees really enjoy coming in i love this place i live just around the corner there and so it's kind of a habit forming that we could be on a sunday morning either inside or outside of for. beautiful autumnal morning like this it's fantastic it's also a very nice place to come here at night so like we have a bit of wind as we so many times things happening here as i series as well and yet so is there fool in nice. in the evenings when a cafe transforms into a wine bar onions french side comes to the full fat in the daytime he says ozzy as they come ok guys today we have prepared for you homemade cured salmon with purpose of a go we have a cattle and. we stay in germany the country is known as a leader when it comes to recycling it's
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a perfectly normal part of everyday life here so. it's not surprising to find entrepreneurs who recycle old items into something new and reusable a company in hamburg is now winning awards for its up cycles designs. there are an inventive design duo that finds ingenious uses for waste. as avoiding kind of we don't want to make purely decorative objects they have to have a function and most of all they have to be will made beautiful products you only notice the recycling or upcycling when you take a second look and believe product designers cost in total and danish melting found at the local factory in two thousand and four they sell their one of a kind on tax online or out of a store in downtown hamburg. i listen to i'm dave rethink used to be under one roof
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the workshop was down in the cellar shop was over there and the office was over here over the years we got bigger and we just couldn't manage some aspects of production anymore for. now they have a good sized workshop outside hamburg where they and their employees manufacture their designs. they also have room to store their materials here like surplus oil barrels. and broken skateboards. for anyone else it may look like trash but for the people here it's a resource that all started quite pragmatically. on what's got to be at the time we had no clue about upcycling per se it was more about finding materials that we didn't have to pay for the baton. to repurpose the old records trained industrial electrician dennis developed a special machine to remold the final destination. is continuously optimize the
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production process. and one from by you is head first. each piece was one of a kind then we realized that if a shop were to buy our stock it would have to be at half price so they could make a profit so we started mass producing the aliens we would see a. dentist spends most of his time in the workshop. while carsten generally looks after the store the online shop and acquiring materials they collect used skateboards from skater shops all over germany as well ask a skateboard shop of put out our box. there are advantages that they can offer to recycle their customers boards and we'll pick them up. our advantage is that we use the boards as raw materials. the designers plant a tree for every fifth skateboard they get. in the past two years they've up cycled
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three hundred seventy five skateboards translating into seventy five planted trees . blocking the lot has already won several prizes including the green product award in two thousand and fifteen for their best selling key novels. they make over old books as key or cult tracks. as a d.v.d. the idea for the key hook novels is such a simple one but it yields such an incredible variety of nice things. if you fight that actually that's always the best part of discovering a new idea. and you can vary it to come up with the wildest objects. into. her now carsten title and vanish melting artwork developing their first jewelry line but whether it's books skateboards or records the two designers from hamburg never run out of ideas.
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now to an entrepreneur from switzerland who made it to the big time with her eye popping invention as a child jacqueline created toys out of stocks because a family didn't have the money so by her presence after training as an optician in their home country she moved to hollywood to combine her job with her passion for ups and crafts. amazing colors and even patterns for your eyes it's all possible with custom contact lenses. the idea to combine vision correction with bright colors and fantasy shapes came from a swiss woman. titian a shackling about one particular high contact gave her the inspiration i'll start with. one day i saw a brown eyed woman i'm called who had a golden spot in one eye. i thought that fascinated me and i thought gold all the
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color in your eye that's an idea as east. it was nine hundred sixty six and twenty four year old jacqueline orbach had established herself as an optician in hollywood after moving to the us from switzerland with little cash and lots of ideas she started developing new contact lenses. in how the doll system all i did the first scene ceiling then experimented on it day and night and he said that at first i had no idea how you made contact lenses. it was just trial and error swatch and i just kept trying trying and trying it with the proper . eventually she succeeded experimenting with different materials she found a way to color lenses and filed for the patent that still serves as the basis for motive lenses for movie effects as one example tom cruise wore them in interview
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with a vampire. in twilight red contacts gave the vampires their bloodthirsty look and in alice in wonderland colored lenses help to transform johnny depp into the mad hatter. now the selection is vast with a hard or soft contact corrective all purely cosmetic green. blue diamond. black kept going kept her up tile i spring if i wonder how i die. scary. starting at just ten year as anyone can compliment an ensemble with brightly colored people it's the first colored lenses were made by hand each pan took a week to produce that's what i did i'd say it was a test run we didn't even sell those and we just passed them on to selected optician to sit here for them to show just actual customers and have fun try them on. years past before the colored lenses caught on and went into mass production.
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today jacqueline or back at over eighteen years of age is back in zero six and running an online mail order company for contact lenses. thinks she's very courageous she makes courageous decisions that i like that and she's very creative which has to do with her story and i think creativity is an important factor in running a business she has lots of it. now jacqueline all back our suppliers produce the lancers. she has good memories of the early days. of old status and food but i'm proud that it was little me who had the idea to do this and make it a reality that small so at the time i never expected it to be such a huge success so at least an awful. jaclyn or box invention may be small but it has certainly changed the look of today's world.
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let's get back on track with a rather unique railway experience the train ride from berlin to votes one of is more than just a journey the so-called culture train connects the two cities culturally as travelers can explore the shared history between germany and poland. during the ride at the twenty seventeen cultural brand awards the project was voted the trend brand of the year. it looks like a disco but it isn't a club it's a train compartment but a trip on the culture train between berlin and what's love is a unique journey. this direct train between the two cities only runs on weekends a ticket costs nineteen year olds. during the four and a half hour journey passengers don't just get closer to their destination they also learn a lot about when to it's ok culture train is
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a wonderful way for people to engage in conversation not just to talk with the artists up close but with one another without on. the journey includes a comprehensive cultural program more than three hundred artists have already taken part today double bassist mike ahead but he is providing the musical accompaniment to a reading. a library on wheels supplies the passengers with plenty of reading material on the history of germany and poland. and a permanent exhibition seen on the headrests traces the life stories of rot slavs german and polish citizens. as they stand in the said he this is the this had been he was and i think it's very important to have this train connection between what's left and berlin he does make the sky is blue today it gives us the opportunity to engage in a cultural exchange. and it's
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a very good way to work through our common history and understand it better and to build the future together dowie to learn from. this time. the service is popular many people here are looking for clues to their family's past. my last name is polish so poland's always played a role in our family history though i don't have any relatives there but the name goes back generations so i have a certain connection without knowing exactly what it is and i'm intrigued. when it wasn't easy and my grandmother was born in salafia on the polish czech border she lived there for the first ten years of her life and then came to germany. because i've never been to poland myself i went to trial. there and look around. and see. the culture train made its debut in twenty sixteen stint as european capital of culture in two thousand and seventeen the train was named european trend brand of
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the year brighter of both common likes to hold readings on it the sense we can see on this train isn't just a means of transport like other trains that you don't board just to get from one city to another but to get psyched up for the city you're headed to. arriving in boats love visitors can find traces of the city's history as the former german city of breslau. has only been a polish city since the end of world war two both common has written a novel based on the city's history. from one field until one thousand nine hundred five votes life was exclusively a german city that from one thousand nine hundred sixty to ninety days it was almost exclusively a polish city. it's only been in the past few years that a consciousness has taken shape that it's a city with german and polish history. the next day both common is on the culture trains return journey to berlin. the
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passengers in this direction can look forward to a silent disco where the music is piped into their ears on headphones. the. belts vibrating to the beat take on the function of the bass for me it's like. i feel that the future has arrived i think it's we are very open and i think that we are moving in the right way. that's why i feel a business really because yeah to see everybody together it's making us happy to date more than thirty thousand passengers have boarded the culture train and it would. it's simply that the culture train really is bringing people closer together stop by stop and without complications simply on a very spirited playful level not in the sense of a meeting of nations but of people. on the basis of culture and exchange will often
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by the. organizers hope to expand the project to service other european destinations to promote greater mutual understanding and a more open europe. that's all for today but you can catch up on all your i'm actually poets on our website. slash large stuff about enough.
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for a few. the
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pain. of a future. in fifteen minutes on. not all the time they will not succeed in dividing us sal not succeed in taking the people off the street so because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made for mines.
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played. such.
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a race for immortality has begun. leading neuroscientists are researching ways to replicate the human brain. androids are taking over physical labor. the human brain is deciphered. the committee during the clinton droids with artificial consciousness are the number one item on the market to give to you because you. are politically. the transfer of the human life and into an avatar is successful. immortality is within reach. but what trucks can remember your kind words when events we need to plan and we'll make sure we want to. bring factory starting march twenty fourth on g.w. .
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syrian government forces say they've made significant advances into eastern ghouta the last major rebel stronghold near the capital damascus the fighting has already claimed the lives of over a thousand people and some observers say the army may have used chemical weapons. at least ten thousand people have rallied in dublin ireland for protest against a planned referendum to ease the country's laws on abortion abortion has long.


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