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this is the union's come to live from but. on data in an economy plane crash reports say the bungled the issue passenger plane smiled and bones into flames as it attempted to land a cut monday course from an eyewitness. also on the program on the night the says it's finally time to get down to walk jill when lawmakers queue up to officially signed a coalition deal today nearly six months onto the national vote mechelle says the new government must fulfill its promise of prosperity for were germany's. long been
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voters back conservative opponents of the government's peace deal with the film on boxes troubles and a former fox good doesn't bottom out in their finest ever election. and amnesty international accuses me and mom of building the military bases on green stroking government agents be told the rights group of hakim's reports and concerns about the read back traditional refugees who fled i think by them say. i'm a touchy. we begin in the pond as many as fifty people are reported dead after a plane crashed onto board officials say the aircraft missed the runway and burst into flames when it touched down officials say seventy one people were on board the bombardier dash eight propeller plane. it was reported to cock monday from the bang
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the vichy captain talking and ran by the u.s. bombing up and lines. joining me now from got an eyewitness give me. a bank do you were at the airport and you saw what happened what did you see that. your friends got in front of me and after two point five articulated and right there are fears that finished distributing or sweet girl art is that one of the factors or from the other side mention that look a pin just cracked and i think we were right on the line in a taxi sexy. i mean we could be you could upgrade. our seat belt and look out of the window and i saw those huge smoke coming out from a car and i took a picture immediately rejection in the trigger let me clarify that i didn't see it crash because we were inside the plane and later we were acting as the get off of the thing because the kind of came up during you mentioned that the airport will be
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close to it and then we boarded the plane and got inside the airport again and sure that you see as to how authorities responded to this crash. i think at the beginning it was very chaotic because i remember being in there just outside of the green for almost fifteen minutes just looking at the scene right there was a lot of you know airport bagel driving to work in a lot of people security people or just the brown stuff running towards it obviously we were not allowed to move any of it because that bit i mean just stood there and watched it. but yeah it was very chaotic because nobody knew what to do at the time they were getting everything ready to even know whether they wanted us to board the plane or just sit on the box or just reach into open air so really just were just there for fifteen minutes just watching what was happening and then there was the pilot was calling his friends what was happening and then it was mentioned that it's a it's a good crash so that's all that's all i know
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a little bit of a distressing thing to do to see and to hear bob when you standing at the airport what was the mood like there among the passengers waiting to get on two flights of people who just got off flights. i mean i am i thought i'm a very nervous flyer i mean this wasn't you come to plan for me good for just you know being out of korea two point five years of our duty you can imagine all the passengers were exhausted already reading in the airport so we get at first you know everybody was asking what happened with. whatever you want to do now greece go reading the printer we still amount will all go out one destination and later once he boarded the plane to get back in the airport there was again i don't know hundreds of stranded tourists and people who are trying to get to their homes or in the other destinations so yeah we just tried to talk to the airport. people from our area and that is the day and i was trying to board so we are asking what
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are we going to do it is that you know just break for now that what is going to force so we don't have any news gets there later we said they didn't know what we're just going to cancel this and we're back i mean after this incident happened i was scared and went for another two hours or at my luggage and get back. and of course it's a very difficult. to surrounded by very high mom on tunes. money thank you very much for sharing your story with us and you you're welcome the leaders of germany's conservative parties and social democrats assent to sign the coalition government agreement in about an hour from now being and efficient and to ninety six months of political uncertainty and have the signing so i mean this book agenda is his much chance to an american have to say. which leads us to ensure that the promise of prosperity that these social market economy requires be delivered on in times of digitization and globalization
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and that means we must ensure that everyone in our country benefits from the general prosperity of our country so we need to ensure that the business economy is successful that we create enough jobs for the people that people acquire new skills so that they can work in the new technologies the new sectors that are emerging. and if we draw in a political correspondent give pretty acute we heard what tom's lamech and had to say in fact earlier we heard all three leaders speak and seemed to be pretty sober amongst them but yet they've risen to that we must make it work what is your assessment of the key messages it really was quite a sober major right that i'm rate of but they were all very honest all of the three leaders that this morning that this isn't going to be easy and interim leader of the social democrats pointed out this isn't a marriage of love it very much is a marriage of convenience right now and one that ensures that germany has
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a stable government and this is going to be a challenge for these three parties especially because at the same time all three of these parties have said that whilst governing germany they each want to renew their parties redefine their profiles so of course all three of them suffered huge losses historic lows in september's elections so they are all keen to redefine their posse and prove to the voters who and what they stand for and of course these bodies have been in the grand coalition before and grand the two main parties coming together to govern but we have a new cabinet design are probably different is it from the last grand coalition well there are two very striking differences and there are a lot more younger faces in the new covenant cabinet and also more female faces so the average age in the cabinet now has dropped from fifty four to just forty nine and there's even some cabinet ministers under the age of forty the new health minister and also the new family and youth minister and merkel herself pointed out
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that there is actually only one cabinet minister older than her that's going to be the interior minister so this is a very active decision to kind of rejuvenate the cabinet and also at the same time individually the parties so it's been almost awful month since we voted in germany and the government is being formed now so what is. the next few steps to be finally have a government exactly where the big day they sweet is on wednesday now and where expect an angler marco to be elected by the german parliament as chancellor on wednesday show them be sworn in as well as her fifteen ministers and then that will be one hundred seventy one days after the german election will finally have a new german government right get ready thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. let me now being updated some other stories making news around the one slovakia's interior minister robert has resigned from his post his
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departure comes amid a political crisis over the murder of an investigative journalist a junior coalition party had demanded gali nuts removal in return for its ongoing support colleen uk was a key ally of still walk in prime minister. faecal. austrian authorities have tightened security at diplomatic buildings in vienna after a man tried to stab a soldier outside the iranian ambassador residence late on sunday the attackers understood to be a twenty six year old austrian national he was shot dead by the soldier after a struggle. a report on today shows the flow of weapons to the middle east has more than doubled over the past five years the sweden based citrate institute says the u.s. and europe remain the main arms exporters to the region this despite public and political debate over restricting weapon sales to conflict areas. protests took place
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across europe on sunday against turkey's military operation in syria's after in the region demonstrations in germany turned violent as kurdish and turkish activists clashed germany's home to large populations of both communities there as turkish forces are said to be poised to take over often from goodish militia. jetting off to colombia to voters have handed victory to critics of a peace deal with the former leftist rebels in sunday's congressional election it was the first election for the formal fock rebel group and voters sunday rejected its radical agenda the results now reese questions of the future of the deal that ended the guerrillas decades long insurgency. a victory for the opponents of fuck even duke a campaign heavily against a peace deal with the former rebels his democratic center party emerged as the strongest force in an election seen as a test of fox entry into colombian politics. it was
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a catastrophic defeat for the new party which took less than one percent of the vote regardless fuck will still take ten seats in the senate guaranteed to them by the peace accord many colombians would prefer to see them in jail for their decades long insurrection campaigning was marred by angry protests against their participation. was that. fox former commanders had hoped for an historic outcome. i think this is going to mark a milestone we're entering the consolidation of peace it's the first time in my life that i've voted and i do it for peace. colombia's president juan manuel santos was the man who brokered the deal that ended fox decades long insurrection. it's as if you notice these elections are very special. this is the first
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time in a half a century where the far out instead of sabotaging the elections are participating in the elections. and i think if you're a news. something historic and very important for our democracy progress here his party. many voters felt his peace deal was too lenient on the former rebels whatever power. it's insurgency has now disappeared at the ballot box. so what would you play in the democratic process following those elections these are we correspond. had this to say from bogota well i would probably say for now they will have nothing to say in parliament we see that most of the leftist movements and the leftist parties don't want to have to do and don't want anything to do with them they are trying to stay as far from them as possible
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. we also heard the presidential candidate gustavo petro who i was telling you is a former guerrilla member himself that if he becomes colombia's next president he doesn't want them to be participating in his government but we will have to wait and see if he actually does become the president and if he might even needs the voices of the fark of the votes of the fark in parliament to pass the legislation through that he ones too. it was the day of use or feel your hands with you reporting from bogota you're watching a d.v.d. is coming up ahead and this international accuses the million mom military off seizing lands but what is the proof relook at the group's evidence coming up ahead . but first joins me from business says in the european energy market is facing a major shake up yes it looks like a german utilities heavyweight air on has agreed to acquire a large stake of energy the sustainable subsidiary of its competitor r w e for
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twenty two billion euros the deal will leave r w e as the continent's second largest producer of green energy it is owners europe's largest operator of electricity grids and retail now for those of you who have never heard of those two companies on an r w e let's cross over to our financial correspondent who is standing by at the front that stock exchange karma why is this deal so important. well first off those two companies on then you have been arch rivals for decades the fact that they are now joining forces in itself is a historic shift and you know this is massive companies we're talking about here. and out of the u.s. subsidiary energy combined have more than two hundred thousand employees all over europe they have more than one hundred twenty five billion euros worth in annual sales and also if you like from a european angle this is
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a shift up until now large european competitors like enjoying were also said to be interested in taking over energy but it looks like now. a favoring a national champion here a national a german run company. come out after being divvied up what will those two companies look like. well you will only have one real power producer left our w.e.e.e. it will deliver electricity made not only from renewable energies but also from nuclear coal and natural gas on the other hand you will have it on which will manage the power grids and it will manage the retail customers and many of them forty five million customers in europe whether or not this will have an impact on prices for those consumers remains to be seen it's very likely that the competition watchdogs will take a very close look at least in some of the markets we are talking about here that is
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to be expected of course come out of those in there in frankfurt thank you very much. the war of words is heating up in the trade dispute between the u.s. and its allies as trade partners are scrambling to get an exemption from the tariffs on steel and minium on saturday u.s. trade representative robert light has made a u.n. draft in these officials in brussels for talks but neither side announced a result meanwhile in a complaint speech in pennsylvania u.s. president donald trump has defended his decision to put tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and singled out german coming because as a target here's what he said european union they kill us open up the barriers at get rid of your terrors and if you don't do that we're going to tax receipt he spends we're going to tax the m.-w. you want to have money. you want to have money come into our country. or
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are we heading for a real trade war and what can you of do to avoid it i asked the chief economist of germany's comments bank geog crammer if europe should prepared to fight back. i thought so one and a half weeks ago but then i found out that that the european union is even more protection is than the united states european union travis are usually higher than those imposed by the united states therefore i think a policy of retaliation is not the right approach the european union should should or should talk to trump and indeed the talk trump has offered the possibilities are to come to an agreement to come to a compromise so you see trump has a point there do you i mean but what are the terrorists that the you could lower. for example terrorists the european union tariffs on imported costs are ten percent and compare this to the mere two point five percent of the united states i asked
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myself why does the european union not offer to cut its two percent cut terrace to the mia two and a half percent of the united states i think this is exactly what what trump wants to see and i think this could be a solution in the dispute your claim of them commencements chief economist thank you very much for this analysis. saudi arabia is likely to delay the listing of its state own energy company around coal that's what british officials have told the financial times what will be the biggest i.p.o. ever was initially expected to happen this year saudi officials were hoping to secure a valuation of two trillion dollars but are finding it difficult that could push the date to two thousand and nineteen riyadh has also yet to decide on which foreign stock exchange it will use for the listing london new york and others are competing for the shells. in
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a report from rights group amnesty international says to me a military is increasing its security presence that's right now this after hundreds of thousands of forced to flee from their homes after a brutal crackdown by the military last year and the sea has released satellite images like this one which claims to show bases being constructed in a land bridge villages once stood on these images show new structures and heavy beds next to villages that were burned down in violence last year and i mrs structures such as these bats are proof that the military is using these grounds and what the organization claims is a land grab now for more on these allegations and let me draw in laura hague she works fantasy international and specializes in me and mushy joins me now from london welcome lauren obvious saw these images which you claim shows
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a military land grab how can you be so sure that this area are being used as military bases and not other structures for example we backed ration camps. well thank you for having me and we've looked at a lot of the new construction and rakhine state which is massive back and state is being remade into my room and when we compare the buildings and the structures it will the government has announced to be the repatriation sites for the ranger so these new structures which we believe to be security bases they are clearly very different from what we've done is we've couple that satellite imagery with interviews with people on the ground in rakhine state as well as a range of that recently fled and i can state and they defer to as that this construction is new military and security bases and in many cases is actually taking place directly on by a range of villages so based on the evidence that you've gathered you seem to be fairly said that these military bases being controlled constructed on a raised villages but what would be the objective of the military to do such
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a thing. when i think there are two made objectives i think the first is to increase the securitize ation of miniaturize ation of rakhine state this area is being massively securitized for years that the government has made clear that they see the range of population as a whole as a security threat and i think this is a very clear indication of that fortifying the entire region but i think it also has another pappas and i think that is something that makes clear that you know we already know that the me and my military was determined to expel arranger from northern iraq and stay by building these bases on their homes in their villages this is sending a very clear message that they're not welcome back and for a change of themselves could you imagine actually coming back to live in a village where you were a neighbor with a very security forces who raped your relatives you killed your family and you burn you out of your home in the first place i've experimented to go to a magistrate and you want to come back to the us and argue so what are you going
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about the legal who did not manage to didn't want to feel a cost to the bishop and seek a refuge there what are you hearing about the situation on the ground. i mean clearly the situation hasn't improved this is six months after this brutal ethnic cleansing campaign and the authorities have tightened restrictions on marriage it's very difficult for ages still in my kind state to leave the villages and that's how i got a huge impact on that day to day lives their ability to fire on to get food to grease the market and what we've increasingly seen this year is actually very interesting not the obvious violence that we saw last year but actually the right of starvation and that's what people arriving in baghdad actually telling us today no rate from amnesty international in london thank you very much thank you. greek prosecutors have ordered the arrest of the owner of one of the country's top football teams after he stopped a match on sunday was armed with a pistol after
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a disputed goal in the match between title rivals athens and that's a low nicky oana yvonne a subbie disallowed a pitch invasion bring the gun in a hold holster somebody else who is one of greece's richest men did not use his weapon that appeared to threaten the referee who had just disallowed a go in for his team the game was abandoned reports from greece suggest a savvy this is on the run. big industry got news and german media outlets sport build has just reported that hamburg have fired their coach bent after just seven games in charge and hamburg were on the receiving end of a six nail something by league leaders behind at the weekend plunging the troubled north german side closer to relegation for the first time in their proud footballing history was brought in in january to try and save hamburg season he's
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a sixteen coach in the last ten years now speak the club fired its c.e.o. and sports director. keenan looking at action on the pitch in sunday's going to see the action there were two teams the champions league dreams going head to head dortmund with the usual calm advantage faced frankfurt who've proved to be strong on the road all the makings of the bundesliga trailer and the trailer it was. over eighty thousand packed inside technology do no park for this one early in the match american wonderkid christian policy looking for his forty six thousand one hundred sure enough he couldn't convert it would have been his second goal this season and sometimes the ball lets you know you messed up minutes later the ball finds political game to cross remarkably but it's marco reus who commits an own goal giving domain name one elite after the break the free kick gave frankfurt another shot you'll be sure unmarked level to school. at the
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end of the mark meichi batu i checked in to give dallman a boost pulis sick again setting up the conversion and pat deep disappointment the third goal in five matches for veteran frankfurt responded did he do from close range meeting. in the ninety first meeting bloom's made in goal in the bundesliga. but that's when i wasn't done being the hero. stuff she's done three points for me. the leaving peach is still going to taste defeat in the bundesliga three two the final . the other sunday. in detain on the lam sic the hosts reborn on the coach to a full court could go on beaten in five outings live to get gone three matches
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without a win let's see how it all turned out. thanks to their run of good results stoke art is a house of fun these days for the coach sporting director and even their notoriously critical fans. but the good mood evaporated after kickoff once the string of fouls started. those fouls and the hectic pace skates just got an advantage as they kept like six stronger squad from getting into a rhythm. the first big chance for the visitors didn't come until added time in the first half to move and unable to be run but see that. after the restart another forty five hectic minutes right with their arguments this was anything but a published performance from either side and it ended nil nil typhoon cork it remains on the net the helman still cut and the point means much more to them than
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to leipzig who still have their sights set on the champions league. so let's take a look at all of the one to see our results so far on match day twenty six and there's that incredible door one game that we mentioned and then the drool between stuttgart and leipzig by new nick demolished hamburg as i mentioned six nell live a cause in victorious of a glam back hoffenheim beat button and five and it's coolness and defeated in london i'd bring them back to cologne and in friday night's game shaka beat mines. he watching the news coming to you live from for now but i'll be back in hostile now with more news and it around with there's lots more on our website dot com. or go.
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