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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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and we're determined to build something here for the next generation. global it's a multimedia environment series on t.w. . this is d w news live from burlington britain finally points the finger at the russian spy and his daughter poisoned in britain prime minister to resign may says it's highly likely that russia was behind it so. it is now clear that mr scrooge khan and his daughter were poisoned with a military grade nerve agent of the type developed by russia this is part of a group of agents known as no future. germany's coalition partners finally signed
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up to government after nearly six months of political uncertainty chance and i'm going to machall joins the leader of the social democrats to sign a new government into existence so what will this new coalition of old partners blame for the country. i'm phil gale welcome to the program britain's prime minister theresa may has said it is highly likely that russia was behind the nerve agent attack on a former double agent so a guy script out and his daughter yulia they've been in hospital in critical condition for more than a week after being found unconscious in the southern english city of seoul spring may make the statements in an address to parliament. it is now clear that mr scrip common to store were poisoned with a military grade nerve agent of the type developed by russia this is part of
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a group of nerve agents known as no fictional. based on the positive identification of this chemical agent by world leading experts at the defense science and technology to poetry at porton down on knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so. russia's record of conducting state sponsored assassinations and our assessment that russia views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassinations the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against and use the script. to love the member we joined the w correspondent back at mass welcoming her because we heard the prime minister laying out the circumstantial evidence is there any conclusive proof russia was behind this. you. know it's a reason may has said russia but she hasn't said what to do she said there are two
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possibilities either it could be the russian state the russian government or it could be that there are elements that are out of control within russia. the delicate agencies like this nerve agent to get into the hands of euro the actors so these are the two possibilities treason may have asked russia to explain she's given them until to morrow evening to explain what has happened and then she said on wednesday she will address the house of commons and then set out the measures basically the counter measures that she is intending to consider what sort of options are we looking out. well of course you kids expel the russian ambassador for example it's quite likely that she is trying to drum up support. and she's going to go to europe too good for the allies to go into the yuan she could also for more sanctions against russia she could also also
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share there are some things that she could do within her own country when it comes to reason for example for russian government officials or maybe freezing all facets that's something that she could see here in the u.k. but it's it's likely that she will also for more coordinated actions which of course would have russia more if she had support from from her from her allies from a part of this and how the people there in the you carry been reacting to this crisis. as well i mean to the standard i think you can fall for lots of people it's quite a how to of do you just think that this can happen on the on on the soil and on british on british soil. has been quite some to still leave some people have argued that there is much more that the british government could do that they could for
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example make london the less attractive place for the russian oligarchs who come and enjoy the luxuries of london who enjoy carrots who send their children to school here to expensive private schools and that there should be much much more cat taken by the british government to make sure that the russian money that comes into especially especially london is not doubt the money and that there should be more action basically. mass in london thank you. really sure which is in moscow with the russian reaction to theresa may statement. yeah it was somewhat of an ultimatum to russia there from two reason may and there was an almost immediate reaction from russia from the foreign ministry spokesperson monday as the hot of a rather strong reaction at that she called may's speech to parliament a circus show and she also called it part of an information campaign against russia
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she referred to may's words as fairy tales and she also interesting leak used british investigators of not getting to the bottom of of several previous mysterious murders of russian citizens on british soil as she called them and she included an exxon that he can yank on that list which is the clear precedent to this case he was also a former spy russian spy who died in two thousand and six and a british investigation found that the russian government may have approved his assassination which the kremlin has always strongly denied so it's interesting that she mentioned that they're kind of undermining all the president's undermining all the evidence there and earlier kremlin spokesman to me that you can scoff also strongly denied russian involvement in this case let's have a listen to what he said. or remember that this russian citizen works for
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one of the british intelligence agencies. and the incident took place on british territory and therefore it has nothing to do with russia let alone the russian leadership. so we should best go for i think that report from emily show at least fifty people have reported to have died after a plane after a plane crash in the polls tom do airport officials say the aircraft missed the runway and burst into flames some two one people were on board the service offering to buy us back lines. a tragic end to what should have been a routine journey the plane broke into several pieces as it hit the ground. the torches at the airport say it was out of control as it came in to land the pilot he said to have approached the runway from the wrong direction he tried to pull the plane up again but need to fence the aircraft and burst into flames. one eyewitness
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described the moment. before the plane was shaking as it was approaching the runway i was surprised why it was coming in so fast and shaking so much i was afraid it was going to hit another plane of course the pilot managed to avoid it and first dragged on the wings and she pulled over before hitting the ground to wrestle with the out back up without resorting to one alternative. rescues rushed to the site and were able to douse the fire quickly. but at least forty people are thought to have died immediately. the survivors were taken to hospital in kathmandu. many suffered severe burns everything. from relatives and friends gathering at the hospital it was a difficult wait. at least knowing people died soon after arriving at. katmandu airport is reputed to be a difficult place to land because of the mountainous terrain but it's unclear if
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this played a role in the crash visiting the scene the country's prime minister promised he would launch an investigation into why the plane came down he said the whole nation had been saddened by the deaths. here in germany the new government is preparing to side office after signing a much anticipated coalition agreement the one hundred seventy seven page document sets out the program agreed between under the map calls conservative bloc on the social democrats led by olof shots the ceremony marks the end of nearly six months of negotiations that have kept the country on edge and the three leaders made it clear they want the governments to last the full. the hierarchy in the new government is clear the leading figure is still on the america following a long run up to the new government's formation she promises things will now continue at a good clip. i think everyone feels that it's finally time to start working a new start for europe
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a new dynamic for germany new cohesion for our country this is what we have set out to accomplish for the s.p.d. social issues and development are especially important the social democrats struggled for a long time with the question of their participation in a new grand coalition. coalition in germany it did not start as a love match but. the cd it was serious use and s.p.d. although they are and will remain fundamentally different parties will still be able to work constructively together and probably. the third coalition partner the bavarian c.s.u. calls this a grand coalition for the common people. the keywords job security with the promise of full time employment
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a basic pension pension credits for stay at home parents and stabilization of pension levels was the opposition parties describe the coalition agreement in negative terms protesting the future government's programme. that what you do and there are major gaps in this coalition agreement especially when it comes to future challenges about climate protection does not feature in it. mrs merkel has once again been able to use money as a brick and to build up a coalition a coalition that refuses to set a clear course for the renewal of this country. do it because i mean if there's one central idea in this code. listen agreement that it's been money increased the powers of the state decrease free to make this could actually be the title of this coalition. on wednesday the bundestag will take the final hurdle to forming a government on the american wants to be elected chancellor for the fourth time. their choice is almost certain and then the new government will be up and running
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at least that's what the chancellor promised. well politics correspondent chris of a spring gate joins us from d.w. sa parliament the you have bundestag he had german parliament welcome christopher so the three parties have now signed now what well filled parliament convenes on wednesday morning to formally elect chancellor merkel as the next head of government she needs what's called a chanceless majority there are seven hundred nine members of parliament at the moment so she needs three hundred fifty five yes votes the coalition government that she controls has three hundred ninety nine members of parliament so it should be a formality. is this is this coalition likely to last the next four years. well the outgoing government is also the incoming government it's the same political constellation a grand coalition so many of these people have been working with each other for up
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to four years now or four and a half if you include the time we've been waiting for this new government so you know working relationships are already in place there's a certain amount of political trust in place so that is good the thing that's different this time is that. both chancellor merkel's conservatives and the center left social democrats lost a lot of support in last september's election so they're both keen to sharpen their profiles while in government they're both keen for quick victories so you have some conservatives lurching to the right some social democrats lurching to the left and in the middle you have chancellor merkel who will need to draw on all her political skills to keep this coalition together yes so with all that lurching going on as they try to brain back last voters does this look like a coldish that will bring them back talk us through some of the highlights. well you know if they deliver on the many promises that are in the coalition agreement
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yes they could win back support all of the leaders signing this coalition agreement today talked about bringing significant improvements to the lives of ordinary germans the chances are quite good that they're going to manage that quite simply because germany has quite a budget surplus at the moment so this group of policy makers has the good fortune of drawing on forty six billion euros more than the previous period in office over the next four years so things like. better child care better nursing care faster internet those are some of the promises that they've been making in this coalition agreement the chances are not bad that they're going to fulfill some of those promises ok christopher spring kate thank you. and i was reminded of our top story this hour here on t.w. britain's prime minister has said it is highly likely that russia is behind
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a former spy and his daughter in britain addressing parliament theresa may said the poisoning could imagine to ponder on both food use of force on the russian state. and such your updates will have more of not story of course the rest of the days of world news at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest on our website as well nasty w dot com have a good. one. with . those countries germany is a strong country. and we have achieved so much we can do this and do something henderson says we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for mines.


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