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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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to look cost obviously she still does a prime minister but she has to look off keeping the u.k. say so she wants to prove that she's tough so obviously they're looking at whether they can do those but also they want to get more support from around the world so perhaps they can have tougher economic sanctions diplomatic sanctions there's also talk about consulting allies in nato to sleep pending america on this one but about invoking oscar five that principle of common defense which would mean if you attack one of us you attack all of us and that's where the perhaps they could get more support for some kind of sanctions on russia i mean there's even talk of the u.k. launching a cyber attack that's been covered by one of the newspapers in london you know trying to attack kremlin computer networks i don't know whether that really is a possibility or whether that's just the excitement of journalists but i think the u.k. second is very serious and wants to prove that you can't treat the u.k.
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like this if it is proved that russia was behind it and just briefly if you can alex how much support does theresa may have at home for this strong stance that she's been taking a lot of support she had a lot of support in parliament yesterday the one slightly dissenting voice was jeremy corbyn who is the leader of the labor party he drew attention to the fact that the conservative party have had a lot of funding from russian oligarchs but that was haste and booed in parliament because it was felt that that was what you know bad timing that's not this is not the time to bring this up so i think all in all she's now being considered quite tough and she's the person who can hopefully sort this out all right alex forrest waiting for spawn that following this story for us thank you very much for your insight. ok let's go back to our breaking news the story now u.s. president donald trump as we said as sacked secretary of state rex tillerson has
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replaced him with cia director mike pompei oh the move comes after tillerson broke with the white house to say russia was probably behind that nerve agent attack in britain a trump said on twitter that the cia deputy director gina hostile will succeed pump a zero at the cia becoming the first woman to run the spy agency. and let's go back to washington our correspondent there custom phenomena in washington carson we were just talking about this a poisoning attack in the u.k. is there any indication at this point if it really is true that this was the straw that broke the camel's back what led to rex tillerson being sacked today. it is possible as i said but that is only speculation or. and educated guess if you like but the official reason that the
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white house gave was that donald trump wanted to do this change now because he wants to assemble a new foreign policy and security team at the white house to prepare for a potential summit with north korea's dictator kim jong il. we don't know yet if that means that there will be more seconds or more replacements as i mentioned earlier in the show his national security adviser age of neck mask is out there speculation that he might be out soon so this might be only first step in. you up he will in the white house press to remind us what we have seen and experienced from rex tillerson during his time as secretary of state because he has clashed with the president several times as many. he has clashed with the president reportedly he called the president more on some stage
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when after a big discussion about afghanistan and some other foreign policy and security issues basically the two men have never clicked. donald trump reportedly chose rex tillerson as secretary of state as his foreign minister because he looked the part that was a quote that was reported the two were not really friends or were not close acquaintances before trump picked to listen he was basically impressed by the resume of his foreign secretary. still is and of course a c.e.o. of one of the biggest oil companies here in america and trump wanted to bring in more business men into his cabinet so that's how it started but never really got the relationship between those two and so they had this problem and then often
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donald trump undercut so contradicted rex tillerson when he was trying to. do what his job is and that is to be the chief diplomat of the united states the most famous incident maybe when rex tillerson try it's to establish direct communication channels with the regime in pyongyang and north korea and on the trump said. don't waste your time don't waste your energy rex tillerson we have to put pressure on north korea so basically whatever rex tillerson did on the trump either ignored it or contradicted it and now karsten the next chief diplomat it looks like it's going to be mike pump a oh tell us more about him and what we could possibly expect for him in terms of foreign policy. well my pump a.o. had of the cia a is a conservative republican politician from kansas he was a member of the
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a tea party movement within the republican party so a real conservative. bits to the right of what is called wrist stablish many republicans here in washington and he has been much closer to the president also over those last fourteen months than for instance rex tillerson there seems to be a personal report there between compare you and the president and we can expect him to be much more in step with on the trunk which in the end might be a good thing for american foreign policy because with rex tillerson the people who met him could never be sure that what he told him would be what donald trump was really thinking or what donald trump wanted to do and with mike from peo there is. a higher chance that this is the case having said that once again there's no one
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spot on the trump running the show here in washington so also the mike from pale will not be able to push you an independent foreign policy or two to really develop as an independent player everything goes back to the on the trump here and this administration. is constant phenomena in washington custom will be coming back to talk to you know a little bit and let's return to our correspondent in brussels that barbara bass all of there for us about as we heard from karsten you know there could be an end to these rocky waters that we've been seeing between the secretary of state the state department and the president what if the reactions been there in brussels so far. so far officials are still considering i assume very careful wording in an official reaction to this but behind the scenes of course there is disney because of course what kirsten said is completely right you never knew exactly where you were et if rex tillerson was at your scene from the
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european standpoint because of course then don trumbo would come and throw over the apple cart however he was still regarded as somebody who would sort of at least to relay the thoughts and considerations of problems of the european union to washington and sort of into the system he was just somebody that that if he didn't click was doesn't trump it could still click with the european foreign ministers and heads of state in government and so if that position is completely gone what the e.u. sees is a hardening off the stands in washington tour and see foreign policy that would be somehow multilateral that would be somehow inclusive in somehow consider the other standpoints and views and so for brussels this means that there might be tough
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times a hard head because if the relations really hardening then the future the immediate future doesn't really look very good because we have to deal was the ongoing or just started but from trade war we have to find reactions to that we have to figure out a common stance and then there is further insecurity to the foreign policy position off washing and so he will be missed that is something that i can certainly say for brussels all right rex tillerson will be missed in brussels our correspondent there bubble of easel with an update thank you very much. and well of course i continue to bring you updates on that story as they come in to us for now though we're going to move to syria and iran one hundred civilians have managed to leave the country's besieged eastern ghouta region under a medical evacuation deal with russia syrian state media showed images of civilians
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arriving at a crossing manned by the syrian army of evacuations come even as the largest rebel group in eastern grew to vow to continue fighting earlier the u.s. warned that if needed it would act to end what it called the in human suffering in syria more than a thousand civilians have been killed in eastern guta since the government says government forces began a siege in mid february. and let's bring a date of you correspondent laura she's monitoring the latest developments from beirut in neighboring lebanon high on szell these are the first evacuations to leave eastern ghouta why has this taken so long. well first of all it is pretty significant even though according to the syrian american medical society which is the which is a group of activists working on the ground releasing with the group after the injured only thirty one people have been evacuated and have gone to damascus and are told a list of wounded and injured to be evacuated is one thousand and thirty four and the u.n. was in fact expected to what they would all be evacuated today but so far that
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hasn't happened there is a certain significance to it because it shows the what sides which is the rebels and the region backed by russia have understood that the most needy the women the children the sick need to be sent to hospital and so that's why it's taken all because what sites have been dominant which is the rebels and the regime in gaining . more ground and the other group jima has been relentlessly bombing it's always been the plan live repeating what they've done in aleppo to have to use the ak hour which is again by russian air force and then going for a ground of quote offensive from a position of strength get the rebels to crack a few of those have a part of to agree to an evacuation the rebels don't want to seize ground that they have been holding on to her to tears and all of the people who've been getting injured and people who are trapped clearly ninety three thousand according to the u.n. arwa really the ones who are suffering these are the reason that stake in the so long because the sides cannot agree on how to actually the city it's i just prefer
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if you can the u.n. saying that the time for hope and syria is over you've been talking to officials and syrians what have they been telling you. i use a pretty grim situation before the war syria's population was about twenty two million now it's half a third half of the civilians are internally displaced the other half are displaced in countries like germany in lebanon in turkey in lebanon brian reich that one and a half million syrians are one are illegal and half a million are just illegally living in absolutely where if a conditions yes hold well because there's little hope and yet you do leafy forming was struggling to survive and the story of their survival every day is essentially a story of their hope and there we are right on top of our reporting for us there from lebanon i'm sure thank you very much for that update. and we just have time for our minder of our top stories now that breaking news u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson has been sacked president trump replacing him with cia director my comp alle that move coming after tillerson broke with the white house to say russia was probably behind the nerve agent attack on a former spy in britain. and britain says russia has until the end of the day to explain why a deadly nerve agent produced only in russia was used in that assassination attempt western allies had voiced their support for the demand moscow has denied allegations that it was involved. thank you for watching the doesn't your back end up in our. history up close. and has no shortage of locations where you can revisit the city's turbulent times. about economic blood semen tensions as as an issue you know. you can see how it may seem a continue our series this week really
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