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of donald trump the president all that secretary of state i do not matter in the end i think it's it's both in the end first you have to understand again just as the trumpet ministration. we are sitting in front of a blank piece of paper we don't really know now how the united states are going to act on inform policy we don't really know what mike from pale is going to do a secretary of state and that's one of the biggest. worries the german lawmakers right now have that they don't really know what to expect from american foreign policy now especially on the issues bits are important for us in germany which is of course the iran nuclear d.n.a. deal the way the united states going to go on with north korea. of course the the way the united states want to go on with russia so there are many many question marks in the room right now and many you know very worried so rex tillerson in the job for just over a year had he had built up any sort of relationship between. the u.s.
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added germany well when rex tillerson started he was not really known as a friend of germany to be on as many get in reno to listen at all but what they have seen is and what we have already heard before is that rex tillerson was the moderate voice from the united states while the president was seen as the rather jumpy rather unpredictable rex tillerson was the one who calmed down things a little bit and he was the month where german criticisms could turn to and there they have the feeling ok we are going to get on so we can use this person now is gone and now the question marks are back again. if we look out how the reactions against the complete of the new secretary of state that's rather critical especially his view on guantanamo bay he was the one who said well one ton of bricks a house to stay open in the detention camp. many here in germany are very much
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against this detention come against this policy of putting people into jail without any legal and without any legal ground and so i think my comparable house some problems it find people to. at least you will meet quite a lot of question marks and what is also going to be quite interesting is human rights group. trying to press charges here in germany against michael pompeo when he became chief of the. city no i'm sorry i'm going to give you sir but the interesting thing is who's going to follow my complaint as the cia chief do you know housefull and dina housefull. is known for being someone who's a loser who has been using twitter at least this is something human rights groups against on these human rights groups of especially wunderman rights group here in germany has tried to press charges against the so when. this is going forward i
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think there's quite a lot of problems coming up with this new personal structure we see in the united states right now a little early there for the judge to feel smug about anything we have a new german foreign secretary who's never done that job before up against against that we are allies supposedly but with us as secretary of state who has been head of the cia who knows he sees foreign policy how the two likely to get up and much are and yet to get on and match up it's going to be very interesting especially what i just said the. policies or views on torture views on how to react on terrorism views on how important a human rights the new foreign secretary in germany. has been both outspoken on these policy issues in the past and michael pompei has also been very outspoken but completely different. i'm really interested how these two can get along with
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especially on this policy issues where we've evolved from a donor's pollen to thank you so much you know what. so let's go to moscow that and join a gym correspondent mir dragger saw rich welcome me a drag on tell us about reaction to these developments that in russia. well there is no officer reaction yet so i don't expect mr putin i missed him a video of the prime minister to say anything on mr tiller's and only the spokesperson of the russian foreign ministry mario the heart of us she joked tell us there's gong blame russia for that as well so no all fish will reaction here in moscow and had mr tillerson the been imposed long enough to develop any sort of relationship with russia what do they think of him. well to put it in a nutshell mr tillerson was
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a disappointment from the very beginning when president putin learned that the next american president is going to be mr trump and his first secretary of state is going to be mr tillerson he was quite happy about this news because to listen was someone who was in russia very old until it was considered a friend of russia the kremlin gave him a medal when he was the c.e.o. of exxon mobil he understand trump to improve the relationship with russia as we know this did not happen. ration ship right now between america and russia is this is really bad it may get even worse right now but. the reason why it's getting so bad one of the reason was really mr tiller's and he was not able to talk to. congress and say that russia is really an important country and not only a regional power that the regional power was mentioned by by
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a former president obama and that's that's still how many members of congress look on on russia so to listen was not really a strong secretary of state and the ration ship is better and to some extent the russians blame mr tillotson for that as well we couldn't don't speculate but i would guess that the relationship between russia and the united states is likely to get worse given that mr tillerson replacement mike pompei o agrees with the cia's assessment the russia did interfere in u.s. elections in twenty sixteen. yeah i agree with you i think mr when you when you ask here people who work for the family and they just say he is a cold warrior he things that russia is not apartment to solve international problems of syria in the ukraine and in other parts of the world. mr peo thinks that russia is the enemy the enemy number one and for that reason i don't think that the
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rationing ship is going to improve and i think the russians on the stand very well that president trump may still want to improve the russian ship with russia this may still be his aim his goal but on the other hand the russians understand that the mood in congress right now is. not. operative to put it in a nutshell it's not likely that the relationship between russia and. the u.s. is going to improve just because of congress the congress is still. the vast majority of congressman still don't think that. russia is a part market can be a partner and mr hu pale who was a congressman for many years here in the stands what what the mood is in congress for that reason i don't think that the relationship between russia and america is going to improve anytime soon near dragger so rich in moscow thank you.
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brussels now let's get some reaction from the european union and indeed to nato go got massive joins us welcome again starts with a you watched survey action from them at this stage. no official reaction at this point but you can be sure that this will add to the uncertainty behind the scenes to the feeling that there is there anti european fuse holder within the white house are now step attentional the strengthening with a moderating boy someone who tones down a lot of the euro skeptic rhetoric coming from donald trump is now gone after just four hundred and five days someone who was here in brussels twice who sent a message to nato and to the e.u. that both institutions remain important that the u.s. still shares the same value at a time when donald trump was throwing around strong arguments questioning article
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five which is basically the mutual defense mechanism they told everything that this institution is about but at the same also questioning the entire e.u. and if it makes sense to have that clump of twenty eight member states in the first place but what about nato reaction. well nato a. spokesperson from nato basically told us that they don't comment on domestic affairs within member states surely the rex tillerson was also someone here who sent an important message at that time when trump question article five when he said that the institution is still and remains important at the that the united states would not forget it stuti to defend any member country of nato and in case of a foreign attack that was important message the key problem here really was for the
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e.u. as well as for nato the feeling of uncertainty if he really represents what the u.s. administration things and that is why some people here have already said maybe. and that's a big maybe his successor will bring more clarity into the affair sint and will make a potentially a more coherent approach of the white house when it comes to its foreign policy regarding the u.n. nato and they would get a brief answer georg one of the big fault lines between the u.n. the u.s. was iran might pump is likely to be as hard on iran as president how will lapse like to change things briefly if you would one well as i said the clarity here will be the key issue of the look if you look at the president go she ations the key problem here is that the e.u. does not exactly know what the u.k. a once for breakfast and the same thing applies when it comes to the iran deal when
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it comes for instance to the current straits talks over steel tariffs and maybe that will help that a more coherent approach from the u.s. will help to actually facilitate things gratis in brussels thank you. so that's all my fast moving news day more of the top watching data up the. the big. the the. the the. the.
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the the. the the. the the. the. the because i'm going to sleep the books are sent for glove box makes a game as well as the crux of the nail biter for the ball the same game for this team going to spring from very classic next game it's going to dublin to
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good. place. this is from the you're fired u.s. president. the secretary of state's. just completed a tour of africa told it was apparently cut short so says suggests he has not been told why. president meanwhile has been heaping praise on the man he wants to replace cia director. for men and women. who are always going to say. the relationship is very.


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