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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2018 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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residents from leaving. and family an explosion struck the convoy of the palestinian prime minister as he made a rare visit to the gaza strip. is understood to be saif has attended as shuttle palestinian presidency has blamed to hamas for the explosion for mass has denied involvement. that's it you're up to date more of the top of the hour. we may come over as we watch as over half of the under budget fight we are civil service and. they want to keep the continent's future. reporting pretty numb stares as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent g.w.'s platform for sharia.
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law in dortmund leipzig obligatory but seems we've got all the best goals we've got all the action the job is the whole german football shared experience every match. the bundesliga every weekend here on t.w. . how much will bricks it cost and who will foot the bill german industry leaders are urging berlin to ensure their business won't bear the brunt of britain leaving the e.u. we talked to one of germany's top economists about the impact of breaks it and how to soften the blow. welcome to business today the european parliament has been debating bricks it every member country has made its own calculation by now what will it cost us a lot says germany's main industry association bt i its present it is post breaks
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that wish list urging politicians in berlin to make their voices heard in brussels and avoid a hard to brics it which would cost german businesses billions of europe's. brix it will change aspects of germany's export trade it will not only be more complicated but also cost up to nine billion euros more per year according to experts estimates the extra costs will be due to terrorists registration procedures and waiting times of boarders and german industry representatives hyper deal can still be reached between the e.u. and great britain. we're calling on both sides to reach an agreement and on british leaders to support the transition of things but us but that would give companies until twenty twenty before they have to adjust their business models with. business and that the cialis what was inside. the car industry will be hardest hit according to
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a study the industry will have to shoulder at least three billion euros in extra costs cars are among germany's most important export products. last year germany's exports to britain totaled around eighty four point four billion euros that made britain germany's fifth largest export market and german imports from britain came to around thirty seven point one billion euros. brics it will be especially hard on smaller german companies up until now many have had very little experience with trade outside the e.u. but just how complicated the post brics it trade groups will become is not yet clear that's still being negotiated. of a more on the brics impact on germany and europe as well as lessons learned from that development i'm joined by hans andersen one of germany's leading economists and also former president of the institute for economic research good to have you
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with us so this reports we just heard a little bit already about the possible impact that breaks it could have on german industry from your own research how bad to do you think that impact could be. yeah very bad until recently that this was the third biggest export market no no longer we just heard declined a little bit but it is important for jorgen industry to be able to sell in britain but this is only one aspect much more important i think is the political aspect the equilibrium in europe in the you will be distorted britain stood for an open e.u. . trying to have good trade links to the whole world no and germany under the umbrella of british protection in the sense little group or protection have been able to sell its goods to the whole world and the export champion innocence
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even that is threatened by the brics it because the political powers in europe will change and i'm a little bit afraid that europe will become more protectionist in the biggest loser of that would probably be germany which right now is export champion if you say that a great britain was sort of in favor of an open europe i mean theresa may last year in her florence speech said that britain probably never was really at home in europe and britain also got a very special deal the famous rebate so europe was seem to always be aware that britain needed something special and in this current negotiation we have a very similar scenario britain demands a special relationship the e.u. stems. do you see a way out of this loggerhead situation. i'm very disappointed by the negotiations because the use is their country cherry picking that sounds very good
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but it isn't very good what they mean is if britain has decided to leave because they don't like the free migration of people then there can be free trade in goods and services. this is a logic which i as an economist do not endorse because. immigration and trade are economic substitutes and if one is not possible you need the other if you're right if my left hand is handicapped and i cannot use it i should be free to use my right tend to substitute for something in some of the things my left hand has done it is not good for symmetry reasons to tie it to my body and that is what the cherry picking story ultimately implies it is economic nonsense to be to see it say a month i mean other non evil men who are still close to the e.u. like no way which is has access to the single market part of the customs union
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because it accepts those free freedom of movement that seems to be a very solid pillar of the european union which it is not too willing to give up should it in your mind. no it should not give it up i mean free movement is essential but unfortunately the brits have now decided to leave because of this so it is a pity the question is what follows from it doesn't follow that there can be free trade either and that part of the logic is wrong actually i have to some extent the the impression that someone in brussel one spots those ones to punish the brits even if it hurts ourselves we want to punish them in order to make sure that no one else would leave the u. but isn't that a little bit strange is the e.u. an institution where you have to punish those who want to exit well that is it a union where you voluntarily participate because everyone has an advantage just
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like with every club you join voluntarily but you appear to certain rules and britain doesn't seem to want to adhere to all the rules that the others it's here too you know but still you don't have to punish the exeter if you don't go to the to the club anymore tennis club and so on then you might well go to the restaurant and meet your friends there one would not say no you cannot touch us anymore then i guess the meal for free and you will have to pay then. is is is there an upside to break safe because right now i get the impression that if you say that the e.u. wants to punish and hurt britain because of that decision britain seems to hurt itself quite a lot it is no longer the european second largest economy it's behind france now and said place it is now seven the seventh largest economy in the world behind india right now britain seems to news left right and center so i don't think it was
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a wise decision of the brits to leave the herd themselves but the e.u. is no currently also hurting itself with this terrible stick cherrypicking story by not allowing free trade free trade. it is to the advantage of all participants because you can specialize even if there is no free migration free trade is good for everyone and that is not understood in brussels they have different thoughts they want this punishment because they are afraid that someone leaves in addition to britain and i don't think we want to union where you have to punish anyone who wants to leave if we want to union everyone voluntarily participates because it is to the mutual benefit you don't only prisons need punishment of those who want to exit who can safe the day that in your view you know what i think is a possibility this was the following scenario they are negotiating it becomes
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difficult more and more industries realize what kind of disaster will happen in march next year and you know in the very last minute there might be a window of opportunity to reopen the case let's all be rational rather than let the letting the catastrophic happen let's think about it be reasonable people and try to find possibly an agreement i could imagine that the e.u. will changes its internal migration routes along the lines which cameron once demanded he wanted a delayed integration of social migrants you migrants into the well for a state and i would adopt it i would go one step further i would say the e.u. countries among themselves need to split social benefits into earned and inherited benefits inherited benefits coming from a tome earned benefits of those related to the workplace and then the welfare magnet which we see in europe would be reduced that would help the brits to save
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their face and possibly in a second referendum vote for remaining because the zeal would then substantially have changed and it would have changed for the better because we do have an internal problem in. the you countries also so what you're calling for is the e.u. showing it's ready for reform the the british exit has reasons brussels has been violating the subsidiary to principle in many cases they adopt the adopt things the they should not do and also the migration issue and migration between well first states is is a problem it does not function a very word so the e.u. needs reforms and we should take in my opinion this window of opportunity of which history gives us to make a better e.u. along the lines which the brits suggested but with free migration and here i differ
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from the brits ok so i mean e.u. currently struggles. in various directions i mean there is brics it but right now these breaks of negotiations almost overshadowed by what is happening in the united states and the trade policy there with tariffs is the e.u. is strong enough right now to deal with that extra challenge. possibly not possibly yes the question is what should be done it seems to me that brussels is willing to fight a trade war so they say trump begins it with a trade judy. ed and we do the same and so there would be an escalation i think we should do it the other way around trump is right when he says that you are all. in poses to high tariffs on cut these import jule to
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use he has a point and we should accept him because it would be better for european concert which we have to wrap each here at this point because our shell has come to an end thank you. yemen is starving. pediatrician a shot mohan helps wherever possible. but there's only so much she can give. eight shipments are delayed. getting patients alone isn't enough to ease the. global three thousand next d.w. . what drives the economy. is the economy people. made in germany always has its finger on
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the pulse. of the markets the future. temple of. germany. g.w. . what does russia's youth hope for how is freedom of expression theory. wu for your leadership joe travels through russia before the. election he needs the poor and the rich those who support the cause about those who oppose him and investigative journalists. for our series this week on t w news. it's all happening with. your link to news from africa the world story link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to see their views after getting programming from
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the money generated from the news of easy to our website do deputed close match africa join us on facebook t.w. africa. this week on global three thousand we head to spain where a modern day robin hood is helping the rich give to the poor. in yemen we need a woman trying to help the greatest victims of the civil war the country's children . and we visit russia where trying to one cover of corruption.


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