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tv   Made in Germany - What about fairness  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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this is just the most elegant trends of twenty. year romantics in sixty minutes on d w. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special. dot com football made in germany. the book. germany is one of the richest countries in the world the export champion boasts high employment numbers that keep the economy rolling while those who might fall
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through the cracks are carried by the country's welfare system now that's the ideal image today we take a closer look at it welcome to made in germany now berlin is poor but sexy that was a popular catch phrase coined by a former bill in mayor but this tongue in cheek comment can't gloss over the fact that even in the capital of wealthy germany the gap between the haves and have nots keeps growing if you don't believe me join us on a bus ride to learn more about the impact of gentrification and the way wealth is distributed in the city. the number twenty nine bus makes forty six stops along the sixteen kilometer route it takes through berlin wending its way through neighborhoods that range from ethnically mixed and hip to poor to affluent. people stop number one narcan here this is where all the young people want to live myself included but rents are going up here and higher earners are pricing out the original population of listed but it's not fair as a student or
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a vocational trainee you don't have a chance of finding an affordable apartment i'll give it. to be honest i feel that the older generation is discriminated against and i'm not at all optimistic that my situation will change. that makes me feel slightly guilty on my income which is only average i probably could afford an apartment here does that make me tired of the problem. people like me are changing this neighborhood. these days about a fifth of the local population lives from welfare benefit immigrants make up forty five percent of the population. but the neighborhood is becoming more wealthy and less diverse. so even when margaret lee when. to do people can change the character of a neighborhood but the notorious top one percent can afford anything and their wealth just keeps growing twenty seventeen was
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a record year for the super rich according to forbes magazine the world's billionaires accumulated a total net worth of seven point six seven trillion u.s. dollars almost double germany's annual g.d.p. of the richest man on earth right now is amazon found jeff bezos his wealth increased by six billion u.s. dollars in just the first few days of this year how do the rich do it we ask some people who should know that they work hard they don't wait for others to give them something on the bus and they get busy themselves that's why the rich keep getting richer. if you believe the statistic shown on this so-called wealth clock private wealth is increasing by one billion euros a day net in germany alone that sounds a bit abstract even more abstract than this time piece the purpose of which is less
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to tell the time than to let the wearer flash their wealth. but is it really true that the rich are getting richer it's not something rich people like to talk about but someone who manages their wealth ought to know i find an asset manager in the heart of berlin. i figure the job of an asset manager is to increase their clients' wells noir house soon puts me straight on that his main task is to preserve his client's wealth ok but all of the rich getting richer. this this is yes in so far as wealthy people have access to better asset management solutions and services and get more professional advice than most of us and. that lays the foundation for building up wealth on the assets side of the balance sheet doing side to take you so hard for means of points of. building up wealth so that's what you call it when the rich get richer but the suitcase full of money is outdated one
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of these days looks different trying to visiting any major car show luxury cars are getting faster more look serious and ever more expensive and yet their sales are increasing worldwide you could buy one or two million euro which great news for car dealers as conspicuous spending has been frowned upon but it's very resilient new markets riping up and people seem to have the appetites keep going to get more expensive calls. so on the positive side there are at least seem to be more and more rich people getting richer how do researchers explain this huge increase in the personal wealth of an ever growing elite wellness in let's say there's been a series of political decisions over recent decades regarding taxation and huge benefits for the wealthy. i think that's the main factor and we're not just talking about individual income tax but also a corporation tax that puts far less of
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a burden on companies in my eyes and in most industrialized countries that's led to a significant increase of income and wealth at the very top going to his genius to . the makers of luxury goods have to come up with ever wacky your idea is to get their hands on customers dollars. but what goes on in the heads of the super rich don't they eventually lose their appetite for status symbols and at what stage can they even be classed as rich i just went on. when you're rich when you can finance your lifestyle and expenditure through income from your assets even after taxes fees and inflationary adjustments for the income then you're genuinely rich and not in france owns all splurge on this one because. so how much do you really need to finance your lifestyle ten thousand a month perhaps or maybe a million. well i get by with
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a little bit less some people who build up wealth and they do everything to make sure it keeps getting bigger others inherit wealth and feel responsible for their fellow human beings like isa bosch the grand daughter of the industrialist bush we caught up with her in hamburg to find out more about her need to give and share. which hamburg is home to lots of rich people not today some forty thousand residents have assets of more than one million euro news. while most of them are reticent about their money i meet a woman willing to talk about it is a bush grandchild of the founder of engineering giant bush was born into wealth what does have fourteen mean to her. not to the well to second nature to me but it's only one aspect of who i am is good because when money does become an issue you have to find ways of dealing with it it's all you can be challenging and painful in terms of the effect it has on relationships restocked science be it
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didn't invent c i'm not talking about it doesn't make it easier in fact it makes it more complicated and feel comforted. bush decided to not just talk about it but also to put her inheritance to good use through charitable donations. to date she's donated tens of millions of euros. the staff and have foundations inspect projects and initiatives worldwide. but they cannot. because why has to wealth often so gone why is so few rich people willing to talk openly about their money to mention the hoped often over bush question but if it's signed it seems quite typical in german speaking countries to keep a low profile about it for some there's the fear of being taken advantage of or the
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fear that it could disrupt your life in that is the same day's envy a factor or night oh yeah envy night that's the typical conversation stopper they're just envious but that's such an oversimplification there's usually a reason for that and be sure it's great to get the red carpet treatment. option than mud in or that another person might not even be able to afford an apartment no matter how hard he tries or she tries women especially. or to fall out if all. he come on i don't with all the poverty in hardship in the world how do you decide where to give your money. this is for a few didn't invent a lifelong question for many people i'm happy that in my life i've been able to define a specific area to specialize in. boy sports illustrated my focus is the rights of
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women and girls as well as minorities persecuted for their sexual orientation sex and that is the lesbian gay bisexual transom inter-community. intervention fierceness wouldn't it be better to give money to the state acts that way the decisions can be made and funds can be distributed through a democratic process instead of by one person. in the puzzle i agree with you completely what we're dealing with here is a series of negative development individuals are becoming richer and richer. yeah i thought it was then why don't you give your money to the state and instead i do give to the state i do both i don't waste time trying to avoid paying taxes she could set to receive the german donors award have you planned to use it. to finish writing a book in english and german i've been planning to write it for a long time it's called donating with confidence that i won as an infallible it's
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a kind of call for other wealthy people to follow your lead stick that's part of it . consider the possibility germany is home to more than a million millionaires if they all donated even a small portion of their assets it would amount to a sizable sum and that could help make the world a better place. when it's time to catch the number twenty nine bus again that takes us through various districts of berlin from working class to neighborhoods the bus route confronts you with the city's very social fabric and sometimes this can be quite intimidating. the number twenty nine bus is heading north west. it's been here i've got often quite speck near cup with the tour to be honest it's not my favorite area especially off the dogs i feel a bit nervous. in fact the tour used to be an even rougher neighborhood but it's
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still one of berlin's crime hotspots many people who live here are socially disadvantaged. as the neighborhood has one of the biggest immigrant communities in the city and one third of the population lives from benefits people like under the asshole. dozens i want to make of the gap between rich and poor good us got social there's always been a gap between rich and poor. it depends how people got rich right. but there isn't so much of a middle class anymore. the literal gap has grown there's a lot of hatred and anger there. could cause a toy is one extreme now the number twenty nine is off to another extreme. but before we get to there we take a detour from melting pot to quads back with its gap between rich and poor to the global picture the most widely used measure of
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a country's wealth inequality is the gini index it's a number that varies between zero representing income inequality and one hundred percent indicating total inequality well the most recent figures show ukraine slovenia and norway to be the most equal nations in terms of income distribution and they are among the countries that are white on this map while haiti namibia and south africa and dark red are the most equal the gini index doesn't tell you though all that much about a country's economy bangladesh has actually brought its gini index close to that of germany by reducing its most extreme poverty still it remains a low wage country with many social problems but things are changing in the capital dhaka german entrepreneur fritos deaths and discovered a start up which could signal a turning point for the working environment in bangladesh. the
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idea behind start up sheba x.y.z. isn't new but it's the first time it's being put into practice here in bangladesh she waits was it is this obvious marketplace why people people can buy services for the daily needs. we kind of now want them for services so what it was a business you need to just go to our side and such and he needed getting. this service platform hooks up plumbers carpenters or beauticians in dhaka with customers but that's not all. so we teased him and then the basic thing in the shape of the videos then basically give you what they need to maintain when this are mainly they responding to us that got someone you know to be with you know professionally and we show them how to use just how we see using that as
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a basic thing the form of a good girl who you could really bring in basic education should be able to prove that it's right that we are helping didn't build their business so we wanted them to be successful on the bed not. according to our imtiaz halim trades people's work in bangladesh hasn't changed in decades. most people are self employed and just managed to make ends meet. up so now they've had little opportunity to improve the situation. would be these that is simple that it again under the skin and. seek professional you don't intend the whole game. he takes us to a small car workshop to show what these changes might look like. that's immediate. so he'll own these got us i know him for a. two years plus when he said the business i found him to fixing one cut
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a day maximum. and by himself and now he has a decisis. so he runs a small business. bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world and it has a rapidly growing population. for many people here it's a daily struggle for survival. but . i cannot let that i am not going to be ok. but i mean that. the difficult conditions mean
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everyone has to pitch in. even the children. in bangladesh there are some three point five million child laborers. copied has been working in the shoe factory since he was ten years old. would you i stayed back there. home got my family faces huge paunch it i work to ease the pressure on them when i get my salary here i send money to my mother in her village i'm going to. school for many children isn't an option but hubby because one of the lucky ones. to his lessons have been organized by a child protection agency. to have an uphill fight to help the children. last i got out of the thirty two. strongly if you. want from my
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factory but we've got many bad ends and the fact you do want to have. more leave. your children can get an opportunity to do just one after second go to the top so they actually did this. and that this is how do you want. the bangladesh government seems to be focused on investment to encourage change and give a much needed boost to a lagging economy for example investment and start ups as a country we have started later but we want to actually develop the whole system of the business and for brain or the company like share bob this kind of new thinking you see that type of thinking or like air b.n. b. day before thinking it is already accepted by the whole word now we need local homegrown solutions just to introduce the team with
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a high level. halim gave up a well paid job to start the company he says it'll take a few years yet before sheba x y z turns a profit everything we have. still he has no doubts about his decision. he says his work on the platform is already bearing fruit. so we need more on the printers to create jobs for others yes that's right so our our target is to create didn't hold them under grass by next week in once this object to grow so didn't cause an entrepreneur we would create jobs from one hundred to one you know how did the resources for that's that's the big stuff so that's the biggest. the on line platform is set to expand into a number of other asian countries after all it's not just in bangladesh that
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workers need new opportunities. it's david versus goliath a peruvian farmer takes on german utility giant r.w. evil causing global warming that he says threatens his livelihood a german court will hear the case it could set a president with wide ranging consequences for industry and the climate. so luciano you you're from peru is witnessing the effects of climate change fast time and the glaciers in the andes are retreating ice in the mountains is melting rapidly and water levels are rising in the glacial lakes. steffen is spokesman for german energy company r w eight it generates electricity and coal fired power plants and is one of europe's top carbon emitters what are these two men have to do with one another carbon emissions from german coal fired power stations are contributing to global climate change the effects of felt in peru more than ten
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thousand kilometers away. by farmers like you yet. he and his family fear their home will be flooded by melted ice from the swollen glacial lakes . they've invested in flood defenses but feel it some fat that they have to cover the costs themselves. you you get a. bonus we are aware of climate justice. and men do the. these companies are polluting the world. but is there no it's not fair that we should be the ones to bear the brunt of that. most i'm going to remember who's the most. but under the school's agreement. he has the support of environmentalists from the german foundation for sustainability they've also given him financial help. the german court recently agreed to hear the peruvian pharmacy
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case against me. he's demanding damages. is what w. e spokesman has to say. as carney sign. an individual body cannot be made liable for such a complex phenomena feeling feeling one to which hundreds or thousands millions of factors have been contributing for many many years of these of eyes of a disney you are contributing to the situation on the other side of the world in four rule that you young is referring to by. the. hand we thought the clock. the german court will hear arguments. on says that if the energy giant house to pay damages it will have consequences. not just for the company but the private individuals as
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well. and or murder. alternately were the plaintiffs to win it would mean anyone could make a case against anyone i miss you want if it was. everyone can be held responsible for carbon emissions. frequent flyers tourists. other industrial companies other energy providers freight companies. you had often been one of them could be liable for carbon emissions. for their contribution to climate change however minor under. coming german court rule on international climate policy the case could set an important precedent according to environmental activists who say climate agreements have little actual effect on the ground this bit of. this is not just
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a local problem. it's an issue with global relevance. if we don't make our protest heard we will die. so lucianne know you yet has managed to make his protests all over the world. well back here in berlin it's time to finish our bus trip through the city's neighborhoods and now we've reached a wealthy part of town let's find out what people there have to say about social justice. now we're heading west berlin is becoming noticeably more affluent the last station is was nic. this is a part of berlin i don't really know very well. you know here we are finally inch off the number twenty nine bus route is
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a pretty long one or this neighborhood looks much wealthier than the other ones i stopped and. people here have twice as much money on average as you know karen and they are among the lowest number of people living from welfare benefits in berlin. only about twenty five percent have an immigrant background presidents tend to be older and more well to do. that money to. even want to make the world farah he would need to ever be fairer though always the inequality is there will always be someone who is nicer curtains than someone else and the always the people at the bottom of the ladder and others at the top members and some people might share what they have to give about europe is that where you do we are yes it is i have an inheritance from my husband and i've used it for good causes as well. the number twenty nine verse is off again on a journey through berlin and across social classes. and that's all for
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made in germany this week for me and the team in berlin thanks for coming along. the by. the by. the by. the by. the by. the by. the by. the
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