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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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give journalists. our series this week on t.w. new. line from britain expelled twenty three russian diplomats in the fall are probably poisoning or form a double agent on british soil the prime minister to raise the money gives them a week to leave and the largest such expulsion for thirteen also on the program a new german government takes office at last nearly six months after the election and america is elected and sworn in. a slim majority could be an indication of trouble at. across the united states school students walk out of class calling
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for tougher gun laws than remembering the seventeen people killed at a florida high school four weeks ago. i'm sure the program britain's imposing fresh sanctions on russia after it failed to meet a deadline to explain a poison attack against a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. moscow has pledged to retaliate prime minister trace my outline the u. case response in parliament including the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats the withdrawal of an invitation to russia's foreign minister and a limit on bilateral contacts with moscow the case is settled for discussion later the united nations security council here is to resubmit speaking in parliament. there is no alternative conclusion other than that the russian state was culpable
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for the attempted murder of mr script powell and his daughter and for threatening the lives of other british citizens in salzburg including detective sergeant nick they. this represents an arm all full use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. under the vienna convention the united kingdom will now expel twenty three russian diplomats who have been identified as undeclared intelligence offices they have just one week to leave this will be the single biggest expulsion for over thirty years and it reflects the fact that this is not the first time that the russian state has acted against our country. through these explosions we will fundamentally degrade russian intelligence capability in the u.k. for years to come and if they seek to rebuild it we will prevent them from doing so . let's get more on this from emily sure we're in moscow and charlotte to charleston poll here with me in the studio welcome to both let's start with you
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charlotte so twenty three different kicked out mrs may says that's a lot who are these people it is indeed a lot of what we know so far is that they are declared intelligence officers were senshi they're being accused of some sort of espionage in the u.k. when it comes to names there we've not had the identities and made public so far but as we just heard they do have a week to leave now the fact that it's twenty three is extremely significant and i'm sure you remember back in two now twenty three huge increase there was a lot of criticism of the u.k. government off to its very nice belling for the argument was that they that the u.k. hadn't gone far enough it appears now that london has has he did those calls for a third time for action has done something about it is not only sends a very strong message to russia it also sends a strong message to people back in the u.k. many of whom are as i'm sure some very concerned by what's taken place only show in moscow so theresa gray says this is the biggest expulsion since she can remember
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how is russia responding. well there's just been a statement on the foreign ministries website and they say that this response from a is an unprecedented provocation and they also say that the u.k. has clearly opted for further escalation and confrontation with russia and they also have warned that russia will not be waiting very long to announce its own measures so they'll be announcing those new those measures in response soon so far the russian stance has been very much defined and earlier the spokesperson of the foreign ministry wrote on her own personal facebook page that may may have retracted the foreign minister russian foreign minister lavrov invitation to to come to the u.k. but actually love ruf himself had never even accepted that invitation and often in previous cases what we've seen in reaction to the expulsion of russian diplomats
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has been a sort of tit for tat reaction we don't know yet what that response will be but the speaker of the federation council but in seeing the much yank said earlier today that the reaction should be fast harsh and should mirror what the u.k. has done so it looks like it's likely that there will be a tit for tat reaction to this expulsion of the diplomats and of course this against the background that russia denies any involvement and believes that the britain is not you it's just being russophobe it. right exactly that russia has denied their involvement in this whole case and they also have said that they are willing to cooperate in any investigation but as the more foreign minister repeated today britain has not provided access to the samples of this nerve agent or to any of the facts and it also hasn't been following the protocol of the international chemical weapons convention also went further he
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again called this a russophobe campaign and that's very much how things here this whole case is being seen here in russia as part of an anti western campaign and this this kind of follows this reaction kind of follows the usual strategy that russia takes with these cases with these accusations of the past a kind of three pronged approach they deny these accusations they question the investigation and the facts of the investigation and they also always say usually say that it's part of a rough if over campaign and i think that what we're seeing here show that shows until britain expose twenty three diplomats and they say we're withdrawing. our invitation to. a lover all for the queen's not during that eva but. let's talk about money lots of russians use london as a place to leave them money is the u.k. target saying that yeah a lot of russian individuals have invested in undertaking property in london know
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in the measures outlined by treason made today she's not named any businesses or individuals as we've been hearing a lot of the measures talk at the russian state for example never once mentioned she's suspended all high level contacts with russia and she's new rules against all forms of hostile activity as you alluded to as well it's been announced that the world family and no u.k. ministers are going to go to the world cup in russia in the summer either now the only thing that she has mentioned when it comes to individuals is that she's proposing new sanctions against those found guilty of human rights abuses those you know thing that we know safer. also essentially what she's saying is any russian individuals guilty of any crimes or corruption will be targeted but she wanted to make clear in his statements that that those who behave behaving lawfully who are abiding by u.k. law values living in the u.k. shouldn't be victims of this and off to her statement she warned anybody in the
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u.k. against any form of harassment against russian nationals that's especially she said in the build up city to the football world cup charlotte to chelsea thank you emily sherman in moscow thank you. here in germany chance for america has started work as head of a new coalition government she took the oath of office in the german parliament the bundestag but lawmakers voted only narrowly to reach elected to a fourth term. the german chancellor has been trying to form a government for nearly six months now the tough negotiations are over anglo american took an oath on the german constitution ishmael them i swear that i will dedicate my efforts to the welfare of the german people promote their benefit protect them from harm and do justice to will so help me god so volumnia what. her election as chancellor was closer than expected matters conservative and social
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democrat supporters actually had a solid majority but her margin of victory was only nine votes including her own thirty five members of her coalition fav to support her that's hardly a dream start. or dr i'm going to america dr angela merkel has been elected chancellor i ask you do you accept the result you have because if yes mr president i do thank you with that america was officially elected to a fourth term miss chancellor and it's her third grand coalition with the social democrats it took a while from actually to win the s.p.d. over but in the end the junior coalition partners offered their congregations. the chancellor remains the chancellor and that's cause for happiness and i think this is good news for the citizens of our country and good news for europe. who do not wish for all. it's the first time actually to spend your humans our attended
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his wife's election and max's next cabinet is also new in many respects her new government is noticeably younger and includes more women than previous ones its main priorities. this get in the in the we need to ensure domestic security and the welfare of society we need to figure out how to positively tackle the challenges of global competition. after the bundestag vote actually was sworn in by german president. i was then came here fifteen ministers. of a dr praise for the new government if you come and welcome to the government it's about time. the president called for more than just repeat from actually enter new ministers. for towing a mere version of the old will not be enough to win back lost trust in. these of this government must prove it is new and different than. the n tired government has
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now been sworn in among them the new finance minister all of charlotte's the new interior minister the whole four and the new justice minister cutting up badly one hundred seventy one days after germany's national election last september the country finally has a new government and. is again charts. so let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world philippines president to run rico deter announce that he plans to withdraw his country from the international criminal court as follows its decision last month to investigate his drugs war which has seen thousands of suspects killed by police president to turkey accuses the courts of being used as a political tool against his country. turkey's president says his military is within hours of capturing the kurdish enclave of free in syria ankara has launched a campaign to drive out kurdish fighters that it considers terrorists up to three
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hundred fifty thousand civilians are believed to be trapped there and hundreds of thousands more in the surrounding region. in the united states democrat connor lum hole surveys a fairly late in a closely watched congressional election in pennsylvania with the result still too close to call has made a surprise a strong showing in a republican stronghold over republican candidate rick. the votes you see was a litmus test for donald trump's republican party ahead of midterm elections in november. the high school students across the united states have walked out of their schools to protest against gun violence and to call for stricter gun laws in the capital washington students marched to the white house and staged a seventeen minute silent protest one minute for every victim of the mass shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school last month students of five years have dedicated themselves to fighting for stronger gun control laws and have been joined
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by others around the country. w.'s washington bureau chief nominee is that alexander. yes we are here on capitol hill were approaches truly still on the way and this is of course i am short on the walkouts today because students wants to press their lawyer makers to tighten gun control and i'm joined by a student from maryland and good men hi thank you for being with us why is this important for you to be here today. i think first and foremost it's important for me to be here because i can there are a lot of people that either because there's too much on the line with their school on their shoulders and support them they can't or because they're too far away but you know people across the country are speaking out today and i think it's really important for me to use my for village as someone who you know has only in danger
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as much as every student is in danger and not targeted more because of. my research socioeconomic status. to be able to use my of my relative safety and my voice to make this happen i also think it's really important that we're here. today even though we've got out like in addition to being out here two weeks ago and again next saturday because i think that. the consistency in student effort especially in the wake of park owens is something that we've needed for a long time on this issue and we haven't seen in the wake of other issues are you hopeful that the politicians are going to listen to you because it's not the first time that there is a movement for stricter gun control laws i am hopeful. like i was saying i think the consistency. is really crucial and i think is building momentum that has been able to be felt for a long time because of the fatigue the exposure fatigue and the desensitisation that people feel towards issues of gun violence because it happened so often. but i
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think right now in the wake of parkland like like we're out here continuing and like bringing this kid sister that is showing up every few weeks not letting it go both for parkland and for like every other. like shooting of innocent people in this country thank you and i thank you very much for being with us and as you have heard that the students here are determined to keep up the pressure on their lawmakers to type gun control in the u.s. i was not to fall normally in washington thank you. this is d.w. news live from berlin still to come world renowned physicist stephen hawking has died of the age of seventy six will be remembered as much for his synthesised voice as for his groundbreaking work on black holes and relativity bring you appreciation from one of his colleagues at cambridge university. business news now with monica jones on the news donald tusk has
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a powerful message for the white house you can save us again assailed the european council president has criticized u.s. president plans to slap import tariffs on steel and many a and he quipped that the president should make trade not war now that at a meeting in helsinki with the finnish prime minister a u.-haul simply told reporters that the two sides should be aiming for greater cooperation trump has justified to the terrorists on national security grounds but the e.u. believes they are an economic safeguard measure in disguise task asked trump to deliver on his promise to accent real friends from the terrorists. and with that over to our man at the frankfurt stock exchange the caller is germany a real friend. well obviously mr trump doesn't talk like he things germany's
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a friend he doesn't proceed like you would if you had something to negotiate with a friend but i can tell you monica from the german point of view and i would say also from the european union's point of view it's too early to call it quits when it comes to the friendship with the united states. the europeans want to sit down and talk about trade with the u.s. they've been doing so for many decades in the context of the world trade organization with you know the transatlantic investment and trade partnership and also in the context of the g. twenty a by the way next week the next meeting of the finance ministers and the governors of the central bank of the g. twenty is scheduled in argentina great opportunity to sit down and talk and negotiate but meanwhile trading must go on then to day wasn't in the best of days anything to lighten up the mood there. well yes if we didn't have this you know
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trade war talk people on the markets would have many reasons to be upbeat many companies are reporting strong earnings for example today added us here in germany and we haven't seen as many i.p.o.'s in a long time or announcements of i.p.o.'s at the end of this week siemens will i.p.o. or float sell parts of its health the news business that's the medical technology branch of siemens a big deal something that would under normal circumstances make traders happy and party but at the moment the boot is not really a party mood here. in france thank you so much for this. now when your fridge is smarter than you because it realizes you're running out of milk and sense a shopping list to your smartphone well that's what we call artificial intelligence or ai for short it's quickly conquering every aspect of our lives from
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a smart factories to smart home smart phones and cars and with the rapid growth of digitalisation artificial intelligence could soon also play a big role in medicine. surgery is precise work down to the millimeter. an operation on this vital organ costs thousands of heroes and often takes several hours. providing each patient with customized treatment is the dream of teachers kuno from the heart center in berlin he and his team are gathering large amounts of data that artificial intelligence will be able to use to work out treatment suggestions for future patients. who cannot. it's kind of similar to weather forecasts from lots of information flows into the computer which generates a prediction and a weather simulation for the next few days we use simulations like that to treat individual patients. we don't have the capacity in the clinic to run
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a simulation on the computer for each case and this way the work is broken down for you doesn't let's you want was first not often so last and. one of the heart centers partners is software company thousand shapes. the i.t. experts specialize in the research of artificial intelligence in medicine so they know the potential. individual use you want personalized treatment will be available in the future and it's already possible and they're able to fill a luxury product with artificial intelligence will help to turn this luxury product into an every day product. i thought spoke to some of. germany's digital association but com says the process is not coming fast enough. it's calling on the government to put more funding into research on artificial intelligence. they don't believe it will lead to job losses. you can often also
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consistency begins we think artificial intelligence will actually create jobs overall this shouldn't be seen as a replacement for human beings but rather as an assistant for example to help us create better more advanced treatment options and. to enable their research and development of ai com is asking the government to provide at least four billion euros over the next four years. francis is threatening to take legal action against technology giants google and apple for abuses business practices that could result in fines of several million euros the french finance minister quinola macit on wednesday france accuses the internet giant of imposing terrorists on developers who hope to sell their apps to them the also would be an effort to protect startups and developers from modifying contracts without the consent of the
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other party. and without it's over to phil and the world to bids farewell to a genius indeed it does like monica yes the scientific community in mourning after the loss of one of its brightest stars whirled around british physicist stephen hawking has died his family says he passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of wednesday will be remembered for his groundbreaking work on black holes in general relativity he also defied expectations living for more than seventy years with motor neuron disease he was seventy six years old. professor nigel peak years ahead of cambridge university's department of applied mathematics and theoretical physics where stephen hawkins worked a welcome to the w. what made him so special. well of course he was the amazing scientists one of the the greatest business this of the last decades and decades and he's worked all
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probably talked about as long as people are still doing physics but bush more not of course he was an inspiration to millions of people who had nothing to do with physics because of the way he. overcame these this terrible disability. so he was also a great one for popularizing science which so many of us don't understand that a particular area of science black holes and relativity but many scientists don't understand how did he make that connection to the public or i think well he was very very committed to sue communicating i think he felt that was the juicy of any scientist was really to explain to the public why science was important and of course he did it brilliantly well with these book which was a huge bestseller but he also appeared in lots of lots of media and in popular culture he was on star trek of course he was on the simpsons. and he not something
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he really enjoyed as well i think was a colleague and a friend what sort of man was he. well he was a wonderful person to interact with naturally i met him once when i was a students and i was hugely in awe of him but in recent years i got to know much better and you always had a twinkle in his eye he had a great sense of humor and he was always make concerned i think the people around him the students the junior colleagues all the staff who looked after him of course he was very concerned about their wealth and and i really shone through he was he was very warm i think. and this is a man who was well as you say being a brilliant scientist or a brain the size of a planet also crossed and so the popular culture you would talk about the same sense of even a film about his life now you mentioned earlier that part of that connection might
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have been the fact that he had motor neuron disease so he achieved it all despite a vat. did it didn't did it ever sort of slow him down as it were did it did did you ever get down about that i never was aware of that i think he was somebody without an ounce of salt pitzi actually and see he was determined to live and there's no ordinary life that's possible i've heard lots of anecdotes today about people seeing him in mass trance in the street in the cinema are doing absolutely ordinary everyday things so you obviously was difficult for him to communicate and he's due to is conditioned it deteriorates in recent years first it never stops in doing anything and that's just a very inspirational thing about stephen's life i think. to get to talk to you thank you for joining us professor nigel cambridge university.
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sport now and then the champions league last sixteen fixture chelsea travel to barcelona previous clashes between the two european heavyweights patrick punched and with the aggregate score poised at a one all today's match looks set to be another thriller chelsea will be hoping to recapture the spirit that took them to the title just a few years ago. when former chelsea striker didier drogba announced his retirement from football on monday fans of the blues were minded of a better time in two thousand and twelve the london club won the champions league trophy now chelsea are stuck in fifth place in the english premier league and face an uphill battle against barcelona it will take more than a defensive masterclass from antonio conti to see them through. the mass that the game we've great concentration to stay with. on the beach in every moment of the game and to knowledge that. there are moments that we have to suffer because of
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as not only for charity but for every team and it play against barcelona you must be prepared to to suffer a one all draw in the first leg gives messi and co the advantage because of the away goals tiebreaker the catalan club would even progress if the score stays nil mail but it's unlikely barcelona will take that gamble. top stories this hour britain's prime minister teresa mayes towards fell twenty three russian diplomats in the rubble of the poisoned ex-parte got just a week or two later the biggest expose from the front. for thirteen years. up to that age more of the talk of the public. are going to play.
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solutions to inspire people to take action global ideas on t.w. . good. germany is one of the richest countries in the world the export champion boasts high employment numbers that keep the economy rolling.


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