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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2018 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin russia retaliates foreign minister sergei lavrov says moscow is expelling british diplomats a tit for tat response to london's decision to kick twenty three russian embassy staff out of the country this comes as western allies rally around britain then responding to a poison attack on a former russian double agent. in rio de janeiro time tens of thousands of people take to the streets to protest the killing of a popular local politician the outspoken critic of police violence was gunned down
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by unknown assailants. and russians prepare to cast their ballots in a presidential election on sunday it's a day that also marks four years since the annexation of crimea we had to the peninsula to find out how people there are feeling out of the vote. i'm sumi so what's going to thank you for joining us russia's foreign minister says moscow will expel a u.k. diplomats after western allies accused it of attempting to murder a former russian spy in britain and a joint declaration the u.s. france and germany backed britain directly blaming moscow for last week's attack using a nerve agent. british prime minister to reason may is one of the few visitors to salzburg these days traders in the cathedral town say tourists and shoppers are staying away in the wake of the poisoning of former russian double agent sergei
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script and his daughter yulia may visit at the restaurant where the chemical attack took place and put the blame squarely on moscow. it is right that the u.k. government reacts in a robust way to what has happened here in seoul break that is exactly what we've done either now so that we will explain it be expecting twenty three russian diplomats who intelligence officers will have an impact on the intelligence network the we all the measures will be taking britain's allies are showing their support france germany and the united states have signed a statement repudiating russia and president all trump says he thinks moscow probably carried out the attack. nature's top military commander sees this as part of a wider passon of russian misbehavior at sea on land and in the year russia's increasingly modernized military is operating at levels not seen since the cold war at the same time russia is using indirect activities to advance its strategic objectives
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throughout europe along its periphery in the middle east and beyond russia has demonstrated a willingness and capability to use political provocation spread different decision from asian and undermine democratic institutions but russia is firing back accusing britain of dishonesty foreign minister sergei lavrov says it would be absurd to launch an attack against another state ahead of a presidential election and a fee for world cup. i can't tell you the motives of our british colleagues but i don't think there are honest because the if they were britain would answer the questions we've been asking and would follow the procedures of the chemical weapons convention in. britain says it is ready to share the evidence it has collected foreign minister boris johnson says they will make the results of the tests and souls very available to a team of international observers to dispel any doubts. and be can talk to anthony
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gleason is the director of the center for security and intelligence studies at the university of buckingham in the u.k. anthony thank you for joining us on our program now we're seeing essentially tit for tat measures here britain says it is the offended party it's head out of russia now moscow was striking back with its decision what could be the next escalation here. well i think that next question is whether there is going to be an escalation you could argue that britain has responded quickly and robustly strongly supported by germany by france and by the united states perhaps the united states support was initially a bit anemic nothing really much from president donald j. trump but it has got stronger and it could be in putin's interest to kind of leave things that yes there will be tit for tat expulsions british officials will be sent
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from moscow no question about that however it is possible that putin might want to run things up a bit him we've read with some concern in the papers here in the united kingdom this morning but the department of homeland security in washington has warned that the russians are in a position to interfere with some of our critical national infrastructure via the internet so there is that possibility. it could sue putin just he's made his point and we've made our point and then let him get on with his election so actually let's talk about the case at the center of this controversy everyone is talking about russia's possible involvement but what about british security services are they also to blame for not adequately protecting circus. well i don't think you should ever confuse the victim of a crime with the perpetrator of a crime and a prime minister has made it very clear that one way or another she holds the
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russian state responsible and culpable for the use of a nerve agent which the russian government held under lock and key who precisely did so now that matter however it is true that our security service m i five has the duty to protect people in the united kingdom from this kind of state and unfortunately self evidently they failed to do so quickly our secret intelligence service m i six the sort of james bombs just ought to have given our government warning that it wasn't intentional on the part of the russians to launch an attack of this kind in the united kingdom they didn't do that either and then finally had a question for m i five what was a russian former russian military intelligence officer doing in seoul's pre a military house in the united kingdom in the center of a chemical weapons research institute so if you look at this from the russian
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perspective russia says it had nothing to do with carrying out this attack and there's also been some speculation that the kremlin wouldn't do such a thing so close to its own elections and also the upcoming soccer world cup is that attack like this are these tactics that can be definitely tied to the russian state. can definitely be time directly or indirectly to the russian state bearing in mind the nature of the nerve agent use which has been identified and i don't believe that we would get be getting such strong support from the french president the german chancellor in the american president had they not see the secret intelligence assessment that led mrs major hold the russians responsible putin wants to win an election we all know he's going to win it in any case he wants to also portray the west as his enemy and nato as
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an enemy you know way he's got that already so he may he may leave us alone when he does have on the other side all of the western allies u.s. germany france and britain lining up against him signing a declaration blaming moscow for this attack how difficult do you think it was for britain's allies to get involved in this conflict and support the statement that implicates russia i think the threat we have seen being carried out in the united kingdom and it's not just a russian daughter and a brave british police officer it's five hundred people who may have been a damage through having come into contact with a highly toxic nerve agent so all these things added together me that what happened in schools for a the sunday before last could happen anywhere in the western world we have to stick together we are sticking together that is the thing that putin most fear is the thing he is most very is the cohesion of nato right and i think least the
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director of the center for security and intelligence studies at the university of backing him thank you so much for sharing your insights with us today. now to some other stories making news around the world north korea's foreign minister really young ho is in sweden the visit is prompting speculation that he may be laying the groundwork for a summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's kim jong un sweden has been mentioned as a possible venue for the meeting between the two leaders rescue crews in miami florida have been working through the night to clear wreckage from cars crushed when a new pedestrian bridge collapsed at least four people were killed the nine hundred fifty ton bridge was erected on saturday and scheduled to open next year street clashes have erupted in madrid of the death of an ally in vendor witnesses say the thirty five year old was trying to escape a police crackdown on illegal street sales when he died hundreds of protesters
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blocked streets in the spanish capital the murder of a brazilian city councilwoman has sparked huge protests in rio de janeiro and beyond tens of thousands have taken to the streets or protest the killing of mario franco an outspoken critic of police violence who was gunned down by unknown assailants angry protesters marched to the city state assembly demanding an end to the violence that is plaguing brazil. that anger mixed with grief for the loss of a rising political star. mariella franco spent a short political career campaigning against police killings of poor residents in rio de janeiro's favelas vibrant and outspoken she appealed to young and marginalized voters through campaign videos like this one was like your hands. but on wednesday mariella franco became the city's latest victim of violence as she was shot dead in her car along with her driver. the characteristics are of an execution
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we have to resolve this the soonest possible not just for us but for near vision hero this is completely inadmissible a person full of life full of desire a fundamental person for who was brutally murdered. franco rose from a poor background in the surveillance to be elected to the rio city council in two thousand and sixteen. she used her platform to call on the city to track statistics about violence against women and spoke out about frequent police shootings. her death has sparked an outpouring of grief. mourners cheer she was silenced. for the west said because today a black woman who had much hope in the struggle and who lived enough of that no was taken by all this injustice in rio de janeiro was we're not going to allow this to continue of the mariel is here mary you know is she it was if it was her supporters have called for her killers to be found and brought to justice
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they're valid to continue franco's fight against official violence in a city which according to human rights groups has one of the deadliest police forces in the world. now a health care company looking to go public and make a big splash guy you know it's the planet leases the i.p.o. of health than it is today it's a subsidiary of german engineering heavyweight siemens and it was more modest than analysts were predicting but so far it's been pretty profitable day siemens c.e.o. job is restructuring europe's top engineering company siemens will retain them a majority stake in house than is competes with general electric and philips in the medical equipment sector chance went on the market at twenty eight euros and have already made gains. so let's see how trading is going john al d'amato is watching the action for us in frankfurt you know how is it going. actually it's going better
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than expected the scene again so far of four percent it started trading at twenty nine euros ten cent so much better actually than the issuing price of twenty eight heroes so the champagne is free flowing here and it's a bit too early for my taste but maybe not for siemens they're generally in a very good mood there's branding everywhere there's even some healthy new year's equipment on the trading floor like an m.r.i. scanner which i haven't seen before maybe somebody would need it was so situational later after all this shit everybody has heard of. them is less well know what exactly are investors dealing with here. well it's known to be a medical diagnostics company hence of the m.r.i. they're on the trading floor and as we know this is a big one of those big future fields especially as there are these mega trends like and a growing aging population and there's a big push to keep health care costs down and as such getting the testing right
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before the treatment is going to be very important it has to be said however that health emirs hasn't exactly been the market leader when it comes to diagnostics it's struggled behind ross and they're hoping that launching a new brand of diagnostic equipment as well as perhaps getting some more acquisitions through this i.p.o. through raising money for an i.p.o. will help them reverse their fortunes. maybe one of the biggest i.p.o. is in germany in two years but it's still a lot smaller than expected so it could still be considered a good bet. yes exactly so the other part of the price range was thirty two euros so this was not the best valuation they could have gotten still investors are welcoming the opportunity to be able to invest in a specialized way just in healthy new years as opposed to putting their money on siemens which is of course a big sprawling company with. is this is going in all sorts of directions but really whether this will be
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a good that depends on whether they will be able to convince laboratories to buy healthy new years equipment now switching systems for laboratories is very very expensive supplier contracts tend to go on for years and as such they will have a lot to prove to the market. to know that on their from mission planes so trading floor in frankfurt thank you very much. now the most influential business lobbying group in the u.s. has warned president donald trump against imposing tariffs on chinese goods u.s. chamber of commerce president thomas donohue said such types would spark a trade war between the two countries and would eventually hurt u.s. consumers and the economy his remarks come after reports that trump is considering slapping tariffs on up to sixty billion dollars worth of chinese imports. newly reelected german chancellor angela merkel is in france today to meet him on a call in paris it is the first trip abroad of her fourth term in office two
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leaders will hold a working session on top of the agenda buchholz ambitious plans for greater eurozone integration together france and germany will be decisive influence over european economic policy historically the two have not always been easy bedfellows as we all know but thanks to the scuse me bilateral business corporation they've become practically inseparable. aviation giant has been a joint franco german venture since the nine hundred sixty s. last year the french joined persia's sutro and bought its german competitor opel and six months ago siemens and alstom announced merger plans these cooperation's have strengthened european businesses globally but trade between the neighbors is still growing. in twenty seventeen germany exported goods worth over one hundred five billion euros france was the second largest receiver of good stamped made in germany after the usa at the same time germany imported french products worth more
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than sixty four billion euros putting french goods in third place behind china and the netherlands the countries have well developed trade connections now france wants convergence on fiscal policy two one suggestion is to create a euro zone investment fund which would support european states if they run into financial problems because of austerity policies. pop scenario has called on fans to delete snap chat how about the shares of snap the company behind the social media it dropped by almost five percent celebrities spoke out after snap chat ran and ads for a smartphone game which poke fun at the violence she had endured an abusive relationship she denounced snap chat to her sixty one million followers on rival instagram snap chat apologized and took down the yeah but we are refused to accept
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the apology. a look ahead now at russia's national election this week and it falls on a big an aversive as well for vladimir putin that's right there heard a player putin has march eighteenth clearly circled on his calendar as he looks at the cruise to victory it was on the same day four years ago that russia annexed the crimean peninsula from ukraine all but a handful of countries have declared the annex a annexation illegal for president putin is it is a symbol of russian identity and national strength our ukraine correspondent nicholas connelly went to crimea to find out how people there feel their annexation anniversary and how they're likely to vote at forty meters the soldier in salem ornament towers about sebastopol a potent reminder of the city's place in soviet and russian military history. even when sebastopol became part of independent ukraine russia's black sea fleet stayed put. when russia annexed crimea in twenty fourteen not even russia's closest allies
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recognize the move but the locals like activist drama all of that doesn't matter. crimea and russia she says share an identity we definitely all greek to sigh of relief it was about returning home before i didn't have a country i could be proud of when the olympics were on i always supported russia when it came to reading my child's bedtime stories the stories were russian ones which i told my kids about russian history russians that's what i know. back in twenty fourteen the west responded with economic sanctions that just took place international companies left and mcdonald's became peace good. more crucially so did many banks sanctions mean the international cards are not accepted in crimea and it's not possible to withdraw cash it's the same story with foreign mobile phones crossing into crimea means losing signal but apart from sanctions what else has changed for people in sebastopol it's not an easy question to answer expressing
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doubts about the legitimacy of russia's control of the region can carry a jail to move up to five years my life became a lot easier when i lived the same life i lived before not much has changed for me i feel great. she says life has changed. and we have more certainty she was one thing you called mrs sebastopol of the upcoming presidential elections at every turn posts remind people of their duty to vote but certainly not i just turned eighteen and voting for my first time and voting is a big deal for me. national security i hope that my generation makes the right choice is the only way to my in my opinion that's flat a mirror that a marriage put an advantage which in the world is in this wonderful country of ours there's no point in going to vote. even russia's cosmonauts have been enlisted to
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bring out the vote one group that's less likely than others to follow that call crimea's muslim tartar minority persecuted by soviet authorities and deported to central asia in the one nine hundred forty s. tartars were only allowed to return home after the end of communism since twenty fourteen russian authorities have banned the middle east the tartar communities ruling body and close the tartar language t.v. channel but this conflict is also about land instead of financial compensation for the deputy under ukraine these tards are families and many like them were given land to build homes they say russian authorities and now renee king on that commitment. watch out now they're threatening to bring in the bulldozers and pull down our own people are in despair afraid of ending up on the street we've held hunger strikes but local media don't cover them if you're going to as even a small protest with a few banners they put him in jail for ten days before the head of our group if as
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ill he's been arrested is not john nash. as a lot you or i thought it was them but that is them as the evening draws in downtown service to all grinds to a halt true to form and keeps everyone guessing awaiting for what will be an appearance of just a few minutes. thanks to your decision sebastopol in crimea have returned home to our common. to mother russia. on sunday russia in crimea to go to the polls today it is no coincidence coming as it does for you today since russia annexed the peninsula really twenty years since he first became president vladimir putin will now be hoping the memory of those in the events is enough to bring people to the ballot boxes despite the fact that many see the election as
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a pool. here in sebastopol those memories are still very much alive what's less clear is where the crimea still has the same emotional pull across the length and breadth over russia is ten times owns. now to the money trail linked to one of the biggest uncut diamonds in the world nearly a year ago miners in sierra leone dug up what became came to be known as the peace diamond the government promised to pour some of the profits back into development projects but the villagers who found the precious stone say that has not happened. as this exclusive report. fwe had travelled for an hour through the jungle of sierra leone and the movie wanted to show us the mine that is known the world over and the head of the nearby village one year ago diggers found a huge diamant the so-called peace time and the more himself held it in his own
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head. still could have i was so happy we all wear the diamond was so big and the people here were happy because they thought now we'll see some money. seven hundred and nine carats no one had ever seen a diamond that large five diggers walking for past or whether once to find it first the pastor brought the diamond to the district chief then together they personally delivered the diamonds to the president of sierra leone this was rare usually diamants us smuggled out of the region in december there was an auction in new york that raised six point five million dollars forty percent should go to the past or sixty percent to the government the government promised to spend part of the money to support the village and the district. the diamond was quickly labeled peacetime and because it was supposed to be a game changer changing the way things work here instead of
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a few people who get the profits from the diamond the whole community was supposed to benefits but things turned out the other way. back in the village there is no electricity no hospital not even paved street one of the three teachers in the village show us the school where two hundred children are taught this is just it is not it is not a school this is just a part of the young not even a school building look at it it's supposed to be a school as long as we are living in conditions like this that diamond shouldn't leave the country they'll have a great time in america with a diamond but what about. a lot god should punish you all. we. gradually under more the village head shows us where the new school was supposed to be built but there's nothing to see no construction no development but the pastor and the chief the traditional leader here in the region promised us progress they
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told us to find a piece of land and clear it in the name of the government but we haven't heard from them since we did that. in the provincial capital we were able to interview the chief he is on the government payroll he assures us though that he has not received any money from the diamond but he is certain the government will invest one million dollars in the region patients is required. reason to give. to law. for example. body in the office. and so on and so forth but i mean reason to believe that. in sierra leone's capital freetown we tried to interview government officials but no one would speak to us we were unable to get in touch with the pastor as well apparently he has built four houses in the meantime.
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in korea do they are still waiting waiting for school for electricity for a medical clinic they are waiting for justice and hoping a new diamond will surface sometime soon for we just have time for a minder now of our top story here i d w russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says moscow will like british diplomats the latest move in a standoff with britain over a poison attack on the former russian spy in the city of salt. thank you for watching everyone back in about. thirty minutes. tremendous. global.
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to call smart. take football personally. your wedding. is really in the spotlight let. me make you happy. personally. talks no. family and spoke. to a. sixty minute. play a short men's shelter like say the biggest favor seems we've got all the best goals we've got all the action. is the whole. german football share the experience of every match that someone does league of every weekend here don t w. what does russia's youth hope for colors freedom of expression fear it stands. for the reporter reviewing travels through russia before the election. demeans the poor
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and the rich those who support the president and those who oppose him and investigative journalists. showboats our series this week on the d.w. news. hi there are grants to have you on board because we're sailing in today show. all let's see how one man saying pinochet was in a kind of araa.


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