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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin ratcheting up the tensions with russia british foreign secretary boris johnson directly blames russian president vladimir putin for ordering the nerve agent attack on a former double agent we'll get reactions from moscow and london also coming up jacob zuma faces trial south africa's chief prosecutor says he'll charge the former president with corruption in an arms deal but a lot to capetown. one of the biggest german initial public
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offerings in decades as siemens spins off its health care business. plus outrage in brazil of the murder of a popular politician in rio de janeiro tens of thousands of people take to the streets to protest the outspoken critic of police violence was gotten down by unknown assailants. and michelangelo's frescoes in the sistine chapel are brought to life in the new high tech extravaganza even though that it can be approves. i'm sumi so what's going to thank you for joining us well it is another salvo in the standoff between russia and western allies over the poisoning of a former double agent in britain and remarks made a short while ago british foreign secretary boris johnson said it was likely that russian president vladimir putin personally ordered the nerve agent attack on
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circus grip all and his daughter let's listen to what johnson had to say. all quarrel is with putin is criminal and with his decision and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of of the u.k. on the streets of europe for the first time since the second world war that is that is why we are at odds with russia all right let's get more on this latest development we have our correspondent to emily share when standing by for us in moscow and in london journalist josh bloom good to see you both josh let's start with you boris johnson saying it is overwhelmingly likely that vladimir putin himself ordered the use of a nerve agent what could his proof be here. i think is the likelihood of what it is and nerve agent has come from it's incredibly rare it was known to exist anywhere outside of nation states and i think the chances of someone like quantum
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on the black market. and sharing also hits with our knowledge of russia seems incredibly unlikely as events continues once all and evidence can continues to kind of that most of the major nations of the un are combined you countless one soon as you pointed out it is pretty much proves that russia has a very major part. ok still it is a very strong accusation emily have there been any reactions from the kremlin. yes there has been the reaction now the kremlin has called these accusations shocking and inexcusable and of course they are very serious accusations considering the fact that the investigation into this incident is very much still ongoing there hasn't really actually been any direct proof as far as we know at least publicly that shows one hundred percent that russia the russian state at least is behind this poisoning of city ski piles and russia has also
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continuously taken the stance of denying all the accusations and we have seen also kind of a war of words that is escalating we've seen a lot of loud statements from britain particularly today. the british ministry of defense minister of defense rather said that russia should go away and shut up and in a way this these statements that are being made from the british side are kind of playing into the russian hand today said that the minister of defense is clearly not educated he's called several times and britain to stick to diplomatic protocol so russia can really use these statements to portray britain as very much hot headed and not sticking to the facts josh as the kremlin says that its next retaliatory steps could come any minute hasn't said what those steps would be but what additional measures could we see britain take. it's hard to know that
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right now i think you've already seen that twenty three knots is going to russia i think also the world cups coming out some of that could be a key point to the obvious this is also. russia clearly and i think you'll see also a big intense need people from their government people who only perhaps point consummated and try to send a strong this is not insensible to the it's a very challenging moment as he said because i think a lot of people want to make sure that you know in their criticism of russia and the sense on the international body that's been a war once that continues. and you said that the kremlin has been able to portray britain as hot headed here we've also seen western allies line up behind britain how is that played into the kremlin's narrative especially head of elections this weekend while in the run up to the election the campaign rhetoric very much has been that russia is strong in the face of adversity
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despite all the accusations that are being leveled at it including the accusations of state sponsored doping of of widespread hacking and so in a way this whole story fits in with the russian narrative at the moment in the run up to the election of this all being an anti russian campaign that the west is waging against russia but on the other hand i sort of feel like it doesn't make sense ahead of the elections because they could they were using this rhetoric anyway let me put it is currently polling at around seventy percent so he looks likely to win anyway so why rock the boat so significantly especially ahead of the upcoming world cup where russia certainly wants to put its best foot forward all right and we sure win in moscow josh bloom in london thank you both. now to some other stories making news around the world and independent monitoring group says russian air strikes have killed at least forty six people in eastern guta this
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as more civilians flee the rebel held areas outside the capital damascus russia says more than four thousand people have left on friday russia and syria launched an offensive on the region in february. police in miami say the death toll from yesterday's bridge collapse could rise so far they have confirmed that six people were killed when the nine hundred fifty ton concrete bridge fell on cars stopped and traffic the new pedestrian bridge was installed on saturday and was expected to open next year the washington post is reporting that u.s. president donald trump has decided to dismiss his national security advisor a tour macmaster the paper says the move will be announced when a successor is lined up earlier this week trump fired his secretary of state rex tillerson to the world south africa's chief prosecutor has announced he is charging the country's former president jacob zuma with corruption the ruling a.n.c.
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party for suma to resign as have a state last month after years of corruption delayed and scandals he now faces nearly eight hundred counts of corruption related to an arms deal from the late one nine hundred ninety s. . more on that story now with journalist allison helder she is following that story from for us from cape town hi alice does this decision from the prosecutor come as a surprise and what does it mean for jacob zuma. didn't really come as a surprise actually news allegations were already on the table in two thousand and nine and she said this that this case actually goes quite a long way back to the ninety's when the south africa was acquiring a new military equipment in two thousand and nine the case was dropped because of that at the time it said that there might have been some political but zuma was only charged because he was trying to become a president because of that state yet now that national pressure to accept that's totally irrational rational politics i have anything to do with it and you asked me
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prosecuted for the start as well the opposition has long been campaigning for these charges will they be satisfied by this no definitely. one of the key things of this new administration of the new presidency a little warm up or so is that you say i want to fight of corruption i think you need to be transparent so i definitely think that yeah the new president but also south africans are very happy with this decision and that they feel that meeting in the now will be more credibility and that you need to be accountable for what you do a politician or not you said cyril ramaphosa has vowed to crack down on graft in his administration's been one of the central pieces of what he's been saying is this now then the start yes we typically think that this is going to be the start because this really goes back to the
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ninety's but we know that there has been and many corruption allegations against it are too much he also had corrupt relationships when an indian business savvy to good class even gave them influence in politics and look something we are going to feed that is going to be it's why that we think that this is the start for jacobs you might get many more legal challenges not just this one. journalist allison held there for us from cape town thank you very much. and we apologize for the quality of that line. now to brazil where the execution style murder of a city councillor in rio de janeiro has sparked huge protests madea's franco was known as an outspoken critic of police brutality the united nations and amnesty international have demanded a thorough investigation into her death. a community in mourning mariel franco was of beacon of hope for the poor and
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marginalized of rio. black female and lesbian she was a rarity in brazil's political scene franco rose from the slums to become a leading voice against police violence which disproportionately affects the black population a powerful voice now silenced the day after her killing of thousands sick to the streets to protest her violent death and demand answers. that. they killed my friend. they killed our colleague. but if they think that it will make us rich treats they are wrong. i'm so busy downtown should imo so it's just like they're trying to remove our voices the voices of all the black women in this country with the growing. love franco was gunned down in her car late on wednesday evening she was shot in the head four times by two unknown
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assailants her driver was also killed her press officer injured. shortly before franco spoke at an event interesting black women to enter politics it was the last time she championed one of her many causes brazil's president has publicly condemned her killing. him to say. the murder of council member mario and her driver is unacceptable but you can see like other sus nations that happened in rio de janeiro and you know it's an attack against the rule of law. at the. sound against democracy or to. many in brazil belief franco was assassinated for her political activity. them a day earlier she blamed the police for the death of a young male in a for villa. the drinker was also
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a vocal critic of the president's decision to put the military in charge of security in rio and was part of a committee investigating military abuses as grief turns to anger the question on everyone's mind is who killed mary out franco. hear what she did have a new still to come kenya has lead byron to another champions league victory with a draw for the quarter finals now complete look at the next team standing in their way. but first all eyes on a big public offering here in germany today monica indecently germany's siemens is expected to raise four point two billion euros in an initial public offering of its health an e s meant to take business now the i.p.o. was initially tipped to be one of the biggest in germany about the dead view at frankfurt stock exchange turned out to be much more modest shares went on the market to twenty eight euros currently trading a bit higher the same as part of siemens c.e.o.
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joe cases a major restructuring of europe's top engineering company. the mood was buoyant as help in years shares start to trading siemens is reinventing itself for the future and spinning off an encore businesses is part of that strategy. siemens is probably best known for gas turbans and power plants. but c.e.o. joe kayser likened us company to a giant tanker ship that he wants to turn into a fast moving fleet they have the near-side p.-o. is only the latest move into that direction siemens is also in the process of finalizing the merger of its rail division but francis sought stone last april that combined its renewable energy unit but spanish winterburn make. these spinoffs allow investors to buy targeted shares in specialist companies
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instead of a diversified conglomerate it's also easier for individual businesses to cut costs in health in years case saving an expected two hundred forty million euros. the stock offering was one of germany's biggest in recent years siemens hopes to small the ships in its fleet will maneuver easier and grow faster. frankford trust in their house the i.p.o. coming along. you know better than expected the shares have seen gains of up to seven percent today it's also trading higher than its initial issuance price of twenty eight euros the i feel so stiff it is are dying down a bit the mood here at the frankfurt stock exchange is quieter now. we have seen some on this front at the c.e.o. also alison years mr bellmore and this is what he had to say when i spoke to him
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earlier. very go to i mean this is has been a long journey an exciting journey for us it's a great moment we're happy about how the first day went and. now we. continue to move the company forward again with even more passion i believe. the first was below expectations of then above expectations so a bit of a rough and tumble there in terms of what we got in the end but this isn't the most certain of market environments was no really the right time for an i.p.o. . definitely yeah because i mean this is not about seen acting of the perfect timing this is this i.p.o. was a means to an end it is creating the biggest me tech company in europe it is creating the biggest company you know believe it is there to make health care provider successful we have a long way. think in long terms this is a major milestone and i think yesterday showed it. turned out very well now what are you doing now to convince the market that improvement is on the way first of
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all i need to challenge the question you have because we have you have in most of our businesses a very strong track record of market share gains there is one segment which is about thirty percent of our business which is our diagnostics business where. we grew below market but this is changing no this will change with a revolutionary platform attended. every tree are currently introducing and that was actually one. there are reasons which got its investors excited. no one final question and of course one of the challenges would be a getting laboratories to switch over to your systems now switching systems of course is very expensive for them what would make them do it actually bagnall snakes switching costs are not so high because this is mainly a business with reagents it's not a kept thanks to you but you have an upfront payment and with
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a ten you can be have lots of arguments to convince customers pride their business case might be up you know they'll be better. very soon after installing so you don't really see a big barrier i mean it comes to switching ok walk us through the future in terms of acquisitions well first and foremost i want to say we have a super strong point for you i'm very happy there is no geographical gap we are. global the present we have market leading positions in. the americas and europe in asia. our part for you has a lot of organic potential so we don't have to do m n a but we can and we have areas maybe came out stronger in advanced therapy and more accurate diagnostics in digital health but this would be bolt on acquisitions and. current thinking is not to have any transformative flow so some t.v. takeaways there they're hoping
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a new diagnostics platform will help them catch up to rivals and steal back market share in the diagnostic sector also only if you're looking at balls and acquisitions meaning they're likely to buy smaller companies and just add them on as units now whether this is what will actually happen that's something the markets will be watching out for and just on the you will keep an eye on it for us as well and given the fact that i'm suffering from a persistent cold maybe i should look into this hell simmias business concept gentleman out in front of it thank you so much. so there's an idea some relief for families suffering from the effects of climate change in east africa sumi. has been scorched by a drought that has brought twenty million people to the brink of famine it is withered crops killed livestock a tour of the region's worst food crises in decades the german government has just approved fifty million euros to help hard hit communities the money will fund aid in the horn of africa for families forced to leave their homes in search of food
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and water didn't you visit a dollar on the somali ethiopian border. it's early morning in dollar a small town and somalia these women are waiting to receive aid for themselves and their sick children they all came here around a year ago when the drought was at its worst and shepherds were losing their livestock. oh how much all you need houses we need jobs and schools for our older children actually we need everything i have all gone but all of that most of us survive and the relatives give us so far not all of us have received support from aid groups as well as they do help. the aid groups are struggling to cope with the number of families that keep arriving but funds from germany and now set to bolster this project jointly run by unicef and the world food programme has examined and treat malnourished children. the project also teaches mothers how to protect their
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babies from illness and my new tradition through breastfeeding. refugees registered digitally in order to get long term aid with a kind of debit cards the women can pick up food items you. know we have assistance the livelihood of the two shows for the child abroad to actually receive as all of the they have their housing. but the livelihoods of the somalian cattle drovers have been destroyed thousands of animals starved or died of thirst during last year's drought only very few made it to the refugee camp and dollar with their own mess it's the first time these doesn't nomads and living with other people now and many have never worked in a town before all. over the house and on about bias about our life is marked by hardship and the struggle for survival or we have nowhere to go back to really we don't have
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a proper life here but we can't move anywhere else because we don't have any money . who are that little obamacare. is hitting the country more and more often the money from germany will last for three years but it won't help the council drive us return to that she dish in a way of life. time for football about the draws for the champions league and europa league quarterfinals have taken place in switzerland we have press are you did this for to take us through all of this. let's start with the champions league we have byron munich facing off against soviet but tell us you know what's it out to you here ok now we have elite teams competing you know we have barroso in rome is is one match you look forward you mention severe and buying liverpool man city you've been to madrid now the one that stood out to me is the premier league match up between liverpool in man city because premier league teams haven't really been achieving that much on the ultimate stage of the champions league it's nice to see that one
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team is destined to advance to the final four and of course we're talking about two former but it's the good coaches you're going cloke coaching liverpool and then pep guardiola in man city you know it's the workers club versus the plastic club in man city and liverpool is the only team to beat man city in the premier league ok they're split you know it most recently liverpool was victorious you know so that is an edge and you're going close comments you know he was talking about he doesn't mind you know it's the luck of the draw sometimes you're pitted against a neighbor but it's all for steam ahead and let's go so they recognize and acknowledge that they are the underdogs liverpool but all in all it is going to be an appetizing matchup all right well let's talk about bahrain they've been great i've been to think about the last time they actually won the champions league was back in two thousand and thirteen give us as i tell you and then coach what are their chances this time around you know you know they have an easy opponent in seville i think it's safe to say that the city has season they've won the europa
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league three times but that is a second tier competition you know buyer. something special about byron in the reunification of your hike is because they're all inspired i mean he is a father figure how he martinez mentioned that are truly dull mention that you know i do think and especially with him hinting that he might potentially stay because he's only as of right now is going to stay at the end of the season be said maybe i stay longer and you know if you can motivate your pike is this a one way barack could do that is be victorious over soviet and get to that final four stage so there's one thing to look out for this the buyer and player to spend as players have already worn spin all right about the which is cold drink plain and severe it's not easy because they do play that spanish style football short passes you know ticky tacky is what they used to call it you know but all in all i do think byron is destined to move or even if they move forward now we can't forget they could very likely be facing off against real madrid going for their record third straight champions league title that's right yeah you know it's all about
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regained you ventus you know did shocked the football world in all argument getting over tottenham so it is a rematch of last year's final in cardiff but that that match up you've been says they were embarrassed by the drayton you never can discount the prowess of c.r. seven along with gareth bale and the other tactic is the deans the don has it is disposal you know reanimate jared yeah i do think they will advance you know because i do expect heroics from christiane and although as he always has tends to show up so all in all i do think that maybe it's a three peat for rio ok we shouldn't o'clock the europa league there were also the draw there was also the draw there are be lights it will be facing marsay how happy are they about that he had finished the match up you know that this is their first european challenge their life they crashed out the champions league and even though they were in a weaker group they've managed to resurrect himself so to speak in the europa league he know and they've been scoring goals and they've been doing fairly well
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more say you know more say hasn't been. in the quarter finals in the european competition into him full of years of believe two thousand and eleven twelve is the last time but they do have yet to meet you fiat he really you know played himself in the main stage of the european championship you know last summer so it's an interesting thing to see but leipsic pretty much the last hope for the bun as they get in terms of competition with the exception of bahrain of course so you've got to root for the home team and we don't really rooting for her life seek to make some ways of you make up for that shabby champions league performance all right across harrington from the get me sports on the europa league and champions league match ups thanks chris ok now at the eiffel tower is the world's most visited monument but for one day it was transformed into a race course more than one hundred athletes from around the globe are were buying for the fastest time possible the vertical climb of the towers one thousand six
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hundred fifty five steps is a grueling workout for the knees the event is now into its fourth year of the quickest time was just under eight minutes. ok now to a sure sign that spring is on its way at least in japan of the very first cherry blossoms have started blooming on a tree in the southwestern city of co-chief the blossoms are on us so may yoshino tree which is the most popular kind of cherry tree in japan meteorological agency says the first flowers appeared fourteen days earlier than last year and one week ahead of the average state cherry blossoms are expected to burst from their buds across japan in the coming weeks. you're watching the news still to come crimea and the russian presidential election the national vote takes place exactly four years after the disputed regions an exploration well look at how that helped who can define his presidency. and michelangelo's frescoes in the sistine chapel are brought to life in
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a new high tech extravaganza even the vatican museum approves will take a look. we have those stories and much more coming up in the next thirty minutes stay with us. a forgotten treasure trove that has been gathering dust and it's in iran museum told for nearly forty years one of the world's largest and most valuable collections of contemporary art. what secrets does it hold. hidden treasure iran's legendary modern art collection. the most. employees wanted me to believe. women have been fighting to hold the case taking
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seriously in the world oh boy here's what's coming up women. they do still superheroes. smartarse smart state the legend bring creasing lead dangerous times the tougher job for mom. some people don't care about me. because they don't see my beauty. some people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give them. a two billion you can do. to them i am everything. their home. their food. their livelihood. but day by day i disagree. and so does everything i give. to billion people care about me.
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me me me. and now. i need you. welcome back you're watching news our top stories south africa's chief prosecutor has said he will charge former president jacob zuma with corruption in an arms deal zuma spent much of his presidency embroiled in accusations of corruption and was forced out of office last month. and british foreign secretary for strong sense accused russian president vladimir putin of personally ordering the poisoning of a former double agent in a british city britain had previously said only that the nerve agent originated in
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russia. this all comes as russia gets set to go to the polls this weekend on a big anniversary lattimer putin's got march eighteenth circled on his calendar as he looks up to cruise to victory it was on that same day four years ago that russia annexed the crimean peninsula from ukraine all but a handful of countries have declared that annexation illegal for president putin it has been a symbol of russian identity and national strengths are ukraine correspondent nicholas connelly went to crimea to find out how people there feel about their annexation anniversary and how they're likely to vote. forty meters tall the soldier in salem ornament towers above sebastopol. a potent reminder of the city's place in soviet military history. even whence of us the ball became part of independent ukraine russia's black sea fleet stayed put. when russia annexed crimea in twenty fourteen not even its closest allies recognized moscow's ownership of the
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region. but the locals like activists all good or all over all that doesn't matter crimea and russia she says share a common identity we definitely all great just die of relief it was about returning home before i didn't have a country i could be proud of when the olympics were on i always supported russia when it came to reading my child's bedtime stories the stories were russian ones which i told my kids about russian history russians are that's what i knows to get . back in twenty fourteen the west responded with economic sanctions that just took place. international companies left and mcdonald's became peace. and more importantly most banks left to. sanctions mean the international cards are not accepted in crimea and it's not possible to withdraw cash. it's the same story with foreign mobile phones crossing into crimea means losing signal. but beyond the
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sanctions what else has changed for people in sebastopol it's not an easy question to answer talking to people in crimea you soon realise that many who don't agree with the government line think twice before discussing politics and with good reason questioning the legitimacy of russia's control of the region public carriage and up to five years my life became a lot easier than i do i live the same life i lived before not much has changed for me i feel right. she says meaningless life has changed. and we have more certainty was. one thing called listen sebastopol the upcoming presidential elections at every turn poses remind people of the future to vote. here but i'm certain that no i just turned eighteen and voting for my first time and voting is a big deal for me. national interest i hope that my generation makes the right
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choice is the only with more in my opinion that's fighting me or that a marriage to ten years what's in it is in this wonderful country there's no point in going to vote. even russia's cosmonauts have been enlisted to get people to the polling stations. one group that's less likely than others to follow that call of crimea's muslim ta-ta minority. persecuted by soviet authorities and deported to central asia in the one nine hundred forty s. the crimean tatars were only allowed to return home after the end of communism. since twenty two teen rational thought is a bad image lease the tartar community's ruling body and close the tartar language t.v. channel. but this conflict is also about land instead of financial compensation for their deployed taishan under ukraine the tartars received a legal entitlement to plots of land to build homes these tatar families say russia north ortiz and now renee on that commitment. they're also pains to make clear that
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they don't want to talk politics just about their homes and their rights. when i was out there threatening that they'll bring in the bulldozers and pull down our homeless. people are in despair afraid of ending up on the street i mean you know we held hunger strikes but local media don't cover them you will show me to feel organized even a small protest with a few banners they put you in jail for ten days. now the head of our group here fatso he was arrested i thought i just don't know what that is them. as the evening cruising down town so vast bulk runs to. true to form. keeps everyone guessing and wait. for what will be an appearance just a few minutes. from what you're seeing. thanks to your decision and vast poll and crimea have returned home to our common home. the mother russia and
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i see. i phone sunday russia in crimea to go to the polls to date is no coincidence coming as it does for you today since russia annexed the peninsula i believe twenty years since you first became president vladimir putin will now be hoping the memory of those in the events is enough to bring people to politics this is despite the fact that many see the election as a pool. here in sebastopol those memories of twenty four still very much alive what's less clear is what the crimea still has the same emotional across the length and breadth of russia's ten times i see. that report from our key have correspondent nicholas connelly and he joins us now from the ukrainian capital hi nick it is not that easy for western journalists to gain access to crimea how difficult was it for you to film there.
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good afternoon sumi well getting there is a bit of a trick you have to first go to the ukraine authorities get their permission to go there go to russia get the official cards from the russian side and then pass through a border checkpoint which is a lot stricter than any conventional airport where on the way there i spent a few hours being interviewed by security agents get them going through my phones my computers but that is really nothing in comparison to the difficulties faced by the people on the ground as i mentioned the report there was a bit it was noticeable talking to people that they were not being frank or as friends maybe they would want to be and they were really choosing their words very carefully and thinking twice what they said in terms of the titles i spoke to they were very careful to really focus just on that directs problem with the housing and they were very reluctant political and indeed lots of talks are activists who. have
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actually had to leave and are now living in kiev living out in the rest of ukraine outside of crimea and not living in russia crimea you know nic you also touched upon the timing of this presidential election in your reports on the same day that crimea was annexed what do we make of that. i think there's only one thing that we are meant to make of that and that is that crimea its return as the kremlin posits this is the chief selling point of that in a putin's lost in office that's what he's really going to the voters with he's saying i stood up for russia against western resistance i did things that were popular with you but which brought a lot of resistance internationally and that his next term will be about more of the same about what he said calls collecting the russian lands in a way bringing together territories that was once good as by the soviet union in
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the face of significant resistance from abroad and this is a topic he returns to time time again the fact this vision of russia as a fortress under siege from foreign powers and that's one motif that he likes to to return to is something as a reason for russians to rally together under foreign pressure it's a selling point nick but it's also brought on international sanctions has it been worth it for vladimir putin. well lots of russian poll says would say yes in terms of the actual economic impact of the sanctions that the opinions are all the more divergent some economists will tell you that the lack of access to foreign capital that those sanctions have meant have really impacted on russia's economic growth and really living standards people in russia others will say that it has opened opportunities for russian produces who previously maybe couldn't have won out against such
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a competition but it definitely seems that for now this line of confrontation and this is this tactic of standing up for russian interests as he sells it is and he's going to continue ok nick there's been some speculation that hidden might even cast his ballot in crimea do you think you will. well we heard from a spokesman a couple weeks ago who said that they're actually the president can vote wherever he chooses to so maybe an early morning ballot cost in crimea could be a reality i think we really won't know till the last minute these it's all kept very secret putin certainly has spent a lot of time in crimea of the last few days he was visiting the new bridge that's being built to connect mainland russia to crimea open to power station that's meant to make crimea independent of electricity from ukraine so it definitely fits the picture the last few days and could definitely be something that they're considering. nicolas connelly reporting for us from kiev thank you very much.
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now the family of a rwandan official killed in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide is seeking justice in a brussels court he was one of two thousand people massacred in the school where they had sought refuge his daughter says belgian troops posted at that school could have stopped the killing but instead withdrew leaving those inside to their fate. you learned is a survivor she witnessed the genocide in rwanda we meet at my place because she wants to protect her children and doesn't want them to know how close she came to death she finally once justice and believes that thousands of lives could have been saved. if i'm really angry our lives were worthless in rwanda at the time you land us father was once the country's foreign minister these pictures show him at a meeting soon after the family had to flee from hutu militias you and i was thirteen
3:42 pm
years old the family sought refuge at the don bosco school in garley which was protected by belgian un peacekeepers you learn that shows me a photo of her sister in front of the building she says they believe the u.n. soldiers would keep them safe but then suddenly a un jeep drove away i heard people shouting they are leaving my mother panicked and tried to get away people were asking the soldiers to shoot them otherwise they would be lynched vong rush a. people were trying to hold on to the legal spot the soldiers shot into the air to get rid of them i saw them driving away and was shocked at thirteen i didn't dare imagine what would happen next. the belgian peacekeepers withdrew on the eleventh of april one thousand nine hundred ninety four the unspeakable followed hutus attacked the school on the same day murdering
3:43 pm
two thousand and two it sees. a brussels court is now deciding who is to blame for the mess or we need your london smothered there her family is suing the burgeon state for failing to protect civilians the trial has already gone on for more than ten years now it's drawing to a close. then we can finally overcome our grief and tell ourselves that the victim souls are resting in peace with the poison the main question in the trial is whether the belgian u.n. soldiers abandoned the two thousand refugees and left them to die an independent inquiry team sharply criticized the biotin decision to pull out of front and the early days of the genocide the decision of urgent peacekeepers to retreat from the school leaving civilians inside to report sure it is described as this crisis for the families of the victims away the verdict and hope that the version state
3:44 pm
finally house to recognise its part of responsibility in the genocide of rwanda the belgian state denies responsibility and says soldiers riffle owing un orders but lawyers of the victims insist that the order to withdraw came from brussels. for. the belgian strongly intervened in preparing their troops to pull out had they stayed only two days longer this bloodbath wouldn't have happened the produce. your father couldn't be safed he died at the hands of hutu militias it's in his memory that you learn that and her family refused to give up in their fight for justice. now some other stories making news around the world north korea's foreign minister really young ho is in sweden the visit is prompting
3:45 pm
speculation that he may be laying the groundwork for a summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's kim jong un sweden has been mentioned as a possible venue for the meeting between the two leaders. in vietnam the village of me laurie has been marking the fiftieth anniversary of a massacre perpetrated there by u.s. troops during the vietnam war officials and survivors attending ceremonies were joined by american veterans and anti-war activists five hundred four civilians were killed in the midlife massacre. now newly reelected german chancellor angela merkel is in paris today to meet him on a well marco and monica the business world is watching closely absolutely sumi because the two leaders will hold a working session top of the agenda mccall's ambitious plan for even greater euro zone integration together france and germany will to decisive influence over european economic policy historically the two have not always been easy bedfellows but thanks to bilateral business cooperation they've become practically inseparable
3:46 pm
. aviation giant bus has been a joint franker german venture since the one nine hundred sixty s. last year french auto giant bought its judgement competitor i pull on six months ago siemens and also announced merger plans these corporations have strengthened european businesses globally but trade between the neighbors is also growing. in twenty seventeen germany exported goods worth over one hundred five billion euros from swiss the second largest receiver of goods stopped made in germany after the usa at the same time germany imported french products worth more than sixty four billion euros pushing french goods in third place behind china and the netherlands . the countries have well developed trade connections now from swaps convergence on fiscal policy to one suggestion is to create a euro zone investment fund which would help support european states if they run
3:47 pm
into financial problems because of austerity policies. for more on this close relationship let's cross over to eileen keller from the franco german institute in exposure and she joins us in stuttgart now now less than two days after her fourth election to the chancellorship i'm going to medical flies to paris can we expected a heated debate about my cost you reform plans. well first of all let me say that this is really good news for europe that finally france and germany have agreed on working on an ambitious reform agenda on the continent yes i think we can expect heated debates although i doubt that this will not be the main. business of today this will be for the next the for the upcoming months so what will be the main business off today. so this the was it today is very much a similar a symbol of the very close relations that the two countries have pledged to the
3:48 pm
since the second world war i mean clearly they will also work on what can be prepare it in perspective of the upcoming euro european summit next week but the substance of their common reform agenda of america or the upcoming months ok but michael has been waiting quite a long time now until germany finally got its government together in order to get some hopefully support he believes from berlin with regard to his reform plans including a euro area finance minister common budget and of course one of the pet projects he has the recent investment fund talking about that one we already have the european stability mechanism do you see controversy there. i mean the european stability mechanism was designed to provide emergency aid to failing states or states in financial difficulties that cannot exist or raise money on the markets what micro
3:49 pm
has in mind with his your budget goes much further what he has in mind is to build up a european investment competitive that can make in west winds within europe that further further coherence within the us and so these are the two projects i have kind of different angles of attack and different and different focus i would say i mean as a survey you always get the idea that chemistry between him and went back on and get america is quite good but do they have the same vision when it comes to the european union. i think they have established good working relations that this is already good news i mean they share they have a common view on a certain number of issues this is for instance true is i think for migration policies integration fight on terrorism so on these subjects i think they can easily work together and others obviously they know from each other that the priorities are different but then i think they respect each other as much as
3:50 pm
finding a compromise both sides can live with and tell of their from the frankly german institute thank you so much for this. on. rooms. tackler new musical that celebrated its debut in rome it's called universal judgment michelangelo in the secrets of the sistine chapel the work work that brings together art music dancing acrobatics and laser technology. and for more on this ultra high tech production we have peter craven with us from our culture desk peter this is the sistine chapel as the star of the show tell us more about this well michelangelo was commissioned in fifteen by the end pope julius the second to paint the head of the ceiling of the sistine chapel and he was
3:51 pm
initially i understand quite intimidated by the sheer scale of the commission and warded off he didn't want to have anything to do with it he thought he'd been set up to fail but then he said ok i'll pick up the gold for to know i'll go for it and then he built a scaffolding up to the ceiling of the sistine chapel climbed up there for four long years nearly every day as far as we know and legend had it rigidly that he would lie down on the scaffolding and paint like that but no he stood up and craned his neck and painted it like this and i gave him incredible neck head pain back pain he was in a sorry state but it led to great works of art like the like the creation of adam one of the most were recognizable images you know what i'm so yes like or whether you are merely touch nearly such things so that was one of the most recognizable works of art of all human history really and twenty five years later he came back and he created another work involves the the huge. it's less judgment of course yes and and so it was an incredible achievement and let's go back to the
3:52 pm
musical that we were just looking out and see what that's the back story to the musical let's see where it all happens. this is sting chapel as you've never seen it before. the fully immersive show tells the story of michelangelo and his masterpiece frescoes the work is the result of an unlikely merger between the vatican museum musician sting and marco ballots a director and producer famed for his over the top spectacles more different beliefs seem a speed this is a beautiful challenge and i am really excited because this is a very important day for me again. spectacularly in this is a powerful show more than a quick and intense show it was because of a wonderful show so it was a show in which technology blends in with art of it at this group and history a story it's something that wants to establish a. very strong emotional trajectory of story and what the very.
3:53 pm
painting of the sistine chapel is considered a cornerstone of hibernates aunt's art. as if sculpture could be carved from paint with the body as protagonist after five hundred years the stunning frescoes a still breathtaking her that. mark about a just ten point six million dollars production features actors dances acrobats huge state of the are projections light shows and surround sound it might be asked whether respect to collect this kind described as time meant tells more about the present than the past direct a little held back sees the work as an opportunity to connect. like a filesystem because i'm sort of like amanda lowe painted something exceptional in
3:54 pm
the sistine chapel with the last judgment. like the portal he painted it with live a hundred years ago that i'm going to and this portal is still active that they were the portal of knowledge and awareness that put in an eye on what humanity is look at monita it gives us the possibility to look with different eyes the vatican aisle to the. universe or judgment michelangelo in the secrets of the sistine chapel runs for at least at the moratorium continues on it can run. peter this is all the creation of the artistic director tell us more about him you know he's been associated with ceremonies that have been big games from turin back in two thousand and six right through to rio in two thousand and sixteen it's all high tech stuff a lot of bombast some people say he actually describes it as immersive two hundred seventy three d. projections i think you get a feel for it some critics say it's all
3:55 pm
a little bit too much like disney but himself says what's wrong with disney disney's was a genius attainment right if you like and it's interesting just one of his quote from him he said we want to use codes that relate to the younger generations who've grown up with playstation to go to the movies in three d. and watch netflix so i try to open a cultural life in rome up to this younger generation a man with a mission if you will also perhaps by inviting sting and what role does he play a big name staying. involved let's listen in before i say a little bit more about what get a flavor of what sting his contributions. sting a very big name for the police from global superstar seen here working on the musical he won't be performing in the show but he has contributed a song. looks like a great show and there's up more on this on
3:56 pm
a website. called all right peter craven from our culture thank you very much that's all we have time for right now sara kelley will have an update on your latest headlines coming right up thanks for watching.
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this is v.w. news a life from birth land ratcheting up the tension of with russia british foreign secretary boris johnson directly blames russian president vladimir putin spoke ordering the nerve agent attack on the former. also coming up jacob zuma faces trial south africa's chief prosecutor says that he will charge the former president with corruption and an arms deal and we will go live with reaction from cape town.


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