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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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toxic nerve agent britain's prime minister accused russia of orchestrating the attack us twenty three russian diplomats for a pattern and leave london after being expelled u.k. foreign minister heats up. flooded me it must have organized the attack i'm filled . this is the day. and this is. the first time since. that's for the words of the main military chief of great britain as you've called him the defense minister. frankly. should go away. he's a nice young man i guess he also wants to make it into history with some loud statements
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. main argument against russia's guilt is that it's highly possible. and he says. well maybe he lacks education i don't know this is a nerve agent that was developed by russia has now been used against a former russian agent who's identified specifically by the kremlin as the legitimate target indeed it was not long ago that putin this himself on television in moscow announcing that such people should be. also on the program germany's new interior minister tells the country's muslims their faith is not part of german culture the remarks of place to control just new role german politicians are lining up to distance themselves from the comments including chancellor merkel. in the four million
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muslims who currently live in germany practice their religion. and they belong here just as much as their religion does. in the standoff between russia and western allies of the poisoning of a former double agent in britain britain's foreign minister boris johnson says it's highly likely that russian president vladimir putin personally ordered the nerve agent attack on. his daughter the kremlin described that statement as shocking and unforgivable moscow denies any involvement in the attempted murders in london british foreign secretary boris johnson visited a memorial from world war two back then russia was an ally now russia and britain are in a war of words over the poisoning of the former russian spy sergei skip out on british soil. is that putin's credit and with his decision
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and we think if it were. that it was his decision to direct the use of agent on the streets of the u.k. on the streets for the first time since that is that is why they are. with pollution on the campaign trail ahead of elections on sunday russia called johnson's claim shocking and unforgivable britain ordered the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats over the attack now russia has said it will respond in kind that russia also announced its are an investigation into the attempted murder of scrip. a russian citizen it said the country was ready to cooperate with authorities in the u k. in britain police say around one hundred thirty people may have come into contact with the military grade nerve agent easter poison scrape out on march the fourth the former spy and his daughter still in critical condition. british police have also announced that they have launched
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a in their investigation into the suspicious death of another russian living in britain. businessman was found dead due to a compression of the neck in his london home on monday but police said that at this stage there is nothing to suggest any link to the nerve agent attack. or tom turgon had paid chairs the u.k. parliament's foreign affairs committee is photo data about the investigation into nicholai gross costs a specialist death oh well i don't know whether it's not time because that's all part of a part of the same isn't but it's certainly it certainly echoes doesn't it that we've got a pattern of russian violence and we're talking about the united kingdom at the moment of course because of the dramatic piece of aggression in salzburg that could of course have killed hundreds of people thank god it didn't but we've seen it all
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over all over europe and and possibly further afield and we've certainly seen the attempted murder of the prime minister only a year or so ago we've seen the invasion of ukraine the murder of hundreds of dosh and other citizens in the russian attack on the mh seventeen and even today as we're talking we're seeing russia supporting the use of chemical weapons and bombing of civilians by the hazard regime so we're seeing a very hostile very road russian regime that is using violence as a state policy and is using murder as a as a means of influencing outcomes. that's conservative m.p. tom two can have two chairs of the british parliament as foreign affairs committee not vladimir ashcroft is the london based executive director of the anti corruption foundation which is a russian a not for profit organization is a longtime associate of russian opposition leader. outspoken putin critic critic
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alex like the valley. received political asylum in the u.k. in twenty fifty welcome to day doubly do you have any doubt that russia was behind the attempt on circus krypton's life. well definitely the choice of poison is highly sophisticated nerve agent or interruption of russia i think it will be some time until we know for sure whether it was their own agent when it was it was ordered from the top of russian leadership or whether it was revenge for their street ball being endemol agent. so scripts all came to be in britain after a spy swap so one wonders what russia has to gain from killing him. i think it's so possible syria that it is to assent and massett to people who become enemies of russian state and the other possible theory is to send
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a signal to the u.k. this feeling out false u.k. into a very unprofitable situation especially to summate she was home secretary at the time of flipping and a murder in this again and is widely seen as not having done enough to. prevent such attacks in the future so see you now has this pressure to act at the same time there is law being from the enables of kleptocrats the bankers property agents lawyers that facilitate for all off russia floor russian craft money into the region she is an anti-terrorist. do you think that britain this response has been robust enough. well they expectations or said quite high with mrs may speech on monday the measures that i'm on announced on wednesday expulsion of. some
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diplomats in effect that the official delegation in britain will not go to a world cup are at this point largely symbolic probably in a couple of days it's difficult to come up with effective measures so the jury is still out on what written will do about it. we heard in the news that nick like bush cost death in the u.k. is also being treated. another putin critic mixing untimely and the police at this stage i'm not linking the two cases are you like the. i don't have enough information to link them. i'm not a big fan of conspiracy. so given this outbreak of death amongst prominent russian critics of the regime in london i wonder are you worried
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well i have no doubt that russian security services can carry out an assignation and part of the world including the u.k. which probably has a large number of security agents so i don't think anything changes or people like myself in terms of security. russia of course has an election on sunday do you think that this case and the fact that russia seems to be fighting go of the world on so many fronts well that's worth inviting me putin's favor or against. i don't think. elections you know that in russia and outside of russia is elections are widely seen as a result decided a long time ago so i don't think that culture will get a thing by you know orchestrating is assess the nation's if he is indeed and it
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good to talk to thank you so much for joining us let me. thank you. as tensions rise in germany's new government formed only three days ago interior minister who was there hoffa has said he doesn't consider islam to be a part of germany although he added that the muslims who live here who live with us are of course part of germany he's boss the chancellor i'm going back and i made it clear that she does not agree with mr hoar so mr hoffman's sentiments germany's new interior minister rejects criticism of his remarks that although muslims who live here have a place in germany islam does not. this country has been culturally influenced by christianity for hundreds of years. that's why it's wrong to say that islam belongs to germany. in teaser form flourish chancellor
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of the america disagrees and she very quickly and publicly slapped down her interior minister and party ally inspiration. in the four million muslims who currently live in germany practiced their religion. and they belong here just as much as their religion does. germany's new justice minister offered a reminder that freedom of religion is strictly protected in the constitution. mention lines i mean i think people are tired of these theoretical discussions about terminology it's clear to everyone that we need practical solutions to our problems i hope we can agree that our value system and compass is everyone's basic rights. the central council of muslims in germany says politicians shouldn't adopt far right rhetoric in the run up to a regional election. it's kind of we don't need a wedge in the society we have to stick together we need social cohesion and bridge
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building. the interior minister offered to enter dialogue with muslim associations in germany on the condition they all reject violence. what's going on in the german government discuss this with political correspondent i welcome. not backing down from his comment why is he saying it and why now. it does seem to be something like a strategic move there phil it's been just two days since hall c. who for the form of the various state preemie took office here as the interior minister in berlin and this is the first clash already after two days. and one of her ministers by the way this is not the first time that whole sea hold has said something along those lines that islam does not belong to germany he's
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known for having this position here and very interesting lee there are state elections coming up in bavaria in october and the sea is you party of the smaller sister party to argue americal c.d.u. has lost voter support in the parliamentary elections in september to the far right party basically as a result of the refugee crisis of two thousand and fifteen the open door policy of americal that the smaller c is you sister party is also held accountable for what he's trying to do here use trying to win voters back. so he's trying to win votes of support even though it contradicts possibly everything going to medical his boss of fellow conservatives to settle this issue since twenty fifth. yeah and not only what has said as also the german president at the time in two thousand and ten christiane voles said islam belongs to germany sparking
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a massive debate here in germany also of all of. the time interior minister in two thousand and six said something along these lines but you know this is what is famous for he's always been the foreigner in uncle americal side especially when it comes to the migrant crisis and to the migrant policy off the open doors allowing more than one million refugees coming here to germany in two thousand and fifteen and this is the picture he's trying to draw off himself for the bavarian voter the guy from bavaria who comes to berlin defending conservative values here the question is going to be very interesting to watch right now whether this plan will work out because no doubt he's a good p.r. guy but the question is will voters appreciate this roof or will it fire back and resolve in a further. support in the if the party getting stronger as
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a result of that because those who are the ones today who are applauding the lot of the loudest given what you've said about playing to the crowds i wonder how the chancellor and her interior minister playing good cop bad cop on this issue as they try and get back of voters who left them for the. say office says the unsayable rebukes but that message still gets out there nonetheless so are they both playing the same game together. well that's a good take they do want some of the same of course but there are slight differences if you take a closer look to what they said exactly you'll see that both both agree that that muslims belong to germany belong to german society there's no doubt about that but then he sees a whole for ads on top that islam does not and he's trying to explain this using his historical explanations saying that germany has christian roots and all of that
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america will certainly not very happy about these remarks he immediately disagreed on c. who for three mocks but many people in germany find this debate really upsurge there was one lawmaker who said today the question is not really if islam belongs to germany or not because this was discussed many many times before the question is how can we peacefully lift together and improve that all of a salad thank you. meanwhile at chancellor merkel the french president emmanuel macro have agreed to start work on a road map for reform of the european union of the euro zone they're aiming to finish theirs in time for an e.u. summit in june the meeting between the two leaders in paris came just days after america was confirmed in office for a fourth term but difficulties involving a coalition have delayed today's talks it was a visit delayed by months of political uncertainty so just four days into her
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fourth term as chancellor angela merkel was back at the elise a palace to visit french president emmanuelle mccaughan their plan had been to talk about e.u. integration but the meeting was overshadowed by the poisoning of a former russian spy in britain using a nerve agent. it would be read together with the chancellor i want to express our solidarity with our british friends as well as the solidarity of our allies towards great britain which suffered an attack on its soil we once again condemn this russian interference because everything leads us to believe that it is indeed russia that was behind this attempted assassination this is you know the aim of the meeting was to show solidarity of another kind as the two leaders pursue ambitious plans to shake up the european union with france and germany at its core . i am determined that we will succeed in reforming the
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e.u. and i think we can achieve it and i agree that this is more important than ever because europe has to work together now we have a world in which multilateralism is under a lot of pressure many joint global projects have to be fought for with renewed vigor and europe has to lead and set an example for others. their plans of so far encountered resistance across the you but the nerve agent attack in britain helped the block's members close ranks at least today well max hoffman is covering those talks in paris welcome max well we'll start with a nice to see shall we chancellor merkel spoke in glowing terms about germany and france his track record of working together his shoes if. we want to find a common path in the history of franco german relations hard work and honest cooperation have always brought success we don't always share the same opinion but
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throughout history germany and france have achieved a lot together we are intent i am intent on reaching our goals and i believe we will do that that's what is. so much of a bosis are the highlights what do france and germany want to change. all the emphasis on the sound bite we just heard was on hard work because the issues that they want to resolve are among the most difficult issues or the most divisive issues that start for example with a common asylum system in the european union something they have strife for for many years it's not working at the moment because it would implicate that you need kind some kind of system to redistribute the migrants within the european union there's a huge divide over that especially between eastern and western european countries and yet to want to resolve as you just said until june that's going to be very difficult then the reform of the eurozone mccraw i started the discussion in fall
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by saying he wanted euro zone budget and he also wanted a finance minister for the euro zone something that the european union for now does not have we know that the germans are not in favor of something like that of this design so although we always have the show of unity between michael and michael this is something where they will have to really find a real compromise how they work for get together for something like that we don't know yet but as we just heard the chancellor say it will involve hard work so how would so between them france and germany have to put together this this this road map for europe i wonder how other countries feel about their roles being reduced to mere rubberstamp those of a franco german plot. you're of course referring to a discussion that is as old as the european union if germany and france don't work together than everybody else criticize them saying they need to work together to get something done if they do work together as they do now that many countries feel
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left out but of course you have to keep in mind that germany and france represent different parts of the european union for example the netherlands or the scandinavian country usually fall in line with germany when they hammer out some kind of compromise with friends now the southern countries usually are in accordance with friends so if those two germany and france you manage to agree on something then a majority of the european union usually at least in the past fall in line even if there's criticism beforehand after bragg says there was a lots of talk especially from chancellor merkel europe's need for a new stott face doesn't look like it because to outsiders this looks like just trying to make the old system. a little bit better just thinking with aids. well at least you have ideas that have been around for
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a while for example the european finance minister or the finance minister for the euro zone that's not a new idea what would be new now is that the german french engine is working again and that's something that hasn't been the case for a long time so if they actually get things done now that would be new and it doesn't really matter how old the ideas are as long as there are good ideas everybody can agree on the commission president the commission president of the european union john crude yorker recently said you need to repair the roof of the european union as long as the sun is shining and even if that's not the case here in paris at the moment the sun is more or less shining over the e.u. economies are doing well you have the french german and back so if they want to get reforms and if they want to and they act ideas even if they're you know a little bit dated in some cases the time is now. when the new roof in a new engine i had paris we thank you.
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