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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is d w news live from bali this standoff deepens russia says it's to expel twenty three british diplomat this image fury inside the kremlin on the u.k. personally blamed president putin over the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter on british soil we'll have the latest from moscow always are coming up. more than one hundred fifty thousand civilians leave the syrian city of after three this is turkish forces shelled the city observers say one people have died in an strikes today. plus former deputy
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director of the f.b.i. andrew mccabe was fired the dismissal comes just before mccabe was juicer retaught it was his removal politically motivated to have full analysis. on how to humphrey thanks for joining me the dispute over the poisoning of an expiry in britain is deepening russia says it will expel twenty three british diplomats in a tit for tat response to the measures that the u.k. has taken against moscow over the case now the british ambassador to moscow nori bristow was summoned to the russian foreign ministry earlier here's what he said after that meeting i wrote a play doesn't. look like. i was a prime. thank. you. very much
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we have thank. you. so. much. i found again. all right well i'm joined now by our nick who is the moscow correspondent for britain's daily telegraph nice paper and it both countries that you know expanding twenty three diplomats from each side is this the end of diplomatic ties between the u.k. and russia no not the end the u.k. embassy in moscow will remain open but it should be said that this is an escalation in the diplomatic spat that's been going on the u.k. of course expelled twenty three russian diplomats and said it would take measures to curb russian corruption in the u.k.
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but russia goes a step further you're not just expelling twenty three british diplomats as was expected but also close in the consulate in st petersburg russia second largest city and also shutting down the british council cultural organization which has been very active in russia promoting the u.k. russia were all year of culture last year for instance and trying to build bridges between age a country despite the diplomatic tensions in russia in recent years or so those are the measures at it from the foreign ministry we haven't heard directly from putin yet what can we expect from him. well i think that russia will this is the this is the big answer that russia has promised and now really the ball is back in the u. case courts i think that the british government will come under pressure now to retaliate once again because russia has especially up the any russian of course
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claiming that this only fair because russia has only one consulate in the u.k. whereas the u.k. has two consulates in russia but nonetheless this would be seen as an escalation this is unprecedented even when the russian cut u.s. diplomatic staff by seven hundred fifty five people over sanctions adopted last year they still didn't shut down the consulates any u.s. consulates directly so this is quite a strong rules russia and certainly all eyes will be on the u.k. government now as you say the pullback in britain's courts now where do you think it could go from the british side or perhaps is that a potential solution on the table to deescalate these tensions. it's hard to see these tensions deescalating or going away anytime soon britain has made it very clear that it doesn't see any explanation besides. russia and russian
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government involvements behind this group are poisoning allies in the west including the united states have backed that stance and so that will be walks back what could potentially happen russia has a consulate in edinburgh in scotland. that could potentially closed as a response to this measure although it remains to be seen how exactly the will frame this and will respond to this and it can learn from the daily telegraph the moscow correspondent there thank you very much indeed. as observers say more than one hundred fifty thousand people have fled the city of a free in northern syria in just three days this is turkish troops and syrian opposition fighters ramp up their assault on the city. and operation to seize the turkish own played nearly two months ago and those fleeing describes a terrifying situation. a harrowing exit as
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thousands fled afrin on friday alone as turkish forces stepped up their violent assault on the kurdish enclave families climbed mt alarm on the outskirts of the city desperate to reach safety as they abandon their homes. all of us who have been suffering from mortars for a week people died what can we do now we fled we left everything and fled with nothing but our clothes we have nothing and. these refugees escaped a looming siege of the city heavy shelling and severe water shortages but other civilians may be trapped. the u.n. said it was concerned that kurdish fighters were preventing people from leaving we have received reports that only those civilians who have contacts within the kurdish authority or the kurdish armed forces have been able to leave. but even
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they have to make a treacherous path through risking shelling and explosive hazards only to reach checkpoints manned by government backed armed groups. turkey's campaign to purge afrin of kurdish militia has left the city in ash and rebel president at a one says his troops won't leave until africa is captured. now to some of the other stories making news around the world an iraqi teenager has been found guilty of attempted murder off to detonating a homemade bomb on a train in london last september some thirty people were injured in that attack the device went off in a carriage in a busy commuter train but failed to fully explode the teenager when her son came to the u.k. as an asylum seeker in twenty fifteen. tens of thousands of people have protested in slovakia for the third consecutive day demonstrators according to snap elections
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they say prime minister robert feet says government will stay in control despite his resignation on thursday features stepped down following public outrage over the killing of a journalist could see at and his fiance. schemes were forced to jump for their lives from an out of control ski lift as a mountain resort in georgia a mouth function who is the chair next to run backwards at high speed flinging passengers into the air at least eight people were injured. now the former deputy director of the f.b.i. and you make a good fight he's the latest top official involved investigations into allegations of russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election to be let go the justice department says it fired mckay balls and internal inquiry determined improper behavior during his handling of an investigation into hillary clinton has rejected allegations he says that he's being targeted as
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a crucial witness into whether trump tried to obstruct the russia investigation. and had to give us some analysis is all from a washington correspondent maya. good to see another firing aide washington what's the tally you know the body count seems to be racking up here another one bites the dust this is the twenty fourth person wow you fourteen months of the trump administration to either resign or be fired we had tillerson just a couple of days ago hope picks the former communications director last week or two weeks ago who can remember so that she was stepping down it really does seem to just be a the people are just running out the door or being pushed out the door you know revolving door with a now it's andrea capes what reasons are being given for his dismissal so as you said he's the deputy director of the f.b.i. for now former deputy director of the f.b.i. and this is a very layered story that i'll try to try to simplify for people of the reason that
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was given by the f.b.i. and by the justice department was improper statements that he made to the media in connection with another investigation. the real reason it's very easy to read a political motivation engined this which they are of course denying but he was very close with james komi he served under james comey the former f.b.i. director who we have to remember trump let go last summer in connection to comb is refusing to shut down the rest of the russia investigation into possible collusion between the trump administration and the campaign at the time i should say and the russian government so a lot of moving pieces here and mccabe himself has pushed back against these allegations saying he made these improper statements that was the official reason why he was like oh yeah we know that mccabe is furious about this can you tell us more about what he said he's released a very long and rather extraordinary and blistering statement that we can take
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a look at here he is said the crux of it here is that he said i am being singled out and trees. in this way because of the role i play the actions i took and the events i witnessed in the aftermath of the firing of james komi this attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally but to taint f.b.i. law enforcement and intelligence professionals more generally just part of this administration ongoing war on the f.b.i. and the efforts of the special counsel investigation which continue to this day and that statement about james comey is really a crux there indicates that he could perhaps be a very key witness in this ongoing special investigations a stinging statement does he have a point there is donald trump eliminating critical voices one by one well if we look at especially the tillerson firing a couple of days ago it does seem to be that he is taking out these voices in his administration that sort of were counting balances to put it simply the yes men who
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were around him and replacing them with people who are much more amenable to the president's outlook on his administration on the country on foreign policy which for people who do not support trump is of course very concerning move because it looks like he's trying to consolidate more power so mccain speaking out like this seems to be him signaling to robert mueller who is reading the special investigation come talk to me i can tell you things absolutely. thank you very much for your analysis it will be interesting to see what comes out in the days and weeks to come. all right some sports news now in hamburg face a crucial gave in their battle to beat relegation later against have to bat in seven points adrift in the relegation zone with time running out now with a new coach at the helm the clubhouse to rouse itself from the doldrums or enjoy its first ever been disney relegation. there was a warm welcome for hamburg's new coach christie is concentrating on the positives
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despite the club's relegation plights. not interested in what's happened this week is a new starts and that's what we're focusing on. this is a relative unknown he's never played or coached at the top level in germany until now but the hamburg bosses hope his qualities will shine through. he started in a diligent and meticulous way. getting stuck into the details of various things and he's a very ambitious person. ambition alone will not be enough for hamburg. but he needs to start scoring goals so far they found the net just eighteen times in twenty six games so what's the grand plan to make hamburg more prolific. if we want to have more possession. so that we have more control of games.
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and through that we want to create more chances to go into. hamburg last win was an emphatic three no victory over half a high end the problem that was way back in november faily it's a bit have linwood extend their winless streak to fourteen games. we want to put a team out there who can win us this game. there's still time for hamburg to save themselves just about but a win this weekend is essential if the folks park stadium is to host top flight football again next season. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you russia says it will expel twenty three british diplomats says the dispute over the poisoning of the next spy in britain deep in the kremlin is furious after british foreign secretary boris johnson directly implicated russian president vladimir putin in that case yesterday . you know what she did have
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a nice from ballet more coming up at the top of the hour and of course you can always get the latest news on our website dot com i'm helen on free in berlin thanks for watching and see you again soon. complete. g.w. true diversity place. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i mean one day he can tell us our innovations magazine for in asia in the classroom and every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com of science and research for any shocks.


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