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but hopefully we can move through slowly. this is deja vu news live from berlin another scalloping in washington former deputy director of the f.b.i. and john mccain is fired the dismissal comes just before mccain was due to retire was his removal politically motivated we'll have a full analysis also coming up the standoff russia says it's to expel twenty three british diplomats this image fury inside the kremlin after the u.k.
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personally blamed president putin over the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter on british soil. hi michelle henery thanks for joining me. another high level firing by the trumpet ministration former f.b.i. deputy director engine mccabe has been dismissed just before he was he to qualify for retirement became to work for the agency for over twenty years we'll get full analysis in a few moments but first here's a look at what happened. work as deputy director of the f.b.i. and drew mccabe played a key role in investigations into hillary clinton's e-mail affair and alleged russian involvement in the twenty sixteen election he stepped down in january but
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remained on the f.b.i.'s payroll he was fired twenty six hours before he would have become eligible for retirement the justice department acted after an internal f.b.i. investigation concluded mccabe had quote made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and looked kinder including under oath on multiple occasions president donald trump immediately praised the move in a tweet he said it's a great day for the hardworking men and women of the f.b.i. a great day for democracy andrew mccabe rejects the accusations against him in a statement he said this attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally but to taint the f.b.i. law enforcement and intelligence professionals more generally. you need to be a correspondent clear which is and joins us now from washington clear and you kate had been only from the f.b.i. since january and he was fired shust over a day before he was due to retire why get rid of them now. well
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for the very reason you said the timing certainly looks like the point of firing him a day before he was meant to receive a full pension is meant to be a callous act he stepped aside earlier this year and so letting him go have an impact on whether he receives his pension now it's important to see this in the wider context of what's been going on in washington this week the city's been abuzz about who's going to be the next to go from trump's cabinet we've seen a string of high levels of parcher is most recently of course when secretary of state rex tillerson was unceremoniously fired earlier this week by tweet and so everybody's been asking who is going to be the next one and it looks like it's andrew mccabe would you say that his foreign was just a fine or as some people allege is it part of a strategy by donald trump to silence his critics well trump certainly sees it as a good move to remove somebody who he says spoken appropriately to the media but
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engine mccain and many of his supporters see this as an attack on a career f.b.i. agents to try and slander not just his personal credibility but also to undermine the legitimacy of organizations like the f.b.i. like the united states top law enforcement agencies and for them this is meant very much as a way to remove people who perhaps saw things about james coney's firing for example that maybe they should have seen and to make a release or rather extraordinary statement saying something just to that effect saying that it was because of what i said what i knew about james comey that i have been targeted in this way and is there any buzz now about who whose head might be next on the chopping block well everybody's been talking about h.r. make master he's of course the national security advisor and the headlines all this week has been about him so the answer make a firing came a little bit out of left field clear richardson correspondent in washington thank
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you very much. the dispute over the poisoning of an expiry in britain is deepening russia says it will expel twenty three british diplomats in a tit for tat response to measures the u.k. has taken against moscow over the case the british consulate in st petersburg and the british council organise cultural organization will also be closed britain says it will consider its response in the coming days. today our ambassador in moscow was informed by the russian government of the action they are taking in response. in light of their previous behavior we anticipate a response of this kind and we will consider our next steps in the coming days alongside our allies and partners but russia's response doesn't change the facts of the matter the attempted assassination move to people on british soil for which there is no alternative conclusion i repeat today that we have no
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disagreement with the russian people many russians who have made this country. and those who abide by our laws and make a contribution to our society will always be welcome. but we will never tolerate a threat to the life of british citizens and others on british soil from the russian government. earlier we spoke to who is the russian correspondent for the british daily telegraph newspaper he gave us an assessment of the situation from moscow. this is the big as to that russia has promised and now really the ball is back in the u.k.'s courts i think that the british government will come under pressure now to retaliate once again because russia has especially up the any russian of course claiming that this is only fair because russia has only one consulate in the u.k. whereas the u.k. has two consulates in russia. but nonetheless this would be seen as an escalation
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this is unprecedented even when the russian cut u.s. diplomatic staff by seven hundred fifty five people over sanctions adopted last year they still didn't shut down the consulates in u.s. consulates directly so this is quite a strong rules russia and certainly. beyond the u.k. government now. the daily telegraph's russia correspondent alec lund speaking there now some of the other stories making news around the world at least two people have been killed and several more injured in a car bomb attack in the afghan capital kabul the taliban has claimed responsibility the bomber targeted a global security company official say all the victims were civilians it's the fourth suicide attack in the city in three weeks. and iraqi teenager has been found guilty of attempted murder after detonating a homemade bomb on a train in london last september some thirty people were injured in the attack the
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device went off in a carriage in a busy commuter train but failed to fully explode the teenager on that husain came to the u.k. as an asylum seeker and twenty fifteen. tens of thousands of people have protested for the third consecutive day demonstrators are calling for snap elections they say prime minister robert government will stay in control despite his resignation on thursday stepped down following public outrage over the killing of journalist young could shock and his fiance. at least eight people have been injured after a malfunctioning ski lift through people from their seats at a ski resort in georgia skiers and snowboarders were forced to jump from the out of control chair lift their seats backwards down the mountain. and members of germany's kurdish community have gathered in the city of hanover to demonstrate against a turkish offensive in syria the march falls during numerous pritish festival celebrating the new year to move police originally wanted to ban the demonstration
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because of fears of clashes between kurdish and turkish troops but a court overturned the ban police have warned that images of the jailed kurdish leader of line and ban flags would be confiscated. joining us for more on the protests in hanover is the worst funded bush what's the atmosphere like now in hanover are the kurds celebrating or demonstrating sold that sold their date with offering. yellow it is more a demonstration than a celebration actually i mean nor is the celebrating spring spring is really far away right now it's minus degrees and it's actually freezing in year and the whole cell of celebrations is overshadowed by what is going on in our free invited service of turkish of friends. and african people here are outraged they're all around ten thousand people estimated to have come here from iran germany and really
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like that's night there has been the main hospital in africa has been attacked and over fifteen civilians have been killed and this is people here are. saying that that has to stop. german police wanted to ban the demonstration but of course said that they couldn't do that why did the court rule against the police. we see there is that there are there's been many controversial had of this event the thing is that the organizers the organization not of them is a kurdish umbrella creation they have been the merchants he appealed to the administrate of court and that has been granted it would have been the first time that such a thing like nora's would have been forbidden in germany but it comes together with another thing there's been a new directive of the ministry of interior that actually makes it very easy to ban any kurdish events or associations or protests in order when assuming them to be linked to p.k. k.
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and here also we have this issue today there were two protest march coming in here and the police is always stopping the protest march because of the band flags of a child and he could kate but there's another thing many politicians from left wing parties on the parliament from german parliament as well as actors and artists have come out in support and they have actually registered to see events today as well so in the end it has been allowed and is taking place right now and people are speaking also german politicians like van fixing i've been talking here in support of the kurds you notice our boss thank you for joining us. bonus league of football now and the relegation battle hots up this week and freiburg are looking for a win in friday's game to all but to secure their safety but a new schuchardt would be a tough proposition the visitors haven't lost a game since new coach tough uncorked came in and are going for an unlikely
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european spot mario gomez pushed a cart in front for just four minutes freiburg hit back after half time through a news pietersen wonder strike that gomes was on hand again to clinch the points fifteen minutes from the shift are now unbeaten in nine under court and firmly in the group of league one it. hamburg are just about to kick off their crucial game in the battle to beat relegation against her to berlin hamburg are seven points adrift in the relegation zone with time running out now with a new coach at the helm the club has to rouse itself from the doldrums or endure its first ever bundesliga relegation. there was a warm welcome for hamburg's new coach christie and sits is concentrating on the positives despite the club's relegation plights. students and we're not interested in what's happened this week is a new start and that's what we're focusing on this. this is
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a relative unknown he's never played or coached at the top level in germany until now but the hamburg bosses hope his qualities will shine through. he started in a diligent and meticulous way. getting stuck into the details of various things and he's a very ambitious person. ambition alone will not be enough for hamburg value but he needs to start scoring goals so far they found the net just eighteen times in twenty six games so what's the grand plan to make hamburg more prolific. if the fifth we want to have more possession. so that we have more control of games . and through that we want to create more chances to go into. hamburg's last win was an emphatic three no victory over hoffenheim the problem that was way back in november faily it's
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a bit hats about linwood extend their winless streak to fourteen games. we want to put a team out there who can win us this game. there's still time for hamburg to save themselves just about but a win this weekend is essential if the folks park stadium is to host top flight football again next season. fifa president giani infant tino has confirmed that video assistant referees will be used at this summer's world cup in russia despite opposition from fans he announced the decision after a meeting a fetus ruling council the video assistant referee system was trial last summer's confederations cup and is used in the german and italian leagues critics argue it slows the game down and this to confusion for fans inside the stadium. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you the f.b.i. is former deputy director angela cave has been fired just before he was set to retire the u.s. justice department said the dismissal. space on the findings of an internal inquiry
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mccabe says he's been targeted as a crucial witness and inquiry into russia's role in the twenty six thousand election. you're watching news from berlin and more come at the top of the hour and don't forget the latest news and headlines around the clock on our web site that's dot com thanks for watching. we make up over we want tons of office on the on doubt that she lives we all the civil service or.


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