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tv   Pop Xport - Bands Trends and Events - the Best Music from Germany  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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if you're smart t.v. mordor. for smart. what you watch what you want to up to date extraordinary. to decide what's. more. tom smart. hello and welcome to pop export your tickets and all the latest and jammin music i'm livin and here's what i have for you today. twenty five years of german history in song by the band cuts. the troll fire melancholy pop sensation lady among
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clouds. and and fire on one of the winning bands in the match at home at rock. indie rock house has just launched. and i have to say it's really something it includes a thirty three minute song that takes and twenty five years of germany's history to accompany this news to come marathon there's a new film which recently premiered at a house concert and their hometown hamburg export was there. for some reason there's a. big. cuts across performing in hamburg as mojo club the german newcomers are launching their debut album titled narrow as loud more than loud. the climax of the show certainly is the louder this song lyric in your or your children is
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accompanied by a film both the song and the film deal with childhood and growing up in a reunified germany from one nine hundred ninety on the bed to the song in the film are both an astounding thirty three minutes long. longer one with a song if it wasn't intended to be so long on the funk i just started writing and then i was a verse for every year when i was twelve i was a form of concert that means twenty five cents from one thousand nine hundred ninety to twenty fifteen you that's why it can't be cut down on a quote from an attack on a refugee shelter in rostock in one thousand nine hundred two events like this are also part of the song and the film which is set in a rented home in east berlin. for the filmmakers depicting twenty five years of german history was a real challenge. to
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see idea was to pack all the stories and characters mentioned in a song into the house and to see the kids growing up together. and then to see what they all go through and what happens. in the title. of this biggest so it's more than just a music video backdrop for the band it's an actual film in its own right and. the band from hamburg got the idea for this song in two thousand and fourteen when some people in the former east germany began to protest the government's migration policies. under the rallies to counter picket there was a slogan that developed your children will be like us hope what life is like saying we can change you but your children can only turn out my car that had that idea took hold of me and i began to our client to my own life and that of my friends slogan him to task. is to speak. to.
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the. incoming. the result of a song and film to take a clear stand against xenophobia and nationalism. a topic with relevance far beyond eastern germany. in the song it deals with how this division between east and west is actually quite weird is not just an east german issue it's relevant to all of germany. twenty five years and every unified germany seen through the eyes of someone who grew up in this time people are struck by the combination of music and film. their own music i'm a musician myself i don't know how you can memorize half an hour of lyrics complicated ones to. actually so imagine me of the stocks of pink floyd songs they made long songs that last is about just on top and i would switch it off. if you
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want to experience the full force of crowds songs you have to see them live otherwise there is their debut album. and impressive film. as you heard the song i have a kid and your children it's thirty three minutes long so we can fit it into the show instead something new from casper a german record with american roots and a husky voice here's a dramatic video to his new song. maybe five. can be about how can you go to san antonio.
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that's pretty emotional and a side of caspar i'm not used to seeing but the red bar will be hitting festival stages starting in may this year and now he has more news from that german music scene. it
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was a big evening for the winners of the german music alterable it embedded and gave a performance rights organization based in germany on a german composers like prince p. in the category for best hip hop lyrics. you know thanks very much thanks to everyone who makes music with me german rocket have a kind of i presented the popular x. of war to sing about being a. class study got picked up a lifetime achievement award the jazz composer read classics like the legendary tune to the german t.v. crime series taught. honest most and was awarded for her mega hit no roots and ramstein won in the uk michelle category congratulations from pop export to see those few thousands of children will die if we do not help now to food. together with the athletes anthony campbell and months the german rocket little in the back is helping to fight hunger he's an ambassador
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for unicef stop ten seconds campaign it refers to the fact that every ten seconds a child under the age of five dies of hunger the aim is to save children's lives in south sudan with a joint season starting in my food supplies could become scarce many celebrities have already donated like model and singer in the back and tennis legend bar inspector. from the original image of the world have him a small group of heaven shall burn up touring across europe with songs from their current album one jura. everything from the vibrant world of pop music on facebook at the w music store. stars in the latest from the music scene.
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join us in the universe of pop on facebook and send us a message we love hearing from. we continue with an up and coming artist from of area. little better known as lily among clouds makes melancholy pop and reminds me a little bit of lana del rey among clouts has performed at festivals in finland australia and the us she's been touring with her new album aerial perspective where we caught up with her. it. might only be an adopted home for lily among clowns but it's like performing for
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a home crowd normally shy she comes out of her shell. she captivates her audience with the energy and very personal larynx. second on my feet and i always say i'm not offering a solution in the songs but if people feel what you've lived through then they know that they're not the only idiots that have bad things happen to them. that's enough to change something but it doesn't take the problems away is that. the twenty nine year olds debut album aerial perspective is an indie pop can't.
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do the voice is amazing i'll for performance just makes a very likeable odgers the third down to out i really like her voice she has such a standout sound system. eighty years ago a little bit but not aka lily among clowns moved towards book she was a student of political science and she made a lot of music her first e.p. came out in twenty fifteen with find songs written by her. it was only them that she decided to devote herself entirely to music. it was a difficult step to take because i was always a bit scared of being an artist. when kalki at some stage then it became clear people like to listen to me so i either put everything into it all nothing at all two years ago i thought i have to try it on months it's. you album came out in the
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autumn of twenty seventeen she's been torn with it ever since. among counters perform some pretty big gigs for such a new talent she performed to a crowd of ten thousand in finland and played in australia and after south by southwest festival in texas english language lyrics have universal appeal. as sureness had it learn anything is that i always wanted to travel and for early on everyone always said sing in german it's much easier it's in demand downs of us and i always said i can only do what i write and that's. it and it's brilliant because you travel with it so it has its benefits office. feels most comfortable on stage and every performance is different.
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it was. predictable things happen which makes performances so much more exciting and lively and i guess so the evening can be an also or an exhausting month. but if it's a good evening and that is magic it works and nobody can artificially create. it. there were definitely magical concert moments for what's broken audience johnny's indie pop discovering. from atmospheric in the pub we now go to hip hop from all excess the german rep are with rusin and ukrainian roots has managed to do what few others have he talked to both but german single and album charts in the same week he has the cliff to his
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hit single magic with vocalist eighteen. the nuclear club. used. to. get through the cycle to figure out. from the long haul you. focus a little. bit but this is this is. the first. place to go to. this group is.
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the cool. cool cool looking through the. roof. but this is the.
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from that in germany to hong kong with a declaration of love and threats now let's look at some new releases alan kohler. made the twins heiko and the omen lock on the east the eighteen year old you tube stars went to bangkok thailand to film the music video about the. colors. of the clara louise the twenty five year old was born in germany and now lives insults for australian. lives the man. is a balance in. the land kristen bush is thirty
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years old and has already made music with rap pacts like america's crow and the all sims now he's doing his own thing and it's pretty on bad. luck. the german comeback bell book and candle landed an international hit with rescue me in the ninety's their most recent album came out in two thousand and finds thirteen years omes the berlin trio are making a comeback in their own language. now for all you fans of distorted at. and counting that of and from around the world
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face off in the metal battle at the back open air who is the fastest hardest and the loudest each month we feature one of the five winning bands from the last competition and their place in fair that metaphor lists from the netherlands'. to surprise package at the metal battle of twenty seventeen in fareham the average age of the band members is just nineteen the jets group only got together nine months before the competition knocking was their biggest to get so practice was keep. this three times a week and we're just drilling the songs you know just as over and over every parts we play the hundred times of everything didn't need to be perfect and as well as it
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did was really really fun to do we saw. we saw itself grow as a band and it was really really cool to see. hard work is a must but to win against twenty seven international acts in banking you also need luck. and it seems the weather gods were smiling down on you in terror. to look at the weather channel this morning and the largest was saying yeah it's raining really plagues everyone is inside. the us ourselves and he said yeah it was raining so hard and everyone just stormed inside of the tent so i think we're lucky that that's raining.
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until now in. i have never performed in front of more than one hundred people here they have to wow an overcrowded tent but it's not a problem the musicians from the dutch city of eindhoven know how it's done because they've studied their craft. all started a. college. that's where it all started with a few line up changes it's called for because a lot of teachers there are. only from one of them say shit like that but we are talking about the business side of music so we have an advantage and that's how to take. so studies at the music academy were worth it as the middle madelyne back in the band came in third place. in favor of the metal newcomers might still be young but they were already like seasoned pros so watch this space.
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it's time again for the export quits join and you could win awesome c.d.'s today we hear niagara shania from kenya with the german follow up global hit stolen dance if you tell us who did the original you could win albums with music from today's show and.
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you. tube. what a great cover but who sang the original may oncet to d.w. up export. six in one three three five five berland germany or via e-mail to export at w dot com and don't forget to include your mailing address up for grabs is music from clara luis cast lily among clouds and an album with a textbook from the band house finally i have a cup clip for you now it was released in march twenty years ago that primavera by sash the dance project by d.j.
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sasha has. the single make charts in ten countries making it to third place in great britain and s. the song says. a spring of love fill your hearts with love and joy the video i love ina thanks for watching.
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it's about more than energy it's about power. the north string to the russian energy giant gazprom pipeline through the middle of the baltic directly to germany . move the bilateral undertaking has met with a lot of opposition mob college explicit pipelines in europe and natural gas. in sixteen minutes on d w. climate change the bush. pollution.
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isn't it time for good news go in africa people and projects that are changing our lives are meant for the best her it's up to us to make a difference let's destroy each other. be good enough. environment magazine. d.w. started out with some junk and instructions from a book. at the age of fourteen william coming. from malawi wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. playland commitment to this idea changed his life a place of all of it much of an exciting journey a humble world speaking. hero's story. and the winter starting march twenty first on t.w. . the race for immortality has begun
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played leading neuroscientists are researching ways to replicate the human brain play androids are taking over physical labor. and the code of the human brain is deciphered. to determine which play enjoys for the artificial consciousness or the number one item on the market and the generation needs front against such an attempt to do the cooking. you're putting the transfer of the human mind into an avatar is successful immortality is within reach. but what tricks the men do you think would smooth the planet and will make sure you wouldn't want it.
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ring factory starting march twenty fourth on t.w. claim. voting is underway in russia's presidential election voters and vladivostok in the country's far east lined up to cast their ballots eight candidates are in the running but president vladimir putin is expected to win a fourth term in office by a clear margin. thousands of people have been streaming out.


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