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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2018 1:15am-1:30am CET

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i want us to get a show with chris harrington is coming up after the break with all of this weekend's golds could our be leipzig spring a shock and be fine munich for the first time ever well why don't you stay tuned because that's coming up in just one minute. this indeed of the news live from berlin i'm money thank you for watching. starting know with some junk and instructions from a book. at the age of fourteen william coming to dream. from oh we wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. power and. design d.-o.
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change has learned a great food all that much generates citing joining the world's biggest. heroes story. and the winter starting march twenty first in w. matchday twenty seven his son still delivered in a ready for a pow wow hello and welcome to the put to sleep here on d w i press harry to join me in studio michelle didn't say former but as they get midfielder in t.v. pundits than you do michelle very good thank you ok and our very own maximillian meryl welcome back matt says rock style let's take a look at what's coming up peter stood in dortmund back in bundesliga action after
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an ugly europa league exit they're hosting the handover side looking to break their three game losing streak and will head to leipzig where rb was looking to finally dethrone the defending champions byron munich leipsic has lost every game against the league giant pool the fifth time be a charm. but first the two are between cologne and labor coups and the biggest mismatch of the match de cologne at this point in the season are playing for pride what else is there they're dead last with the worst defense in delete they look like free lunch right now leverkusen likely to qualify for the champions league are they heavy favorites it's pride versus high probability will cologne finally change their stench of distant relegation. seldom has there been a flutter favorite for the writing darby. highflying live a coup isn't coming off the back of two wins would surely have the edge against
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rock bottom cologne who hadn't won at home for two months. but cologne clearly how to read the script there were just nine minutes gone when you asako gave them the leads by leave accused and couldn't get to grips with leonardo bits and his cross caused chaos in the leverkusen defense and bentley wouldn't cover himself in glory with his attempt to save by it might have been a lucky goal but it was one that colin's play had merits it. may have a christmas mistakes when confined to their defense the video assistant referee summoned on field cunts apart most of the pitch site monitor where he saw what had happened behind his back was miss julie sent lucas a lot of packing for a flying elbow was. not wasn't leave a cousens last moment of madness in the darby. deep into the second time charles
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inadvertently headed through for cologne's eamon sala he gratefully accepted the chance to seal a shot to the lead for the hosts by three big points for the billy goats who suddenly have renewed hope of avoiding relegation. then after a game like that it's time to dive into the talking points amassed a twenty seven here on the bonus league with me this week hey hey michel didn't say former but as they get player michelle looking good thank you and our very own max merrill now michelle i'll start with you let's talk cologne cologne it they've been bottom of the table so long they should be paying rent there now with the wind they just hurtle over hamburg. you've been in a relegation battle before how much of a boost is this win right now it's a big boost because after the derby win more and more power coming up for them not only for the team for the supporters for the coaches and for the whole team side
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and some of the players but actually the focus was on tour order and that's why they did a great job today and very important three points and they are not anymore are now lost in the table ok all right now max over to you do you concur with that what do you think do you think that they will actually survive in the top flight or do you think they're definite dry think they've got a great chance because there's a lot of positivity there you look at how the result this weekend and the past few weeks they just look buried and cologne there's a lot of positivity that winning the dobie can really really inflate your ego as a player i think as well and they need that there's a lot of positivity so i'm going to back them to stay up ok but let me step in we have two weeks off now of course of our national team and you never know after this two weeks if how do you hope you'll come back so it's i think it's live a dangerous now to see how their work week the next two weeks. two weeks needed for live accused certainly after
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a defeat like that. ok all right now sits i because we have more to cover speaking of labor couzin labor codes is defeat gave dortmund a chance to get a tight hold on the champions league place just days after they crashed out of europe with a dire performance against rb sol spurs at least peter stone is unbeaten in the league his dortmund coach and he continued that run in home to hanover batu i scored the only goal of the game in the twenty fourth minute batsmen converted a corner his sixth goal in seven matches giving them a one nil win and brings to a go a little relief. of the bet man now germany's two remaining european contenders powerhouse byron munich and young and hungry rb leipzig faced off the sides have only played each other a total of three times in the league byron clipped their wings every time rb need some points right now if they want to get back in the champions league and we all know biron had to put their celebrations on hold due to the shelter result on
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saturday one thing in this match up is certain goals let's see if history repeats itself. the start of this match was more notable for he was on the bench rather than the pitch top scorer robert live and the one of six rescued by brian around the hospital left out his house and sent it back really open among another six others like the coach may have been ruling that decision early on the home defense all at sea sounds revived now with the happy recipients. at the other end only heroics from strength in the acrobatic meatless sooner we keeping brian ahead it was only a matter of time until right see break through b.k. to block once but twice. the house with the momentum after a frenzy. and they crashed on in the second period team event i played through and go in the strike out on a sub made nary mistake kind of grant me his seven game goal drought and then when
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it's mika. banner then got greedy as he trying to see a light six win. but the visitors can break through again frogman sending the last chance of the match high and white. and so another milestone in the light six story a banner inspired first of a victory over par and. the match day twenty seven conversation continues i'm back with the w.'s max merrill if former but as they go player michelle did say ok michelle start with you let's start off with life six when was it a sense of buyer's being too weak leipsic actually showing up and being strong i'm going to say it was a strong performers for them for especially a first off so much power gold shots twelve twelve to one i think south and into goals even if they was one one back but they came back so strong
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there and i came in very early because of the injury. and he did a great job i'm very happy to see it for. well i guess this is interesting about this particular tide because i did a little research and this is they have the most off its production of any time right now they're averaging nearly five goals a game so it is nice to see even though the eleven dusky a few players were left out of the starting line up but you know so you go for leipsic now max over to you both coaches made six changes to their lineups but it looked like hobson who till the magic yeah i got to say before the match i thought he got it wrong he dropped or bonnie was resting him van i could see maybe why i was resting him but joel kevin ogle stock has been in red hot form the last few games he was on the bench but he proves us wrong they played high all time football like we saw them do last season and really put bon under pressure you mentioned the shots on goal they had a kind of iron on the hood of really very home and van i mean you can't really
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credit hasn't had to without getting into the van or coming on but he had gone seven games without a go so he was really hot and you could tell six shots on target and he scored a magnificent performance from him yeah ok now let's talk about rest resting that many players is it a gamble in your opinion. not much rest but the four day window of what is your take on that should players coaches rest the players so homologous twenty years so i need my rice for that definitely i can play just only one one game in a week but these are young kids kids still kids twenty twenty one twenty two years old and they can play easily two or three games in a week so bayamon is playing every week and we week two games so they this is a professional team it's the one of the best team in a while so they have no problem with us but they did it good it's like you see today one again by many and not every team is going to win by a ok let's change it up
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a bit let's talk dortmund now they crashed out of the europa league in midweek and looked pretty mediocre in there when max and they failed why have they failed in european to keep the pressure on byers i mean i think it sort of saw it in the summer selling them ballet the whole mess around that obama young will he won't he ended up staying but causing a lot of trouble being suspended from the team twice a boss was playing a defensive high line that just didn't work with the personnel you have i think they lost the ground early on in the season stu got you has come in he's stayed steady the ship twelve games unbeaten now but again it's more about him showing off the defense they've had five draws in that twelve game unbeaten run and were not for me she bunch why i think they would be in a much worse position maybe even fighting just to get into the top four as it is now he studied the ship i've not sure without but why they can really take on next season ok now let's take a look at the table up sop to see who you guys put your money on who could actually finish in the top four now look at the table obviously biron are
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a long stretch ahead and shock adult men frankfurt labor couzin what do you guys say who's making the top the champions league or possibly europe michelle shall go and lots of chocolate about frankfurt no frankfurt frankfurt is going for a rip in the europa league ok max i got to say leipzig i think going to. on the euro league so they'll go finish in the top six not in the top four and frankfurt with the squad that they have i think laver cruising might just edge it and so forth flies out of them ok let's look at the bottom half and let's choose who's going to make the great escape i think cologne is definite go down max i'm going to be optimistic i think cologne are going to stay up and put volz forward to go down along with hamburg michel once again real quick. and we'll spork and hamburg is gone for they should ok we'll have to leave it at that we heard everyone's opinion that full time for the bundesliga i'd like to thank our guests this week michel did say thank you max a million meryl for me and the rest of that scene here in berlin dhaka.
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