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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin as the u.k. ramps up its investigation into the poisoning of a former spy foreign secretary boris johnson points the finger at the kremlin. has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think good. evidence points the evidence of culpability points to the russians to. johnson's comments come as the international chemical weapons experts begin analyzing the nerve agent used in the attack. also coming up europe's human rights
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court condemns turkey of the jailing of two journalists it is a court's first such ruling into an action with turkey's crackdown on anyone suspected of having links to a failed coup attempt two years ago. and a sad day for conservationists the world's last male northern white rhino dies in kenya only two females remain can anything be done to stop the species from going extinct. the man. i'm swimming so misconduct to have you with us diplomats expelled by the u.k. have left russia's london embassy headed back to moscow this as international weapons inspectors have begun analyzing the talks and used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter in the city of salzburg russia has hit back at british allegations that it is behind the attack demanding evidence or an
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apology but police in the u.k. say their investigation is likely to take months. the daughter of ex russian spy sergei script all travelled home in this car after returning from moscow earlier this month now the british military has removed it for forensic tests iris after you the script returned to souls she was found unconscious alongside her father on this band's. scientists at this bio chemical weapons facility say they were poisoned with the never agent novacek this finding is now central to britain's case against russia but a direct link to putin remains elusive t w correspondent john and i sat down with british foreign minister boris johnson do you have any solid evidence that poor didn't directly or did it because what he said is the most the wreck is a friend of russia's li that m.r. is somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we
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in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence or culpability points to the russian state and as it did in the case of alexander litvinenko a new member the trail of polonium lead back very clearly to the russian state and in the end. mr putin is in charge and that is you know that i'm afraid he cannot escape responsibility and cope ability. both putin himself and those around him have staunchly denied these allegations. sooner or later these unsubstantiated allegations will have to be answered they will either need to be backed up with something with some evidence or they'll need to apologize. chemical weapons experts have arrived in the u.k. to test samples of the toxic substance used in the script the results will not be
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known for at least two weeks. and we can talk to our correspondent emily sure one who's standing by for us in moscow hi emily we saw in a report that international chemical weapons experts are in the u.k. to review the evidence but the e.u. and nato are already standing behind london how is the kremlin reacting to that well the russian the russian side the kremlin has remained defiant and they have also continued to deny all the accusations against them we saw kremlin spokes person meet you can scoff say that sooner or later the u.k. will have to back up these accusations with proof or apologize to russia and putin himself is also denied these accusations he said that they were nonsense and that it was nonsense that russia would want to poison city gay sixty five before the presidential elections and before the upcoming world cup and among people here there's also a huge huge huge outrage people here very much see that see this as part of an anti
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russian campaign that's being waged in the west emily in an interview with boris johnson so if asked about russian access to the evidence let's listen to what he said. that i have and i'm going to say is that they would like to have an x. and still the case materials will you allow this access to russia will i think in the first instance if i may respectfully say to the to the to the kremlin detectives i think we will we will trust to the technical experts of the organization of the prohibition of chemical weapons who are here writing in in the u.k. today let's see what the assessment is that's the proper procedure that the u.k. has to follow. the chemical weapons treaty there are just so many what's the response been there to denying access at least for now to russia investigators.
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well we don't know yet what the response is to that but it's likely to be that the well basically i think that as long as russia doesn't get access to these samples or access to the facts of the investigation they have a good reason to continue to call foul play which is what they've been doing or to even say that these international weapons experts who have now arrived in the u.k. that they are somehow biased and also it's worth noting that russia has opened their own investigation into this whole case after all they point out that you would have to file is a russian citizen so they will likely keep trying to get access to information keep trying to get access to those samples for that investigation and that's a strategy that we've seen before for example with the whole doping scandal russia often denies accusations they kind of under undermine the facts undermine the investigation and also paint everything that's going on as an anti russian campaign
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meanwhile as part of the diplomatic fallout and really london is expelled twenty three russian diplomats they say that they have to leave the u.k. by today do we have any indication of how that is playing out the russian foreign ministry has said that they are leaving british territory today it's twenty three diplomats as he said and also their families so a total of eighty people will be leaving today and on friday the russian ambassador to britain actually welcomed them he had a he had a reception for them and he said he told them very clearly that the world is bigger than just britain so we see some defiance there as well. when with the latest from moscow for us thank you emily. now to some other stories making news around the world former french president nicolas sarkozy is reportedly in police custody for questioning into the financing of his two thousand and seven campaign it is alleged
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that the regime of the late to libyan dictator moammar gadhafi provided millions of euros to start in a legal contributions an air strike on a school shelter in syria's eastern ghouta has killed at least fifteen children and two women that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights it says the strikes came from russian planes this is thousands of civilians have fled the besieged enclave. as the u.s. battles and opioid drug epidemic president donald trump has called for drug dealers to receive the death penalty trump was speaking in new hampshire a state hit hard by the national opioid crisis attorney general jeff sessions was on hand to emphasize that his department of justice has made the drug epidemic a priority. and harvey weinstein's former company has filed for bankruptcy months after the oscar winning producer was accused of multiple sexual assaults weinstein was fired as chairman last october when the allegations were first reported he has
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denied having non consensual sex with anyone. the european court of human rights today condemned to turkey for detaining two turkish journalists in the wake of the two thousand and sixteen coup attempt the court in strasbourg france joined a recent ruling from turkey's constitutional court saying the rights of sahin who you see here and his colleagues. were violated the court decided infringements on the pair's right to freedom of expression as well as their right to liberty and security. and let's bring indeed abuse max holzman he is in strasburg following this case for us hi max how significant is it that the european court of human rights has ruled in favor of these to journalists. you can't get much higher than the european court of human rights especially of course in europe so what this does it sides with the constitutional court in turkey and let me just remind everybody how this played out because the constitutional court in turkey which is of course
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the highest court in turkey said that these two journalists need to be released but then a lower court said we're not going to do that we're against the constitutional court so you can't really be much more outside of the rule of law than that lower court has been and by the way those two aren't the only journalists that are being detained in turkey approximately one hundred fifty journalists at the moment are being detained after that coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen so this gives even more credibility to the highest court of turkey it gives it more punch and of course it builds up pressure against the turkish government max what are the consequences for these two journalists and others who have also been detained in turkey after the failed coup. well the actual ruling here at the european court of human rights gives you an indication of what's in store because one only one of seven judges ruled against this verdict right here and you can guess the nationality of the judge he is turkish so this gives you an indication that those
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two journalists are about to be completely released and one of them got a life sentence by the way but like i said it's about building up pressure not only political pressure but also moral pressure diplomatic pressure it doesn't sound like much at the moment but it has worked in the past and of course those still detained in turkey apart from those two sides talked about one hundred fifty journalists approximately will be able to use this ruling as a blueprint and that's what do you think this ruling means for turkish e.u. relations. european union of course has been extremely critical of the way that this turkish government and the courts some of those courts at least are handling the rule of law in turkey this gives them more justification this is something they can use to say or to tell to say to the turkish government listen see now we even have the highest one of the highest
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something day they'll be able to use to point to and try to improve the situation it's all part of that package i've been mentioning building up pressure and this is an important corner store to do that. on reporting for us from strasburg thank you max. now the world's last mail northern white rhino named sudan has died in a kenyan conservatory caretakers made the decision to euthanize him after his health deteriorated sudan's genetic material has been collected in the hope the future technology could potentially revive the species only two females remain the life of a northern white rhino can be a lonely one sedan the last remaining male of the species has died aged forty five intensive poaching has significantly reduced numbers scientists even turned to dating apps for sudan in an attempt to raise awareness and enough money to pay for
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an one million dollars for tele t. treatment. on the kenyan conservationists looking after sudan led the tributes only a couple of weeks ago they spoke of their hope as he tried to recover from an infected leg seven days ago we thought that we knew would make that decision. because then one morning he could not be complete he was unable to christ. that was seven days ago but then after some medication that we give pain and antibiotics he was able to stand up but give us hope and just maybe we would like to give him a chance at life. well there are thousands of southern white revenue's still roaming the plains of sub-saharan africa. to northern white rhinos remain saddam's daughter and her daughter. with experts warning that the threat of extinction is more of
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a case of wayne instead of conservationists hope it's no light sight for these gentle giants. a reminder now of our top stories at this hour international weapons inspectors have begun analyzing the talks and used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter in the city of salzburg that's us british foreign minister boris johnson doubles down on allegations that the kremlin is behind the attack. and two turkish journalists are celebrating a favorable ruling by the european court of human rights the court condemned turkey for detaining the journalists in the wake of the two thousand and sixteen true attempt one of them is still under house arrest however the other remains in prison . you're watching news coming right up harley davidson gears up for a higher prices in germany with a trade dispute looming and it comes at about time we'll tell you why. that story and more with kristoff coper in business coming right up.
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on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history and talent much will poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent drugs i see many of the younger and promising germans who are now me few names for themselves all over there are. some might get along the way some might for though some women continue.


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