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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2018 12:15pm-12:30pm CET

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however the other remains in prison. you're watching t w news coming right up harley davidson gears up for higher prices in germany with a trade dispute looming and it comes at about time we'll tell you why. that story and more with christoph coper in business coming right up. on freedom and home. where i come from the region is rich in history. poor and. this makes it special difficult for and depend on it i see many of my younger promising. now me
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a few names for themselves. some along the way some might follow. with continue. their experience of freedom in a sense is like the experience of the day you can visit your car come back home. my name is your street what i work you know. opening up as a trade dispute with the united states is looming china's premier says his country wants to increase foreign investment and even promises equal treatment for chinese and foreign companies will get more from beijing also on the program same goal different strategies how u.s. trade partners try to avoid being hit with punitive terror and harley davidson is
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getting ready for higher prices in germany a potential victim of the looming trade dispute. this is the deadly business i'm crystal kober welcome china's premier extended what some view as an olive branch to washington li keqiang said china wants to try and avert any trade war and actually open up chinese markets wider to trade partners take a listen. so. i think there will be no winner and no benefit from any trade war between china and the united states. the. it's also contrary to the principle of trade. if we describe trade with the word war. this is because problems related to trade should be solved by negotiations consultations and discussions. i hope both parties will
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act rationally not be led by emotions and avoid a trade war being and on the chinese premier speaking there are now for more let's bring indeed i'll be a correspondent there spelling are in beijing with us in this press conference leakage and also said that foreign and chinese firms would be able to go on an equal footing in the future that's quite a print from the edition how credible is this announcement. well she. has made similar announcements every year so far what we see is the opposite conditions for foreign business in china i have to tear your rated in a business survey last autumn forty percent of the german enterprises in china sent they feel less welcome than before. the overall investments across border investments have dropped dramatically in the last two years a lot of new regulations make business more difficult for foreign enterprises so i
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wouldn't give too much on this now why would the chinese premier make such an announcement. now that's a good question as i said he's been making these announcements this kind of announcement every year we have heard she jinping in davos last year if you remember who has said similar things that free trade is crucial. of course it is crucial for china to be able to sell their goods in on the world market on the other hand they have the object of strengthening their own economy it might be just what people want to hear that's one explanation now u.s. president donald trump wants to reduce the u.s. has a trade deficit with china is this strategy of his not working that well
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that's hard to say you mean donald trump strategy yes indeed yeah well that's hard to say so far i mean until now we see we would probably see the first tariffs come in to. come next friday what would be the impact we don't really know. yeah you might say it's sounds like on is responding to this but as i said i am not too sure whether we should take this seriously i don't have an answer to that now but there's bellinger in beijing thank you know with the threat of import tariffs looming u.s. trade partners have been showing varying reactions japan for example has refrained from loud criticism hoping to be exempted from the levies the u.s. hopes are the same the strategy is different there's more.
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japan is the world's second largest producer of steel after china and behind the scenes tokyo has been using its diplomatic skills to convince the u.s. of how important relations between the two countries are for example whilst japan might exported steel to the u.s. it's also the number one buyer of american weapons such as the patriot defense system and fighter jets in fact lockheed martin is on the brink of signing a mega deal with japan so far the persuasion efforts appear to be working. one on one more there's a high on stability that japan could be exempted from u.s. tariffs on steel and a menu item basis as japanese steel and aluminum products contribute greatly to u.s. industry and irreplaceable. the e.u.
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meanwhile is using a variety of tactics to convince donald trump to abandon his plans from threatening retaliatory measures to requesting talks germany's new economy minister was in the u.s. on monday for talks with his american counterparts. with goodwill on both sides i see a chance of getting a positive response by the end of the week. on tuesday and wednesday the e.u. commissioner for trade cecilia mousetrap will continue the discussions in washington it's not clear what the e.u. intends to offer the americans but donald trump has frequently criticized the high import taxes on u.s. cars and foods like meat. now let's bring in our financial correspondent here journal the german economy minister is signaling the willingness to make concessions the chinese premier saying the country would be open to moves that
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would bring down the u.s. trade deficit with china what do people on the trading floor think is u.s. president donald trump's strategy working. well first of all it's important to note that the idea of seeking redress for a trade imbalance is not entirely wrong if you look at it from the perspective that export heavy weights three direct demand from elsewhere and that causes local production to sag and create unemployment now whether donald trump should be using a prank been shipped based approach is a is a different matter entirely and that's not really one that anyone here at the trading floor would really endorse now it's an approach that nobody here would really say that they do if they were in donald trump's position but it's also created a situation where in order to avoid a trade war it's become important to say anything one can and if the parties meeting donald trump a feel that making him feel like he's winning in order to adverse in order to avoid
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an adverse outcome would be the way to do it then that's what they're going to do it's also worth noting. that in china's case they've made these sorts of pronouncements before about widening market access of ballots making sure that intellectual property is better protected and foreign business is there really haven't get felt the impact of these pronouncements so we could be in a situation where it's important to make the concessions and pledges now what actually is implemented on the ground at a later stage could look different to know them a lot of fun for thank you. now should the european union not reach an exemption from fresh u.s. imports harris the block has announced it would strike back with levies of its own the list of items that would be hit is ten pages long and it includes some of the most iconic products customers. that sound is worth around thirty thousand euros and holly davidson's munich branch is busy the first rays of
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spring sunshine see customers flocking here the key you is now threatening to levy import tariffs on highly davidson's as a response to new u.s. tariffs on the use steel an element approved by president trump penalties could amount to twenty percent on the famous american cycles twenty yeah twenty percent would be a real blow to the tour it would be a straight three to four thousand euro's more expensive yet there was no war. the munich harley davidson showroom is called the house of flames there's hardly a better known calling card for america than the iconic brands showroom here. freedom loving easy rider is find it almost unbelievable that protectionist measures could be implemented by the u.s. under donald trump. going to globalised world i don't believe that's a suitable method i think if we all want to head back to the middle ages or get trump just has to keep doing what he's been doing. thirty five years ago shop owner
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my god started repairing hollies in his backyard today he's the biggest harley dealer in germany he believes the brand urgently needs younger buyers import tariffs will make that even. the younger generation still has to work to earn money and when a bike like theirs cost structure one or two thousand euro's even for smaller models that's not inconsiderable we're talking about one or two months income here . ali love as say the company has only been tied. because its headquarters. which is the home state of. speaker of the house paul ryan. is a synonym for freedom and free try it. and in the end who wins no one. protective tariffs are unlikely to put out of business in germany but they could drive the
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prices out of the range of a new generation of those ai. for more check out our social media feeds or a website that's. slash business for me and the entire team here watching i'll be back with a fresh update in forty five minutes. here's a look at how markets are trading.
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god. but i am doing my death or taking an early morning but like to come from behind to take the place. meanwhile shoka endorsement consolidate the time frame for. meaning by lance championship celebrations remain. for now.
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