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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin as the u.k. ramps up its investigation into the poisoning of a former spy foreign secretary boris johnson in an exclusive the d.w. interview points the finger at the kremlin somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think looked at the. evidence points the evidence for culpability points to the
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russian state johnson's comments come as diplomats expelled by the u.k. leave the russian embassy in london and head back to moscow also coming up china's president president xi jinping delivers a fiery nationalist speech of the people's congress in beijing vowing to protect every inch of chinese territory is it a veiled threat to taiwan will get expert analysis the united nations accuses turkey of massive human rights abuses following a failed coup in two thousand and sixteen a report says uncorrect tortured and killed political opponents turkey says the u.n. is sympathizing with terrorists. and also coming up a sad day for conservationists the world's last mail northern white rhino dies in kenya only two females remain the last hope against the species extinction. and facebook under fire over its links to the controversial political consultancy cambridge analytical. it's alleged to have
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a legally obtained to data for more than fifteen million facebook accounts so what can you do to protect yourself. i'm serious so much going to thank you for joining us diplomats expelled by the u.k. have left russia's london embassy headed back to moscow this as international weapons inspectors have begun analyzing the talks and used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter in the city of salzburg russia has hit back at the british will allegations that it is behind the attack demanding evidence or an apology. a bitter farewell for russia's expelled diplomats in london followed from the diplomatic standoff as russia demands proof or an apology the british military scaring out forensic tests on the car used by sergei scruples daughter after she came from moscow to earlier this month. hours after yulia st
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paul arrived in salisbury she was found unconscious on this bench alongside her father scientists at this bio chemical weapons facility say they were poisoned with a nerve agent know the chop this finding is now central in britain's case against russia but a direct link to putin remains elusive. correspondence than a number of us sat down with british foreign minister boris johnson you have any solid evidence that put him directly ordered it because what he said is the most direct accusation of russia's leader that ever somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence for culpability points to the russian state and as it did in the case of alexander litvinenko when you remember the trail
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of polonium led back very clearly to the russian state and in the end. mr putin is in charge and that is you know that i'm afraid he cannot escape responsibility and cope ability both putin himself and those around him have stanched lee deny these allegations. sooner or later these unsubstantiated allegations will have to be answered they will either need to be backed up with something with some evidence or they'll need to apologize. to. chemical weapons experts in the u.k. are testing samples of the toxic substance used on the street piles the results are . will not be known for at least two weeks more on this story with our correspondents emily sure win in moscow and bob levey zal is in london good to see you both emily let's start with you in moscow and the kremlin is asking london to back up its claims with evidence but when d.w. spoke with british foreign secretary boris johnson he said there was no access to
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case materials for russian investigators what do you think we're going to hear from the kremlin on that. well we've heard a more general reaction from kremlin spokesman dmitri of his cough today he said that the u.k. is basically considering moscow guilty until proven innocent rather than the other way around now i think that we'll have to wait for the results from these international chemical weapons experts to see what moscow's response to that will be so we don't know yet but i think as long as russia doesn't get access to the samples and to the facts of the investigation which is what they've been asking for from the very beginning they have every reason and every reason to call cow fall foul play if they want to or to say that these experts for example are biased we'll have to see what they say but so far russia is kind of acting as it as it often
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does when when and when accusations are leveled at it strategies so far for example also with the doping scandal was to deny then to kind of question and undermine the investigation the facts of the investigation as it goes along and also to portray this whole thing as part of an anti russian campaign well barbara let's come to you know because the twenty three russian diplomats that london expelled have to leave the u.k. today how has that been proceeding. oh that was a fairly smooth process the russian embassy here in london has beforehand sort of put on social media a sort of family photo was everybody before they were leaving and thanking them for their services and then everybody got into buses and these buses are now on the way to the airport at heathrow and then they will be going how well meant will back in moscow within a few hours from now so that was a fairly smooth process but the other side the political reaction off the
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government and london that is something that proves to be much more difficult because there are those here as the foreign minister boris johnson for instance who are rather hawkish and who really is say we cannot look weak on this and then there are those who would want to proceed was a bit more caution say we will need to maintain relations with russia we will need to be able to talk to them or where does that leave the british prime minister theresa may she's met with her security team to talk about possible additional measures against russia do we have any indication of what those could be. we roughly know what these measures are supposed to be the there are supposed to be new legislation to sort of tighten rules against money laundering we've known for years that london is to be considered one of the world capitals of money laundering and there are billions of russian unaccounted to russian money sloshing around the
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financial markets here so that all of us all has been known and it is something that the government has tolerated for so many years and the problem now is to sort of tighten the screws and sort of think about doing things that we are unthinkable for while for instance expelling some of those russian oligarchs here who are friends that was putin and who are supporting his regime but we're not that far yet we're still in the sort of on on the plane of countermeasures that are rather rather timid and the right of the modest and so to reason may is between a rock and a hard place she wants to look tough but she really cannot and doesn't dare to somehow really think that table and say enough of this. our correspondents and we sure when in moscow and basal in london good to talk to both. and we'll have our full interview with a british foreign secretary boris johnson
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a little bit later in the show stay tuned for that that's some other stories making news around the world former french president nicolas sarkozy has been detained by police for questioning into the financing of his two thousand and seven campaign it is alleged that the regime of the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi provided millions of euros to sarkozy in a legal contributions. an airstrike on a school shelter in syria's eastern ghouta has killed at least fifteen children and two women that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights it says the strikes came from russian planes this is thousands of civilians have fled the sea shankly. authorities in texas are investigating the fifth bombing this month in the state's capital austin the latest blast occurred when a parcel exploded at a fed ex distribution facility near the city police suspect a serial bomber is behind the explosions which have killed two people and injured several and harvey weinstein's former company has filed for bankruptcy months after
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the oscar winning producer was accused of multiple sexual assaults white scene was fired as chairman last october when the allegations were first reported he has denied having consensual sex with anyone. chinese president xi jinping has called for his country to take its due place in the world and vowed to fight a bloody battle against its enemies speaking at the people's congress in beijing she unveiled sweeping reforms aimed at strengthening the military and the economy this comes after the communist party removed presidential term limits opening the possibility possibility for you to remain in power indefinitely and the president also issued what analysts see as a warning to pro to mock racine separatist movements in china let's listen to what he had to say. and it is our shared aspiration to safeguard china's sovereignty. territorial integrity and to wholly reunify our nation any attempts or tricks to split china are doomed to fail
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and will be met with condemnation and the punishment of history. joining us in our studio is david bender skee a fellow at the robert bash bosh academy here in berlin david thank you for joining us oh we heard that statement there how do you read this from president xi well the issue of what they call territorial integrity the problem as they see it of separatism has always been a real red line issue if we look at the censorship this is an issue that always is a very strong red line and it's a point that they make very in phatic lee i think so i think it is a warning to regions like hong kong where since the occupy movement two thousand and fourteen we've seen a lot of discussion of these types of issues in hong kong sovereignty also regions like taiwan and of course she john and i think this is also about the political legitimacy of the party because this is an issue they can see as something they can
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build legitimacy around especially in a time when the economic performance in china is is in question where there are a lot of challenges facing china where you mention taiwan there our correspondent in taipei had the opportunity to speak to some people in the streets let's listen to what they have to say. actually i think taiwan is not part of china. probably has to say that from his point of view. but for common people like us it's not an important issue. as long as i can know i live in the usual it's all right. so it's not the first time she said something like this so you and he will continue to do so but i don't know what that means for the future of the. bot. so david not much support for china out there does beijing really care does beijing care about the issue of separatism and territorial integrity absolutely of course
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or do they care about that the support from thailand and support there i think you know they're just this is a point that she has to be very strong on i mean it's been if you look at him over the past five years on issues like the south china sea it's a point they've made again and again very emphatically so clearly they're concerned about this issue whichever region we're talking about so certainly we should take these statements from xi jinping very seriously what stood out to you from the last two weeks of the national people's congress there been a lot of stand out issues of course the one everyone's talking about which is really the core is the issue of term limits because of course one of the important things she didn't he did is remove the limitation that's been in place since one thousand nine hundred two and we've talked about it during the reform period about maybe the rise of the appearance of a more deliberative type of system and in china where power is less centralized and all of this has been really undone under xi jinping and this is really the kind of
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pinnacle of that so i think that's very important and i think if there's one word that sums it up it's applause i mean you should be where the country that has the can only applaud and this is what we've seen at this congress it's all very pro she premier league has been very upstaged and usually this is the premier's chance to sort of shine with the government work report but it's all pain all the time now in china so we have to ask the question is there sufficient criticism and information is there sufficient deliberation going on within the leadership is there i don't think so we've seen she g.p. referred to as the people's leader we've seen the elevation of his own political philosophy called xi jinping thought this is something we haven't really seen since before the beginning of the reform p. area and this were maybe don't call it yet a cult of personality but we're getting very very close to that sort of situation in china all right david bender ski
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a fellow at the robert bosch academy here in berlin thank you so much for sharing your analysis with us today you're welcome what chinese leaders have also used the national people's congress to address the growing tensions over trade with the u.s. more on that with helena that's right sumi faced with the threat of a trade war china is maintaining that it is open for business internationally and the e.u. is also making a last ditch attempt to try and score an exemption from those tariffs with e.u. negotiators dashing over to washington d c now the high gigi's on imported steel and other men go into effect from friday but before that china has been pushing the message out there that it will treat chinese and entire international companies just the same. life can be tough full foreign companies in china there's little security for intellectual property and technology transfers are regularly demanded of all who want to do business there those are the main complaints but beijing is having to walk china will continue to safeguard free trade and the reform and open
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up policy which is our basic state policy if there were any change a tool to china's open door policy it would just be to open it wider china's economy has been so integrated with the world that closing our door would block our own development. furthermore all companies in china should receive a fair chance and everyone foreign businesses included should work to the same rules china sees itself as a pioneer of free open trade but is that just talk only recently the federation of german industry complains about the communist party's tightening grip on businesses in china exactly the opposite of beijing stance or at least its official one. well china may have been vocal about the merits of its economy in a bid to avoid peanut if terrorists but other countries in the region have taken a different approach to pan for example has refined from loud criticism in the hope
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it will be let off the hook for japan is the world's second largest producer of steel after china and behind the scenes tokyo has been using its diplomatic skills to convince the u.s. of how important relations between the two countries are for example japan might exported steel to the u.s. it's also the number one buyer of american weapons such as the patriot defense system and fighter jets in fact lockheed martin is on the brink of signing a mega deal with japan so far the persuasion efforts appear to be working. on only one more there's a high of stability that japan could be exempted from u.s. tariffs on steel and a menu item basis as japanese steel and many in products contribute greatly to u.s. industry and irreplaceable. the e.u. meanwhile is using a variety of tactics to convince donald trump to abandon his plans from threatening
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retaliatory measures to requesting talks germany's new economy minister was in the u.s. on monday for talks with his american counterparts. with goodwill on both sides i see a chance of getting a positive response by the end of the week. on tuesday and wednesday the e.u. commissioner for trade cecilia will continue the discussions in washington it's not clear what the e.u. intends to offer the americans but donald trump has frequently criticized the e.u.'s high import taxes on u.s. cars and foods like meat. or should the european union not manage to reach an exemption from for. she us import tariffs the block has announced it would strike back with levies of its own the list of items that would be hit is ten pages long it includes some of the most iconic products made in the usa davidson motorbikes
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from wisconsin now additional terrorists could hit the company just as it seeking to find new customers. that sound is worth around thirty thousand euros and harley davidsons munich branch is busy the first rays of spring sunshine see customers flocking here. is now threatening to levy import tariffs on highly davidson's as a response to new u.s. tariffs on e.u. steel an element approved by president trump penalties could amount to twenty percent on the famous american cycles twenty yeah twenty percent would be a real blow to the tour it would be a straight three to four thousand euro's more expensive yet there was no war. the munich harley-davidson showroom is called the house of flames there is hardly a better known calling card for america than the iconic brands showroom here. freedom loving easy ride is find it almost unbelievable that protectionist measures
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could be implemented by the u.s. under donald trump. they're going to globalized world i don't believe that's a suitable method i think if we all want to head back to the middle ages or you can trump just has to keep doing what he's been doing. thirty five years ago shop owner of my god started repairing hollies in his backyard today he's the biggest harley dealer in germany he believes the brand urgently needs younger buyers import tariffs will make that even. the younger generation still has to work to earn money and what a bike like this cost structure one or two thousand euros or even for smaller models that's not inconsiderable we're talking about one or two months income here . ali love a. sorry the company has only been targeted because its headquarters is in wisconsin which is the home state of trump ally in speaker of the house paul ryan i'm for them holly is
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a synonym for freedom and free trade. he imposes tariffs we impose tariffs back and forth and in the end who wins no one of you being kind of. protective tariffs are unlikely to put holly out of business in germany but they could drive the prices out of the range of a new generation of barker's. well over suspending itself driving call program off one of its vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in arizona vehicle was in autonomous mode at the time of the accident an operator in the joy this season the accident occurred in tempe one of four american cities where the right hating giant was testing the vehicles and the police chief said that as the pedestrian was walking in the dark it would have been hard to avoid a collision even with a human operated a car either has invested heavily in autonomous technology in the accident marks the first time a pedestrian has been killed by
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a vehicle in autonomous marriage. the pressure is growing on a facebook off the dates of millions of users may have been misused thank you helen i will facebook and a cambridge analytical that is the political campaign consultancy will be subject to an investigation by the u.k.'s information commissioner the commissioner a look at the denham is pursuing a warrant to search cambridge analytical servers behind it is the recent controversy over cambridge general because a legit spying on fifty million facebook users the disclosure sparked demands for increased regulation for large tech companies. so what can facebook users do to protect themselves so we have our social media editor read with us here in our studio hi jared we've seen facebook. offending itself time and again here over on multiple fronts over this data breach why is there such a strong backlash well it's was some but really well in a facebook post that i read this morning by
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a friend of mine i'm going to paraphrase a bit of what he said he said facebook become this controlling part of life that i can imagine seeing and so now i mean it's unpleasant situation where i feel dependent on a platform that i don't like anymore and that i don't trust anymore and i think that's sums up how a lot of people feel people understand that when they join facebook this surrendering information about themselves their privacy but probably what most people are upset about now is that how facebook doesn't seem to be handling safeguarding their privacy very well because as we've seen as is being alleged a company hired by the trump campaign used the doctor and it could have influence the election and so this is a really big stuff one thing we haven't heard from yet is a personal response from mark zuckerberg all we've heard is a statement from facebook that has denied any wrongdoing but that statement also laid the burden of responsibility on these uses that downloaded or gave
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access to their personal profiles through these personality quiz that they took and that's kind of not the point i think what they wouldn't have realized is that giving their own personal privacy way they're also giving their friends personal privacy away and all of their details and this is how it sort of spiraled to encompass fifty million people a huge amount of people so there are lots of questions that need to be answered by facebook one of them is how cambridge analytical got this data was it acquired in an appropriate way why did facebook take such little action three years ago when it found out this was happening all it did was ask the companies involved to delete the dot of the didn't really follow up as to whether that was happening and were any laws broken so this is kind of what investigators are probably trying to answer now so. if you're a facebook user and you want to continue to use this platform how can you protect yourself one thing everyone who's on facebook in any online platform should know is that your daughter your privacy is the foundation of this platform and just because
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you're not paying any money to use that doesn't mean that they're free you're paying with your privacy and no data but there are ways that you can safeguard that on facebook people should regularly check their security settings and privacy settings you can keep on top of how and where you'll logged in who sees and interact with you and how they do that and especially how any third party apps are integrated into everything you share about yourself even got control over the dot of the advertisers are allowed to use and you can control if your friends can give over your dosh as was the case we've cambridge analytical so there is so i mean no need to delete facebook or to get a law degree to try and understand the terms of conditions but you know you should be vigilant and we also need to keep in mind facebook made something like forty billion dollars last year through selling ads to two companies dot is sharing is you know not a quirk of facebook it's an integral part of its business model so old users should
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keep that in mind definitely a reckoning for facebook users are right our social media editor jared reed thank you very much for bring us that story. on to some other news now and the world's last male northern white rhino named sudan has died in a kenyan conservatory caretakers made the decision to euthanize him after his health deteriorated so dense or not it material has been collected in the hope that future technology could potentially revive the species only two females remain. the life of a northern white rhino can be a lonely one sedan the last remaining male of the species has died aged forty five intensive poaching has significantly reduced numbers scientists even turned to dating apps for sudan in an attempt to raise awareness and enough money to pay for an one million dollar fertility treatment. for the kenyan conservationists looking
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after sudan led the tributes only a couple of weeks ago they spoke of their hope as he tried to recover from an infected leg seven days ago we thought that we knew would make a bad decision. because then one morning he could not be completely he was unable to write. seven days ago but then after some medication that we give pain and antibiotic he was able to stand up that give us hope and just maybe we would like to give him a chance at life while there are thousands of southern white rhinos still roaming the plains of sub-saharan africa no need to northern white rhinos remain sudan's daughter and her daughter the two. with experts warning that the threat of extinction is dying more of a case of when instead of if conservationists hope it's not light sight for these
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gentle giants. you're watching the news still to come were they fired from their jobs for their political beliefs are turkey correspondent meet some of the one hundred fifty thousand officials chased from their posts following a failed coup in two thousand and sixteen. that story and more coming up in the next thirty minutes. from the to determine the way to find target speech and violence that supplied one of the. people most understand incoming congi islam kenya's capital night. his mission to fight against the terror militia al-shabaab which recruits young people. i mean is no longer a. good. song.
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wouldn't have been fighting for decades to be taken seriously in the world of what appears has come out. here on a mission smart women smart talks smart station a legend decent by no means missed out on it were increasingly dangerous to. make. you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines starting out with some junk and instructions from a book. william coming. out we wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. listening
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dear changed his life they put it all if you like to exciting journey to the world's biggest. heroes story. and the winter starting march twenty first w. . welcome back to news our top story russian diplomats expelled by the u.k. over a poison attack on a former double agent have left their london embassy yahoo to moscow that has a british foreign minister boris johnson doubled down on allegations that the kremlin is behind the attack. while saying with that attack on circus cripple and his daughter janet. correspondent from our russian service caught up with a u.k. foreign secretary forced johnson in brussels here's her exclusive interview.
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thank you very much for the interview and welcome on the program thank you some days ago you said that it is extremely likely that putin personally gave the order they used the nerve agent to attack their former doubles by mr us creep part what they have as evidence you and the british parliament to support this judgment well i think it's very important first of all to show that we think the the cope roots of this are not the russian people not russia we have no quarrel with with russia. i love russia and i'm a it's you know i have russian ancestry so that's not the issue these are issue with with the kremlin and with the russian state as it currently is and the reason i said what i did was because if you if you look at the. the stuff that's being used it's a no beach walk agent according to our scientists at porton down there very good
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begin to get the a p c w in the or organization for the prohibit of chemical weapons is coming in today to look at the sample that we have of of the nerve agent you also have to consider that surrogates cripple the guy that they tempted to assassinate is somebody who's been identified as a target for liquidation and that led to me putin has himself said that traitors i.e. defectors such as mr script how. should be poisoned so it's. a russian only nerve agent this was a rather ham and yet solid evidence that putin directly ordered it because what he said that is the most direct accusation of russia's lead that ever right well i'm afraid you know he's in charge of the clattering train as we say. in the u.k.
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somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence or culpability points to the russian state and as it did in the case of alexander litvinenko and you remember the trail of polonium lead back very clearly to the russian state and in the end. mr putin is in charge and that is you know that i'm afraid he cannot escape responsibility and culpability why did he make this statement without waiting for the outcomes of the investigation n.p.r. conducting right now and i'm going to you about their praise of government well we are giving the samples obviously to the organization to the technical experts are coming today and by the way i have great confidence in them let them that they decide what they make of them they will look at the most they were to move in the
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best possible the bar trees but i'll tell you the reason for wanting to to get on with it is because we have such bitter experience of what happens with russia with putin's russia russia with with the russian state under putin when we have a problem like this twelve years ago we had the assassination in london of alexander litvinenko and at that stage this was an extraordinary event we had and with polonium and the u.k. press to try to extradite mr cove to mr lugovoy who were strongly suspected of having being responsible and in the end we just got a sort of sneering sarcastic refusal to engage with our judicial process and we felt it was very important to take this. the decision to get on to show that if you are going to use recklessly
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to use nerve agent of a kind that hasn't been used in europe since world war two if you going to do that in ensues bre it will show up then you've got to face some some diplomatic consequences and that's why we need to join together you argue that their source of oh father is snuff edge and not the chalk is russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly that was driven by possessed sample something else where we. interrogated very closely as you can this is a very i mean let me be clear with you i am. i wanted when i became foreign secretary almost two years ago one of my ject is was to try to reach out to russia i really did and i went to see sergey lavrov in in moscow against the advice of some people by the way who said it was
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a totally futile venture but i wanted to because i you know i genuinely think russia is an incredible country a fantastic place and it pains me to see the way things of have got between us and so i am genuinely distressed by by what has happened but when i look at the the evidence i mean the people from from porton down the the the board of me have the samples you do and they and they they they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt so. we have very to do alternative but to take the action that we have taken but i must say the difference between this time and what happened twelve years ago with alexander litvinenko is also that there is much more sympathy in the international
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community for more understanding of the kind of behavior that russia has been engaged in in the last few years and rather the table here in in brussels talking to all the other european countries as there's hardly anybody who hasn't experienced directly or indirectly some kind of you know. disruptive behavior is understandable but in an interview on sunday you mentioned that you would like to have a constructive cooperation with russia on that easy how do you see it have an accused person directly well yes and you know what is the prime minister said on i think monday of of last week a week ago we we gave him a choice we said look. this stuff is not a check if if there's a rational explanation of how it has escaped your stockpiles and how it has come to be used on the streets of wilcher and soulsby then come on
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that that that's worked together and get to the bottom of it. if on the other hand it does no explanation we can only conclude it's the agency of the russian state and we got there was we were treated with the sort of satirical lots of sarcastic tweets and trolls have i that i have been and i want to say is that they would like to have an access to the u.k.'s materials will you allow this access through rational i think in the first instance if i can maybe respectfully say to the to the to the kremlin detectives i think we will we will trust to the technical experts of the organization of the. provision of chemical weapons who are here writing in in the u.k. today let's see what their assessment is that's the the proper procedure that the u.k. has to follow. the chemical weapons treaty and i you know i just have to say that. i find the right the russian position about what has happened to this not to talk
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absolutely does are increasingly bizarre you know we're told one that they didn't make any nobody ever this one position that they take i think that the russian ambassador to the e.u. said that second they say means they did but all the stocks have been destroyed and the third thing this is yes they did but all the stocks have been destroyed except some which escaped to other countries like sweden and the czech republic and slovakia i don't merica. you know maybe the u.k. you know i think they need to make their mind up about this and. of course if they if russia if the with the putin regime can clarify or explain what has happened then we are all ears and we're only too willing to listen as the british government denied russian diplomats access to us compiler who is a russian national well yes what are the reasons behind this decision i hesitate to
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sound protective of a lot of let me just say that to the best of our knowledge. agents of the russian state have just tried to assassinate both yulia scrip our and her father so i think it's our it's our job to present to protect them as far as we can so they british government and prime minister are off ah the united kingdom will have an announced some measure a set and you're going to expire at windsor for you have already explained why different diplomats from both then and you got a symmetrical reese here once what other measures must have gone to take what will be the targets of this madness i understand that some of them are nonpublic you must understand. its name so go on the lead we don't want to do this i'd have any particular i don't take any joy in this time that i'm not as i not sure i'm talking about what i mean as we we say. have expelled twenty three.
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diplomats probably spies masquerading as diplomats and there are other things that we are going to do and in particular yes we know we're tough me off our borders we have plenty of alls which allow us to crack down on money in the u.k. that has been illicitly one explained. and explained well thought is right that is money that's been in this corruptly obtained we can do that we have the national crime agency the national economic crime unit can can do that but i must as they are they will get on with that work but i must stress to you that the u.k. is a. country under the rule of law and i cannot as a politician say you know go off to that person's cash do this do that that's not how it works i'm not going to develop any least like their one that was developed by the united states the so-called clear criminalist well we are sharing obviously we share intelligence we share information we do share lists of people with with
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friends and partners or around the world but we operate under the deal but can you say that i'm it's a matter. for the criminal law enforcement agencies to determine whether there is a case to answer but mr johnson can you say right now that all officials who work for mr putin include an ego issue while of he has alleged u.s. property in land then that he will be deprived of his property and the officials like him i think the most the the worst thing i could do not given the work that's going on is i get into individual names of cases because all these individuals have as you know deep pockets and very powerful moya's and i think i'm sure that almost anything i said about anybody would be taken to be prejudicial any case but i will i will try to put that another way. so you are referring to some russian
3:43 pm
businessman as related to points and so they might be punished what criteria will be applied in determining that one businessman is related to putin and the other is not well again i think you are inviting me very very rightly or inviting me to go further in into the detail of such cases and i think it would be wise for me to do because all such legal actions are open to challenge under our system and it's very important that there should be no there should be no sign of political bias or interference and there will be he said that you felt a lot of support from the european union and the united states this think that these countries who will take any radical madness for example they will free. russia from their united nations security council or impose new sanctions while offering well i think because in order to i think. in order to change the
3:44 pm
composition of united nations security council you need to you know the most votes of the security council. there is likely to vote in that way so you know i think. look. we've already been very struck and surprised actually and very encouraged by the strength of support in the strength of feeling and the level of sympathy for the for the u.k. and what we want to do is to work with our friends and partners. sharing it intelligence countering disinformation mounting defenses against cyber warfare tracking the money trying is as we were just discussing to crack down on people who may be this detained that wealth there is all sorts of work that is not going on but the objective i must stress this point. to be is not to punish the people of
3:45 pm
russia at all the objective is to try to show that we care deeply about the kind of disruptive and dangerous and reckless behavior reckless with human life that we've seen from russia and that we want to put pressure on the regime to find a new path and they can find a new path in the can be cause for hope but there won't be cause for hope if we simply allow this kind of thing to happen mr johnson thank you very much thank you that was a genuine silver from did have these russian service talking to boris johnson the british foreign minister the interview is also available online. now turkey has accused the united nations of sympathizing with terrorists after release a damning report into human rights abuses by uncorrupt the u.n. accuses anchor of massive abuses including torture and killings under a state of emergency following a failed coup in two thousand and sixteen authorities also fired or suspended one
3:46 pm
hundred fifty thousand people from their jobs in an attempt to quash just sent our correspondent yulia han sent us this report on how that purge is affecting people's lives. we will resist that's what these demonstrators are shouting in istanbul scar tarr district for more than a year they have come here at least once a week to protest their dismissal. by the to jail and takes part as often as she can the sooty two year old who used to work with istanbul's development agency until she was sacked in january twenty seventeen she still remembers the last day of her old life there really well. it was on a friday night i was sitting outside with my friends we heard the news that the government had sex thousands of people by a new decree. they published a list with all the names on it we had to look to find out if we knew anyone. and
3:47 pm
then i saw my name i felt so terrible your whole life is ruined just because your name is on a list i was furious and told them i will be back and demand justice. you be to jail it says she has nothing to do with terrorists she thinks she was sacked because she is a leftist unionist a critical voice. better jail it is by no means an isolated case since the failed coup attempt in summer twenty sixteen up to one hundred fifty thousand people have been sacked or suspended from their jobs many of them have even been jailed they were civil servants teachers doctors professors once pillars of society they were suddenly declared to be enemies of the state often with very little explanation why. sociologist byrom arizona law law also lost his
3:48 pm
job during one of the purges he used to teach at the university of. now he lives in istanbul and documents the names and stories of those who get sacked the pictures of mass arrests that were broadcasted on turkish t.v. still shocked him. maybe almost. prosecutors. have to prove that you are a criminal there are terrorist but in our case in my case or in our case we have got to prove that we are innocent those who are being accused of. being a member of this organization called. who cannot stand the charges and sourcing this christmas horton stigma some of them commit suicide some of them near their home these days so that they can.
3:49 pm
they become invisible invisible at another place so that they can. leave the. they made in life and everything is here back to the two jail and it whom the cancer waiting for her she used to have a flat meat until assured wonderful but she moved out because she was afraid to get into trouble with you through her self friends who suddenly turned their back that's also something better had to get used to. be talking sense or less about that there will couple i know there are many people like me they die a so-called civil death but i don't want to accept this while i try to resist for the rest of my life i will fight for everyone who experiences injustice and unlawfulness to get it and i hope to get back my job in the meantime i'll only if we resist can we keep the hope of life. and that's why the to jail it is leaving
3:50 pm
for the next protest one year ago she had a well paid job as a civil servant she has become an activist fighting to get back through life. from a young german composer and pianist meals from was currently on a world tour right now in canada from there he moves on to america and over here to europe in april and on to japan in may. and we have robin mail from our culture desk with us here to talk to us more about that said robin i he's been described as a neo classicist tells more about that. he is. i would sort of say yes or no to whether reason it sort of. mixed about it in that it does describe his music rather well new classical music he's definitely one of the leading musicians
3:51 pm
around today reshaping classical music in the twenty first century i would say that but he doesn't mix classical themes with electronic music which some people sort of throw their hands up he himself doesn't like titles atoll but the music he composes has its roots in the in classical melodies and the harmonies as well but he uses all sorts of other insurance utility of noise it's not a fad i mean he actually thinks that gets the particular noise and his concerts really classical concerts in some ways but they're more events than concerts. kneels from approaches music like others approach painting. i'm building a landscape out of dynamic. and these are the individual pieces. as
3:52 pm
i listen to there are things you can't foresee in the rehearsal room when you play alone it's different from when you play in front of a thousand people you hear with different ears and i need the people to make the concert good. his concerts are always quickly sold out and his audience is young. thanks. this is where from does the sketches for his works he has a studio at what was once a communist east german radio station it resembles a museum of modern music technology and its own from home he often stays overnights the analog studio represents freedom for from.
3:53 pm
from loves the real sounds things make and explores them creatively and alex paramount involved putting extra felts between the hammers and strings of the piano this created one of the trademark kneels from sounds. the second later i see one secret on one of the little things i pay attention to but it's mostly in the fingers the finger position the volume of each finger. from says the studio had a big influence. on the new album old men. and now he's taken it out on the road. and robin is also composing for film i understand here which doesn't kind of surprise me he extemporize
3:54 pm
a great deal he uses lots of soundscapes i'm not surprised they haven't got hold of him but he came to fame as a film composer for couple of years ago because he did the music for suppressed and shippers victoria and this is a film that won four of the german film awards including best music and it's famous for the fact that it was. all done in one take cuts here in this paper because we were just showing a little bit but it was filmed right here above in the middle of town and all done it's a two hour film all done as i say in montana it's about as spanish go who's involved in the robbery that goes wrong anyway from from that was attracted to doing this because sebastian shipper said to him he said you can do it like you have complete free reign to do what you like which really attracted shipments of the idea although he didn't just improvise for to us it ok what do you make of his music
3:55 pm
well i have to say i didn't really know much from him before i started researching this and i'm really impressed i really really think it's fabulous music is very interesting very unique sometimes mesmeric and of course he's not carries a little this toral though he lives here. but i would definitely go and say i've been called so ok well more on eels from his and his tour on a website yeah d.w. dot com slash culture all right robin mail from our culture of us thank you very much robin. it's here watching to give you news from berlin we'll have more at the top of the hour with layla please stay with us. the beauty the and. the but. the bottom.
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see this as you know we're news live from berlin as the u.k. ramps up its investigation into the russian spy poisoning scandal foreign secretary boris johnson points the finger of blame squarely at the kremlin somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence or culpability points to the russian state speaking exclusively to w. news johnson's comments come as diplomats.


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