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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is that every news live from berlin as the u.k. ramps up its investigation into the russian spy poisoning scandal foreign secretary boris johnson points the finger of blame squarely at the kremlin somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence for culpability points to the russian state speaking exclusively to w. news johnson's comments come as diplomats expelled by the u.k.
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leave the russian embassy in london head back to moscow also on the show fired up china's president xi jinping delivers a blistering nationalist speech at the people's congress and beijing vowing to protect every inch of chinese territory is it a veiled threat to taiwan also the united nations accuses turkey of massive human rights abuses following a failed coup attempt in twenty sixteen the report says on current tortured and killed political opponents turkey slams the un says it sympathizes with terrorists . and a sad day for conservationists the world's the last to mill northern white rhino dies in kenya only two females remain the last hope against the species extinction .
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thanks very much for your company everyone diplomats expelled by the u.k. have left russia's embassy in london and are headed back to moscow all this as international weapons inspectors have begun analyzing samples of the nerve agent used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter in the city of seoul very well russia has hit back at british allegations that it is behind the attack the kremlin condemns all accusations demands to see evidence or an apology. a bitter farewell for russia's expelled diplomats in london followed from the diplomatic standoff as russia demands proof or an apology the british military is carrying out forensic tests on the car used by sergei scruples daughter after she came from moscow to earlier this month. hours after yulia st paul arrived in salisbury she was found unconscious on this bench alongside her father scientists at this bio chemical weapons facility
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say they were poisoned with a nerve agent nova chop this finding is now central in britain's case against russia but a direct link to putin remains elusive. correspondence than a number of us sat down with british foreign minister boris johnson have any solid evidence that poor has directly ordered it because what he said is the most direct accusation of russia's lead that ever somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence or culpability points to the russian state and as it did in the case of alexander litvinenko when you remember the trail of polonium led back very clearly to the russian state and in the end. mr putin is in charge and that is you know that i'm afraid he cannot escape responsibility and
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cope ability those who can himself and those around him have stance lee deny these allegations. sooner or later these unsubstantiated allegations will have to be answered they will either need to be backed up with something with some evidence or they'll need to apologize. to. chemical weapons experts in the u.k. are testing samples of the toxic substance used on the screen there was. it's will not be known for at least two weeks. all right boris johnson there adamant that russian investigators were not be given access to the u. case evidence what we asked you tell me is moscow correspondent and we sure were and what the kremlin would make of that well we've heard a more general reaction from kremlin spokesman to meet his calls today he said that the u.k. is basically considering moscow guilty until proven innocent rather than the other
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way around now i think that will have to wait for the results from these international chemical weapons experts to see what moscow's response to that will be so we don't know yet but i think as long as russia doesn't get access to the samples and to the facts of the investigation which is what they've been asking for from the very beginning they have every reason and every reason to call cow fall afoul play if they want to or to say that these experts for example are biased we'll have to see what they say but so far russia is kind of acting as it as it often does when when and when accusations are level that it strategies so far for example also with the doping scandal was to deny then to kind of question and undermine the investigation the facts of the investigation as it goes along and also to portray this whole thing as part of an anti russian campaign emily sure in their reporting and you can watch the entire interview with the british foreign
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secretary a brief johnson the by going to our website w dot com i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. an airstrike on a school shelter in syria's eastern who time has killed at least fifteen children and two women all this according to the syrian observatory for human rights it says the strikes came from russian fighter planes this as thousands of civilians have fled the besieged enclave. of former french president nicolas sarkozy has been taken into police custody for questioning into the financing of his two thousand and seven presidential bid while it's alleged that the regime of the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi provided millions of euros to snuff crusie an illegal campaign contributions. in the u.s. a shooter has opened fire at a school in southern maryland police say three people are critically injured
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including the shooter a campus security officer reportedly shot and injured the assailant the shooting comes just days before a nationwide student organized march against gun violence. authorities in texas are investigating the fifth bombing this month in the state's capital austin all the latest blast occurred when a parcel exploded at a fed ex distribution facility near the city police suspect a serial bomber is behind the explosions which have killed two people and injured several. harvey weinstein's former company has filed for bankruptcy months after the oscar winning producer was accused of multiple sexual assaults weinstein was fired as chairman last october when the allegations were first reported he has denied having non consensual sex with anyone. chinese president xi jinping has called for his country to take its quote due place in the world and
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vowed to fight a bloody battle against its enemies were speaking at the people's congress in beijing he unveiled sweeping reforms aimed at strengthening the army and the economy on this comes after the communist party will move presidential term limits opening the possibility for genie to remain in power indefinitely while the president also issued what alice see as a warning to pro-democracy and separatist movements in china let's take a listen the two words he said earlier. and it is our shared aspiration to see for guard china sovereignty. territorial integrity and to wholly reunify our nation any attempts or tricks to split china are doomed to fail and will be met with condemnation and the punishment of history . presentation thing speaking there are or had to turkey now that country has
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accused the united nations of sympathizing with terrorists after it released a damning report into human rights abuses by ankara while the un accuses the country of massive abuses including torture and killings under a state of emergency followed the failed coup in twenty six similar sorties also fired or suspended one hundred fifty thousand people from their jobs in an attempt to crackdown on dissent to our correspondent yulia hart filed this report on what how that purge is affecting people's lives. we will resist that's what these demonstrators are shouting in eastern rules qahtani district for more than a year they have come here at least once a week to protest their dismissal. be to jail and takes part as often as she can the thirty two year old who used to work with istanbul's development agency
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until she was sacked in january twenty seventeen she still remembers the last day of her old life there e well. it was on a friday night i was sitting outside with my friends we heard the news that the government had sect thousands of people by a new decree. they published a list with all the names on it we had to look to find out if we knew anyone. and then i saw my name i felt so terrible your whole life is ruined just because your name is on a list i was furious and told them i will be back and demand justice. you be to jail it says she has nothing to do with terrorists she thinks she was sacked because she is a leftist unionist critical voice. better is by no means an isolated case since the failed coup attempt in the. twenty sixteen up to
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one hundred fifty thousand people have been sacked or suspended from their jobs many of them have even been jailed they were civil servants teachers doctors professors once pillars of society they were suddenly declared to be enemies of the state often with very little explanation why. sociologist by rum arizona law law also lost his job during one of the purges he used to teach at the university of. now he lives in istanbul and documents the names and stories of those who get sacked the pictures of mass arrests that were broadcasted on turkish t.v. still shocking. maybe also you know. prosecutors. have to prove that you are a criminal or terrorist but in our case in my case or even in our case we have got to prove that we are innocent those who are being accused of.
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being a member of this organization called. we cannot stand the charges and source in this crash was hostile stigma some of them commit suicide some of them live their whole lives stays so that they come. out they become invisible invisible at another place so that they can't. believe. they made a life and everything is in fact to be to jail it at home her cats are waiting for her she used to have a flatmate until assured wife but she moved out because she was afraid to get into trouble with you forties herself friends who suddenly turned their back that's also something bitchy had to get used to. it took infants who are left that the walkable
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i know that many people like me take dahlias so-called civil dental work but i don't want to accept this help while i try to resist for the rest of my life i will fight for everyone who experiences injustice and unlawfulness they go to and i hope to get back my job in the meantime only if we resist can we keep the hope of life and that's why the to jail it is leaving for the next protest one year ago she had a well paid job as a civil servant she has become an activist fighting to get back ruled life. now the world has lost the last male northern white rhino why he died in a kenyan conservatory caretakers made the decision to euthanize the white rhino after a sudden the climb and his health well now the very survival of the species the pens on the only two remaining females the life of
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a northern white rhino can be a lonely one sedan the last remaining male of the species has died aged forty five intensive poaching has significantly reduced numbers scientists even turned to dating apps for sudan in an attempt to raise awareness and enough money to pay for a nine million dollars for tele t. treatment. for the kenyan conservationists looking after sudan led the tributes only a couple of weeks ago they spoke of their hope as he tried to recover from an infected leg seven days ago we thought that we knew would make a bad decision. because then one morning he could not be completely he was unable to write. seven days ago. after some medication that we give pain and i think about it he was able to stand up but give us hope and just maybe we would like to give him a chance at life. while there are thousands of southern white rhinos still roaming
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the plains of sub-saharan africa no need to northern white rhinos remain sudan's daughter and her daughter. with experts warning that the threat of extinction is dying more of a case of wayne instead of conservationists hope it's no light sight for these gentle giants. make yourself. smarter. when you want to. up to date. extraordinary. decide what to. do w. .


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