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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] player . playing. this is you know we do is live from berlin as the u.k. ramps up its investigation into the russian spy poisoning scandal former secretary boris johnson points the finger of blame squarely at the current lead somebody has to be responsible and somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence for culpability points to the russian state speaking exclusively to d.w.t.
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use johnson's comments come as diplomats expelled by the u.k. take a flight back to moscow also on the show. the united nations accuses turkey of massive human rights abuses following a failed coup in twenty sixteen the report says on corrupt tortured and killed political opponents turkey slams the un says it sympathizes with terrorists. would . play. well all right thanks for your company everyone. russian diplomats expelled by the u.k. are on a flight back to moscow as we speak this as international weapons inspectors have begun analyzing samples of the nerve agent used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter in the city of solsbury well russia has hit back hard at british allegations that it is behind the attack the kremlin condemns
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all accusations demands to see evidence or an apology. a bitter farewell for russia's expelled diplomats in london followed from the diplomatic standoff. as russia demands proof or an apology the british military is carrying out forensic tests on the car used by sergei st paul's daughter after she came from moscow to earlier this month. hours after yulia st paul arrived in south bree she was found unconscious on this bench alongside her father scientists at this bio chemical weapons facility say they were poisoned with a nerve agent know the chop this finding is now central in britain's case against russia but a direct link to putin remains elusive. correspondence on a number of us sat down with british foreign minister boris johnson you have any solid evidence that putin directly ordered it because what he said is the most
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direct accusation of russia's lead that ever somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence for culpability points to the russian state and as it did in the case of alexander litvinenko when you remember the trail of polonium led back very clearly to the russian state and in the end. mr putin is in charge and that is you know that i'm afraid he cannot escape responsibility and cope ability those who didn't himself and those around him have stance lee deny these allegations. sooner or later these unsubstantiated allegations will have to be answered they will either need to be backed up with something with some evidence or they'll need to apologize. to. chemical weapons experts in the u.k.
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are testing samples of the toxic substance used on the st paul's the results will not be known for at least two weeks. and you can watch the w.'s entire interview with british foreign secretary boris johnson by heading to our web site at www dot com. let's find out where things stand right now joining me from london is the barber of asal and in moscow we welcome to your report a political analyst and professor for competitor comparative excuse me politics in moscow a very good day to you both the minister partially i want to start off with you if i may we heard the british foreign secretary there speaking earlier today that news he thinks that beyond a shadow of a doubt that russia was involved in this spy poisoning scandal how is that playing out in the moscow with today make of it.
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well the situation is very bad and with don't like it to no good for our relations with great britain and other western countries we don't believe boris johnson with dong belief terrorism terrorism may be accused russia of having no evidence the investigation is going on and it will take is they say several weeks or months and. having no evidence that they accuse russia it's in their usual double standard policy. when lit within couple of day in london it was the same situation and still we hear no. results of that investigation so we will wait. someone will find. the results
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and. if we hear from any. relation to it we'll take measures but even so i mean it's terms are saying i'm sorry if i just may interrupt you for a second this is an army grade nerve agent that was well made in russia so there is some link there is there somebody else who manufactures this type of talks it. these never guess maybe one hundred chips in any country because. as we know the formula is well known it is present in the internet. and we have no stockpiles of chemical weapons in our country so we reject these accusations ok that's very clear barbara want to go to you in london moscow asked london to back up its claim with evidence why are british authorities so reluctant
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to share the proof. because it is going to take quite a while and people here are experts who even speak of some months where until they really can be sort of like a trail of evidence that is presented police is still working on how the poison got into the car that the scripts were using how they then ingested it was it a powder was it a gas or was it a liquid all this is not quite clear and it is very very difficult much more difficult than in the case of litvinenko where as i may end of final report was published here in two thousand and sixteen and the people who poisoned litvinenko where identified in person is so it's a quite different case to to sort of really find the traces of this nerve agent is much more difficult and the experts are going to need time to do this and that's
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the reason why you know sort of hard evidence has been presented so far but as we heard have heard from both johnson and to resume a the prime minister has reiterated that today all fingers point to moscow it's the only place russia is the only place where this particular type of nabi chalk has ever been produced now i know at this juncture juncture mr pasha how poisoned are relations between russia and britain i mean does moscow care about any backlash possible repercussions. i think the relations between russia and the great britain poisoned already because the british consul is to be in its presence is being reduced in russia for ten years and. who for diplomatic
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relations. limited to know. and their. politics or for the great britain very friendly with russia so i think it is going on the same. trends in our relations i think that it's no good but it's not our troops ok it's not your choice barbara the british prime minister met with her security team met today to discuss more possible measures against moscow what could just possibly be. there's a number of measures that are being discussed one is for instance to restrict to travel for certain people from russia certain people from the circle of flooding refuting the president there is also talk about seizing russian property if it is explained if the owners here in britain cannot explain where the money came from
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and also of course to tighten rules against money laundering because it is well known it's been known for at least a decade that britain is regarded as one of the worldwide capitals of money laundering and there are billions of russian money spent on sort of floating around for lodging around london and a commentator here in one of the big national newspapers wrote to britain has to sort of wean itself off its love for russian money and that is the main problem behind this britain has sort of tolerated this accumulation of russian wealth unexplained welsh wealth and of course of people off sort of dubious backgrounds for so long that now it finds it really hard to sort of crack down on it you know reporting from london and in moscow europe are shocked political analyst thank you so very much. and i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making
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news around the world some of the things that saudi arabia's crown prince muhammad bin saw him on has kicked off a high profile three week tour of the united states first stop washington where he met with president donald trump the american president praised what he called a great friendship with a saudi crown prince who in turn pale ties between washington and riyadh. authorities in texas are investigating the fifth bombing this month in the state's capital austin the latest blast occurred when a parcel exploded at a fed ex distribution facility near the city police suspect a serial bomber is behind the explosions which have killed two people and injured several. next we had to turkey that country has accused the united nations of sympathizing with terrorists after the u.n. released a damning report into human rights abuses by ankara the report accuses of massive abuses including torture and killings under
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a state of emergency following the failed coup in twenty sixteen ravine asham dasani is the spokesperson for the un's high commission on human rights. nearly one hundred sixty thousand people arrested during an eighteen month state of emergency one hundred fifty two thousand civil servants dismissed many totally arbitrarily. teachers and judges and lawyers dismissed or prosecuted journalists arrested media outlets shut down and websites blocked clearly this excessive states of emergency declared in turkey have been used to severely and arbitrarily curtail the human rights of a very large number of people. were going to go to god where some women are dreaming of sporting success in the male dominated game of rugby and doing so they're hoping not only to turn their country into a future rugby force to be reckoned with but also to break down traditional gender
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roles. you know you really one of these young women could be stars in the future but first things first the training is basic barefoot on a sandy pitch learning the sport for the first time. son had only seen rugby on t.v. before getting the chance to play they made the beginners but their goals are sky high but as bruce who has to be the best of the athletes who feel inspired to. record how to are fulfilled by who. will have is that when you work with them on. the gun a rugby football association is focusing on muslim girls for a reason. cited today strongly schools in not for my son and oh they think and that's why they run we run things not for ladies or gals
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it's for everybody what i stand mostly and do is everybody company. with the help of world rugby get into rugby program gonna is making the sport no longer just a man's game. all right next up sailing in the volvo ocean race heavy winds have propelled crews deep into the southern ocean as they head for president well after a low winds have delayed departure from the coast of new zealand gusts above forty five kilometers an hour turned the race into a high speed affair turn the tide on plastic has taken an early lead in the seventh like of the race which will see crews cover for team hundred kilometers an. hour if i let you go in our mind you of our main headline right now. russian diplomats expelled by the u.k. have boarded a flight back to moscow they've been kicked out of britain after the attempted murder of a former double agent which the government says bears the hallmarks of
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a russian poison attack. right you've been watching the w.'s on leyla hauraki half of the entire team here in berlin thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour. the race for immortality has begun. leading guru scientists are researching ways to replicate the human brain. androids are taking over physical labor.


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