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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is t.v. news coming to you live from berlin masters of manipulation and now mired in scandal shadowy political consultancy cambridge analytical suspends its c.e.o. after undercover reporters filmed him posting about using dirty tricks to swing elections and facebook is also under fire over reports that the consultancy illegally harvest of millions of users. also coming up she's been sworn in for a fourth term now the work begins transforming about her priorities for the next four years can she convince parliament that she's taking germany in the right
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direction. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us a british academic who created the app that harvested data on millions of facebook users says he's being used as a scapegoat by both the social network and the political consultancy behind the data grab facebook says alexandre colgan violated its policies by passing the data to cambridge analytical u.k. based firm is now in hot water after its c.e.o. was filmed by undercover reporters boasting about the dirty tricks he uses to swing election results. the center of london. the firm's c.e.o. had a reputation for enjoying me. but in the past few days alexander. happy
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in the media. on tuesday came. following an undercover investigation by british broadcaster channel he was secretly filmed by posing as a. candidate selected alexander. to help things such as blackmail. be effective. to. speak to be. true to the fiction that's. there or in trapping politicians by filming them in compromising situations that. shortly before being suspended next told b.b.c. he was exaggerating the company's work. we.
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undertook this meeting and spoke with a certain amount of hyperbole about some of the things that we do but these latest accusations on the only problems dogging cambridge analysts account the company had previously bragged how to use facebook profiles to help get u.s. president donald trump elected now the u.k.'s data protection agency has social warrant to search cambridge analytic is headquarters and it's investigating whether the company illegally collected the facebook data this comes after a former employee spilled the beans on the company's tactics he says people were asked to download a facebook app which secretly stole private data about the user and their facebook friends i only need to engage their fifty thousand seventy thousand one hundred thousand people a really big dataset really quickly and it scaled really quickly it we were able to get upwards of fifty million plus facebook records in the span of a couple months and that's how one of the biggest ash breaches in facebook's
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history came about. facebook's mark zuckerberg has been dodging the media for days british lawmakers have summoned him to appear before a committee and accuse facebook of misleading them at a previous hearing the hashtags delayed facebook and where is trending on social media amid calls for the internet giant to take responsibility for the break. we realize how important these companies are for example to elections right across europe and i think this is the year when politicians have woken up we as the public awoke it up and it's time for the tech companies to wake up because they don't get their act together they are going to face serious repercussions social networks when celebrated as the savior of democracy now critics is starting to ask why the social media should be more closely regulated. your correspondent barbara vessel is in the u.k. following developments there and she joins us now from london the barber of the u.k.'s information commissioner as we heard there was announced
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a probe related to this case what's happening with that investigation. yeah everybody here wonders why your british takes so long to give her the warrant that she needs to get into the offices of cambridge analytic which are right in the heart of london around the corner from where i'm standing on you oxford street there was a large press scrum there last night but not much to be seen alexander nix the then demoted c.e.o. sort of entering the building and then sort of disappearing into thin air so he is gone but the problem grows by the hour scenes from the british side because they can't get the information the information commissioner simply doesn't have enough powers that's what everybody here is says because now cambridge analytic a has had days of warning they could have wiped any server they ever used instead it cleaned up all their left ops and xander nix the c.e.o.
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he used to have those in those talks with channel four that they had a self destroying e-mail system so it may even be hard to sort of find the evidence for the things that have gone on there but barbara's taken media reports investigations by channel four there to push the topic back onto the public agenda british authorities are supposed to be monitoring internet privacy why didn't they come up on those earlier. it seems quite incredible and there's no real explanation for it because the information commissioner middleton interviews yesterday and instead of being in the offices of cambridge and logistica she did the tour of the t.v. studios and she admitted in interviews that she had been on the case of breaches of privacy office social media for months since the spring or early summer of last year and things were moving so slowly at a crawl you might say that then finally it took the press to blow this whole thing
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out of the water and to sort of really do this thing on and under nick's and cambridge analytical analytical to sort of bring this into the public eye more evidence is emerging that the parent company off cambridge analytic a company called strategic communications and the board theories which has their past in the military background that this company used to work all over the world influencing elections for instance in kenya for instance in caribbean countries and there is evidence for that and they hadn't even government funded parts for that for those actions so the scandal grows by the day. that was barbara vai's old there reporting from london now let's catch up on some other stories making news around the world today an explosion in the afghan capital kabul has left at least twenty six people dead and about twenty others wounded the afghan interior
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ministry says a suicide bomber on foot definitely did his explosives on a road leading to a shiite shrine. and myanmar's first civilian president hootin jaw has resigned saying he wants to take a rest from his current work he's a close ally of defacto leader own son suchi who is barred from the presidency under the constitution a successor is to be appointed within seven days. germany's chancellor angela merkel is due to lay out her government's plans for the next four years in an address to parliament today that's after being sworn in last week for a fourth term lawmakers will be watching with interest after months of wrangling to form a government many of parliament are still deeply unhappy with the result which is a grand coalition between backless conservatives and social democrats now it's up to merkel to win their confidence. she's back after the longest coalition negotiations in decades will swarm interest chancellor for a fourth term she can look ahead to some challenges. the new government's plans for
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the coming term take up one hundred seventy seven pages the coalition agreement devotes its opening chapter to europe and also references the e.u. and its title that's a first euro has never taken such priority. meanwhile he's been waiting patiently for a german partner before forging ahead with his own plans for europe french president . the eurozone to have its own budget and finance minister germany hasn't taken a final stance but is prepared to spend more money. on the pos germany and france have achieved a great deal working together your family committed to doing so in the future as well. i think. the new government is also facing challenges on the domestic front with initiatives on education pensions and digitization including a major expansion of broadband internet. one of the toughest tasks
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ahead is not spelled out in the coalition agreement but looms large non the less germany's new government is determined to prevent a trade war with the us. every day all over the world people suffer discrimination because of the color of their skin their nationality or their ethnic origin racism and xenophobia and intolerance affect millions to draw attention to the problem the un has declared today international day for the elimination of racial discrimination they commemorates the massacre in the township of sharp in south africa on the twenty first of march nine hundred sixty thousands gathered to protest against the country's racist apartheid laws police open. fire into the crowd sixty nine black people were killed and one hundred eighty wounded many were shot in the back as they tried to flee nearly sixty years later much as
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changed in south africa and the rest of the world but racism persists throughout the day will be looking at how it affects different parts of the world our next report takes us to france and the suburbs of paris where a group of activists is working to combat what they say is institutionalized racism . franco has decided to fight back against what he calls france a structural racism he arrived from good look with his parents at the age of two but he's always felt like a stranger in this country. there is an implicit insidious racism in france black people hardly ever feature in advertisements or movies we are erased from the public sphere which is like killing us in the public mind we don't exist and that makes it easier to exclude us from society we don't get access to good jobs and it's hard to find a flat. in two thousand and five he founded the brigade against negro phobia they're fighting for black people's place in society and frequently organize events
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against racism just like this demonstration in paris last saturday. most people aren't even aware of this underlying racism that's why we're here today to remind them that we exist. but finding his voice it wasn't easy is taking us to where he grew up this is one of paris most dangerous suburbs he used to be a member of a notorious youth gang here. journalists rarely get access to this area. paradoxically this place made me feel safe despite all the data the violence. i was suddenly among equals for the first time i didn't feel like part of a minority anymore i felt proud and no longer shame to be black. funk or eventually moved away from here and found a job as a social worker he's now helping young people in the suburbs but not all of his
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childhood friends have managed to break out of the vicious cycle. of a i'm doing what i can to find work but it's very difficult. when you come from a suburb like this employers tend to think you are good for nothing. just because of your address the. phone call and his brigade are trying to empower people in the suburbs they tell them how to react checks by the police black and arab people feel they are constantly being stopped because of this french appeals court even couldn't damn the police practice as long as twenty sixteen because the other day in the metro station the police was being someone they saw me and instantly let him go when they asked for my i.d.'s said no i haven't done anything and i have a metro ticket the police officer grabbed me and said put your hands against the wall or off the floor. should always look out for c.c.t.v.
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cameras they protect you especially if you're facing a malicious police officer who claims you try to attack them you can be sent to prison for twenty years. the police say such aba tray stops are necessary in the fight against the drug trade but the checks are also having another effect we don't leave our suburbs because we know our i.d.'s will be checked in paris it's better to stay here at least we know the police officers. number less core has hope that one day things might change. the french constitution says we are all equal that's obviously a myth but if we flag up these in consistencies the french will realize what's happening they will hold the state accountable. that reading the fight might take a while but he's not gay and. just for we go this breaking news coming in local media in texas are reporting that
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a man believed to be the austin serial bomber is dead police have not yet confirmed this according to reports police were trying to arrest the suspect when he set off an explosion will keep you updated as details come in. so your news for now sumi will be with you at the top of next hour thanks for watching. stories that people in the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us.


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