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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2018 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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this is it over news live from berlin combative and confident chancellor angela merkel is out of her new government's vision to german lawmakers immigration industry and criticism of the war in syria all featured prominently we'll get the details from our correspondent also is this the man who got donald trump elected cambridge alec c.e.o.
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alexander nicks pays the price for his part in the facebook data abuse scandal that insolvency firm suspends him for boasting about using dirty tricks to swing elections and the book over a romp pre-schoolers of kidnapped schoolgirls as a warning for parents don't try to educating your daughters again or we'll be back really costs. down while of iraq thanks very much for your company everyone german chancellor angela merkel has marked the beginning of her fourth term in office with a wide ranging policy statement the chancellor addressed a number of issues in her speech she had harsh criticism for turkey's that military operation in the syrian town of pasadena she also spoke about migration and islam in stark contrast to her newly appoint. interior minister say harvard she insisted
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that islam had become a part of germany. it is up to no question that historically own country is christian but. this is it's also not to say that the four hundred million muslims living in germany mean that their religion islam has not become a part of germany. are all here to explore what chancellor merkel's fourth term is going to look like is our chief political correspondent melinda crane and i want to get your take on the statement that we just heard the chancellor make how much of a departure is this for germany a chance america calling islam on equivocally a part of germany it's not a departure in fact she's picking up on the sentence that has been uttered by successive german presidents there he clearly but it has been the subject of debate recently within her own party as you mentioned germany's new interior minister who
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comes from the area and sister party of chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats he has essentially been playing the populist card of islamophobia in recent weeks and a member of the chancellor's own party has also used some similar phrases and she is clearly sending a message to these members of her party saying you need to get in line she went on to say after the remark we just heard that in fact it will be a central aim of her government to promote the ability of the different cultures and religions to live together in tolerance and peace all right now the chancellor has been dogged by her handling of the refugee crisis back in twenty fifteen what policies are we going to see going forward. indeed it was quite noteworthy that she began with a strong acknowledgement that migration has divided and polarized germany and that was noteworthy because after the election she came out and said on the same evening
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actually she didn't see all that much that could have been done differently with this entire speech was an admission that there's a lot to do differently starting with those divisions and what measures is she talking about to address them well on the one hand measures to ensure that the huge wave of migration in twenty fifteen was an exception and remains an exception so trying to fight the causes of migration at their roots namely with development assistance for africa trying to ensure that migrants would be migrants are taken care of closer to home with more support for example for u.n. agencies that do so also trying to ensure that those migrants who have a right to remain are more quickly and better integrated in this country so those are some of the measures on that side but on the other side she talked a great deal about what needs to be done for germans who feel that they are perhaps being left behind who have
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a sense that their own economic and social situation is precarious perhaps even in comparison to the migration to the migrants who are being so well taken care of for them she talked about support for families raising that she talked about building more affordable housing for those who need it she talked about lowering payroll taxes and what people pay into health insurance so a whole host of measures as she said trying to ensure social cohesion and solidarity are right and what else jumped out at you. well just the headlines very quickly strong criticism of turkey for that offensive enough as you mentioned criticism also of russia are simply standing by and letting it happen a very strong commitment to multilateral multi-lateralism is. the foreign policy arena criticism of any protectionist stance on the part of the united states also very very strong words of support for europe saying germany's future is in europe's
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cohesion so a host of measures there as well to strengthen europe and finally very clear acknowledgement that germany is lagging behind in coming to terms with digitalisation and needs a big push on that front as well for our i thought a lot so work to get chief political correspondent linda crane thank you all right to other news now and a british academic who created the app that harvested data on millions of facebook users says he's being used as a scapegoat by both the social network and the political consultancy firm behind the datagram facebook says alexander colgan violated its policies by passing the data on to cambridge analytic oh the u.k. based firm is now in hot water after its c.e.o. was filmed by undercover reporters boasting about the dirty tricks he uses to swing election results the center of london home to cambridge analytics.
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the firm c.e.o. had a reputation for enjoying media attention but in the past few days alexander nick seemed less happy in the media spotlight. on tuesday cambridge analytic is suspended next following an undercover investigation by british broadcaster channel four he was secretly filmed by repulsion posing as a client seeking to get candidates elected alexander nix outlines and do tricks to help things such as blackmail. it be effective to be just to get. their own speech to be carbons. it is often that way. they are used to treat it as a sexual let's get video recorder there or entrapping politicians by filming them in compromising situations that get right to the candidates out for a. week or less if it's true it's. shortly before being suspended next told
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b.b.c. he was exaggerating the company's work. but these latest accusations on the only problems dog in cambridge and. the company had previously bragged how to use facebook profiles to help get u.s. president donald trump elected now the u.k.'s data protection agency has social warrant to search cambridge analytic is headquarters and its investigation whether the company illegally collected the facebook. this comes after a former employee spilled the beans on the company's tactics he says people were asked to download a facebook app which secretly stole private data about the user and their facebook friends i only need to engage fifty thousand one hundred thousand people a really big data really quickly and it scaled really quickly we were able to get upwards of fifty million plus facebook records in the span of
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a couple months and that's how one of the biggest breaches in facebook's history came about. facebook's has been dodging the media for days british lawmakers have summoned him to appear before a committee and accuse facebook of misleading them at a previous hearing the hashtags delete facebook and where is trending on social media and made calls for the internet giant to take responsibility for the breach. we realize how important these companies are for example to elections right across europe and i think this is the year when politicians have woken up we as the public woke up and it's time for the tech companies to wake up because they don't get their act together they are going to face serious repercussions social networks will one celebrated as the saviors of democracy now critics are starting to ask why the social media should be more closely regulated. all
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right well for more on this story let's brand the social media editor jarrett reed good to see you gerri you've been on the story from the beginning for us part of the fallout from this data grab scandal is that one of the guys who got really really rich off of facebook is now calling on usually users to delete their accounts what's behind that well it's brian acton so he co-founded the messenger service which is a popular messenger services all around the world including here in germany he sold it to facebook in two thousand and fourteen and made billions and billions of dollars off it and now he is urging people to delete facebook as he's tweeted he is time and this is catching on online this is a question that everyone's asking themselves and each other should i delete my facebook for follow you going to do that and so this is something we also show media community. are they going to do that and a lot of people said well look it's a good idea but it's not quite as simple as that like this used. he commented to us
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we old delayed our accounts and then watch another social network fills the gap and we have the same or different problems the need for something like facebook will still be there and other commentators i'm not advocating for the delay ssion of your social media presence these hash tag is laughable to be honest given how dot a collection is part of every internet giant strategy we need to get better at giving our information away and you know some really good points i think that. very very valid points there but i was struck by one of them the need for facebook will still be there i mean are there alternatives out there with better privacy protections all clearly the dumond force for services like facebook is that remote we're seeing now is that develop is a using this crisis to push their own platform so they're using this as a good opportunity to do that one of them is called the open book challenge it's launched by take investor jason calacanis he's offering teams seven teams one
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hundred thousand dollars to invent a base of facebook it's unclear exactly what that means there are alternatives none of them is nearly as popular as facebook and we have to keep in mind that google plus tried and failed my space tried to make a comeback and it failed from dot a from the pew research center among american adults facebook is the most widely used platform followed by instagram which is r. and by facebook so facebook really dominates here to stay probably future anyway thank you so much sure thank you all right a lot more to get to hear some of the other stories making news around the world. in kossovo an opposition party has thrown tear gas in the country's parliament the self-determination movement party used the gas to disrupt a vote on a border issue with montenegro is unclear if the parliamentary session will continue. police in austin texas say the suspect in
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a series of bombings in the city is dead he died in the explosion as police attempted to arrest him he's been identified as a twenty four year old white man two people were killed and several wounded by five explosions in austin earlier this month. the so-called islamic state says it is responsible for an explosion in afghanistan's capital kabul that has left at least twenty six people dead and about twenty others wounded the afghan interior ministry says a suicide bomber on foot detonated his explosives on a road leading to a shiite shrine. now in the jury of boko haram militants have freed more than one hundred girls abducted from a boarding school in northeastern nigeria a month ago when out this exclusive video that you're about to see a chained by d.w. from our partner station
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a channels television here it is shows the some of the freed girls or shortly after their release of boko haram warn parents so not to send the girls back to school the nigerian government said it did not pay ransom for the girls or her release and that more girls can be expected to be released in the days to come. on the don't use it or increase is in law goss and i spoke to some of the released hostages and he described the mood for us in the village. well you've seen it it's time for jubilation she today but it's also time for shock for some of the people because this came really as a big surprise there were not a lot of indications that pointed in this direction that the girls would be released anytime soon so we've learned that the terrorists came into this through the town early this morning and first people were scared they thought it could be another attack of boko haram because also the military personnel in town withdrew shortly before but apparently they only drove two of the schools left the girls
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there and then they left the towns of once again so it looks very much as if they were released and of there was some sort of arrangement with the government. reporting there from lagos on the release of those girls just a reminder of the top stories now that we're following for you this hour german chancellor angela merkel has addressed the issues dividing german society while presenting her government's agenda to parliament she stressed the need to tackle the causes of illegal migration while at the same time boosting security and measures to integrate foreigners living back at the top of the out. of the over integration. experience they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch.


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