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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2018 6:02am-6:16am CET

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moving closer to a trade war u.s. president donald trump announces new tariffs against china triggering fears of countermeasures meanwhile the e.u. is granted an exception for now. and thousands of farmers in zambia are forced to leave their homes to make room for a large scale industrial agriculture will speak to some of the evicted families. it's time for business on d.w.p. and how are you going to get us welcome to the program it was an eventful day for white house trade policy president trump except at the e.u. and several nations from steel and aluminum tariffs at least temporarily a short time later he signed a measure placing sixty billion dollars in tariffs on a broad list of imports to the u.s. at the heart of both actions lies the same quote economic enemy in terms words china and a belief that trading partners must exist on a level playing fields the tariffs will hit more than
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a thousand categories of chinese goods the identities of which are to come later transactions follow a trade investigation into china's acquisition of technology and trade secrets through unfair measures the outcome was no surprise china has built its own domestic industrial base in part by buying co-opting and sometimes hacking secrets from other nations according to trump it was past time for the country and others he believes are like it to be called out. we're doing things for this country that should have been done for many many years we've had this abuse by many other countries. and groups of countries that were put together in order to take advantage of the united states and we don't want that to happen we're not going to let that happen. yet while china's methods have angered many critics say trump's focus on the trade balance and on reciprocity is misplaced his approach has also been scattershot the steel and aluminum tariffs that to take effect tomorrow were aimed at china poised to hurt traditional allies like the e.u.
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even more chum seems ok with us calling the new exemptions leverage for future deals we are just starting a negotiation with the european union because they really shut out our country to a large extent they have barriers that they can trade with us but we can't trade with them they're very strong berries have very high tariffs we don't it's just not fair that means more trade tensions in the days to come. let's listen to our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange directly and scott who has been following the story for us and the reactions as well so yes listening to the president if china will stop taking advantage of the u.s. if jobs will continue to rise if products from the united states will get protected against theft of peyton's tell me why are the markets down.
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donald trump said that china is a friend but his remarks didn't sound that friendly at all and those announcement could have huge implications on all kinds of industries we already heard i agree culture industry especially could get hit hard from some retaliation measures by china but that could also be true for example for u.s. carmakers who export quite a bit to china also when it comes to the financial industry chinese investors have pumped quite a lot of money for example in some u.s. financial institutions and the same is true for us to good knowledge of companies who might also not be able to get a lot of money from chinese investors in the futures or there are a lot of implications and therefore there's a highly negative reaction now against this is a step by step process we heard that there will be a thirty day period for quote stakeholders to provide feedback does that mean
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that there will be less tough sanctions in the end of sanctions for terrorists rather in the end or is it just to listen but not really take action. well i mean donald trump is well known for really be a rough verbal lee and then trying to get a better a negotiation a position of that's also going to be the case when it comes to china remains to be seen at least walter reed seems to be very skeptical that in the end everything will play out well i mean the blue chips are down by more than seven hundred points a drop of almost three per cent so it is pretty likely that something will happen and by the way we also got from the democratic senator chuck schumer some comments that in this case he actually applauds the us presidents or obviously also politically there is some backing or some back up of four of those announcement that donald trump made here on thursday in regards to china so certainly
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a lot of uncertainty and it doesn't really sound like there's going to be a nice and peaceful way out of it at least at this point of polarizing decision yet again thank you very much and carter will of a story with you. to france now where travelers are facing a new wave of strikes that is hitting the country's most high speed and regional trains were canceled on thursday unions are responding to president calls labor market reform to make things worse at the same time the country's largest airline is facing walkouts of its own. a bitter power struggle and a violent chaotic end to a long day of strikes in france in several cities around the country like here in paris demonstrators fourth street battles with the police. before that thousands including rail workers have protested peacefully against president manuel mccollum's labor market reforms. it's
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a real battle and if the government wants to talk about the real issues in the real sector they must first withdraw their plans they're aimed at starting to privatized the s.n.c.f. rail company. rail managers say that about a third of their workers walked out on strike during the course of the day causing waves of train cancellations the strikes were unregistered wildcat strikes which makes them illegal the c.g. to union is urging members to engage in impromptu strikes even outside of official strike days. there's a constitutional right to strike but it's essential that public services can get four and a half million train passengers from a to b. every day i personally find these disruption threats by the union extremely serious i've never seen anything like it. president wants to ramp up the retirement age for railway staff right now train drivers can retire at just fifty
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two other rail workers can follow them only a few years later francis railways are deep in the red groaning under forty five billion euros worth of debt but unions warn that maccollins reforms will open the floodgates for even harsher measures that's why even air traffic controllers joined the latest strikes a third of paris bound flights had to be cancelled the showdown looks likely to drag on. it's we're going to say sions are concerned about the ongoing your vision of thousands of farmers in zambia they're being forced out of their homes and farms to make room for big scale industrial agriculture without compensation but he still continued to work in the farms and have to travel long distances to get their. families live in this forest in zambia powerful farmers wish they didn't and want them to move on it's rocket country and vehicles only take us so far we have to finish our journey on foot human rights lawyer. has taken us alone he wants to help
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these people during these months when you have little to put back so it's well for some of them not by choice because. they can. learn the temporary need to get to figuring out where. we saw firsthand just how far these families were forced to move it took us two hours to get there those we meet say they were forcibly evicted from their old farm. bernard mo wop and his wife might have a nine children. every life cxiii to mock comes out here regularly the activist talks to the families listens to the individual stories and where possible helps them take their cases to court if you actually move from the white said to us that we had to move away. then he just droids everything
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surrounding our village knocking down trees we were afraid that one might fall on our house but we didn't feel safe and had to get a. human rights watch says over fifty families live here now all of them forced from their home villages the organization thinks that thousands of people have been evicted nationwide the people here tell us how their children can no longer go to school because it's too far away the most popular family farm used to lie here somewhere today it's industrial farmland run by a foreign fama. jason sawyer is from neighboring zimbabwe he tells us he was a victim from his land that just like many other white farmers. don't know this is now he himself is said to have pushed zambians from their farms something he denies . we are here to stay. i'm going to raise my kids here my father wants to be buried
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here with regards to to the locals and the research yourself to me. trying to come to a compromise so that everyone is happy. one thing's clear sawyer bought the land from the zambian government and it was proven to be government land before he bought it he tells us he's created some eighty jobs and that it was the government which forced him to relocate the resident pharmacist. zambian government's efforts to convert to industrial farming methods are behind conflicts like. yes. it hopes its plans will provide more jobs and boost food production and until the country's own needs are met its banned food exports. thomas like jason sawyer are attracted by the ballgame land prices. and population resettlement is just one pot of the overall official glad i'm over here.
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that's it for business thanks for watching. but.
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what does a football loving country need to reach its goals and we'll tell you how a german soccer made it to the top. and our web special. dot com. football made in germany. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america so i realized failure early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for any news journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. items back off work at the w.
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