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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2018 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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the free voice of egypt starting april eighth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin the french police bring an end to a deadly hostage situation reports say that they have raided a supermarket in travel where a gunman was holding prisoners he is believed to have killed several people before being gunned down by security forces there are claims that the so-called islamic state was behind the incident also coming up china says that it will fight to end
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if the fight to viet dinh few u.s. president donald trump hits it with new tariffs trump unveiled plans to hike tariffs on up to sixty five billion dollars worth of goods from china annually he says that it's in retaliation for unfair trade practices. i'm sorry kelly thank you so much for joining us we begin with breaking news this hour from france where a hostage situation appears to be over with the suspected gunman dead it unfolded in a supermarket in the southwestern town of tread close to the city of carcass song. the interior minister says that three other people have been killed french media say that the perpetrator claimed allegiance to a so-called islamic state. and for more let's bring in correspondent and
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elizabeth mood today who is joining us now from paris and analysts about what more do we know about the suspect. what we know about the suspect is that hughes in his thirty's here's a moroccan citizen and he had been watched the several months by the french intelligence but obviously not watch enough to do for them to predict that he might actually be planning a deadly attack he started by shooting down in the city of quetta sirte which is a forty thousand population city about fifteen minutes from the small town of tire and then he drove to tired and he walked into the supermarket this morning around eleven am paris time shouting allahu akbar i want revenge for syria and he started shooting around. some people managed to get out some people he saw a movement in
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a refrigerated area. apparently one of the victims the butcher the man in charge of the butcher's counter in the supermarket was killed and then slowly the hostages managed to get out of the lot was exchanged for a. colonel who offered himself in exchange for the last hostage we do not know yet whether he survived the assault and what more do we know about all of it down. sorry about that and i was about but i'm you know the interior minister speaking a short while ago also mentioned that three people were killed reportedly by the suspect what more do we know about them you mentioned that one of them was a butter. we that's all we do because they want the families to hear from this not from television or radio but from the pretty state we'll bring in. psychologist to help as much as they can help and so so far we have new official
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names not even of whether they're all some from the old armory all the army also might have been victims when we look at the country of france just generally speaking it's on high alert and has been on high alert since the string of attacks back in twenty fifteen what is the mood in the country right now. well the mood in the country is that it's all going on there's a bit of anger at the fact that like so many terrorists before this one was being closely watched except that the clothes were to not include because we're a democratic country preemptive arrest. but what would be probably would make people moved and we would be if somebody started saying oh this is not really terrorism this is a wolf out of this is somebody who's declared a allegiance to islamic state this is somebody who has asked for the liberation of the last surviving plunder of the but actually were taxed in twenty fifteen.
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there's a fifty feeding in public opinion that this has to be acknowledged and to be honest the president of maque or in brussels the prime minister and those secretary good all did all immediately call this terrorism and did not start by saying that. we weren't quite sure what they were about when somebody was a got when he was coming with the war weapons into supermarkets shooting at people and elizabeth taylor with the latest from france where as we mentioned breaking news this hour a hostage situation appears to be over with the suspected gunman dead the interior minister reporting three others have been killed analysts beth thanks for your reporting. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world on twitter u.s. president donald trump has announced that john bolton will be his new national security advisor bolton has advocated using military force against iran and north korea is trump's third national security adviser in fourteen months. and didn't bob
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way dozens of women are celebrating being freed from jail there with least comes after president emerson men god pardoned some three thousand prisoners to reduce overcrowding the president is a strong opponent of the death penalty and also commuted the death sentences of prisoners who have been on death row for more than ten years one hundred thirty five whales have died after being washed ashore in western australia the animals are thought to be short and pilot whales a species known to strand in large groups wildlife service staff are on site assessing the health and well being of the fifteen that are still alive. to some other news now in china has said that it will fight to the end if u.s. president donald trump hits it with new trade tariffs trump has threatened to impose the tariffs because of what he says are unfair trade practices by the chinese his announcement sent global markets sliding as fears of a trade war grew as much as sixty billion dollars worth of annual chinese exports
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to the u.s. could be affected the world stock markets tumbled on friday is fears grow of a tit for tat global trade war us president donald trump plans to hike turner of one up to sixty billion dollars in goods from china retaliation he says for unfair trade practices we want re supercool mirror if they are just so we charge them the same thing. beijing says like for like should not be the gold on trade and it would rather convince washington just change course but the chinese are ready to impose return to treat tariffs on u.s. products like pork and dolly minium. i'm sure you join function shortly joining us isaacson has been stated clearly the information is plain to see it's impolite not to give as good as one gets we hope the united states can treat chinese interests in silly and sullenly and act rationally and prudently on the top.
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business leaders a warning that a full scale trade war would not benefit either side. the response from our members has been one have concern that these actions could be to a trade war which is something that nobody wants to see at the same time it's important to recognize that there has been a growing sense of frustration within the business community about the lack of progress and market access openings in china's increasing use of industrial policies some commentators see beijing's response to president trump's latest tariff plans as relatively measured but washington is hinting that more punitive measures on trade could be on the way. well u.s. president trump has temporarily meantime exempt the european union from higher tariffs on steel and aluminum which were meant to come into effect today the topic has overshadowed the e.u.
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leaders summit in brussels and this is where are you correspondent garrick mattison standing by with the very latest welcome to you we know that the summit has now ended what did leaders there have to say about the u.s. president now excluding the e.u. from these controversial tariffs at least for the time being. the french president had a very clear message for the u.s. here he called the temporary exemption not satisfactory he also added a warning for the u.s. if you want a way he said look the e.u. does not seek a trade war but if the e.u. would be dragged into a trade war it would respond without weakness and the reason you hear such strong words coming from e.u. leaders is that there is a serious concern that the tariffs are only a first wave in what could be. a bigger or a much bigger and much more intense assault on the architecture of global trade and the u.s. has also i mean for talking about a new deal here they've set
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a deadline of may first to get a more permanent solution on the table in terms of you know these these tariffs on steel and aluminum imports what does brussels make of that deadline. the head of the european council head of the european commission which got very clear words in that case to india and he said the deadline to find a deal is just unrealistic it's not enough time to meet and ends here and basically whether we see a permanent exemption here whether permanent exemption in these talks can be achieved depends on what donald trump intense with these terrorists. if he uses them as a bargaining chip in order to achieve that the e.u. also drops some of its terrorists then i think a compromise could be achieved if indeed this is
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a tool to target the entire w t o trading system then these negotiations are bound to be failed to fail and then we are back where the french president said we will see a strong response from the e.u. . and that is what nobody had least in the e.u. really wants to say it's always prefer to have a solution but of course you know speaking of solutions there was another very big topic at the summit of course that was brags that and e.u. leaders they signed off on guidelines for the future trading relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. tell us a little bit more about that. well these are guidelines for the head of the. of the truth of the team the chief negotiator michele dunne you to proceed to talks are basically rubber stamp these in detail they've already been decreed also theresa may when she left today was rather happy that she got this transition period so the final goodbye of the u.k.
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from the european union that is delayed by twenty one months which gives the business more time however the negotiations themselves through remain difficult and very difficult at times to come the german chancellor in her press conference made clear that if the u.k. sticks to its red lines all they can hope for is a free trade deal she called it an intensive free trade deal and we'll have to see to what extent that comes close to the deep and special partnership that greece amaze hoping to achieve matters in brussels thank you. well just a matter of months now are left for germany defend their world cup title in russia for the players who hope to be on coach and love squad list crunch time is now the battle for spots and germany's world cup squad is set to be more competitive than ever before making friday's friendly against spain a critical chance to stand out in a crowded field of hopefuls. it was best never wrist is the motto of the german
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football association has given to the national team's world cup title defense they could also be interpreted as a warning to the players vying for a spot in the squad for russia don't rest on your laurels demonstration my expectations from the players are as high as you'd imagine my talks with them have focused on that. they should prepare themselves after millie and focus on every training session not just for the national team but also with their clubs. by the nuts not much of on the right speaking of clubs gotten to know players in the squad for tonight's friendly against spain and next tuesday against brazil competition for world cup places is fierce t.-mo verno is set to lead the line but the back of striker is unclear mario gomez has been in good build as legal form since moving back to stuart guard in january he hopes to feature against spain in docile dove
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and do enough to be named in the world cup squad in mid may. forward sandra wagner is also in the frame even if pretty much knows his starting eleven for june. the spaniards were world champions in two thousand and ten and will be a stiff test for the germans not quite the force they once were however and the spain boss is well aware that germany a made in the image of their coach. service put his stamp on an entire generation of footballers and established a very defined style of play he's had a great level of success with the national team and he's also managed to make them play like a real team in the. emirates shannon leroy's sunday looked at the best chances of breaking into that same the race is on for germany the world cup is fast approaching. and the new formula one season gets under way this weekend drivers have already competed in practice for the. grand prix and so far there is
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a familiar look to the top of the stage because mercedes driver and reigning world champion lewis hamilton set the fastest lap time in melbourne the briton has his sights set on a drivers' title season read both pilot max there stop and was his closest challenger ahead of saturday's home fight. those guys are fast the up to date now on t.v. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks for watching. the people of the world over information they provide the means they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch.


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