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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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this is d.w. news to live from berlin a gunman brings terror to a small town and for out police raid a supermarket in treads after a series of shootings that a dramatic hostage situation they shoot dead the man suspected of killing three people in attacks claimed by the so-called islamic state. also coming up in europe braces for more trade turmoil it's been spared u.s. steel tariffs for now but at the summit in brussels leaders warn that they won't negotiate with pull a gun to their head. i'm
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sorry kelly welcome thanks for joining us we begin with breaking news this evening from france where a hostage situation appears to be over with the suspected gunman dead it unfolded in a supermarket in the southwestern town of treb close to the city of caucus on the interior minister said three other people have been killed and french media say the perpetrator claimed allegiance to the so-called islamic state. interior minister of the country identified the gunman as twenty six year old known as a small time drug dealer he also gave more details to reporters about a police officer who exchanged himself for one of the hostages in the supermarket have a listen. we had no indication the attacker was radicalized he was known to the authorities as
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a petty criminal. case officer left his mobile phone switched on inside the supermarket that's how we were able to listen to what was going on in there. when we heard gunshots we decided to intervene. attentively and for more let's bring in from paris at a lizabeth will take who has been following the story for us and analysts about. the interior minister just speaking there also saying that the attacker was not known to be a radical islamist what more do we know about him. well we're we actually know that he was known by some services. as a radicalisation danger or he was a delinquent he was arrested he was jailed for. drug dealing in caracas. but we also know that for some some time he was followed by the police as being radicalized a day in danger of radicalization if you will so it was not as if the police were
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not aware that he was in the process of being radicalized that he was online all the time with a leftist website and on chancel telegram the crypt. messaging. but. recently the police had concluded that he would not be he was not dangerous immediate and obviously there were also you got several services looking at radicalization in the police who do drugs are not necessarily in contact with a pretty to do terrorism watch and. instructions so that they can communicate but it doesn't always work and obviously in this instance it didn't and of course after an attack like this there is always that autopsy you know on how emergency services how they handled that you know could they have prevented it is always a bit of an agonizing question that one always asked we know that three victims have now been left in his wake what more do we know about those people who have been killed in the attack. we know that he hijacked
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a car engine and he immediately killed the driver and he injured badly the passenger who kicked him out of the garden used the car he drove the car on the way to on the way he was still in shock and certainly saw some sick druggie and he shot at them and he injured one of them and then he got to get gas then he wore the too tired he got into the supermarket he walked in shooting and shouting allahu akbar and revenge to syria and he shot at a customer an employee employee was the butcher of the supermarket and apparently the poor man is dead and he shot another. customer who might be one of the people who are said to be dead and then the others were fleeing of course there are witnesses there's especially a retired policeman who gave extremely precise indications of what kind of weapons he had what he was saying which is how we know this and who had the immediate
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reflex to do lead his wife and his daughter into a court chamber where that was called reach so that they would be protected and then he tried to speak with the hostage taker. he of course he became threatening and then he escaped and he went to the police and immediately told them what kind of weapons he had what he was saying which certainly helped there also a customer in the supermarket to let their cell phone live in the room so that the police could hear exactly what the hostage taker were saying and then there was the number of hostages inside were down to i think. there was an offer by the left and colonel of there's not a movie to exchange the result for the hostage and there's a brave man walked into into the supermarket of the last hostage was freed and we now understand that the years on the office workers were grievously wounded by the
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hostages a goner. and we don't know any but we don't know his name we just know that he's in hospital in the services ok that's an interesting development we have been waiting to to learn about his fate indeed because i mean if this tale is as we've heard so far it sounds like quite a horowitz one indeed analysts both would say joining us with the latest from france thank you so much if you. will meantime france's president among paid tribute to the swift reaction of friends security french security forces excuse me he was talking at a joint news conference with germany's angela merkel on the sidelines of the e.u. summit in brussels and the two leaders put up a united front against protectionism in the wake of tariffs imposed by washington europe has been granted a temporary exemption from steel tariffs but merkel and mccraw warned the bloc would retaliate should they be in post view avoid mission and she with trade we don't want to get locked into
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a downward spiral where everyone ends up losing. them isn't that they are interested in fair international trade and will continue to speak out against protectionism. fixing this most of all splitting. sums that is you know everyone should be aware that we will react very strongly if we are attacked. i mean take in between with that in mind the american strategy is the wrong. to a genuine problem of trade dumping and overcapacity in a number of sectors as he. and for more on that let's bring in our correspondent max hold man who is standing by with the latest from brussels where that e.u. summit has ended today so max tell us we heard some tough talk there from chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel mccall they're running up against a may first deadline from the u.s. on getting a new deal and place when it comes to these these industries trade within these industries what's the strategy. not sure we can really talk about
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a strategy here because you have in this tell brussels some of the most experience trade negotiators in the world and they will tell you if you ask them that this kind of thing doesn't take four or five weeks to negotiate but it take months maybe even years so i don't know if we're going to be anywhere else on the first of may then we are at the moment maybe the e.u. will try to convince the trump administration that they are ready to negotiate but it will take more time and there are huge problem we have here is that you have two completely different worldviews behind the different positions president once a bilateral approach between two countries are going to america and called the whole european union prefers a multilateral approach within the framework of institutions like the world trade organization and that just does not fit. and they seem to be united in that
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preference in fact we seen a lot of unity from the e.u. at the summit in particular also unity against russia tell us a little bit more about that. this was regarding the nerve gas attack on british soil against the former double agent st paul that made the news in the headlines for the last weeks and the real question here was what prime minister british prime minister threesome may be able to convince its colleagues that she has sufficient information and evidence that russia is really behind this attack it appears that she was able to. vince in one of my call and i'm going to mexico both said so in their press conference and said they would take i'm willing measures in the next days that would probably be diplomatic measures but those are not within the framework of the european union those would be better so in those two countries and there's a reason for that and that the reason is that not all your member states are on board with further measures with the full condemnation of this notably italy also
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hungary and so these countries see it differently so this is probably the topic where we had the least unity at this summit ok i also want to talk about you know perhaps the big b. in the room as always that is greg said it wouldn't be any use of it these days that without discussing that what's been agreed this time around. this was an important summit although we knew the details of what was going to happen beforehand of the main message here to the u.k. is no cherry picking the u.k. would like to stay virtually in the single market at least for some sectors even after gregg's it but they don't want to you know fulfill the obligations that come with it and so the other e.u. leaders said clearly that is not going to happen they are going for a free trade agreement the comprehensive free trade agreement but it won't be the same as being in the single market and it will also mean that the u.k. will it will have to accept many rules from the european union without being able
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to influence them back southland with the latest from brussels thanks max. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world in afghanistan police say that a car bomb exploded outside of a sports stadium in lashkar. in the southern helmand province health officials say that at least twelve people were killed and dozens more wounded the blast happened as celebrations of the afghan new year were winding down and revelers were on their way home. on twitter u.s. president donald trump has announced that john bolton will be his new national security adviser bolton has advocated using military force against iran and north korea has trump's third national security adviser in fourteen months and in zimbabwe dozens of women are celebrating being freed from jail their release comes after president emerson and not gaga hardened some three thousand prisoners to reduce overcrowding the president is a strong opponent of the death penalty and also commuted the death sentences of
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prisoners who have been on death row for more than ten years one hundred thirty five whales have died after being washed ashore in western australia the animals are thought to be short finned pilot whales a species known to stranded in large groups wildlife service staff are on site assessing the health and well being of the fifteen who are still alive. just a matter of months are left before germany defend their world cup title in russia for the players who hope to be on coach joachim loew squad list crunch time is now the battle for spots in germany's world cup squad is set to be more competitive than ever before making friday's friendly against spain a critical chance to stand out in a crowded field of hopefuls. it was best never rest is the motto of the german football association has given to the national team's world cup title defense they
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could also be interpreted as a warning to the players vying for a spot in the squad for russia don't rest on your laurels demonstration my expectations from the players are as high as you'd imagine my talks with them have focused on that. they should prepare themselves optimally and focus in every training session not just for the national team but also with their clubs. by the nuts not much of it on the right speaking of clubs dortmund have no players in the squad for tonight's friendly against spain and next tuesday against brazil competition for world cup places is fierce there is certainly the line but the back of striker is unclear mario gomez has been in good pulis legal form since moving back to still guard in january he hopes to feature against spain and does a lot of and do enough to be named in the world cup squad in mid may. forward sandro wagner is also in the frame even if pretty much knows his starting eleven
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for june. the spaniards were world champions in two thousand and ten and will be a stiff test for the germans not quite the force they once were however and the spain boss is well aware that germany a made in the image of their coach. service put his stamp on an entire generation of footballers and established a very defined style of play he's had a great level of success with the national team and he's also managed to make them play like a real team which was. emirates shannon leroy's sunday looked at the best chances of breaking into the same the race is on for germany the world cup is fast approaching. and the new formula one season gets under way this weekend with drivers already competing. in the practice though for the australian grand prix and so far there is a familiar look at the top of the time sheet for sadie's driver and reigning world champion that was how well to the back to slack time in melbourne the britain was
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or has his sights rather set on fifth drivers' title this season red bull pilot max stop and was as close as challenger ahead of saturday's qualifying. good luck to all of them out there and with that you're up to date on d w news after a short break helen humphrey as more. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers in official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many characters and their problems are always the same or do the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption we can't afford to stay silent.


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