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tv   Treasures of the World - Delos - Island of Heavenly Light Greece  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2018 12:15am-12:30am CET

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the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. was out to people you cannot predict the forest create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection by. using all channels available to inspire people to take action. and. north wind came a liter the number of zeroes pregnant with the gods apollo and out in. genesis he had a life of zeroes and decreed that she should not deliver on any land where the sun
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shone. but delist was a floating i'm not glad. to cite and showed alito the way and she gave birth to out to miss the goddess of the moon. leto's labor is you and for nine days and nights she toiled unable to deliver. he was detaining the goddess of child at olympus. in had told meant to knelt and clasped the one date palm that grew on the loss then came to her in the form of a bird and lito delivered upon. the goddess themis gave him nectar and ambrosia the food of the immortals on the fourth day apollo called for
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a bow and arrows the swans flew seven times around the island singing the last and blossom and poseidon fixed the island to the sea bed on diamond cons. for two and a half thousand years ago out of on a has stood here for the god of the lion and the royal lions for apollo who knows what the future is. the gods had homes on de los they climbed these steps to heaven. the first people came to deal us five thousand years ago bringing that gods with
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them. whom do they worship in this cave surely not apollo the god of light the most ancient of gods are dark but apollo is present on his island though no one has lived here for a very long time and none since time immemorial may give birth or die here. ruins are all that remained. in its heyday the last may have looked like this with temples and treasuries statues and votive offerings perhaps in the fifth century b.c. when deal us was great or in the second.
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the shrine at the last did become renowned for its three great temples of apollo. of one stone i was huge statue and base here stood the nine metre apollo sculpted out of marble from the island of naxalites where immense statues were carved from the rock face. the torso and lower
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part of the body the head has long since been removed as a keepsake besides the statues to the bronze pond donated by nicky s. of athens in the year four hundred seventeen b.c. but it blew over in a storm and smashed the statue. of the guns back in his curly locks. what was it that made the law so important. the island afforded the last and best anchorage between europe and asia it was halfway between the bosphorus and crete between the cities of now play on and some us. its position made the loss a center for both trade and religion in four hundred seventy seven b.c. it even became the chief city of the delian leak the naval federation to which athens and the ionic islands also belong. the remains of the
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temples built to apollo by next us the loss and athens. the splendor of de los redounded to the glory of the whole deal in the now the poppy flowers here the symbol of. transience only foundations and columns remain the third largest temple in ancient greece was the whole of the bull macedonian warship was displayed that in grateful memory of a naval victory. in the grass nine bull's hands that once graced the for sounds. direct found lloyd male genitals show that another guard was worshipped here as well down asus the god of wine and ecstasy as time went by this youngest and
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most unruly of the progeny of zeus displace the other objects of greek worship appollo had been the god of the classic era when the greek ideal was kind of gothia the beautiful and good but in later times dark brooding gods brought in on the trade routes took the place of the elder such as the egyptian goddess isis whose temple facade has been reconstructed these gods came from asia minor egypt phoenicia and north africa. the wealth that was brought home the trade route went into the fine houses built in the hellenistic period. the walls and decorated in some places and occasionally a plastered section has survived. now
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seabreeze is one of the poppies of de los angeles's inherent. the different layers of passed away clearly visible on the walls a handsome record of many years of life on. the main system and the underground heart of details the source of life. the thought of death comes readily on dædalus the godzilla's theni diana says and isis and of course apollo and ottomans seem to touch profound death said the human spirit. all of them are images of fumin kind of human passions virtues and weaknesses. and based on the island when none to give. where ships to
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the dung and women in labor to the nearby island of. the mosaics wonderfully an act the rhythms of life up and down within and without duck and light day and night the imagery of deals is always human and hot air us riding two dolphins guiding two lovers through the sea of life. the ruined houses take them names from the finest mosaics found in the such as this dialysis riding a leopard. human passions unbridled full concealment. of.
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the dolphin and anka symbolize fidelity. it also the company of female seem long still to. be extatic flute and drunk the music of dinosaurs the instrument of apollo was the life and then there are the many faces of dialysis the masks of intoxication. and of coming. to. the mosques of apollo where those of tragedy of human guilt and expiation the theatre of apollo was that of catharsis the purging of guilt at the theatre apollo remade humankind in his own image beautiful and good.
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deed else was sacked in eighty eight b.c. and twenty thousand inhabitants. since then it has been on inhabited and unused except occasionally by pirates. the lion is of de los remaining to watch over the. five of the nine still stand one smooth by the wind and the weather. they still face the sacred lake that no longer exists in nine hundred twenty six it was filled in to prevent the spread of malaria. a single date palm now tells of the torment of a goddess who once gave birth to
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