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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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iran john bolton is donald trump's new national security advisor is his appointment the final straw for the nuclear deal with tehran my name's christopher spring eight this is the day. the president is the person with the responsibility she needs the advice of their advisers because the earlier the more damage you can do i think the national security adviser's role is to make sure that the president's decision is carried out and here's a headline it's an eye catcher to stop iran bomb bomb iran so those are the two sides at the same point i think and i think that's where the focus of this. also coming up the young american staging a weekend of protest against gun violence we focus on the high school students from florida taking the debate on gun control by storm and putting everything aside to
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make their voices. so if that means taking another year off a college. i always plan on going to college but i truly believe that i'm never going to get another chance. in my personal opinion save the country. welcome to the program another week another dismissal the latest victim of stuff the white house's national security adviser. he's being replaced by john bolton a prominent hardliner who's called for the use of military force against north korea and iran bolton was also you may remember a leading advocate of the two thousand and three invasion of iraq will be donald trump's third national security adviser since he took office just fourteen months ago. even in a crowded field john bolton's provocative views have long stood out whether it's north korean brinkmanship or iran's nuclear program. and has.
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to fight fire with fire let's say john. of the past ten years he has been a fixture on u.s. talk shows but today the new york times and here's the headline it's an eye catcher to stop iran's bomb bomb iran rarely missing a chance to hammer home his aggressive foreign policy approach i think the earlier strike the more damage you can do it is a stance he has doggedly clung to ever since he served as the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. under george w. bush that was during the iraq war he now returns to government on a train. well i think. issues that confront us on proliferation and terrorism these are issues with before the president obviously has them at the top of his priority list and so that's that's what we're working on among many others bolton will have to put words into action when he starts shaping u.s. national security policy from next month. well there's been plenty of reaction to
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both is a point and vice president mike pence for instance writing this congratulations to the new national security advisor john bolton he's a highly respected american patriot who will bring decades of experience to our national security team these democratic senator bernie sanders took a somewhat different stance with this tweet john bolton was part of the effort to mislead the u.s. into the disastrous iraq war and has supported military action against north korea and iran he was too extreme to be confirmed as u.n. ambassador in two thousand and five and is absolutely the wrong person to be a national security adviser and now. finally this from mohammed el baradei the former head of the united nations nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. bolton was a champion of us versus them foreign policy he opposed multilateral diplomacy often blocking efforts to resolve nuclear nonproliferation peacefully we should brace
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ourselves for a rough and dangerous ride let's get some analysis on this new appointment now from one of germany's leading security experts also an expert on the middle east who works for the german institute for international and security if as good or thanks for coming in trump appears to be surrounding himself with the people who agree with him and firing people who disagree with him how worried should we be about this i think we should be extremely worried because even the first generation of foreign policy specialists. in the white house was was quite hawkish they were foreign policy realists but at the same time ready to use military value of violence if need be now we have people who stand for an extremely aggressive foreign policy especially with regard to north korea and iran so we should be
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worried yes you mentioned iran john bolton the new national security advisor is a very well known and vocal opponent of the international nuclear deal with. iran is his appointment an unmistakable signal if you want that president trump is in may going to abandon that deal well in the case of president trump you never know what is happening but he has been quite consistent in his criticism of the iran deal and i think in may we will see the united states abandoning that deal i think we should expect that and what effect would that move that depends very much on the iranians they should. they could just stick to the agreement with the europeans with russia and china and not react this is a best case scenario though in a worst case scenario they would start enriching uranium and they would be able to
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build a nuclear bomb in about two years or perhaps even less in the past. the new security advisor national security advisers called for military action against iran. presumably if they start making a bomb that would become even more imminent how probable is u.s. military action against iran i think it's a it's a possibility and with with the appointment of john bolton and all the others in the white house and especially pompei oh as secretary of state it has become more probable not necessarily a big military action against the nuclear program that you know might might happen in the future but i think what is imminent is military american military actions against iranian allies in the region we have seen ever since president visited saudi arabia this spring that this that he has that he has been talking
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about rolling back iranian influence in the region and that means rolling back iranian influence in yemen in lebanon in syria and perhaps even within iraq we're talking about shia militia including hezbollah so you think military conflict with the u.s. involved in iran or near iran but certainly in the middle east is a question of time i think it is highly probable it is not a question of time as i said there is there are a president trump is nobody that you can predict. but i think what we are seeing in recent months the appointments. john bode to the news of ministration point to military action is special with regard to iraq i think that's the short term problem we we will be facing in my views. from the german institute for international and security affairs you know
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many thanks. turning to italy now where people have been demonstrating this week against the left tens of thousands taking to the streets on wednesday to remember the victims of mafia crime the main march was organized in the region influence remains very strong victims showed photos of their deceased loved ones and held up banners saying silence the mafia. meanwhile in the southern city of naples a youth worker is also taking a stand against organized crime using soccer to keep local kids away from the math a key factor he says is breaking the cycle of youth unemployment street violence and drug abuse in the city's troubled neighborhoods w.'s phillips on reports. this football pitches burn amasses pride and joy he's been coaching love children
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for years here and instilling values like teamwork and respect that's much needed the city of kind of i know it's part of the night metropolitan area it's long been struggling with high unemployment violence and drugs. the children see it all at home they watch their fathers bagging drugs on the living room table for sale on the streets. bruno wants to provide young people in the air with hope for a better life these little containers serves as the office for his football club. burna used to sell drugs himself he was convicted of dealing and spent eleven years behind bars his brother died of an overdose he'd like to spare the children hear the same fate it's a challenge and not junkies hang out on the football pitch. every
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morning i have to go around collecting used syringes so that we can practice here there's no one else here to clean up. the syringes could be infected so i have to make sure they're kept away from the children. with. the burners football club isn't enough to ensure the children will have a better future much more is needed to counter the mafia's hold on the area and he said. we need a master plan for this district above all we need proper jobs for young people it's the only way to keep them away from organized crime the root of our problems is the lack of work. these young people are protesting organized crime they face a lot of violence here at this metro station a fifteen year old was badly beaten by a group of teenagers they wanted his mobile phone in some small chinese youth
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unemployment is over fifty percent in ny pools and the surrounding area prospects of blake for young people here making them easy prey for the camorra as a neapolitan them are furious nine the baby gangs and baby bosses getting younger and younger and ever more brutal. father aleksandr tele works in a troubled neighborhood of central ny pools has shocked by how violent many young people are. it's not even organized crime was disorganized. and turn up on motorbikes they find their guns like crazy night and day terrorizing people. there's a memorial outside his church for a local boy jenny was just seventeen when a baby boss shot him he was caught in the crossfire on the way home from school. burn i remember the outrage that followed jenny's killing the demonstrations and
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the promises made by politicians but nothing is china in the two years since in the slums of drug dealing continues as before and police won't set foot in the area mobsters rule the streets junkies everywhere they travel here from all of a ny post to buy drugs. and still the children of car vanno made up of berners football club no matter how difficult life may be at home on the pitch the children find a sense of belonging. twenty three year old luigi is one of byrne a success stories he spent years playing it printers football club and learnt that there are alternatives to making a quick buck and drug dealing. when bruno got out of jail he approached many of the kids in our neighborhood.
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joining a team doing something good something right had an impact on me it gave me the strength to walk away from organized crime. today luigi works at a local supermarket he plans to stay in cairo to show other young people that there are alternatives to crime and violence. stories like this give bruno strength one day he hopes his neighborhood will be known for more than just the camorra and crime. now it's well tuberculosis day on saturday and experts could have been celebrating the treatments that came close to wiping out tb at least in rich countries instead though they will be warning against the resurgence of a disease that kills around one point seven million people every year the reason is simple there are more and more strains of tb the drug resistant in europe ukraine
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is one of the countries hardest hit by the resistant strains of tuberculosis and our care of correspondent nick conley sent us this report. you know. just three years ago all of claiming co barely knew anything about tuberculosis that is until a routine checkup changed her life and that we can't know how many people around us have tb many just don't know their status here. but even after our recovery the fear of reinfection is never far away there was a time i couldn't make myself get on public transport i just couldn't. we were all doing it whether we coughing or sneezing or just breathing out each of us is constantly sailing thousands of tiny liquid droplets droplets that can spread the common cold but also tuberculosis that's what makes it such a feared disease. yeah those i'm all in i was praying that it was cancer anything but tb when i got that diagnosis it felt like my life was over i packed my things
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hospital and said goodbye to my friends that is the friends who stuck by me lots of people have just disappeared from my life that happens to everyone who gets to be good to. all who takes us to a closed hospital for tb patients on the edge of the capital kiev. visiting the patients even for just a couple of minutes means taking extensive precautions since your own recovery all those dedicate yourself to fighting for better care for ukraine tuberculosis patients we head to the most secure part of the hospital. my mom. my sil is sixty eight and has multi resistant tb standard antibiotic treatment isn't enough to beat the strains of the disease he carries he too only discovered he was infected by chance commie. we had a routine check up at work they took an x.
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ray and found a problem i had no symptoms at all i didn't realize anything was wrong. russell's treatment will take longer and his chances of a full recovery a lower than for those patients with conventional strains of tb more than a quarter of tb cases seen in ukraine a multi resistant that's one of the highest incidence is worldwide experts say that's down to many patients not completing their course medication and the health system the confines patients in close quarters allowing them to infect one another . we joined on the children's ward. many of these children were infected by their parents. here in hospital they have little in the way of distractions and no school. while recent years have seen big improvements in the medicines available to patients in ukraine although worried that's not enough. people with tuberculosis need help they need to port.
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it's not just about the drugs a lot depends on patients emotional state whether or not they'll complete their course of medication and whether or not they'll make a full recovery. back to the u.s. now a frustration over a lack of progress in passing tighter gun control laws will be coming to a head this weekend both on the hearth with more than half a million protesters flooding into the capital washington demonstrating under a slogan that's gone viral march for our lives at the head of that demonstration survivors of last month's massacre of the marjorie stoneman douglas high school and florida the pressure they've generated over the past few weeks is beginning to affect legislation. a star for each of the seventeen people who lost their lives
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just over a month after the massacre at marjorie stoneman douglas high the pain here is still raw but the students who survived it didn't miss a beat and demanding stricter gun control many are flying to the u.s. capitol this weekend to take part in a massive protest it will be sarah's first time on a plane she's bringing a new tattoo that commemorates those she's fighting for several of the dead were her friends lucky in. colima. carmen and i knew the coaching since well. it's been hard so it's and i guess it's just me being able to say i have something to enjoy watching. on the day of the shooting if there had already been a fire drill at school the students also knew that they would need to practice their response to an active shooter on campus one day. so when the shooting happened many people assumed that it was fake that people were shooting blanks and i think people didn't take the precautions like run for their lives as they would if they had known but it's definitely
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a real one of those who will be marching in d.c. on saturday is history teacher greg pittman he recalls the confusion and horror on the day of the shooting and as i was working with the students there and others teacher came running up to me and said greg greg. these shots these are real shots and so i want them like watch and so we're looking for a shooter we don't know where the shooter looks like we're looking for guns and we're all very concerned and concerned with our students and just trying to figure out what to do next the students hid in their classrooms in silence hoping the shooter would pass as they waited other students and videos of gun smoke filling classrooms and their classmates bleeding on the ground. a few weeks after the massacre thanks largely in part to the activism of students here at marjorie stoneman douglas high florida state passed a raft of new gun control measures they include things like raising the minimum age at which you can buy a firearm from eighteen to. anyone however they also include a controversial new provision that would arm some teachers in school but teachers
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here don't think they should have to decide when to shoot a child even when one has a gun they want to know who will provide them with training and who will pay for it we barely have money for paper we barely have money for just supplies i spent over probably a thousand dollars this year just on the little things that might cost you because i can't go to the school with it the march for our lives protest in d.c. is their first step in an uphill battle for stricter gun laws but these high schoolers are media savvy and writing a wave of unprecedented national attention for their cause they're going to washington with a clear message for lawmakers you better because if you don't then it's more important want to go represent the three hundred twenty five million as opposed to the gun manufacturers we have in this country you are going to be out of a job a florida school reeling from an unthinkable tragedy is taking its fight to the national level to say enough is enough. ok let's get more now from the
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correspondent who filed that report claire richardson these kids are saying as you just put it enough is enough with such force that they've had an effect already in florida now they're taking the fight to the national level watch all they hoping to achieve this weekend. hi christopher well we're expecting to see upwards of half a million people come to d.c. for the march for our lives protests this weekend and they're coming to ask for laws that are going to make it safe to go to school specifically they want tighter gun control legislation there are some specific demands things like a ban on assault rifles and they're also coming to d.c. to try and keep attention on this issue to make sure that the tragedy that they experienced in parkland high school isn't just lost within the news cycle. and in your report you mentioned that they have managed to gain unprecedented attention you've been spending time with some of the survivors of this massacre last month
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where there is all the energy come from i think the energy comes from the fact that they have experienced such a collective traumatic out there i was speaking to some of the students in parkland about what it was like to be at the school on the day of the shooting and for them to be locked down in a classroom for almost an hour and a half with the lights off remaining silent not sure whether they were going to live or die and all the while receiving videos from their other classmates showing smoke in classrooms from the gun showing people bleeding on the ground i don't think you can walk away from an experience like that without anything having changed in terms of policy and say i'm going to go back to school and nothing needs to change that trauma that they are still dealing with together is what is motivating them to come to the capitol and to tell their lawmakers that they want to see serious change and yet we've seen so many similar school massacre is coming go in the u.s. some a lot of outrage to begin with then dies down what is different about this group of
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young people about this you know this time around how have these kids managed to get the country's attention in such a forceful way. if you can point to a few things that are different this time and it certainly does feel like there is an upswell behind their movement that we have not seen in previous smash shootings first of all this is the first time in the digital age that a high school has been the target of such a mass shooting and these students are fifteen sixteen seventeen years old they were born in the two thousands their digital natives who really understand the power of social media how to harness twitter snap chat house you make their cause front and center center and i say in many ways they understand the media better than the media understands itself and they knew right from the moment that the shooting happened that they could not miss this news cycle and wait to become politically active instead they jumped right on the cause became very outspoken and vocal and used their understanding of technology to try and make their case to the
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rest of the country and to keep it in the national limelight they succeeded in doing that it's now been war than a month since the shooting and it's still making national headlines and how much do you think national policy make is taking a poll there so they will read that they might lose an entire generation of voters . well that certainly the message that these protesters are trying to send to the lawmakers that if they don't vote for commonsense gun control if they take money from the n.r.a. or other lobbyist groups that are that are fighting to keep it to sell more guns that they're not going to vote for them in november's midterm elections now in the united states voter turnout among young people is generally very low so we're going to have to see come november whether they can actually make good on this case and see whether this single issue about gun control is going to be enough to bring them to the polls and to vote out lawmakers who don't support their cause and just very briefly. you know these these young people getting
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a lot of support two million dollars in donations i think i read. that's right yeah they've had some very high profile donors they've been very clear that they don't want this to be a partisan issue they have not taken money directly from the democrats or the republicans but they have a lot of support from foundations the gabby giffords organization for example was helping fly some of them up. and that is of course the congresswoman who was shot earlier several years ago ok claire many thanks for that claire richardson in washington this day is almost over but is over the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or spring on the road don't forget to use the day we'll be back on monday have a relaxing weekend and many thanks for watching.
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mutilation humiliation. so i know well sadar we rebelled. the written word to stand up for women's rights. now while the cancer dawi the force of nature starting april eighth on t w. this week on global three thousand we head to a paradise island which is also a popular destination for cruise ships how does that work. in kenya the outlook is bleak for many young people but now some comic book heroes are coming to the rescue. and new technologies are making us question want to.


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