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tv   Pop Xport - Bands Trends and Events - the Best Music from Germany  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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never-ending construction site. for tourists. cologne cathedral. as we explore the history of this imposing house of worship. starting march twentieth. to pop explorer benedict and today we'll look at how its sense of home and shape your music especially for musicians like. extorted ellis merchant. we visit in hamburg. and way garvey
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he brings us back to his roots in his native ireland. gottingen hamburg mannheim berlin copenhagen ellis merton might consider my move somewhat amusing seeing as she has already lived in germany canada america and britain after moving eleven times within four countries she now lives in berlin at least when she's not touring europe we caught up with the globe trotter when interview. canada alice merton assault on the singer then moved to germany and had her breakthrough with no roots. having lived in north america until she was thirteen she barely spoke a word of german. u. conn i was never here obviously won't and then they have fun try lived here that's
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wrong too ontario ontario my father has enough to know what my dad worked a lot and none of the trolling lines. about he worked in the mining industry as an advisor. i also had to go into the minds and he traveled a lot. after many years and he doesn't moves well as merton is firmly on the europe trail with her music homesickness has never been an issue but one canadian specialty can never be too far away. i love make etc i like putting maple syrup on everything pancakes crepes french toast. once when i was summoned to salmon with maple syrup isolationist it was also like. that might not be everyone's cup of tea but when it comes to her musical taste there is no argument no roots went platinum in twenty seventeen a success closely linked to or last moved to the german capital
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a force that snuffed binning it's. all moving to the island my music is quite different it's developed a lot here i always have a guitar so i'm used to singing and playing guitar as a guitar. player but on the piano to say that i'm kevin at some point i wanted to create more of a rock sound. rock sound inspired by birth. things or music come across the concerts like here in leipsic. she smiles but she has a great voice these kids and i only know are from the radio so i want to hear her life she should dance i love how she sings because she puts a lot of power in his songs. alice martin likes to fire on all cylinders and under eight week european tour will be no exception she also rates staying fit to keep up the pace a side of the infamous i should definitely do more smitten by fast the plan anyway i was set so far that it's not going so well i will come back maybe that will
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change i definitely have a yoga mat with me and our does that he should keep fit but when you're on stage it's like a workout anyway workout. the way alice martin likes to steamroll through life it seems like nothing can stand in her way. and i love merton wasn't the only good thing to come out of frankfurt our next big also hits from there and the rep has even dedicated the song to the city the track can be hurt on his fifth solo album and it's a really big hit right now. just trying. to sell a gun to the dumb public issue not just some. big dog. just the thing the media can. control things look good in atlanta you can influence the demand booster club. but struggling to spread the anger comes.
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just close my eyes just come here to congress. stuff just in case could be the feeling. that. going to a slow slog. through loads. good. luck. for. that. kind of policy in the muslim league the state. can claim. this is a big deal if something were to come to me come to see the shock. absorbers the districts to be fond of playing. field stuff.
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like. this increase could beat the phillies than it's been done for. just such a. good. player . in. short. sighted mistake by supply your state the structures and tell you for me of the flags should be by disk gone from the end saving. plan in motion the one for. the step just sinking for lead. to the source mike. thanks.
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to a german like me might not seem so glamorous but the old they are really great wealth comes from germany's high rise city well we now know for one hot news about her and more from the german music scene up next. sabrina settle on the big screen her fans have been waiting for music for years in vain she prefers acting like you're in a comedy called for a piss take that she should sleep through she plays a nasty music producer making life tough as sammy the comedian to do that chill out and just walk around politics on a builder with the caucus kind of clung to sleep the repartee care fresh is also when the cost of the film comes out in german cinemas are much the twenty ninth.
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is the kind of concept with even though it makes me a. gemini gentling them back to describes himself as a panicked rocker has an overrated a monument to himself panic city in hamburg will offer visitors a multimedia journey into his life and work lives with you should this will surely be a very interesting place for my fans the indianans on the banneker's oh yeah live from fingerpainting to virtual concerts would've been in that fans can get a very good idea of his universe at comics as he lived only original members of the hamburg band halloween are currently touring the world physic made it to it is called pumpkins you know said the legislature live
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. everything from the vibrant world of pop music on facebook at v.w. music story stars and the latest from the music scene. join us in the universe of pop on facebook and send us a message we love hearing from you lead. we are now hamburg bound on our journey through the world of music for the home of german rep up yes his roots five thousand kilometers away in every trip it tells us what impact his background had on him and his music. that's the. place. for a math problem has been a big name in the german rap scene for almost two decades now he recorded his best
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of album with a bavarian band trying to just under series of guest artists. we met the hip hop legend in hamburg where he lives and works he sees his music as a kind of confession i am therapy at the same time. but i. just keep. dateline's used as i know the notes is all my put things together because every experience that maybe i add something else but ninety five percent is authentic as much as authentic as it should not be stupid to write stuff i know a spray can of these even if i was the only one who knows i just wish. my public could come up with michelle. who after all is up every tree in the sand and he has
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a special relationship with the german run which. is that. the discipline also bite about him so that's what we were charged they said kid you have to learn our language your culture our tradition come up and then we'll be able to talk about whether you're german or not finish what it was ok for me. but i wasn't interested in the language my spot i thought music was much cooler than rapping it was the feel cool it's written. but because i can do it well i do it and i think i'm a good ambassador for the country and the cough suite of software to do the slant once it is up. to come and not just this despite the hype was a lot of fun doesn't get this right after all his real name is right. it's an issue was born in italy that arrived in germany at the age of three months he was a surgeon speak made in germany which is also the title of an early album of his.
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it's michelle dunne discussions on my i have to say that that was my angry black man face not feeling understood it getting upset as much as not being able to explain it to people who have no idea of this life and i'm sick card just thought all talk about the life of an african man in europe for him and that should be enough hope of this was a heist. but it's not enough after all doesn't really want to talk about himself he condemns social ills for his rock and. number two says about a female refugee from africa song and his mother's language and in german the refugee crisis is passionate for him just kind i suppose live it's not an easy issue still for the door sure but only for germans for those in charge but for refugees themselves this mission isn't shari'a but it's for me it's a bit difficult because i'm the child of refugee serbs i says and i'm one of these kids you know me sometimes it's hard for me to separate my life from there. on the
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other hand or this is my understand it's not a smooth process to others it's a fish dish oh that's just mission a country would have to think things completely new to find a way. that's all that is most the slant for noir of complex lloyd and. the. little global messages with german rhymes that's after all and his hip hop made in germany. oh the memories that remind me of when i left in hamburg while i was training to be a dancer ok moving on. could have fantastic careers or futures on the pre with the single for their latest album captain fantastic so what happens before you become five let's find out.
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a. cut to a. going to. show. the show set the. the box.
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blame. blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame. blame blame islam. the box. cutters blame. the beasts. you might not believe it but nina turns fifty eight this weekend to celebrate she's giving france and new single here it is and the other big new releases of the week . neda has produced a song with dave stewart from the earth mix she met up with the british musician and producer in los angeles last year be my rebel is the result.
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of a. poetic electro pop by a.b. syndrome plastic it's the berlin third album it comes out on march thirtieth. ban the bomb. bomb. bomb it. seems like just. another master rapper after zito and crow here comes empty folks called her debut album is called stolen . to be a new poll of polls ok. the
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. cologne punk rockers come for car shock after a creative break their new album is called that's outsider and japanese illo. next up reg avi might have put his own career on the backburner for a while but he was a judge on a costume show the voice of germany but now he's back with a new album we took a trip to discover his musical roots are that.
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great gatsby has lived in germany for twenty years they found it tells us his irish roots when he started recording his new album. as of this i mean when you were listening to that one song from the new album neon happy i realized it's an irish song in its essence this was a we tried recording it in iceland before putting it together in a berlin studio. in berlin and some shoot when i realized we needed to go back to where the song came from gives that's why i said let's go to ireland i'm going to get involved but these are songwriters on the district have executed in the beginning and then. home country he match up with fellow musicians to take a trip down memory lane back to his early days as a street musician. as it. were
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good i mean we were different because we had a violin a premise by the violin we had. two guitars and a bass and we were different you know interesting her calling her style. all remember is that. was used. loosely used to make it was all right sometimes. we were different i catchers and we were allowed. at the end of the one nine hundred. geez ray garvey decided to go to germany the person in the paper for four musicians and founded the band raymond. their biggest test was super. bowl.
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after five studio albums ray garvey decided to launch a solo career his first three records shot to the top five of the german charts. and germany ended up having an effect on the irishman for his new album has an urban signed with hip hop beats. with berlin rock arkansas sean is it all play. once a. it's really like the album title neon is supposed to reflect the decision to go in a different musical direction or search the limits of. the songs in their own mr via the neon light which was originally presented dogs to show different perspectives but to soften it is a sizzix to see what can be seen with the naked eye on that's what this record is about i try to add a different perspective it's news part of our. present on the past behavior city.
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his trip back to our lives made one thing clear now he feels more at home in germany than where we grew up. so of course he'll be starting his also i'm sure in germany before going on to austria and switzerland. oh. ireland is definitely on my bucket list over to snow. which u.s. born singer hannaman xenia now colt's home maybe you've heard of her she made it to the semifinals of the euro vision song contest in two thousand and thirteen if you do know her and maybe you can tell us which german act she is covering right now with a fellow musician tony you could back some goodies if you pay attention. to something mr golan carter. so far from saying my advice. before you play by
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to do things like you. know maybe. live did. that. was. my. goal. that. wow not bad but who sing the original version send your answer to d.w. pop expired but that's because
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a six and one three three five five berlin germany are pop expired at the w. dot com and don't forget to send us your mailing address up for grabs albums by obvious and home big reg r.v. and halloween good luck and last but not least our classic video of the week thirty years on and the great commandment by camel flour is fairly ancient at the title doesn't give anything away that have a listen to our next clip you will know it when you hear it in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the song even jumped to the top spot in the us dance charts and joy and see a soon here on pop export by some people for a. long . period.
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glue. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah.
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this is the w. news live from berlin tens of thousands of students are holding a gun control rally in washington d.c. the rally is in support of types of gun laws and is led by survivors of the school shooting will be crossing live told correspondent of the protests. in france mourns a hero police officer who died after a supermarket shooting on nobel traum took the place of a hostage and helped to bring the siege at the store to an end. and inspire.


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