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tv   World Stories - Russia Putins Mercenaries in Syria  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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where world's number one roger federer suffered a shock to face in the second round of the miami open by world number one hundred seventy five and. this last means he will lose his top spot in the world rankings furthermore this was their answer that he won't compete at any clay courses tennis tournaments and for a second year running that includes the french open at grounds that he last won almost a decade ago. you're up to date with details of these people here. in the system things are as. far as came from jurors or dealing with an event that only killed many civilians. communicating my father was so close and i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself at these totally but suddenly life became mellish because it's
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all. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. story so that people who for information provide. the means they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter until today and in touch. follow us. this week on world stories. gaza the struggle to survive. sierra leone of poverty and diamonds but first to russia which believe that some three thousand russian mercenaries are currently fighting in syria for the assad
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regime something moscow denies e.w.s. been decide for you to find out more. here in the russian town of kid there all the people are waiting for news about seven locals who reportedly went to fight in syria they allegedly worked as mercenaries which is illegal in russia the topic is sensitive many people here say they know nothing about the man who was in the hotel food in fact we are repeatedly met with rejection and kid but this building is home to the mother of one of the fighters she had agreed to speak to us about her son but canceled the interview after being told her son had been killed. a local gives us the address of the wife of another mercenary when we tried to speak to her she insists she is someone else but she also warns none of us is going to talk to you when you most of the country but just like the relatives of the mercenaries the russian government has largely kept silent about them and even
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denied their existence. the foreign ministry took over a week to respond after a recent airstrike reportedly killed up to two hundred russians and the two yellow . reports of the death of dozens and hundreds of russian citizens is a classic case of dissent from ation. analyst but i need ski thinks the russian government is using mercenary groups to keep official military losses low. which you want to look at because this strategy is beneficial for the russian government because it can show it's doing its job just like the americans and the british russia can say but those aren't our soldiers no soldiers have died but yet we don't know who these people are. asked who were sent them there are. the town's population is just over two thousand although no relatives wanted to talk on camera other residents were willing to speak about the man but maybe he wanted to
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earn money towards an apartment there's not much work here the food the. dust. by you i think the government is behind all of this it's not like these guys just decided to go there themselves that just went someone must have sent them. it's not clear when and if the man in syria will return ticket they're all there for now the town and the government are both keeping their silence. since january the trumpet ministration has withheld some sixty five million dollars in aid from the un relief agency for palestinians gaza's economy is now on the brink of collapse. every morning college shallow don pushes his coffee car to gaza city's main square the father of two hasn't been able to find a job gaza has been almost completely sealed off by israel and egypt for the past
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ten years there's almost no work to be found here. factory owners have closed down their facilities some of them went bankrupt some went to jail because of the economy so there's no such thing as an economy here because it is exhausted now look at the. cup of coffee sells for about twenty euro cents on good days celadon makes up to four euros minus expenses. like him many gallons are struggling to get by well over half of the two million people here have become dependent on the poorest in one way or another. at the shotty refugee camp distribution center people collect basic food ration every three months but after the u.s. slashed its aid for the u.n. relief agency for palestinians the future of the program seems very uncertain it
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has added to the already strained economic situation gaza's border crossing with egypt the main gate remains closed most of the time. while imports through israel seoul crossing for goods have further dropped. off or to sort of a complete lifting of the siege of gaza is needed because gaza is on the edge of a we're going to explosion due to the economic social and humanitarian crisis. gaza's crisis is affecting all areas of life here in a government run hospital. fears for her son's health. nine year old is dependent on kidney dialysis four times a week with constant fuel shortages it's always a challenge to keep the hospital generators running. electricity in gaza often runs for only four hours a day. not part of the continued reduction in cuts in the electricity supply to hospitals during kidney dialysis greatly effects the health condition of my son
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the dialysis procedure depends entirely on an atrocity event at tricity goes out during dialysis this will affect his haunts. so far the hospital has always managed to keep the generations running international donors have stepped in to pay for the fuel but for many years now aid organizations have more and about the lack of real long term solutions and many gaston's fear that this prices will only continue to get worse. when one of the biggest uncut diamonds in the world was discovered in sierra leone a year ago hopes were raised the proceeds would also benefit local development our west africa correspondent reports. foreheads traveled for an hour through the jungle of sierra leone company and the more wanted to show us the mine that is known the world over and the more is the
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head of the nearby village one year ago biggest found a huge diamants the so-called peace diamonds and the more himself held it in his own hence first so put it was i was so happy we all wear the diamond was so big and the people here were happy because they thought that now we'll see some money one seven hundred and nine carats no one had ever seen a diamond bed large five figures walking for pasta or whether once to find first its. the pastor brought the diamonds to the district chief then together they personally delivered the diamonds to the president of sierra leone this was rare usually diamants a smuggled out of the region in december there was an auction in new york that raised six point five million dollars forty percent should go to the past or sixty percent to the government the government promised to spend part of the money to
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support the village and the district. back in the village there is no electricity no hospital not even a paved street one of the three teachers in the village show us the school where two hundred children are taught this is just it is not it is not a school this is just a part of the young not even a school building look at it it's supposed to be a school as long as we are living in conditions like this that diamond shouldn't leave the country they'll have a great time in america with a diamond but what about a lot god should punish you all. younger more the village head shows us where the new school was supposed to be built but there's nothing to see no construction no development. in the provincial capital we are able to interview the chief he is on the government payroll he assures us though
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that he has not received any money from the diamond but he is certain the government will invest one million dollars in the region patience is required. reason to give all hope right now. to law that shows like this for example. body and office. and so on and so forth but i do any reason to believe that. in sierra leone's capital freetown we tried to interview government officials but no one would speak to us we were unable to get in touch with the pastor as well apparently he has built four houses in the meantime. inquire do they are still waiting waiting for school for electricity for a medical clinic they are waiting for justice and hoping a new diamond will surface sometime soon for.
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our last report takes us to the western german city of kingston. four young people sharing an apartment there recently told us their stories of everyday racism in this university town. two germans to foreigners they all share an apartment in germany each of them has experienced racism. laundry lawn co has given up being accepted in germany a few years ago he was visiting a friend on his way back to the apartment a neighbor in the stairwell brutally pushed and beat him he thought laundry was a burglar because of his skin color. i was really angry if i were german he wouldn't have asked me why i was there it would have been completely normal laundries roommates have not experienced physical violence but they heard
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many a racial slur and one question over and over again. they just see the color of my skin and immediately ask which country i come from they label me as a foreigner as if i didn't belong here in germany who. it's horses like this man's which sure a prejudice and marchin allies people andre poken bird from the right wing party alternative for germany. and. with the rise of right wing populists the debate over foreigners has intensified the flatmate say the question of where they come from is being asked more and more frequently the four emphasize their similarities. they don't want other people to dictate to them who belongs in germany. i know i'm german you know
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but i've also experienced things that maybe someone who only knows germany can't imagine and that's why i see myself more as a german plus. but laundry long coat has had enough of not being accepted after his studies he plans to leave the flat and return to his homeland in cameroon. to. each one of the world's natural one and the french barrier reef. millions of tourists flock to the sun the water wonderland awful strain his east coast. climate change and stripping disenchanting wild with extinction. easy to make sure that is
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all stuff australia great barrier reef naturist next d.w. . in good shape infectious diseases. influenza tuberculosis and countless other as many to with want to be eradicated and now back we'll discuss the risks precaution this cancer treatments of all face is infectious this week on. good shape in sixty minutes. one hundred million tons of sad devastating never. deadly consequences are. just plain become
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a global. growing in magnitude and frequency. stay start. there is no stopping the. dust storm. starting april seventh one thousand when you. keith and helen from melbourne have almost reached their dream destination. the couple have been on the road for three weeks driving from the cold south of
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australia to the tropical north. something it does everybody else that the see it wants at least once.


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