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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin a coordinated response against russia over the poisoning of a duck or double agent told a british soil three weeks after the attack on site against brit paul european council president total process fourteen member nations are expelling washington diplomatic staff the united states is kicking out sixty russia says it will respond in kind. also coming up spain's most wanted man prepares to face a german judge separatist leader called his push them on sits in
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a german jail as authorities decide whether to hand him over to madrid barcelona remains all manage after a night to violent protests. demonstrators in sierra leone as the high court decides whether to postpone the second round of the presidential election there in an exclusive interview with g.w. the main opposition leader says he will call people to action if the right all this delay. and the backlash from the cricket cheating scandal australia's captain steve smith risks losing his job as administrator is look to salvage the team's credibility. with. hello i'm terry barton welcome to the program. the united states had more than a dozen european countries have announced they are expelling russian diplomats following the poisoning of a former double agent in britain sergei script paul and his daughter remain in
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critical condition in hospital after being exposed to a nerve agent in the english city of solsbury earlier this month british authorities have pointed the blame at moscow the diplomatic expulsions come after prime minister theresa may urge britain's partners to take action dissenting evidence of russian involvement in the poisoning to european allies last week or more let's bring in our political analyst simon young here in berlin as well as correspondents claire richardson in washington d.c. mia brought sorry in moscow bounce rekers joins us from brussels let's start with you simon the german government has announced that it is revoking the credentials of four diplomats what details have the german government given for this action. well that's right terry you know for diplomats from the russian embassy in berlin to being sent home of about around one hundred in total and they've been told that
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they have to leave within the next seven days and of course like other governments the german government has said that it is acting in concert with its european and nato partners because it says you know the what it sees as an attack from russia cannot go unanswered and it says that this is a strong signal as it's described it in a statement today all of the solidarity among the european partners and of determination not to let russia get away with this so clearly pointing the finger at russia again for the chemical attack in the u.k. but the german government has also said at the same time that it continues to remain open to dialogue with moscow but the german foreign minister understand has spoken within just the past hour simon what did he have to say. that's right heiko mosque the new formosa he said that all the facts and evidence in this case point
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to russia as the source of the chemical attacks are very much backing up what the government in london has said it's also he also said that russia has so far failed to on say any of the open questions around this case failed to show any readiness to help with the investigation and play a constructive role there one other point to note terry the german government has specifically linked its response to the cyber attack against german government computer systems we've seen at least one incident of that in recent years also unsolved an unsolved mystery if you like but one in which the german government says they see russia or all russian sources clearly behind that cyber attack as well ok so this is a bigger story than just the poisoning which is big enough in itself let's go to claire in washington for
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a response there class sixty russian diplomats understand station in the u.s. are being expelled what's what sort of message is the white house trying to send with this. well the white house has released a statement today saying that this expulsion is meant to reduce russia's ability to spy on americans and to operate in ways that threaten american national security and it's quite clearly a show of support for the united kingdom with it special relationship there and nato partners as simon mentioned it's also somewhat of an about face for the trump administration if you remember it was just a week ago that trump had called vladimir putin to congratulate him on his election when i was against all the advice of his aides but it's also not the first time that we've seen expulsions of suspected russian intelligence officers in the united states obama in late two thousand and sixteen expelled thirty five russians in response to meddling in the u.s. elections but this is certainly the largest number we've seen in decades perhaps in
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the mid eighty's when reagan expelled roughly the same number as we're seeing today drawled. the russian government is announced it is going to expel sixty diploma in return to this american expulsion will go just turn into a never ending dull word spiral of tit for tat expulsions where is this headed. well russia will respond all this as a matter kelly and that's why they're heard today from the foreign office in moscow so we will see some sort of tit for tat if germany expels if for russian diplomats more moscow is going to do the same in the days to come they would definitely expel more americans after watching this kicking out more than sixty russian diplomats the whole store is not a surprise for the kremlin they knew something is going to happen you men those. member states agreed on this at their summit last week in brussels to take further
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punitive steps against russia for the attack in salisbury so i think they knew something is going to happen something is going to happen come come from the west from from nato partners but i don't think that russia is interested right now in making a bad situation worse they don't have they don't want to see a downward spiral of expulsions no diplomatic war for months or weeks to come i think it's unfortunate that all this happens today it's a very very sad day here in russia as you know because of what happens in camera while. this at this tragedy a tragedy where the more burned down many children died so this is really a very sad here in russia and it's unfortunate that this diplomatic war starts today ok now i want to bring in the european dimension here because fourteen european countries are apparently up to spending this or e.u. member states european council president donald tusk nelson earlier to explain the
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used position let's have a listen. as a direct follow up to last week's repeal kinds of decisions do we actually rush out within that common framework already today told tina the member states have decided to expel russian diplomats. additional measures including further expulsion is within the common e.u. framework notes to be excluded in the coming days and weeks. european council don't know president they're not saying the expulsions and coordinated action among you member states want to go to you now in brussels just up until last week there was quite a bit of disagreement with in the european union among the twenty eight member states about how to respond to the situation is there more unity now.
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the action today was clearly meant to send a strong signal of so dirty to the united kingdom and if you count only fourteen of the member states of this half of them in the states participated in these efforts but still it's the biggest concerted effort of this kind that the european union undertook so far but notably there are some countries absent for example hungary does not post participate and also greece does not does dissipate both countries have populist governments which have close ties to the russian government and also economic interests but for example italy is in the club because italy also has very strong ties to russia but still expelling at least two russian diplomats and the big countries like. germany and france leading this effort and also the baltics and poland in some ways this is a clear sign that the united that the european union can act together and as one
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and as dono two was mentioned it is not excluded that mall is to come and also sanctions are being considered. for a get there in brussels we also heard from me a drug storage in moscow claridge sent in washington and g.w. simon young here berlin thank you all. now to some of the stories making headlines around the world today the final death toll from a massive fire the shopping center in siberia stands at sixty four we just heard a little bit about that from me a drug in moscow several children are reportedly among the dead the blaze broke out on the fourth floor of the complex in the coal mining city of kemah robel eyewitnesses say they saw people jumping from windows to escape the flames. thousands of the rebel supporters have demonstrated in yemen's capital saana to mark three years since the country's civil war started a saudi led coalition has been waging a military campaign since march twenty fifteen against the these goal of restoring
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the former government all over the who these takeover of sana in twenty fourteen. all this comes as saudi forces intercepted seven yemeni rebel missiles late on sunday one man was killed and two others injured from falling shrapnel in the saudi capital riyadh it was the first death in the city during the saudi led coalition's three year military campaign in yemen. spain's most wanted fugitive has spent the night in a german jail and he's likely to stay there while longer a german court says it will take at least a week to see whether to decide whether extradite scholars pushed a month back to spain the catalan separatist leader was detained on sunday while traveling through germany on his way to belgium he's been in self-imposed exile but is sought by spanish authorities for his role in catalonia as an authorized independence vote on the arrest has angered many cattle lines in barcelona street
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protests erupted in some ninety people have been injured in clashes between protesters and security forces. i am simply so on one side demonstrators on the other they face stuff long into the night in barcelona out right surged into violence. was thousands of catalans took to the streets to protest the arrest of their former president placed crack down hard on protesters dozens were wounded. as demonstrations heated up even the speaker of the catalan parliament who supports a protest is code for calm you. share with you the feeling of indignation regarding the situation in this is especially unfair context i would like to call for calm and responsibility because the response from catalans must be democratic civic unifying and peaceful as always
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. with some two thousand kilometers north of. it was on the side of this german highway the callus preach from what was detained on sunday he had just crossed the dine is german border on his way to belgium. but his journey ended in a german gyle cell. for you to pee in a rush warrant has been issued we received a request and it's been looked into. pre-conditions we will far the rest say whether extradition can be granted a step before that however is the detention order and we're seeing if we can proceed with this if you can with him. shortly after prison once detention tens of thousands of supporters rallied in front of the german consulate in barcelona their message germany should stay out of spain's campaign against the catalan independence movement one us government when they touch a democratically elected representatives they touch an entire people and will keep
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on protesting peacefully as we've always done. by supporters and opponents of preached to more and now waiting to see how events in germany will play out now decide to fight to form a catalan president. or more on this we're joined in studio now by harris de la cruz he's a spanish journalist who's covered the recent elections and the the of arrests there must be said here we saw clashes overnight in barcelona with scores of people injured those clashes are continuing today i understand is that anger directed purely at germany's detention of college pushed him owners or is there more to it was the last episode of conflict of a crisis that's been going on since two thousand and twelve but super lawson's these processes the pro independence movement calling this process towards independence started up and downs and it's picked for example during the illegal referendum when he was brutally repressed by police need and he was melting down
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actually during the last weeks and months because mainly because that unified thing within the independence block yeah i do see a psychology be more mature and understand the reality of the situation democratic europe has explicitly demonstrated its support to spain. we can see this with the extraordinary corporation between spain and into the great european democracy germany. hardly a conciliatory tone there is basically telling the catalyst to grow up or both sides headed towards further escalation in this crisis unfortunately it seems so. there's a lot of harsh tone from the p.p. from the populist party which is. the governing party in spain but also from few that i know is that the seat since party which actually won the cuttle an election last december the for example they refer to the pro and independence party who brought to us and. we'll see what happens when i expect that these images from the
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first of october from the day of the referendum we never expected the prole independence movement to declare independence that's a unilateral kind of like no mandate so it's hard to say. what will happen do you think to college pushed him or the catalan leader if he is expected dieted from germany back to spain to face justice there or he would certainly detain as soon as he sets foot in spain hugh will be brought to a judge and will probably dictates a time pending trial and he's facing up to twenty five years of prison because of many there the charge of rebellion which is the hardest one he's facing he's also facing an embezzlement so he will be and he wouldn't be the only one this of a score of all the independents got along in political representatives who are already in prison and he will follow them for so spanish journalists have
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a purpose to cruise thank you for talking with us here of the news. people going to the polls in egypt has the country's three day presidential election gets underway there's little doubt that abdel fattah el-sisi will win a second term he's facing a real competition with only his with his only challenger being one of his supporters now authorities are hoping enough voters will turn out to lead the election psalm credibility. his victory may be assured but abdel fattah el-sisi needs the numbers to consolidate his authority with nearly sixty million eligible voters the former general is hoping his supporters will march to the polling stations and there's plenty of praise for the incumbent. police everyone who vote for president. of great success for example he's building a new administrative capital. there is one rival candidate.
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he's not a household name and perhaps surprisingly he himself admits that he admires sisi. and the people will decide who the best candidate is the voters who go to the polls which to us what the soon will know the result. and i know. many in the opposition believe muso is only in the race to create the appearance of democracy. at first there were more candidates but some were imprisoned after they announced their candidacy others with drew from the race often under great pressure. in. the government's worry that if there were real candidates there would have to be debates about real issues. bob the. egyptian media is similarly one sided there's even
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a hotline where citizens can report journalists who criticise the government. promised a heavy hand against terrorists earlier this month there was another bomb attack in alexandria on the same night peninsula the egyptian army is busy fighting a jihadist insurgency. supporters point to his focus on economic stability the all important tourism sector has been recovering under his rule without sisi has fashioned the presidential election as a referendum on his leadership he's hoping for a high turnout to legitimize his rule. oh elections are off and about the economy and even though tourism is recovering in egypt the country's economy has other problems as well. all season supporters say he's brought political and economic stability to a country. rest since twenty eleven is important for tourism which has picked up
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again but other parts of the economy are still struggling and inflation is sky high . the times may be turbulent but businessmen on cairo's streets seem to be content with their president. going after activity to bring me his replacement. if you can what would his replacement do what does he present what will he present our president sisi can do it all. we want someone who we will be stable with. for. the support for el-sisi is obvious but have the egyptian people really done better during his administration unemployment has gone down slightly but it's still high at almost twelve percent and egypt's deficit has widened now at over one hundred percent of g.d.p. . alone from the international monetary fund should help the economy twelve billion
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dollars six billion of which have already been distributed but the country needs to set a strict austerity plan in motion the government has to float the currency on international markets cancel energy subsidies and introduce a sales tax of fourteen percent. that's cause prices to rise and the egyptian pound has lost value inflation has increased under el-sisi last year up a daunting twenty five percent. it's hard times for businesses. and yet they still support the president's plans. of course i will vote for president sisi i'll vote for him for the stability of the country. we're living in stability. we have to keep living and stability. but i'm nothing like that with. it's unsure whether all the gyptian see it that way after all
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a third of the population still lives below the poverty line. eurozone leaders should set up a rainy day fund the international monetary fund suggested its managing director christine legarde said the money could be used to help member states with financial problems european leaders to take advantage of world economies upswing to make it reality france had already floated the idea last year but germany has been family opposed to it so far three south korea agrees to slash its steel exports to the u.s. to avoid tariffs and it may not be the only company to do so is the world fall into line with president trump's america first trade policy us. thing that's it for me thanks to you terry thank you very much you know on the sierra leone the country's opposition leader has criticized the ruling party's successful bid to
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have a runoff hole delayed over alleged fraud and exclusive interview the main opposition leader vying for the presidency has told e.w. that he'll call people to action. with that election being postponed julius mata won the first voting round earlier this month but failed to receive a high enough majority to win outright the presidential runoff all is scheduled for tuesday but the election will only move forward if it's given the green light by us here earlier and high court members of the ruling a.p.c. party say election fraud has been an issue on sunday supporters of mudd a b o took to the streets in freetown ahead of the court's decision a lot of b.s. as his supporters will publicly object to the court if the court rules too late tuesday's vote. we are also we've been preparing for this for the past five years and within this that we have international observers here quite
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a lot of money has been spent with this particular location and we see no reason why it should be postponed. on the resume that is there is because the president wants to postpone. not hesitate to call the people discount tree to come out and defend peace security and democracy we have fought for i didn't fight for democracy alone this whole nation for tories and i think we should rise up to make sure that democracy is maintained in this country well more now let's cross over to our africa correspondent adrian krishna he's in sierra leone's capital freetown. and you've been following the ruling there at the high court what more can you tell us well after a two hour delay and a lot of and we just got the news that the elections will take place that's what the courts just ruled after was huge celebrations here broke out of course
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especially people from the opposition were celebrating it as a kind of victory because they have been pushing for it heavy they insisted that this must take place tomorrow and this is exactly what the court rules now the key question however is will the electoral commission here be able to carry out the elections with such a short notice of time it's less than twenty four hours remaining until the polling stations are supposed to open and they get to make a statement if they can really do it tomorrow if they will have to postpone it for at least a few days and we heard in your interview with the opposition candidate yulia smug a. him saying that he wouldn't hesitate to call on the people to defend. sounds like he's in a very strong bargaining position is his position now gotten even stronger now that the court has ruled essentially in his favor. well i mean with the ruling of the court it is quite likely that now things will calm down some observers here where fearing that in case the court would have ruled otherwise
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there would have been protests possibly also violence on the streets so this is unlikely to happen and people are looking forward now to the election day where many people here believe that's below the opposition candidate has a stronger chance to win because he was in the first one of the elections also ahead of the candidate of the governing party but he didn't manage to get the fifty five percent of the road directly that would have allowed him to get the seat right away so now with a runoff it is likely that candidates from the other opposition parties who are not running anymore will tell their supporters to rather work for be with them for the governing party. thank you so much t.w. sader increased their reporting from sierra leone's capital freetown and just remind our viewers those that run off election in freetown in sierra leone will be going ahead to morrow you're watching did all the news still to come this australian cricket go after one of the biggest scandals to hit the sports in years captain is clinging to his drawl. after facebook and cambridge analytic
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indian prime minister narendra modi's is at the center of a new controversy our social media editor will be here with the story. and of get you can always get the d.w. news up on the go just download our from google play or from the apple store as far as we know it is free that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also used to send us photos and videos. watching w. news more to count.
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responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond his smoking mirrors it's not just about me being here and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and i worked at the you know. mark catholic architecture. one of the world's cultural treasures. the never ending construction site. for tourists a bit cologne cathedral joined us as we explore the history of this imposing house of worship. starting march twenty ninth on t.w. .
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welcome back to news i'm terry martin our top story three weeks after the attack on former russian double agent seven days all some fourteen e.u. member states are have god decided and the rest are decided to expel dozens of russian diplomats the expulsions come after britain presented evidence of moscow's suspected involvement in the attack russia says it will respond in kind. of more of those let's. in our political correspondent simon young is with us here in berlin in our parliamentary studios have also got our correspondents claire richardson in washington d.c. mayor drugstore it's in moscow and in brussels hello to you all to start with you simon the german government has announced that it's revoking the credentials of four russian diplomats so how is the foreign minister explaining this you
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know terry the the foreign ministry here in berlin has said that this is a strong signal of seoul to darity with great britain and that it shows the determination not to allow this chemical attack in the u.k. that the foreign minister has said all evidence points to russian involvement in that don't going to allow that to go unanswered so the sending home for diplomats from the embassy in berlin and they've got to leave within the next seven days or go over to washington and you clare a sixty russian diplomat six zero sixty russian diplomat station in the u.s. are being expelled what's the message that washington is trying to send with this the white house has said today that this expulsions meant to reduce russia's ability to spy on americans and threaten national security and it's quite clearly meant to be a show of support for the united kingdom to say that it's not ok not acceptable to be poisoning people on u.k.
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territory as well as a show of support for its nato partners now this is not the first time we've seen expulsions of suspected russian intelligence officers from the united states remember obama in late twenty's sixteen expelled thirty five russians in response to meddling in the u.s. elections but it's certainly had the largest number we've seen in decades since the mid eighty's when president reagan expelled roughly the same number as we're seeing today. drug in moscow the kremlin is calling this a provocative gesture and it's promised a response to respond in kind what can we expect them from the kremlin so. so the russian point of view still is we have nothing to do with salisbury's so there is no reason for this diplomatic war i don't think that russia is interested right now in making a bad situation even worse they don't want to don waltz barrel spiral of expulsions moscow has economic interests germany and the e.u. e.u.
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are important trade partners so that being said russia has and will response to the expulsion of their diplomas so we will see some sort of tit for tat of jim expels for russian diplomats moscow is going to do the same and they will definitely expel more americans are to washington is kicking out more than sixty russian diplomats finally moving on to brussels the balance we're seeing coordinated action being taken in europe fourteen you member states involved here last week there was still very much a difference of opinion about how the e.u. should be responding to moscow is there more unity in europe now. britain is trying to leave the european union in the process this is a very strong signal to the united kingdom that there's still a sword there to you when it comes to security issues and also among the e.u. member states there's a strong. sense of solidarity because this is the biggest concern the effect of this kind that has taken place and although you have to know that also some states
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know to be ups and like hungry greece or for example almost always populist governments with close ties to russia for example italy which today's says yes we are also expecting diplomats to be to show solidarity and this effort is led to by germany and france poland and the baltic states and go to is the u. conn's a president has said this is not the last that we would take that maybe also sanctions in the making against russia. in brussels along with the w.'s madrox origin moscow claire richardson in washington and simon young in berlin thank you to you all. now one of the biggest scandals in cricket for years rumbles on it comes after the australian team admitted hatching a plan to cheat in a match against south africa in a sport the prods itself on fair play the simple act of stuffing the ball as led to
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plenty of soul searching in australia and could mean the captain will be fired let's take a look. it's here in cape town that scandal engulfed the estonian cricket team the third test match in south africa will be remembered for one thing cheating cameron bancroft was caught trying to illegally damage the ball that can change the way it moves in the air potentially giving us truly an advantage bancroft and captain steve smith were forced to admit they gave us an opportunity to potentially use and decent type get. you know granules from the right from the rough patches on the wicket in and try to. just change the change the ball commission the leadership group knew about it. we spoke about it at lunch and. i'm not proud of what's happened. you know it's not within the spirit of the game the outcry in a strange one to go over here and to talk to the rowan people involved to
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understand what happened in the detail and then we'll mike appropriate decisions as to next steps astray in cricket icon shane warne expressed his disappointment but others wants me to be given a second chance. look i hope people can can forgive i think he's such a great young man and he's got a heart of gold and i just think he's made a big mistake unfortunately to make matters worse sponsors such as quantas are reviewing their relationship with the strictly in cricket australia also lost the match against south africa heavily few of their players will have good memories of newlands cricket ground. where the cambridge from v.w. sport is here to help us help us understand what went on in this cricket scandal it explained to cricket folks like myself exactly what went on here so this is one of those crazy sports stories of props of going out again that you can scarcely
4:37 pm
believe essentially australia were losing to south africa in this test match now the games adjourned for lunch break and they decided that they. going to try and win by any means possible this leadership group that we heard about in the report is now a group of senior players approached one of the youngsters cameron bancroft and essentially persuaded him to cheat by taking a yellow piece of sticky tape doubling in the dirt and rubbing that against the ball now what that does is alter the flight's path of the ball and it's a huge disadvantage the batting team may sing unfortunately for those implicated in this the t.v. cameras picked up so they were banks or rights and rather embarrassingly for the camera bancroft actually caught him trying to stash the evidence down his trousers captain steve smith admitted that he was part of the group because it's after the game which quite rightly took the blame away from young cameron bancroft but what it did do was it meant that australia's captain had admitted to cheating in a test match clip obviously not good steve smith the captain is he going to get the
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boot well he's banned for one game at the moment by the by the international cricket council but there's outcry in australia people when he stripped of his captaincy for good the problem is because we saw there was this leadership group other experienced players involved who could be the next captain there's a few of them are implicated here but what we're going to see now here is that it goes above cricket the australian prime minister has waited and he's not happy whatsoever and rather worryingly for steve smith the commissioner for the indian premier league west smith flies this trade has some pretty strong views on this or behavior as well so let's take a look at that now this is a shocking disappointment and it's wrong. and i look forward to cricket australia taking decisive action so at the same time cricket australia is also investigating those who so we have we've been put at the end of quote from start to say. so as we can see that steve smith is in
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a lot of trouble he's already stepped down as the captain of the register moyles in the indian premier league but they may yet be further sanctions he could have his contract ripped out which be a huge blow to him because that is one of the world's most lucrative leagues and if he leaves there it could have serious implications for him ok so this could be serious implications for steve smith personally what about the australian team in general you are saying that several members you know high level members in this team are implicated yet is that there's several other members of the same implicated as i've said that there is there's no there's no idea who's going to be taken over the captaincy yet but it also has repercussions full of strain and quick as a whole when this type of thing happens in sport you see sponsors running for the hills now quantas airlines have already set the reviewing their relationship with australian cricket which doesn't look good and cultural main forex another famous australian brand a big brand they have they voice concerns among a host of others so it could be a financial a financial problem for strain in cricket as well thanks so much ed maclean bridge
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from v.w. sport now the german football side's preparations for the world cup continue this week after the draw with spain on friday your good lives team are now gearing up to face another tournament brazil the south american giants trained here in berlin ahead of tuesday's friendly brazil is the most successful nation in world cup history having won soccer's biggest prize prize five times. one more than germany that is well they'll be without superstar name on for this match however the police chose month or it is out due to injury. well that international criticism of facebook and its handling of users personal data indian prime minister and the render a modis official up has come under scrutiny for allegedly sharing users' personal data without their consent a security researcher says the has been sending the data to
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a third party domain in the united states that news has caused uproar in india has you might imagine for compost nuss month from our social media does who've been following the story centering on the remote app and he's here to tell a soul about it carl what is this what's happening with users that own it and you can see the app is just right back there it's the official app of prime minister modi it's meant to bring him closer to his constituents but it seems like it's apparently just vacuuming up their data without permission and take a look we have some pictures of the app right here we actually downloaded it ourselves it's described as a way to keep up with government news you can listen to the prime minister's radio address you can even receive messages directly from modi himself we happen to take a look though at the apps privacy policy there's a page there where you can take a look and here's what it says it's in the f.a.q. section it explicitly states the data you provide on the app is strictly private
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it's housed safely and is not passed on to anyone else the problem is terry according to a self described french security researcher that's just simply not true and here's what he found out and he's been posting some of his research on twitter he says the data is being shipped to a third party company he writes when you create a full file in the official app all your device info and personal data that would be your e-mail address a photo your gender your name it's all sent without your consent to a third party domain and his research leads him actually to an american analytics company it's called clever tap so the question is ok so how much data could possibly have been taken here and it could be a lot of the. app has been downloaded between five and ten million times and that's just on android devices loans more on apple as well. so how are modi and the government then responding to this this is a me this is a huge scandal i would suspect it's a big story has been unfolding over the weekend that the prime minister as far as
4:43 pm
we can tell is not responded his party though the the b j p they have confirmed now that the app does send information to a third party only for analytical purposes and they've been defending the app actually on twitter the the party has and here's some of what they've been saying about the app they say look this just ensures that the user gets the best experience by showing content in his language an interest so if a person looks up agriculture related info they'll get agriculture related content easily since this scandal broke there's actually been a quiet change to the privacy policy for a renter mody and this was posted on his website and this is it and so now what it says is that the following information may be processed by a third party services so in the listing even your name your email and your phone number so they have now updated those privacy policies but i can imagine that some people are still not happy how have these revelations gone down with people in
4:44 pm
india what are they saying about yeah i mean it's been a basically a big political fallout i mean after the cambridge analytical scandal we're all talking about how data can be used for political means and this could even allegedly go a step further now if a prime minister is personally collecting data on his constituents and the rival party in india has been sure to let modi hear all about that and this is coming from the i n c the leader of that party tweeting out saying look modi is misusing his prime minister position to build a personal database with data on millions of indians via his app if as prime minister he wants to use technology to communicate with india that's great but use the official app to do that this data belongs to india not modi so maybe a facebook style controversy unfolding in india right now as well. from a social media desk thanks so much. you're watching the news still to come you know lyndon back is germany's undisputed rock legend now the seventy one year
4:45 pm
old has opened his own museum called panic city in hamburg and from our culture desk will bring us. well over to get help now for some business news trucks trade policies are continuing to make waves that's true terry south korea is now agreed to cut steel exports to the united states by thirty percent in order to avoid trump's tariffs south korea's trade minister described negotiations with the u.s. as fierce but insisted his country wasn't in a weak position the asian countries the third largest steel exporter to the u.s. off to canada and brazil the pledge to reduce steel exports as part of revisions being made to the existing free trade deal between the u.s. and south korea finally some good news regarding world trade let's cross over to our financial correspondent dunya call who's standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange going down is economics minister is looking at a similar way to avoid u.s.
4:46 pm
steel tariffs what equity markets saying about this week covering slightly. yeah well let me tell you get this is actually a very interesting and dia and it also means that car companies from the u.s. will be able to export the double amount to south korea without paying terrorists for donald trump remember that cars are always a very important he stated in the past that he doesn't really understand why you see so many asian and european cars on the american rolls but not too many american cars whenever he travels abroad and yes appeared to. i'm an economist minister seems to be and favor off a similar compromise but he also said that those talks need to be done on the european level and that he cannot negotiate just for germany. but the markets right
4:47 pm
now investors seem to be hopeful a trade war between washington and the can be averted. well that's a little bit too early to say at the moment yes you are right the markets here and europe are doing much better than actually expected the roots of index tax even went up to a class of about zero point eight percent but yes experts are telling me that that fear of a possible to wage war is still there and that also those tears on china could be also hurting other countries in asia as well so they are telling me that there is still a lot of room lots of space also for falling shares again in the upcoming days. at the frankfurt stock exchange thank you very much. right helling for selling that southeast asian business to bigger regional rival grab of mass the u.s. companies second retreats from an asian market industries first big consultation in
4:48 pm
southeast asia hopes about six hundred forty million people in the central customs who will get it twenty seven point five percent stake in grab an exchange ride hailing companies throughout asia have relied heavily on discounts and promotions in the highly competitive market that that is driving down profit margins and increasing pressure for consulate dacian deal is the latest attempt of shore up its finances and refocus its business ahead of a planned initial public offering. easy undisputed rock n roll legend here in germany italy linden back a pioneer george rock and he's been topping the charts in germany since the
4:49 pm
ninety's seventy. permanent multimedia exhibition has opened in hamburg and current host from our culture desk is here to talk about it they care. so tell us more about this karen will and obviously a huge huge figure in german rock history a living legend some say now it's got its very own museum i'd actually call it more of an experience where he can sort of you know go through his career with him from his start as an elevator boy we have to national icon of rock he's also a painter and a writer and today he's still going strong at seventy one very much like the rolling stones who inspired him back in the days. just not really well known outside germany no of course not and that's really due to this decision back in one thousand seventy three to actually sing in german but of course he's revered here because of it as having paved the way for all of the acts that followed him
4:50 pm
obviously may not have a clue to maya and co you know long before the diet of the night arts avella he made it cool to sing in german which means that his music and his and his stick if you will are not quite as accessible for those who don't know him so well let's have a look at how he describes himself in. mysterious looking it seems it was good looking good criminally good is a street kid you see kids you know he's afraid and you know it is you know things you need to sing any it is and soon it is painting you know it is movies and all of a gym most of you guys are in need you know with it on trademark on a good it's got a great behind you know the repo but very sensitive this will. be. a straight path so outright mark i think i can say he's very much a character with a cigar never takes himself too seriously worth having to listen to his music
4:51 pm
before we get to that let's have a look at his very own panic city. wherever he goes he likes to put on a special little show and this one is on hamburg's famous red light district boulevard fifty eight. this street is now home to this very own theme park hispanic city was a fun. happy so happy we tinkered with it for a year we only had a vision of the panic city how it would turn out we did know now we know it's old high tech that's the special thing a lot of three d. a many virtual augment it animates none to do. it's not your average museum or multimedia to offer then come back to life there's his provincial childhood and you can spend time in the recording studio with the two hundred gram and get insights into his political activism and see that's gold colored toppy the stars the secret police even had a file on him. some of the guests at the opening make clinton back to the small but
4:52 pm
they all adore it will. sing us a great singer song writer super drama and a hero the go is a hero i'm proud to live in the same city as you don't live in a good honest absolutely if i. had to ask odo was the first sing it to make the german language popular in russia music today everyone does it but we owe it all to. that school. panic city is a new monument to the seventy one year old rocker. and hamburg his adopted home can look forward to a new side in the middle off those the pub on. the linden baguette is that the hot the glasses the day our lives that always see it probably is probably born that way . but what's with the panic why you know panic city this this is called
4:53 pm
that it's back to his band when he started and got his real start in one thousand seven hundred called the pan. orchestra and when they started the idea was literally to scare the hit industry out of their wits there was no german rock there was no german hip hop back in the seventy's the panic was kind of the poor opposite to his attitude of cool a kind of a leitmotif throughout his career that sort of said you know we are going to pull this off and he's been true to that all these years it's really interesting he's totally unapologetic in this in this rock star lifestyle he drinks too much he smokes too much he's in a tory as ladies' man he lives in a hotel in hamburg has done for over twenty years but he's also never shied away from being political terry which is also interesting he's always been very much the activist with his finger on the political pulse. behind. him ten which meant to test it against right wing extremism free movement between east and west was a big theme for him and he was one of the first musicians to from the west to play
4:54 pm
in communist east germany and in fact his most famous song is know how cool to the tune of chattanooga. with that kind of a teasing direct appeal to the east german leader. we just saw him there to let him play in the east in the song was such a hit that he was eventually granted his wick wish that was back in october of one thousand nine hundred eighty three and he even gave honaker his leather jacket and very famously later that guitar that we saw in the photograph there with the inscription guitar cannot sell guitars instead of guns and so there's even a musical behind that beyond the horizon that's based on his story of a love affair with a girl in germany he's actually designed a couple of postage stamps over the years that he has really. kind of anchored himself in popular culture if you will creative and injuring ladders so lewdly we all want to be like him when we grow out of. those cities are about girlish this
4:55 pm
thanks so much for our culture that. just a reminder the top story we're following for you here on news three weeks after the attack on former russian double agent surrogates chris paul some fourteen member states and the u.s. are expelling dozens of russian diplomats expulsions come after britain presented evidence of moscow's suspected involvement in the attack russia says it will respond in kind. so you news for now but phil be with you in just a couple of minutes with another full round up stay with us for not.
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mutilation humiliation. so i know el saadawi rebelled against the written word to stand up for women's rights. now while the answer dawi the free voice of egypt starting april eighth on t w. one hundred million tons of sound oblivious to the fish to mr. bush to the consequences of the boss storms submersing. problem in america today and frequency. once they start cursing no more startling.
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dust storm starting in april seventh on g.w. . visited up leaders life and got a coordinated response against russia of the poisoning of a former double agent told british soil three weeks after the attack i'm so going to script polyurethane council president donald fourteen member nations are
5:00 pm
expelling the russian diplomatic south united states is expanding six think russia says it will respond in kind.


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