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tv   Check-in - Weimar the cradle of modernism  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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some things turned out to be true forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation. so i know well so now we rebelled against the we were to stand up for women's rights. no one else had dawi the flavors of egypt starting april eighth on t w. is a small tel in tooling in but it's linked to some pretty big names east specially good to and shit but the poets are the reason for my journey today it's the balls era that began one hundred years ago. vital goal for those of us silicon didn't think
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publicly and many more in one thousand nine hundred they were founding figures of the balls movement via fine art design and architecture balls became a pioneer off more than a team first environment then and this out and berlin next year is the anniversary one hundred years but i'll take a look at viola today. we explore the site for the new bellows museum which will open in two thousand and nineteen. we make a detour to the village of getting the old off with the famous finding a church. and our of europe one fucking book where you'll shows us where most likely it is the capital of argentina. my first stop environment is the bios university it was designed by the architect and . on the video with bright studios and curved lines. here vita
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goopy was found at the balls in one thousand nine hundred nineteen a school of art and design that would reveal lucian eyes the shapes and colors of the twentieth century. architect to warm us up and takes me on a tour. from here we have a stairwell that fundamentals are designed with its elliptical curves and it's a very popular photographic subject people who come here immediately take a picture of. the reputation of the balls attract the top names like didn't ski and finding out i could tick by to spend years developing the artist network. after world war one go through was picked up these contacts he'd made and he came here and nineteen nineteen is what i want to do something completely new not just
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architecture and not just applied arts i want to found the balls artists artisans and architects should be trained together. today about four thousand aspiring architects and civil engineers study at the university back in the day there were just one hundred fifty masters in students a small but dedicated community. and here you have the work of about bio who started at the boss who designed these works for the boss exhibition in one thousand twenty three what's special is that he worked in condensed his class where red square isn't yellow triangles worthing combining basic shapes with the basic color. now is the highlight of the tour this study of. sharper lines straightforward and functional that was the new ball style. shoes off
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because as an exception we're allowed to enter the sanctuary. does this is the original goal has room this is the original directors room or designed by roger gropius where the one nine hundred twenty three boss exhibition. of the exhibition aim to show the movement's achievements and explain it to say to people environment joining and this is our idea and i'm this is what we're working on. the one hand i sit down. and go before i may want to go the others can't but you may. have no one's watching. here so this is where he said you know. about us moving to making comfortable furniture wasn't that a board to write because i have to say this isn't a cosy chair. just do this desk chair has been reconstructed from sketches
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and drawings there's no photo of it it's not recorded for two. would you for gropius actually sat on a chair by decline at this desk because that would be a dog and later in there so there was a steal to share buyer musser broiler that he used at his desk has been it's that this one here is very of the theoretical but it suits the concept of this room when you look at the surrounding edge this all around the border and is that in the countries need you all know from the lies to. my tour ends in this student cafe. it's no coincidence that bauhaus came to life here environment where once great thinkers of the enlightment gathered and worked if you visit weimar today you'll be reminded of them every step of the way.
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and she would still feel that home environment today it's a smallish town but these weimar classicist they were known once made it the cultural center of europe. in the late eighteenth century it was ruled by karl guest a clever gene he recognised and supported people with great talent. he proved them to his cool and paid them to write compose and stage plays. his home on fire on planet square was then as now the most prestigious address. the poet moved here in seventeen eighteen and as you can see he was an expert when it came to shapes and colors. he wrote such great works as fun. just in the study here. he died in the room next door in eight hundred thirty two. but it takes more than one power to make a golden age just
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a few steps from fallen plant as the house faith actually lived and. his friend girls are brought into weimar. they took the ideas of the enlightenment and humanism from via to the outside world. not far away is the city palace. a visit will give you an insight into how the art loving rulers lived. the palace had more than fifty state rooms. duchess and amalia and her son col augustus had enormous wealth and they used it to promote the arts and science. education library now known as the ana amalia library is right next to the palace it's rococo hall is often reverently called the pantheon of german classicism. in
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fact poets and philosophers came here to study the classical works it was wrong for years by the great curse to himself. on a health south of the city the jiko family had a hunting lodge built the bell there. even if you're not interested in the bow house or the enlightenment if you just need a green o.s.'s to take a break while your environment this is the place feel. traces of the balls are hard to find environment but they just for example an. the national theater the constitution of the vine the republic was passed here in one thousand nine hundred there is a plaque to commemorate it. and
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who made it but it to us. we continue to the historic cemetery like a bolt of lightning this monument shoots out of the ground fight our goal post build it on behalf of the unions to commemorate the victims of the political turmoil of nineteen twenty the nazis destroyed the sculpture but it was late to rebuild slightly modified so. this is spock i'm the inn where you'll find the temple have a house a meal gothic building where above all is ma stuff you hunted it's an had his painting studio it was bombed during world war two and has since stood as a ruin in the park. and finally the house i'm on it's the very first building built by the polls in one
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nine hundred twenty three we can't visit at the moment because it's being prepared for the falls anniversary in two thousand nine hundred. the house on one remains the only balls building environment in one nine hundred twenty five the both had to leave the city because the new conservative state government cut the schools funding but other cities were only too happy to welcome both so gold and his colleagues moved to death only two hours away from by car. this oddly shaped building is the bunk house academy and desktop with a movement really took off it was the first house building here now an icon of modern design when it was built it seemed more in. like a series of boxes that had landed in a field. def if he lived as many people and yes i was shocked that architecture could look like this i've never seen anything like it it was not entirely new
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architectural language was. the actually a house with its distinctive balconies was germany's first student dormitory it also belongs to the academy twenty eight by house as lived worked in party dear you two can spend the night in one of the small studios not glamorous but modern. in the master's offices can in skiing copious finding out and their colleagues allow themselves a little more room the buildings look uniform from the outside flat roofs white cubes clear lines but the interiors show each masters own preferences. multicolored and bright. or white and minimalist it was an exciting colony of artists that bought a girl for years had nurtured year. stand to this day could attract visitors to death from around the world. this coming to us we have people from australia
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japanese groups and in the past few years more and more chinese groups and really love to have a look at it when i was down on. the employment office is another example of architecture in desa. the panda seen here the boss could do curves as well as straight lines as demonstrated by the corner office a waterside property they designed. the restaurant on the banks of the river abba is a great place to end the day and. there is a lot of construction going on in via the new balls museum is due to be complete for the one. hundredth anniversary the future director will be good business takes me to the building site. is the city is the building also by the
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host that was. imposed here no it's not a hostile it's contemporary and most designed by berlin architects hike ahead but it is acute. and that immediately makes you think of the bath house with flat roofs and things like that and fluff that has connections to the bauhaus to the. candidate is a real fan of means found the work of architecture can't apply that. to a dentist for highly. right next door is the goal for them which was built by the nazis as a demonstration of their problem. the need snitched against who fairly and monday proximity isn't a coincidence and spunk hunted a has placed her building that to confront the gulf war was due to school board it's all in the height of the building is also aligned with that of the gulf or an annoying pause museums are about the same height with the skull form the side it's a very self-confident position with the plot sealing pieces that the nazis worked
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on forcing about house out of town so in a sense will return with great self-confidence. doesn't cause and said it was time . it takes a lot of imagination to picture the bright sure rooms that will be here when the balls museum opens in april two thousand and nineteen for the first time there will be enough space to present the treasures of the fly him up both collection to a white audience. but it's the last one the bauhaus had to levi my old home has had the opportunity to choose items from the bauhaus workshops on how to knit he chose one hundred sixty eight objects and we're going to display them yes the. the world's first house collection this is of it's a special highlights which you can see i know where i'm not and then paris london only york new york. i mean they're like they're a highlight
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a tourist magnet. is the point to live my life of course there are highlights we know that many visitors are especially interested and. we have outstanding paintings by lionel finding a wonderful painting by clay glee they'll be exhibited down here in this area and. for now the treasures are kept away from the public safely guarded in a warehouse but i can already admire some of the objects. involved with these and why do you need gloves to handle the lamp in the fourth. yeah this is. not on this plant dates back to nine hundred twenty four it is my very hand back in trade and although it might look quite robust it was made by hand and water or. short and also seen for don't hear the glass has a crack. although reproductions of the lamp on sale in every design shop in design
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these first prototypes are very fragile. that actually. these figures look a bit more robust. doesn't hunt. these are puppets by about how trauma. to the would turn us workshop here environment i most inspired to create these completely new kinds of figures and now i think i think we're going to take that i want to stick them with that so what are they for it's a puppet so you put it on your hand and do a show for kids good now you know exactly that the idea was to play with all four children. and now from via south america our of your one folks. invited us to where he shows us his favorite places in the capital of argentina here's a new episode of meet a local. human
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welcome to window side risk and one for google and i'll take you through the city. and become one with over it will start on the pulse of the measure of the congress is the seat of the national government and that's you know you're going to end the historic buildings that can build though was important in the founding of our country and here's the metropolitan cathedral. everything happens here from the biggest celebrations to protests and demonstrations. and tad sort of cologne is also in the city center it's one of the five theaters worldwide most renowned for their history size and acoustics here the most important classical music works and ballets are performed to.
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one of them over again if you're exploring buenos aires you have to visit one of the many historical and traditional cafes in the city of now we're in cafe for tony it's the oldest cafe in argentina but for the sake of it mustn't be with us you want to say this. isn't the end of the scene it's one hundred sixty years of existence many presidents artists and international authorities have sat at these tables when he was still living in argentina the pope drink coffee here. i feel the city of kwaito cyrus has more than three million residents and the metropolitan region of more than twelve million it's one of the largest in latin america. say one of the our tour continues in one of the best known districts or body of. once an immigrant district and now one of the most attractive places for tourists because of its street. life and traditions you look at them with but opinions. when i look at it that among the things that makes a book a unique are the vibrant colors of its buildings many of them are made of the
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timber and scrap iron from old ships a lot of some things. when there is a good one here you can see another major tradition in argentina as you can see now and the tango it was but here's a secret it only a few people here really know how to dance it. that same one of the now it's on to the city's hipster districts were in color more so for show us in the body of his name refers to the famous new york neighborhood and i think it used to be a working class district but if you have to sign off on the i think window now you'll find all sorts of restaurants so much for the most of the fashion and a sign outlets and an intense nightlife with.
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all but i think there are also lots of places in this body of that serve beer and there's nothing like one to end the day with a. bit of a special i hope you like to see you soon and when our site is. ours high above in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven the nazis established you can buy the concentration camp here prisoners from all over europe went through this gate with a cynical inscription he didn't design it to each his own if you look closely you may think the font looks a little bit bios but how can that be. the answer is in the museum it describes the inhumane conditions in brooklyn but consideration cad and provide its victims stories like that off he was
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a designer and architect at the ball school and a communist he was one of the first prisoners at pool invite they had to build the concentration camp france alice was given the job of making the sign for the gate he chose a ball house type face even though balls was criticized by the nazis for being degenerate and was forbidden but he put it right under their noses. fifty six thousand people were murdered by the nazis here on at us back but france survived later he worked as an architect in what was then east germany. in general from up here you have a great view of the weimar countryside and back there lies the small town of if you're a ball you should go there. will
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overlook the village of ghana horder now the district of weimar. there are many churches and tearing and this one became almost world famous. that was thanks to the ballet house artist lionel finding out. he often cycled through the countryside and painted on churches especially the one in ghana. there's a small exhibition in sight where you can learn more about this german american artist immortalized the church in a total of thirteen paintings which is why it's often simply called the finding a church. there's another reason to visit ghana order the norfolk house
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a studio and home made of wood which the architect and norfolk have built for himself and his family in one nine hundred twenty nine. it was thirteen percent cheaper than a brick house and it took a math three days to build the shell. not a plan to mass produce a. hut on it does. without having started at the bar house himself he'd always worked in barter globe uses planning orders. and from that convenient position he produced excellent results. a gately supported. and became famous for architects data a reference book on building design. published in one thousand nine hundred six it's still a standard work for architects the world over. the house embodied the idea of living and working under one roof the north that foundation now uses his former offices for conferences everything is functional down to the last detail in the
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house and in the garden. that for all in all these and notes all this most notably he integrated the use of the garden into his all round design for a living tickled so how did somebody for instance see at a subsistence garden made. the premise was that even in financially hard times a family of four could survive for a year with a garden like this if you could figure for me the year i knew it so i don't gotta believe. it's well worth staying and get a novel to and to leave me when a light installation illuminates the church and finding his car less. my last stop in via is speaking. in this restaurant people from the balls had wild
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parties students and masters together. and there were legendary cost of parties. the post students could eat in the restaurant for relatively little money and they love to come here even though the decor is anything but both. one hundred years of balls two thousand nine hundred isn't anniversary work is being carried out everywhere to get things ready i was surprised how many traces i found anyway if you're also interested in the early years of the boat house you should visit next year now it's time for me to check out the local cuisine and be interested bye bye see you next time.
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