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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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global news that matters w. for mines would be fighting for decades to take you seriously in the world of what appears is coming up. on the top of this this superhero on a mission smart women smart talks smart station and legend isn't by no means missed out on the brink recently dangerous to. make sure it's. a low and a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and today we begin in hungary where people are due shortly to vote in a general election polls indicate that the far right prime minister viktor orban
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will win another sizeable majority in parliament during the election campaign or been presented himself and his feet as party as the guardians of the hungary and people closer soggy caught. at large rallies the prime minister warned against what he calls the islamization of europe and promised to keep migrants out of the country and that's why hungary has closed down the so-called balkan route by building a fence along its border with serbia the used to be hundreds of thousands of people hoping to cross the border and make their way through hungary to countries like germany now though some four thousand migrants men women and children are still stranded on the border including climbin and far right. this makeshift refugee camp on the serbian hungary and border used to be full of people now it's deserted the drastic steps taken by the government to deter the refugees the soldiers and the high fence have had the desired effect at least here in horror
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gosh. two young men are holding out payment from afghanistan and for reid from iran. they've been living here in appalling conditions for over a year the other refugees chose them to be their contact passes for the authorities . they supposed to update the list of those refugees allowed to cross into hungary and the european union every day. until recently families would have to wait in various holding camps here in serbia for a year. now things are much worse for the last three weeks hungary has only been allowing one person a day one family a week to pass through. that increases the waiting period three or four layers. of people here are pressed they are gradually going crazy from having to wait so long. nobody knows when they can go.
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two years ago this camp in serbia on the hunger in border was badly overcrowded it had no electricity or water only fifteen refugees were allowed into hungry through the harvest checkpoint per day hoping to provide some relief aid organizations and the serbian authorities moved the refugees to camps with better living conditions and further back from the border where it was easier to monitor them. at the same time hungry built a fence and made it harder to cross the border. pay man and for a decided to stay here in one of the tents left behind. and they've taken responsibility for informing their fellow refugees in case the border opens. they describe how the procedure works.
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for. the family from the ten to eight am and they wait here another hour then the hunger ariens call them and they can enter the country legally. but a few weeks ago the authorities stopped working together with these two refugees without explanation. once a week visit his family in the camp in sabbat it's a twenty kilometers away his little daughter neiers overjoyed to see her father again about one hundred refugees are stranded here. a man tells the people in the camp about the lack of communication from the hunger ariens . achmet has a wife and three children already in germany he himself has been stuck here with his nephew and sister for over a year now. so when i was so happy when i reached the border because i thought i'd be seeing my family soon at the time i didn't know what the procedure here was there really
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clamping down for sixty people a week then thirty and now just one day. the government in budapest denies that it's forgotten about the refugees and their plight. there while you are quarter mile area and government of force protection to everyone who needs it there's no decrease that we only let one in pradesh but if there's only one guy standing around there why should we put ten officials on it. outside the border fence said her gosh fareed and climbin are getting ready for another cold winter night they never know when something could happen and they might be needed. what i hope the ones who are honest will eventually find their way to a new life. a whole.
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neither of them would even think about giving up. a man and fareed are adamant that their dream of europe does not end at this border. now my home country britain is an island nation under a large part of the population lives on or near the coast people love to eat fish and they're very proud of their fishing industry but that industry has been through tough times in recent decades fishing communities blame the european union quotas on fish catches which is why they voted in large numbers for braggs it the british exit from the european union but will it help them our reporter has been out with the fisherman to find out. for hundreds of years old joyce family has set out on the north sea to catch fish there one of the few remaining families of fishermen in hastings southern england. joy and his two colleagues many catch
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european place salt and skate my brother is fishing and cousins are fishing. but for my family this looks like the last generation. said it is just not viable for them to fish but that's not because of depleted north sea fish stocks. in fact stocks have recovered says joy. instead the problem is that british fisherman face a limit on how much fish they're allowed to catch. each year the e.u. draws up north sea fishing quotas by fish type and country. what aggravates us is the share we have in arrow waters where fishing in british waters which was british territorial waters and have to for fish because their counterparts a european fisherman they do not they do not have to from that's why
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nearly all british fishermen voted for banks it they want to regain control over their own waters and decide how much to fish they also want to banish other european fisherman from british waters like this dutch vessel dutch captain good or bad summer spends eighty percent of the year fishing exclusively in british parts of the north sea. there is a god it would be on that if i can no longer fish there are have to find other areas that have to compete with my dutch colleagues and share a tiny fishing area why fish will be. breaks inputs about fifty percent of the dutch fishing fleet in peril says pim fister who represents the dutch fishing industry. he thinks this is unnecessary because strict e.u. regulations now. and sure there's enough fish for all. this if thinks the british government is the real problem for distributing only a tiny fraction of its e.u. fishing quota to british small scale fisherman in english channel. they blame the
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e.u. for the internal problems the smaller boats have no quota that is a problem look that's not a problem created by brussels that's a problem created by london and they are they think that they can solve a problem in london by walking away from to you but that's going to be a real disappointment for them. the dutch are convinced all fishermen are responsible for north sea fish stocks. after all fish have no nationality and recognize no borders. what receive already in our relations with what used to be our colleagues our friends working together in european fisheries politics and all of a sudden it's turned upside down and as as if they are strangers as if we are strangers and that is a very very bad feeling our friends are no longer our friends. some as existence as a fisherman is now in jeopardy he didn't see it coming his family also has
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a five hundred year history of fishing in the north sea and he's afraid that that will be over soon as fisherman bennett. is a little boy i join my father and we went fishing in british water and the my for he told me where and when you catch the best fish. play these are familiar waters and i know them like the back of my hand for a moment or prouder to be the fish the fungus the good the. sharks have mark. after eight hours at sea joy small fishing boat returns to hastings. old. boy yeah nobody so put them up up up to my bike our dog. wants back on land the days entire catch is sold to europe of all places. and that's the problem britain's fishermen export the fish they've caught and import
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their favorite fish card which is the classic main ingredient in fish and chips the british want to maintain this trade after bank set. i'm a pragmatist so i'm fully aware that with the going to be a long term thing you have to take it as it comes and see where we sit up at the end of the break so it is a fact i hope we just carry on and we actually unite to get there at the end of the day but joyce worried that the price for free trade in fish will be high in europe is likely to demand precisely what he and other break city has wanted control over british waters. now anyone who's visited the turkish city of istanbul in recent times knows what a great pleasure it can be to sit in a bar drink a beer or two out of a religiously motivated campaign and focus on europe yulia harm explored the impact of the clampdown beginning with one man who's come up with his very own solution.
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well the description might be the smallest brewery in istanbul once a month not just a man brews up a batch of beer hand he wanted the ingredients. east online that's where he got the recipe to. a couple it's in the slums that it exists and water and still. the soil. and after a few weeks of famine taishan the bear is ready to drink. and it's all about it there are times that i mainly doing this to save money alcohol has become so expensive in turkey it's the taxes have been increased alongside the years and alcohol has become unaffordable. that i get my home broadband cost me a quarter of what i pay in the shops. just a few years ago istanbul was known for its nightlife. but the islamic conservative
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a.k.p. government seemingly wants to put an end to that shops and no longer permitted to sell alcohol after ten pm. advertising alcohol is forbidden and for many turks high taxes have made it a luxury. both chilling to owns a bar in his temple he says many other ballerinas have already given up customers can't afford the high prices of gas have a nice flavor to rocky a local favorite costs about two to three times what it did just a few years ago and. it's getting worse they raise taxes twice a year. they've just been raised again. i think the authorities are trying to shut down bars and clubs or maybe it's a religious thing i have no idea. talk to your field.
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the government says the tax hikes have nothing to do with religion but president red jump time and to one has promoted a non alcoholic beverage as if to make a bigger statement well this is of no matter what others say our national drink is iran and i drink. in istanbul it's just going down district home to many conservative muslims there are no complaints about the high price of alcohol. all see as i'm for a total ban which nobody should drink it's harmful john that i've just been to the mosque i don't drink because islam forbids it but everyone should decide for themselves literally that that madoff was the cause i think there should be more bans to protect our children get themselves out that it should be totally prohibited and look at the. bar and car show lou disagrees he left his bar. and he's convinced his temple will lose much of its cosmopolitan
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flair if authorities keep making life not about owners like himself. what land owners demand and his friends also don't want the government telling them what to drink and to that they'll raise a glass of that only home brew. on a very different note we go now to spain where the shocking truth is only now coming to light the truth about the spanish babies as many as three hundred thousand who were it's believed stolen from their biological parents and sold to other couples the system began during the franco years and went on until way after the death of the spanish dictator the church clinics lawyers were all apparently involved and for many of those tall away from their families the legacy has been devastating. remembering her childhood makes mercedes sad her parents lied to her all her life only on his deathbed ten years ago did her father admit to
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her what she had long suspected he and his wife were not her biological parents. they raised me to be honest and upright and to always tell the truth. but then they did this to me. v. after they died mercedes began researching and found conflicting documents to birth certificates one from mulligan and one from seville and two baptismal certificates she knows these documents must be forged and so the sixty year old has a devastating suspicion. i think i was stolen when i was a baby these documents are like those of other stolen children.
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from the one nine hundred thirty s. through the one nine hundred ninety s. up to three hundred thousand children were taken away from their parents who were told that the children had died the newborn infants of political opponents or unwed mothers were sold to childless couples who supported franco. genetic tests have proven that birth certificates were forged to conceal these dealings. with mari cruz is convinced that she too was a victim of such schemes she gave birth to a premature baby in madrid in one nine hundred eighty six days after his birth the incubator was empty and she was told her son had died mari cruz and her husband wanted to see their dead baby and take it over for the knee and it's a little bit unfair that they refused to show us the baby. they said it was so deformed that they didn't want to upset us. when we insisted they asked whether we had two hundred thousand for the burial does that mean that's the investment in the
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one nine hundred eighty s. that was a lot of money that. the needle. mari cruz let herself be intimidated by it but now she's looking for her son whom she is sure was stolen from her. she works in a self-help group for other victims mothers fathers and children and attorney as representing the victims in court finally one of the people involved in this mass crime kind of college just eduardo of a lot has been accused of child abduction and document forgery. of the eighty five year old defendant refuses to give interviews but in two thousand and ten some victims questioned him with a hidden camera he claimed that distressed mothers had given their children up voluntarily though there were no documents to show this. show. us. with the mother's documents has been burned because. i
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personally burned the obstetric records and the parents' declarations of agreement to adoption. it just makes me sick it infuriates me that this man might die before he's convicted. the attorney says the parents did not agree to give these children up for adoption it was a systematic political and business measure with government and church complicity. with any i don't know boy they said this is not the idea of one doctor alone. he needed officials who knew about and covered up these irregularities. the scandal involves all of spain children for money. the justice department refuses to comment. mercedes is tormented by so many questions why she sold it so and how much did the couple who adopted her pay for her she can't
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imagine that the people who brought her up with so much love could have known about the crimes underlying the adoption. they have visited. i think that they too were deceived i don't think they acted maliciously at. sadie's has taken a genetic test and not in the result to a database she hopes to find blood relatives siblings nieces or nephews maybe even her biological parents and to learn what happened to her after her birth. and we can only wish miss avies all the very best in her quest for the truth now today's sweden is an aging society and the proportion of single person households is among the highest in europe that's around fifty percent so with a growing number of senior citizens living alone the question is how do they find new friends well whether it's romance or companionship they're looking for there is
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a solution. i know hello everybody hello you may talk for seven minutes starting now i'll set the egg timer ten percent of i know. these men and women have come to the senior center this afternoon to make some new friends. they've just got seven minutes to get acquainted speed dating is how to put their best foot forward as fast as they can and get a first impression of the person they're talking to. is this person my type or not so much to seven minute limit means that there's no time for shyness you have to plunge right in. moscow at me and from quicken see people chatting away you hope they might get together again and do something fun. really that's our goal. and that's what we want.
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my time's up. more than a few are surprised at how much they had to say no more of that to brady was quite easy to get talking to his i'm nothing like i thought it would be. it was wonderful. for the next round the change partners speed dating keeps you on your toes. there's a snacks to all the conversation works up an appetite. and how it might sound after a certain age it's not that easy to make new friends. it's hard to break into existing social circles where everyone already has their friends. or do you work so it. can be a problem how are you supposed to find a male partner especially one that doesn't just want you to cook for him
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a star yes. but most of this mediators here aren't looking for romance they'd be happy to find some new friends. slowly but steadily the pace picks up with no time to waste the conversations get more and more animated some of the seniors seem a bit out of practice. after a few national have to my wife died i lost all of our friends. there were a few who said they'd be in touch but nothing ever happened. to. the speed dating get together is held once a month and. i mean this apology in southern stockholm. purgative in blood and her friends organized the meetings. they met each other at one. point on how was it going to that. it's
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a month very nice i've only been twice a foul i got. these ladies as part of the deal if. the couple says. they meet up often these days it helps keep their spirits up they say. everyone here has already lost members of their family and the memories can weigh heavily on them. one or no good for some of my friends and acquaintances died much to ernie. it's very sad i've been feeling pretty lonely so it says i'm pinning my hopes on these meetings. i believe in them. shared hobbies and interests can help bridge the gap the key to successful speed dating is quickly figuring out what you might have in common. you didn't see if that's up to the west very nice we found out he's interested in
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electronics and i am too yes my telephone number is zero seven zero zero four. bits are exchanged phone numbers. are speed dating experience is off to a promising start. with any luck it will be the beginning of a new friendship. without a heartwarming story from sweden that's all for today thanks very much indeed for joining us if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page of d.w. dot com or visit on facebook page d w stories but until next time it's bye bye and troops. in korea was was. you.
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are you. serious was was. was . move. move. move move move. move. move. move. move. move. to. cut cut. cut. cut.
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cut. cut cut cut. cut cut. into the conflicts confronting the powerful so far the political fallout from catalonia is independent shows no sign of being contained my guest this week here in brussels explains foreign minister alfonso the fast paced power has seen government failed to prevent the country's worst food argue against most critics of the political crisis in decades. the first response g.w. from. movies every journey begins with the first step and every month for each of the first words how much can you call me cohesive germany
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consequences subsist on the bus or. calling america to become frequency. once they start there's no stopping coming. to a storm starting april seventh on t w. this
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is the day of the news coming to you live from bali in north and south korea set to different rare summits between the two rival. on boys who wish to have the border and announce it april twenty seventh is the date two leaders will meet it's a major step in attempts to come pyongyang's nuclear ambitions also on the show the british prime minister is.


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