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these become a necessity. to frequency. once they start there's no stopping them. the story starting april seventh on d w. i everyone welcome back to europe max as plenty of us in the program today here's what's coming up. novelist memory steven bilchik enjoy entire city
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skylines up to just one book. saving space this c.j. five house makes the most of the limited living area. and portraits photography at john given him and his snapping shots. first up let's get to know an abscessed with a unique gift stephen wiltshire has an incredible memory and i think detail many artists set up the easel in front of the scenery their painting and spend hours studying the landscape but he needs just one look from a high vantage point in order to draw entire sky lines from memory we travelled to london and got to know a man with a remarkable talent. detailed and intriguing images of cityscapes from around the world have made stephen welsh a famous internationally. the
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selection of his work is on sale at his london gallery. a drawing by stephen will cost anything between one thousand seven hundred and two hundred thousand euros. really set is far from where my work was. going to do it we're going to do it my way. stephen voter is a born and bred london now and the city is a constant source of inspiration to him. he sometimes takes photos of views that speak to him but he draws in pains from memory. it's just so beautiful out there for so i can see here the london eye from the. county hall. that sort of bridge. the view of all roles as board.
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back in a studio with a view still fresh in his mind steven will chickens join westminster bridge. of. love to work another memorize it. hard work and love my job sometimes a. quick sketch of it and much for for a natural but not going to be a detail this time because. three bits of a quick sketch. a quickie sketch that is astonishingly detailed a true to life snapshot of the world as the on to seize it i think. to concentrate. to memorize. my mind.
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stephen not sure was diagnosed with autism when he was three he began drawing when he was following his talent was immediately obvious when a series of odd competitions went on to graduate from art school and is now a celebrated artist and draftsmen with an international reputation. of thinking like drawing from likely. to do it. best. stephen often takes helicopter trips over cities storing what he sees in his memory and recreating the view in the form of gigantic panoramas. here in mexico city he spent several days on a panorama of the city in full view of the public. around one hundred thousand
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people came to watch. his what all over the world. like new york best. place. to buy singapore hong kong. tokyo. it's a lemon plenty lots of places to do some panoramas. this summit steven wiltshire will be visiting los angeles when most is he to cross off his list. let's get you up to date with what's happening around europe expressed will be finding out about a little piece of australia induced book also some music that hasn't been performed
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for three hundred years but first here's a peek into a royal closet. in the city of all those queen moderator the second of denmark attended the opening of the exhibition the queen's wardrobe on tuesday that includes dresses handsome accessories worn by the queen at official engagements over the decades. primo greater personally selected the pieces on loan to the museum including some she wore a joint events with her husband prince henrik who died earlier this year. i'm asked by italian composer giovani batiste peddler lazy which hasn't been hard for three hundred yes with given a performance in amsterdam on tuesday. it was stitched together two years ago by a tele research as from a range of sources the mass in d.
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major is believed to have been composed around seven hundred forty and choose a new sign to peg a lacy who died at the age of twenty six. it's already been performed in belgium in italy and will feature in various upcoming music festivals across europe. on. this issue in duisburg germany has a new attraction for the first time in some forty years a baby wombat has been born there named a party that marsupial was only the size of a gummy bear when born and still unable to see wombats rarely reproduce in captivity it seems the unnatural setting of resume just keeps them from doing what usually comes naturally. munich multan of museum could take them all down a is moving with the times their
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current exhibition features the works of powell cleave who is known for his highly individual style combining elements of expressionism cubism and surrealism to bring things into the twenty first century this is his are encouraged to use this lot phones to access an app called construct claim it enables you to transform photographs to make it look like they were painted by clay himself. these are genuine. doing software. with the help of an app and everyone can now create their own clay and take the influential twentieth century artist on a train trip a face or fancy. the idea for the app originated with until he works in digital communications at the take museums in munich. and of innocent i think we need to inject more fun into we're always so serious about it everything to do with it all
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takes place on such an intellectual level and at some point we lose sight of the human aspect. of people protect is currently hosting the exhibition partly construction of a mystery it's a spectacular show but as is so often the case it's not really attracting young people that's why i'm there shafer developed in that first smartphone as a way to get power play to appeal to digital natives. they want a lot and we wanted to appeal to people's own creativity their works on display at the puno care taker out of reach so we wanted to give the public a chance to create something themselves in order to get. the result can be admired on instagram. when they asked us if it's a different way of approaching play not via the usual history reduced or his biography but via the work itself to whom it was all in the body that is the best.
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even better. place work on the public's response to it to be shared all over the world in two thousand and eighteen social media is non-temporal part of public relations. as is that it is and there is a good advertisement for the museum which needs as much publicity as it can guess at all things on the. under enormous pressure to boost visitor numbers. in the why is it so we have to go where the people are and these days that's on instagram facebook and twitter to tell the. other museums are also allowing this is to interact with beyond. my rembrandt project sort of rembrandt portray traveling around the world and even into outer space. but the social media really pays to visit to numbers one of the field has at that cannot protect app is any activated inside the museum. it's
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a way to get people to visit the museum in reality. they didn't off because my fordson once you're here you get to see first hand what you've been looking out for the past weeks and featuring in your social media profile these artworks actually exist and all of a sudden you've got a handle on the one hundred point swing quince because it. interacting with them helps you grasp them better at first as you're interested not her face and their ideas but one question remains. for the public what with paul klee is a given there prolific he was in his lifetime he produced tens of thousands of graphics and paintings and was always interested in new techniques that no one takes not believe he would have enjoyed the opportunities and creativity of social media and had. serious and he turning in his grave i have not.
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but we stay in munich for our next report where architecture students at the university of applied sciences are not only learning how to create new structures but also how to repair and reconstruct in fact there's a whole course that focuses on how to fix and restore rather than replace upcycling meets academia. mending something to make it work properly again restoring it these architecture students are getting to the bottom of the very essence of free pen for them fixing things gives them meaning. they're motivated by a desire to understand how they work. granny's chest table was hidden under a table cloth for six months the money coming spent nearly every weekend working on it. deceptive tissue i basically restored the table completely but it's more than one hundred years old and it was totally wrecked because there have been used for
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just about anything for ironing even. some of the inmate work had broken and come out there were cracks because of the demands placed on the wood which dried out so i filled them and fixed the best and here in the middle i basically put in an entirely new transport but i think is that. students taking a one semester course of it by munich university of applied sciences develop repair concepts. fixing things changes your view of the world. escapes me a little in trying not to like teaching students how to solve the electrical cables or clocks that whole do it yourself movement of getting things working again. i'm more concerned with sensitising students to better methods of construction. back has written a book about repairs she says things are generally made so that if one element fails the entire thing fails she teaches people to change that.
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this is a slide guitar constructed almost completely from bits and pieces hanging around. the show to get on board a broken guitar it struck me this is it from a johnson guitar. i wanted to. put it in a new context to make a slide guitar complete so i took totally different items like a pick up from a broken electric guitar and different broken things like these plastic bits which i thought of my parents' house was a good pull up or this piece of wood. and from there my made my slide guitar song about. more than thirty years the house down i think i'll bet it's a kind of to make yourself workshop in munich present the courses and workshop space for people to make and with pet things.
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you don't need to buy anything new if you fix it because it's useful for longer you also get smarter when you repair things and i think that's really important you get to the bottom of things and look closely at how something is made of it costly it is this heirloom job once decorated the living room of this woman's parent's house the access was broken and elect missing for me just over fifty reasons unknown to me it was simply important to have something to remember my grandparents died because they're no longer with us living and this will bring had a crack all the way through it so it would have broken in half if you told them that it's all part of the problem was that i had a very delicate marks up here so guns philokalia and i wanted to recreate the most accurately as possible. the thing i wish so i drew the ring in three they did it so i did so and shaped it with the milling machine wonderfully slid off and then engraved everything out here with a laser of does all this i think of you it. three d.
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printing is revolutionizing repairing it's simple plastic threads are fed into the back and out comes the double of the original it's like a three d. photocopy at. some bashed visited but it's safe for instance you can't use broken and you need a new leg for it you've still got through that intact unscrew one of them and put it in the three d. scanner. and he's going to software that can capture that so accurately that you can basically print an exact replica of his i remembered and so it's also. the ring on this coffee pot was broken. it was repaired using a three d. printer and all the valuable design objects from the nine hundred fifty s. can be used again i point. friend of mine recently says that repairing things is a luxury i think that in a way owning objects that can be repaired in the first place is a lecturing they're valuable goods and we should be producing more of them.
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in the end it's about how we see the world and how we could see it. as a fantastic construction. we had over to vienna now to visit another stunning structure as part of our ongoing series your marks the locks this house also known as the c j five house is a modern low energy dwelling which is a true model for conserving space it also features a kitchen that mixes elements of deejaying and cooking a place to remakes your dishes and create a melody a flight. next to a block of suburban homes in in conspicuous looking garage door. we call welcome to my home come on in inside is a bright seemingly never ending room without dividing malls and enclosed by exposed
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concrete. and no one can see in from the outside an important factor for alexander give part to me he's the absolute at the moment i'm working an awful lot of it so when i come home i want to come home to somewhere with a red wine feeling you should be able to come in and feel relaxed it's somewhere for all the different pleasures in life lose don't last though you lose. a few steps up there is the kitchen area the workspace looks like a deejay's work place. that was the idea and that's the inspiration for the project name c j five rather than d.j. from cooking j. . and since i really like cooking and cook very elaborately when i have guests i want to be able to keep communicating with my guests so i got the idea of building it into the landing with the. halls. every single corner here is you would a lived. this would i this who shot this we set out to create album functionality
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in a minimal space you pull that up you push it in. have more or less everything you need. a little higher up there's a bedroom with a small suite bathroom. the bathroom has been sunk into the floor to save space. the owner loves the view from up here. i've got a few special things that you don't notice the windows behind me are built in such a way that when they're open all the sudden. and still regularly on to my bed in the morning i wake up they've been sunlight. from the bedroom a corridor or leads onto a terrace the roof of his low energy house is equipped with solar panels.
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there's also plenty of space to relax outdoors. i treated myself to an outdoor shower to it's connected to warm water so i can shower there once temperatures rise to fourteen degrees that the architecture means that i can sunbathe in the nude and then shower afterwards it's very handy with. the atrium can also be covered if required. house is very versatile and has over one hundred fifty square metres of living space although it's only five metres wide . the cellar doubles as a private cinema and party venue on xander gave on has thrown quite a few parties here and has already had to replace a white carpet. with c.j.
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five on the edge of vienna outside it keeps a low profile but inside it's both elegant and practical. well yesterday we brought you the insect whisperer and today we're featuring an artist who works with four legged models his colleagues may think he's bucking mad but the photographer john you that him has chosen to focus his work on dogs is probably the first photographer to ask his models to snack to the hots contents. snapshots in the truest sense of the word when it comes to snapping up treats dogs can make the funniest faces photography. captures their greed and there are nice in his canine portraits. of i've always been interested in photography even as a kid. and he loves dogs but he doesn't feel he has not time for
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a dog of his own several years ago he started working with a dog trainer. come on camera long and made photos of the dogs before those gradually got better and it was clear to me that i definitely want to keep doing it . today asterix is in the studio it's his first ever professional photo shoot so the mixed breed hound is understandably excited. his task is to catch treats and look as silly as possible during as. well he's got the second part of that down at least. a little kind of tragedy is not staying or is supposed to stay the whole time. and quite got the hang of catching the treats yet. so asterix doesn't lose motivation assistance yet in a different tries to get him to relax a little. i
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wasn't trying to do this it's just that i have a good connection with dogs. too and another try. there we go. his own defense asterix has stopped attentional. but if you notice and i like the one where he looks like scooby doo oh yeah the one or i lose to the side a bit he really does look like scooby doo their. queen. doesn't say awful yes adam has become more professional about his dog photography not just in a studio but outdoors as well he finds wolves just as fascinating as their dog cousins but since they're not so easy to photograph he's found a couple of hybrid wolf dogs. down here and the coyote some of his favorite models . looks good in that direction by looks good in that direction to. shoot with the wolf dogs always take careful
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planning since large open spaces and need it that the owners don't mind the extra effort. he always gets a great shot like when the dog comes running up to the kind of brooding expression i'd never get such good shots myself and dubious. but agence big success came with a series of goofy expressions. the my research money requests so many people got in touch with me wanting photos like that of their dogs i didn't expect it to be so successful. charlie is another inexperienced model but he is and is a confident i'll end up with a great photo of him. use pearl each photo is different and each has something special about it is bizarre nervous some
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of us not your usual sit stay poses. and of course add on yet it does get his shot. just before we go a quick reminder of our holiday poll with easter around the corner we want you to tell us about your favorite festive season take part just visit our website d w dot com slash lifestyle as always one lucky winner will be picked to receive an exclusive euro max wristwatch you can enter the competition until monday. well that's all for stay join us again tomorrow where my colleague meghan will be back presenting until then make sure to stay up to date with the european culture and lifestyle by following us on facebook and instagram d w euro max i'll see you next week and. next time on your own. we drop by is
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a cauldron. in london where you can conjure up cocktails and grew up using portions of the beer traps are controlled with the help of a magical. and maybe you'll even run into harry potter undermining the magical property next time around here ok.
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learn german with w. anytime anyplace. with or with jo jo and her friends. colleagues discuss it in the next day's night mr spitzer says he spent six hours
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this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin a homecoming of hope and tears of joy nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai says the dream to return to pakistan it's the first visit back since she was shot on a school bus by the taliban militants in two thousand and twelve also coming up to see the on voice of the two koreas cosa talks at the border and announced.


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