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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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the free voice of egypt starting april it on t w. this is today of the news live from berlin clashes between israeli military and palestinians iraq in gaza as thousands of gather full protest demonstrations rallied on the israeli border for a six week protest course by the militant group hamas they were met with israeli fire guns over should say at least six palestinians have been killed and hundreds more injured and also coming up
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a disused chinese space lab on collision course with planet earth where would it end earth's atmosphere adlib cause any damage we talk to the head of the european space agency. and back in the ring with you can look at the boxer who proves she's still got a heart for the battle after fighting a serious illness. and unwelcome among the touchy. israel's military has class for demonstrators in the gaza strip this thousands of palestinians begin six weeks of protests scored by the militant group hamas the palace in the health ministry says at least seven palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured. this could be the beginning of weeks of tensions in the palestinian territories the first clashes erupted soon after thousands of palestinians started building tent cities on the gaza side of
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the border to israel. there marking a number of historic events the creation of israel and the expulsion of palestinians in one nine hundred forty eight. the deaths of six arab israeli demonstrators in one nine hundred seventy six and the scheduled opening of the us embassy in jerusalem in may. israel has doubled its military presence on the border similar protests in recent months led to clashes that caused multiple deaths israel called the protests a dangerous provocation and said that hamas would bear the responsibility for any violence. the first casualty came even before the protests got underway israel's military said soldiers opened fire on two men who approached the border and acted suspiciously during the night one man was killed and another wounded the slain man's brother said he was a farmer. pulling a little han that. he went there every day to pick pursley in the morning. since it
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means of us it himself he's been working there for six or seven years she thought like nothing ever happened to him when the jews started shooting. what happened this time i do not know this islam god blesses so. hamas has dubbed the protests the great march of return and says they will culminate on may fifteenth with a march across the border to break the siege and the cause of blockade israel has warned that it will defend the border more bloodshed and sorrow seem inevitable it is a consultant i have on the line a middle east correspondent tanya crema she's standing just the israeli side of the border i tell you it does for us what is the situation like right now where you. well we can see from here we are quite far from the border as you know days a military zone here where you see some you know two cars being spies on very small
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way i mean you know ever since the u.s. decision to move the embassy to jerusalem there have been protests alongside it inside gaza and palestinians were killed and injured at that time however today this marks a new beginning as we heard in the report of the organizers which from what we understand where a grassroots organization there supported by all the political factions including hamas and that's why israel is saying this is the when they call it the march of return and they called in all the people in gaza to come close to the border now that it's a buffer zone on the gaza side and wherever wherever tries to come to save this buffer zone would be shot that because israel says whoever comes and tries to breach the border you know they would not tolerate that and that's why the scene you know over the past couple of days there was a lot of says security being carried out here around the gaza strip which is closed
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off now for over a decade the borders are sealed and that's what we're seeing here now and tell us more about this great molecules return and what is its aim. well the monster free turn as the organizers say is a complaint to remind the world of the palestinian refugees first of all in gaza you have over one million refugees among its almost two million people we have as you heard in the reporters. there seventy years the founding of israel ninety forty eight but the palestinians also will commemorate in may ninety forty eight the next day as they call it the catastrophic as they call it because they had to leave their land so they remind the world of this but they also want to show in the way you know how close they told many people their contractor there's a movement of restrictions the situation is very dire and they're trying this way just so you know that gaza still there and that the situation is very difficult and
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this is a serious escalation of violence that we're seeing there tony and we're hearing reports that seven people have been killed and dozens injured what can you tell us . the number seems to be rising hundreds of injured that is comes out from the gaza health ministry. and also more casualties. because you know it seems that people are trying to come across the border not you know into masses but . several people are coming close and then there will be sharpshooters around the border as well there are also been deployed extra tanks so expecting possibly more injured people more casualties was just going on now this is the third only the kickoff of a campaign and they want people to stay there because they said originally should have been a nonviolent protest with tents and people just staying there. to wait and see how
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this develops. county a claim across the border with israel thank you very much for that update. turning out to russia which is ordered some diplomats from the netherlands finland italy and sweden to leave the country ambassadors from other countries including germany have been summoned to the russian foreign ministry and this comes after kremlin announced it is expelling sixty american diplomats and shutting the u.s. consulate in st petersburg it's the latest chapter in the diplomatic route over the poisoning of the double agent. and his daughter yulia in britain many western countries hold russia responsible but moscow has denied its involvement. that we now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the blood u.s. president dollar trump is said american forces should be coming out of syria very soon speaking to industrial workers in the state of ohio complimented what he said
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was washington's waste of christians of dollars in middle eastern wars but a pentagon spokesman said she was unaware of any new policy to withdraw u.s. forces. me and bar has sworn it in its new president when my into it comes as the country marks two years of civilian rule my it kills ally of de facto leader aung san suu kyi stressed the need to respect the rule of media during his inauguration speech. a court in china has sentenced a fifty four year old man to death for the rape and murder of eleven women and the man dubbed china's jack the ripper was arrested in two thousand and sixteen being and to a twenty eight. he admitted to committing the crimes between one hundred eighty eight and two thousand and two the youngest of his victims was eight years old. now to china's defunct space left one which is said to plunge back to earth this
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weekend the ten metre long space station is believed to be out of control and it's unclear whether. it's atmosphere where would it create and to in fact china's space agency says most of the space lab will butt up on reentry and it's unlikely to cause any damage the tiangong has been in orbit since two thousand and eleven joining me now from the european space agency for short is the director general of the an air missile it up just a bit tell us about this tiangong one so young is space station which is all waiting in the earth's and usually that's the usual case if these stations are low enough in orbit then they are always a little bit disoriented by the atmosphere and in this case calculate that it will come down on sunday and by that of course it's
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a little bit of. that's it because we're hearing the still uncontrolled entry now for that for a limb and this sounds quite dangerous. you know uncontrolled means that we have no link and that's at least what we have also as an information from the chinese to control it any longer that means it is operating and as it is decelerated we don't know exactly when it will be entered into atmosphere if we do or control it re entry which we do regularly was old satellites then we define very clearly where to where there should be and we enter into the atmosphere and ratcheted the earth but in this case we don't know and as i said we expect reentry on sunday at noon but to a variation because we don't know exactly what the atmosphere looks like according to the sun of the next days and therefore we don't know exactly where that bill come down i mean an object which is about ten need is long and being almost eight
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tons is falling towards. i would divide how i want to die you so first of all i can say for a lot of people on earth there is no danger at all because young going is beating in an inclination that as we say of forty two degrees that means it will not go for instance to berlin but it will it may hit the samson part of europe it may hit all the as a part and then that even in. africa is part of it but as we know there's a lot of water in between in the oceans so there is also some probability that it will fall doll and not just in the ocean and we don't recognize it but they say of course there is also some from the calculation point of view or some per pop ability that they toss on solid ground that it hits or so some people it is possible we cannot exclude that one of the chinese authorities say that you know
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they are saying that they did be a splendid show when the debris came down because it's like a meteor shot is that how you see it. that would be as you would see it most of that we expect we don't know exactly the construction of. it but most of the aluminum and we can detect metals and they will burn up. but there might be a friction which is hitting the surface of the earth so it is like a meteorite that's a good comparison right there to actually generally gonna vent off the european space agency e s thank you very much for joining us from paris. now to a truly inspiring story when five beat box. suffered a debilitating heart failure she was left fighting for her life but today just eighteen months after a successful haas transplant she will jump back into the boxing ring for one final
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sendoff. there's something special about. the brocken born french woman twice fought for the flyweight world title while at the same time making a living as a self-made fashion designer. now at the age of forty six she's making a comeback. but most incredibly she's getting back in the ring after a heart transplant. i'm just doing what i can at the moment each step is a victory over my disease it's massive. i'm not thinking about my opponent to be honest i'm going to work hard but my victory isn't over my opponent because my real opponent is the disease. eighteen months ago i had an acute case of bronchitis which triggered heart failure that forced her to undergo a heart transplant. if unusual i had to learn the basics all over again
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because i had no more cardio no more breath i had no more insurance i'd lost a lot of muscle mass so i had to work on everything with circuit training to build up the density again to get that insurance back and then there were the blisters i suffered a lot there too. but as result was determined to turn the page she wanted to be at one with her new heart and return to normal life which for her means a return to the ring. i was afraid of a lot of things of not being able to lead a normal life full stop. my recovery wasn't easy because i could no longer speak or walk so the road was tough today it's just fantastic. dr. who. after friday is set to hang up her gloves but she's keen to compete in this one was about the result doesn't matter she's already won the fight of her
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life. and good luck to her you're watching the news coming up ahead today is a two hundred bullets at the founders of call for two societies movement also known as co-ops a business model where profit is not the prime motive in anyone can become a stick could get out from a business desk is a standing by and he'll have the story for you shortly to stay with. the. what does a football loving country need to which its goals. will tell you how to germany soccer made it back to the top. in our web special. dot com. football made in germany.


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