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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin clashes between the israeli military and palestinians are wrapped in gaza as thousands protest demonstrators supporting the militant group hamas maps israeli fire at the border gaza officials say at least fifteen palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured. also on the program ambassadors arrive at russia's foreign ministry as moscow exposes more diplomats twenty three countries now must send staff members home as the standoff over the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter escalates. and an old chinese
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space station is on a collision course with the earth panelists have only a rough idea of where it might land but not to worry science to the rescue we'll ask an expert who needs to take cover. welcome to the program israel's military clashed with demonstrators in the gaza strip the palestinian health ministry says at least fifteen demonstrators have been killed and hundreds injured the militant group hamas called for six weeks of protest and this was just a one. clashes erupted soon after thousands of palestinians started building tent cities on the gaza side of the border to israel. they're marking a number of historic events the expulsion of palestinians in one thousand nine
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hundred eighty eight which helped create the israeli state the deaths of six arab israelis in demonstrations in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and the scheduled opening of the us embassy in jerusalem in may so. our palestinian nation assures today that we will never accept all the conspiracies targeting jerusalem and blocking the right of return. israel has doubled its military presence on the border similar protests in recent months have led to clashes that cause multiple deaths israel called the protests a dangerous provocation and said that hamas will bear responsibility for any violence. the first casualty came even before the protests got underway israel's military said soldiers opened fire on two men who approached the border and acted suspiciously during the night one man was killed and another wounded the slain man's brother said he was a farmer. he went there every day to pick pursley in the morning. since any of us and himself has been working there for
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six or seven years. but nothing ever happened to him when the jews started shooting . this time i do not know. how mosque has dubbed the protests the great march of return and says they will culminate on may fifteenth with a march across the border to break the siege and end the gas a blockade israel has warned that it will defend the border more bloodshed and sorow seem almost inevitable. earlier we spoke to our middle east correspondent tanya kramer she is covering the story from the israeli side of the border with gaza these protests were supposed to be part of a new peaceful strategy so we asked her how and why it became violent. well this didn't clearly work out today the organizers said they want to see a nonviolent protest but you see the high number of casualties and also the high
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number of injured people at the same time is spent has made very clear that whoever comes close to the border and there is a buffer zone about one hundred meters into the palestinian side so whoever would preach at this border would be shot at and that is what happened was all kind of you know with all kind of ways also to disperse the protesters so we have to wait and see how this protest will continue but over to the high number of casualties doesn't look very good. reporting for us because of border moving northward russia has announced more diplomatic expulsions in the route over the poisoning of a former russian spy today moscow told twenty three countries that they have to send fifty nine staff members home in addition to the sixty american diplomats already expelled on thursday is the latest escalation in the standoff over the former double agent sergei scrape all who was poisoned along with his daughter yulia and britain many western countries hold russia responsible moscow denies any
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involvement. there's been a constant stream of ambassadors at moscow's foreign ministry several e.u. countries were told some of their diplomats were being sent home in response to russian diplomats being expelled the german ambassador stressed the importance of bilateral relations. in view of the diary invention salisbury also the russian government has called on to do everything it can to create clarity and transparency and answer session and unresolved questions. for german embassy staff have to leave russia the same number of diplomats berlin has expelled. the united kingdom is being hit harder the crisis began on british soil by the poisoning of sergei screwball and his daughter in salisbury britain holds russia accountable for that and has convinced twenty five western nations to expel
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a total of one hundred fifty russian diplomats out of solidarity with its position . is the use of a chemical weapon on the streets of the united kingdom that is threaten the lives of a number of people in my country we also questions of the russian state and we have still not received adequate poem since to those questions russia has emphatically denied any involvement and is demanding evidence from british authorities. for more on this we're going to constantine fun egg out in moscow constantine so both sides have now expelled diplomats is this the end game or are we seeing more moves being strategize shall we say i think it's the letter option i think that both sides will be looking at but they're going to do we've seen a reply from the kremlin to the american action to the american decision to close down drop costs of a propaganda channel. i'm sorry there's
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a problem with my skype connection. constantine perhaps you could just come here i'm here the perhaps you could tell us yeah also so what do you make moscow has also demanded access to usually a script what do you make of that since when is she a pawn in this whole game here i think that it's a continuation of the russian law and we have nothing to do with this poisoning russian citizen was in danger oh isn't that just still we need consular access to mr scruby who's a russian citizen please give us the axis and i think this is a continuation of this. basically moscow very concise line that it has nothing to do with the with the poisoning and i think that at the same time the question is whether mr screwed by the really wants to see russian course with officials and b. whether the u.k.
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officials will grant access i think we know the answer to both questions but it's is going to be till the very end total denial from moscow that i'm sure so probably taking a while to force their hand if in fact had anything to do with this now we've seen a lot of cold war comparisons do you think any side has an appetite to actually escalate this conflict to that level. i suppose that it's there's a nuance. if you're talking about germany france other members of the you probably not but it's very clear that the u.k. and the u.s. are ready for more escalation and they see this situation as a chance to show the crime in the show mr putin they don't believe a word that what he says will of course provoke more school to respond in kind and response in congo in sort of mr putin's terms is actually to hit harder
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in russia in the kremlin any idea of retreat any idea of compromise is seen as fatal weakness is seen as total defeat so even if germany and from other members of the you decide that enough is enough. the situation between moscow washington and london will remain tense i'm pretty sure we'll see more blows exchanged in the coming weeks and seems like we're looking down at the a long diplomatic road ahead of us constantine thought i got and moscow thank you very much thank you. and after some of the other stories making news around the world the czech republic has extradited a russian man to the u.s. to face charges of hacking into the computers of major internet companies you get an equal and is seen here being arrested in twenty sixteen he was flown to the u.s. on thursday night after his appeal was rejected. christians around the world have
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been marking good friday ahead of easter sunday in germany thousands gathered to watch a procession in the bavarian town of law where life size wooden figures were paraded through the streets the procession dates back to the seventeenth century. and pope francis has led the lord's passion ceremony in st peter's basilica thousands of worshippers watched the solemn procession and prayers commemorating the suffering and death of jesus christ later on good friday francis will lead the way of the cross for a session reenacting the crucifixion and what is the secret to a successful life long relationship but you probably should ask my ex-boyfriend's but a new german documentary film is trying to answer that question do you knocked and then or the night of nights features four couples from around the world whose relationships have endured for more than five decades we went along to the premiere
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. it's a film about the secret to a lifetime of happiness and love featuring four couples who have been together for over fifty years the film puts big love experiences center stage. i've always been lucky just like with card games. the film reveals the strains and low points of married life the japanese couple's marriage was arranged for them patience and understanding were the key. words used to talk a lot and often but grandpa here conscious so when in the more stew much of an effort for me to converse with him. yes we talk less but no i hear fewer of the bad things. the nights of nights as an intimate film about relationships stemming from another era it's directors wanted to find out the secret to keeping relationships in life for over fifty years i am paan all of the couples seem to use
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humor to resolve conflicts conflicted i meant losing one. we squabble but at night we fall asleep together. we can recognize ourselves in the nights of nights the message love can overcome well china is the funk spacelab gong one will drop back to earth sometime this weekend after being in orbit sense two thousand and eleven the ten metre long space station is out of control and no one is sure where it will land china's space agency says most of it will burn up on re-entry and a probably it won't cause any damage. chris scott is a professor in the department of meteorology at the university of reading in england thank you so much for joining us so this thing is falling back to earth and
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it's out of control i'm assuming it was a shot of the sky by cling on to or anything like that why is this happening well let me spacecraft this in a low earth orbit the spacecraft currently at around one hundred eighty nine kilometers that's still with well within the earth's atmosphere and even though there is thin up there it will gradually slow the spacecraft down in its orbit and once you slow a spacecraft down enough it will fall to earth and that's what's about to happen to this particular space station right so it's ten meters long it weighs nearly eight tons it's falling towards the earth who should be worrying. well we have a thick atmosphere we should we should be thankful for that and most of the spacecraft will burn up into the atmosphere and it will certainly be fragmented into many small pieces and the flight path of this particular spacecraft is mostly over the oceans so the chances of it actually hitting anyone a quite remote but it does go over land it's over it's between about forty two
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degrees north and forty two degrees south which takes it over south america and southern europe and africa and india and western australia so there is a small chance that it could actually end up landing on land on one of those continents small chance but still a chance so what was going wrong doing up there. it was the chinese space agency's first space station so we have the international space station now which is the largest. manmade object or overseeing around the earth this is china the chinese space oversees attempts to have their own space station and six astronauts travels to it and they spent time living on it and it's a very useful first step when you all space agency is moving towards manned space flight to have the space station in all bit like this that you can practice docking maneuvers and understand how you keep people alive in such
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a hostile environment all right chris scott for us at the university of reading thank you so much for assuring us that no one is in danger a very few people and that's your news wrap to join us again at the top of the hour check out our web site t w dot com will be back thanks for watching. the whole d w one. for the global insights the news out of your local bureaus. w. made for mine.


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