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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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who. this is do you w. news live from berlin clashes between the israeli military and palestinians erupt in gaza as thousands protest demonstrators supporting the militant group hamas met is really israeli fire at the border gaza officials say at least fifteen palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured also on the program. ambassadors arrive at russia's foreign ministry has bosco expelled more diplomats twenty three countries must now send staff members home as the standoff over the poisoning of a former russian double agent escalates and.
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laughter the secret of a long and successful relationship according to a new film there are other secrets as well apparently so stay tuned to find out more. time maya schwager welcome to the program israel's military has clashed with thousands of demonstrators on the border of the gaza strip the palestinian health ministry says at least fifteen palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured the militant group hamas has called for six weeks of protests and this was just a won. clashes erupted soon after thousands of palestinians started building tent cities on the gaza side of the border to israel. they're marking a number of historic events the expulsion of palestinians in one thousand nine
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hundred eighty eight which helped create the israeli state the deaths of six arab israelis in demonstrations in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and the scheduled opening of the us embassy in jerusalem in may so i'm going in for the palestinian nation assures today that we will never accept all the conspiracies targeting jerusalem and blocking the right of return. israel has doubled its military presence on the border similar protests in recent months have led to clashes that cost multiple deaths israel called the protests a dangerous provocation and said that hamas will bury sponsibility for any violence . the first casualty came even before the protests got underway israel's military said soldiers opened fire on two men who approached the border and acted suspiciously during the night one man was killed and another wounded the slain man's brother said he was a farmer. he went there every day to pick pursley in the morning. since and is haven't seen him so he's been working
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there for six or seven years. but nothing ever happened to him when the jews started shooting. what happened this time i do not know. how mosque has dubbed the protests the great march of return and says they will culminate on may fifteenth with a march across the border to break the siege and end the gas a blockade israel has warned that it will be fine the border more bloodshed and sorow seem almost inevitable. middle east correspondent tanya kramer is in israel for us tanya let's start with just what's happened today several people have died how mosques leader ismail honey honey has said that these protests are supposed to be part of a new peaceful strategy what went wrong. well what we've seen today as you've heard in the report is there are tens of thousands of palestinians
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came to the borders some of them stayed actually about eight hundred meters away as it was called for by the organizers you know where they built a tent city to it should remind the word of the refugees. of palestinian refugees many time nine hundred forty eight with those tens and tens as opposed to stay there for the next couple of weeks at the same time we've seen. groups of protesters breaking away coming close to the border fence in israel over the past days has already made it very clear that they would not tolerate any attempt as they say to preach the border or come close to the border fence now there is a buffer zone there any way anybody who approaches does fans could be shocked and what you seem to day is that according to the ministry in gaza is that fifteen people have been killed and thousand people at least have been injured there has been the use of life on the mission but also rubber bullets and tear gas being
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fired at those protesters. now tanya are these demands that we're seeing from hamas aside anything new they're saying things like we were well accept nothing less than the entirety of our land back but what's at stake here politically. i think for most it's very important to keep this momentum to keep you know those protests going to special because they have not much to show at the moment in gaza and also degree conciliation with the rival fatah party has not really materialized and to be consolation has failed so far but one has to say is that these protests have the support of all the political factions there also grassroots organizations that are part of this of this martyr returned and what they want to highlight the plight of palestinian refugees. especially now in the mail april and
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may we have a lot of that more is coming up on the one hand this is about celebrating its seventy years the founding of that state on the other hand you have palestinians commemorating the naacp or the catastrophe when they had to flee their land and at the same time of course they also want to highlight that gaza has been closed off for the past ten years and that is also important to many gazans as well tanya kramer we will certainly be talking here a lot i'm sure in the next six weeks leading up to the anniversary of israel's founding thank you very much. russia has announced mortify matic expulsions in the rout over the poisoning of a former russian spy today moscow told twenty three countries that they have to send fifty nine staff members home that in addition to the sixty american diplomats expelled on thursday is the latest escalation in the standoff over the former double agent. who was poisoned along with his daughter yulia in the u.k.
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. there's been a constant stream of ambassadors at moscow's foreign ministry several e.u. countries were told some of their diplomats were being sent home in response to russian diplomats being expelled the german ambassador stressed the importance of bilateral relations. in view of the diary vention solsbury the russian government has called on to do everything it can to create clarity and transparency an answer justified on resolved questions from the. board german embassy staff have to leave russia the same number of diplomats berlin has expelled the united kingdom is being hit harder the crisis began on british soil by the poisoning of sergei screwball and his daughter in salisbury britain holds russia accountable for that and has convinced more than twenty five western nations to expel a total of one hundred fifty russian diplomats out of solidarity with its position
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. is the use of a chemical weapon on the streets of the united kingdom that is threaten the lives of a number of people in my country we also open questions of the russian state and we would still not receive adequate answer as to those questions russia has emphatically denied any involvement and is demanding evidence from british authorities. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world the czech republic has extradited a russian man to the u.s. to face charges of hacking into the computers of major internet companies you give me coolin has is seen here being arrested in two thousand and sixteen he was flown to the u.s. on thursday night after his appeal was rejected. the widow of the gunman who killed forty nine people at a nightclub in orlando florida has been acquitted of lying to the f.b.i. and helping her husband in the twenty sixteen attack in orlando court found nor the
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wife of. omar teen not guilty of providing material support to a terrorist organization. a space x. falcon nine rocket carrying satellite spork a communications company has blasted off from a launch site in california iridium communications will use the ten new satellites to support its mobile force and data communications services as it renewed its entire global satellite network orbit drinkers and ireland's pubs are raising us to good friday for the first time in ninety eight years the recent change in letters and legislation overturned a ban on pubs opening on this religious holiday many welcomed the opportunity to make more sales but some stuck with tradition and kept their doors closed. pope francis has been presiding over the way of the cross procession at the coliseum in rome the torch ceremony riyadh reenacts the crew crucifixion of christ
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a syrian family and in iraq a nun carried the cross as the good friday prayers and meditations were cited. catholics gathered at the coliseum in rome passing a cross between them as part of the way of the cross procession this is a reenactment of fourteen stops that catholics believe jesus made on good friday as he was led to his crucifixion. at st peter's basilica the evening service began in complete silence pope francis lay face down in front of the altar praying. then he kissed the cross as a sign of penance. good friday is a somber day for christians it commemorates the death of jesus services continue on saturday heeding up to the most important christian festivity easter sunday which
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celebrates jesus' resurrection. china's defunct space station town gone one will drop back to earth sometime this weekend after being in orbit since two thousand and eleven the ten metre long space station is out of control and no one is sure where it will land china's space agency says most of it will burn up on re-entry and probably won't cause any damage that's a special occasion or ever buy in munich and square off this time all the more so as by and have a chance to secure the bonus they get title if results elsewhere in the league go their way the game known as dare classic or has been billed as a clash of the titans but as biron pile up the titles it's becoming less and less of a fair fight. dormant. since two thousand and ten it's been
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an either or proposition the two clubs have kept the bundesliga title between themselves the last five seasons though it's been advantaged by or is even the black and yellow hat for the rivalry can see. byron's see it as a requirement to be the best team and they've delivered our goal at the moment is to be the second best team and we're not there yet but. in other words dortmund still have their work cut out for them while for buyers clinching the title is only a matter of time shown this is a serious secondary if we win the title this week or next week or the week after next i'm taking a relaxed attitude barely see a disconsolate. the defending champs might be tempted to go into this edition of their classic or at less than full throttle they got the first leg of a champions league quarter final on tuesday to contend with. think the this game is the beginning of
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a crucial phase for us one where we're going to be playing at midweek and on the weekend virtually every week something getting a win on saturday we get that run off to a very good start so it would be my morning medina musique. and with a little bit of luck a win would earn biron the bundesliga title at the end of beer shower come may. so what is the secret to a successful lifelong relationship don't ask my ex boyfriends but a new german documentary film is trying to answer that question the knock the next day or the night of nights features for couples from around the world whose relationships have endured for more than five decades we went along to the premiere . it's a film about the secret to a lifetime of happiness in love featuring four couples who've been together for over fifty years the film puts big love experiences center stage. i've always been lucky just like with card games. the film reveals the strains and low
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points of married life the japanese couple's marriage was arranged for them patience and understanding were the key. words used to talk a lot and often but grandpa here conscious so well in the more stew much of an effort for me to converse with him. yes we talk less but no i hear fewer of the bad things. the night of night says an intimate film about relationships stemming from another era its directors wanted to find out the secret to keeping relationships in life for over fifty years. all of the couples seem to use humor to resolve conflicts. losing. we squabble but at night we fall asleep together. we can recognize ourselves in the
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nights of nights the message love can overcome. you're watching news from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour and up again you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website d w dot com thanks for joining me. the d. w. media center see it find it here it discover. video and audio podcast in language courses in the g.w. media center at media center dot d.w. dot com. means about changing the world. but i was a woman in egypt.


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