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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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this is d.w. news line from banning deadly clashes between israeli troops and palestinian protesters at least sixteen palestinians dead and over one thousand injured the u.n. is calling for an investigation into the violence at the demonstrations on the gaza border also coming up. ambassadors are summoned to russia's foreign ministry is moscow expelled more diplomats embassy staff from twenty three countries have been hinted to me to meet escalating tensions over the poisoning of a form of russian double agents.
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on how to humphrey thanks for joining me u.n. secretary general antonio is calling for an investigation into the deaths of at least sixteen palestinians in clashes with israeli soldiers in gaza israel's military opened fire on thousands of demonstrators at the close border between israel and the gaza strip on friday the demonstrators are demanding that refugees be allowed to return homes to homes that are now in israel well the palestinian health ministry says over one thousand demonstrators were injured in the violence the minutes and group hamas has called the six weeks of protests in what is already a largest demonstration at the border in recent years. clashes erupted soon after thousands of palestinians started building tent cities on the gaza side of the border to israel. they're marking
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a number of historic events the expulsion of palestinians in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight which helped create the israeli state the deaths of six arab israelis in demonstrations in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and the scheduled opening of the us embassy in jerusalem in may so the palestinian nation assures today that we will never accept all the conspiracies targeting jerusalem and blocking the right of return. israel has doubled its military presence on the border similar protests in recent months have led to clashes that cause multiple deaths israel called the protests a dangerous provocation and said that hamas will very sponsibility for any violence . the first casualty came even before the protests got underway israel's military said soldiers opened fire on two men who approached the border and acted suspiciously during the night one man was killed and another wounded the slain man's brother said he was a farmer. he went there every day to
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pick pursley in the morning. since any of us and himself has been working there for six or seven years. but nothing ever happened to him when the jews started shooting . happened this time i do not know. how mosque has dubbed the protests the great march of return and says they will culminate on may fifteenth with a march across the border to break the siege and end the gas a blockade israel has warned that it will defend the border more bloodshed and sorow seem almost inevitable. when our correspondent tanya claim it is only the israeli border with gaza that speaks you one now good to see tanya do we expect to see more clashes today. well from what we understand the protests and the protests this will be continuing and demonstrations here in the coming weeks whether this is going to be every day that it's not just clear the organizers of
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this march of return has said that at least the ten city will stay and they're expected to grow that people will actually stay about seven to eight hundred meters away from the border just to remind the world of the plight of refugees of palestinian refugees but also of the very dire situation in the gaza strip which has been closed off for the past ten years of course but i'm standing you know i'm on the israeli side the border of the gaza strip is behind me this is a closed military zone and we can expect that the tensions will remain high because israel has said everybody who tries to come close to that border will be met with a harsh response what you have seen on friday with the high number of casualties you talk about a harsh response time you're essentially this is live ammunition why are israeli soldiers using live and unishe and. why we've seen that in past him and stray sions whether that be at the border in the gaza strip malls in the occupied west bank
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that the israeli army used live ammunition against demonstrators also tear gas and . stun grenades and rubber bullets the army spokesperson has said that they had pinpointed lies against protesters who came close to the fans because israel has said whoever tries to preach the border it will be met with what they call a harsh response and that is what happened that's five you seen this high casualties sixteen people were killed and over seven hundred wounded now human rights organizations have also said that this has been a disproportionate response and also as you said the un general secretary has called for an independent investigation what actually happened our correspondent tanya came on the israeli border with gaza thank you.
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russia has announced more diplomatic expulsions in the roué over the poisoning of a former russian spy today moscow told twenty three countries they have to send fifty nine staff members home that's in addition to the sixty american diplomats expelled on thursday is the latest escalation in the standoff over the former double agent said he was poisoned along with his daughter junia in the u.k. . there's been a constant stream of ambassadors at moscow's foreign ministry several e.u. countries were told some of their diplomats were being sent home in response to russian diplomats being expelled the german ambassador stressed the importance of bilateral relations. in view of the dire events in the solsbury the russian government has called on to do everything it can to create clarity and transparency an answer justified on resolve questions from the. board german embassy staff have to leave russia the same number of diplomats berlin
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has expelled. the united kingdom is being hit harder the crisis began on british soil by the poisoning of sergei scruple and his daughter in salisbury britain holds russia accountable for that and has convinced more than twenty five western nations to expel a total of one hundred fifty russian diplomats out of solidarity with its position . is the use of a chemical weapon on the streets of the united kingdom that has threatened the lives of a number of people in my country we also questions of the russian state and we have still not received adequate says to those questions russia has emphatically denied any involvement and is demanding evidence from british authorities. now some of the other stories making news around the world the pakistani nobel peace prize winner. has arrived in her home town of mingora in the swat valley is her first visit since
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being shot that six years ago by a taliban militant malala has lived in britain since recovering from her wounds. a police officer in the u.s. has been fired for excessive use of force after fatally shooting a black man and twenty sixteen police in louisiana released body count footage showing of blaine salamone a threatening to shoot alton sterling before firing six rounds at his chest the killing led to widespread protests. china's defunct space lab tiangong one will fall back to earth this weekend it's been in orbit since twenty eleven the ten metre long space station will make an uncontrolled reentry and no one knows for sure where it will land china's space agency says most of it will burn up and probably won't cause any damage. well a space x.
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falcon nine rocket carrying satellites for a communications company has blasted off from an aunt site in california and radio communications will use the ten you satellites to support its mobile voice and data communications services as it renews its entire global satellite network supersonic pope francis led the way of the cross procession at the coliseum in rome the torch lit ceremony reenacts the chris of education of christ assyrian family and an iraqi none carried the cross as good friday pres and meditations were cited. at the coliseum in rome tens of thousands of faithful gathered for a traditional good friday service led by pope francis torches let the fourteen stations that catholics believe jesus made on his way to crucifixion assyrian family carried the cross at one of the stations. including the only don't need a man.
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adjusting the crowd grew from the pope expressed shame sr for a world fractured by war and division you know. he won't let. the good friday service began in silence at st peter's basilica where pope francis lay faced out in prayer in front of the altar. he kissed the cross as a side of pendants. good friday commemorates the death of jesus prayer services continue saturday leading up to the most important christian holiday easter sunday which celebrates the resurrection of jesus the so sports news now and it's a special occasion whenever by munich and don't wind square off this time all the
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more so as brian have the chance to secure that wonderfully good title if results elsewhere in the lake go that way now the game known as dec has been billed as a clash of the titans but a spy and rack up the titles is becoming less and less of a fair fight. draw lines. or bind since two thousand and ten it's been an either or proposition the two clubs have kept the bundesliga title between themselves the last five seasons though it's been advantaged by or as even the black and yellow half of the rivalry will concede. out. the trees even on school byron see it as a requirement to be the best team and they've delivered as of our goal at the moment is to be the second best team and we're not there yet specimens of to react to something we started in other words dortmund still have their work cut out for them while for buyers clinching the title is only a matter of time films as
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a service is secondary if we win the title this week or next week or the week after next i'm taking a relaxed attitude their discipline selects the defending champs might be tempted to go into this edition of their classic or at less than full throttle they've got the first leg of a champions league quarter final on tuesday to contend with. midmorning think the nicest game is the beginning of a crucial phase for us one where we're going to be playing at midweek and on the weekend virtually every week sounds like getting a win on saturday will get that run off to a very good start so it would be my morning medina musique to stockton. and with a little bit of luck a win would earn biron the bundesliga title the end of beer shower come may. now be the most anticipated boxing match so far this year anthony joshua takes on joseph cardiff with not one but three heavyweight titles on the line and eighty
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thousand fans are expected inside the stadium on fight night which brings together unbeaten well champions. i was regarded as the best heavyweight boxer in the wilds now anthony joshua's looking to add a third heavyweight title to the w.b. and i.d.f. belt c.r.'s already. standing in his way is joseph paca the champion between them they hold all but one of boxing's major well titles the new zealand weighed in six pounds lighter than joshua and has never forced on such a big stage he's the underdog but it wouldn't be boxing if he didn't at least talk with talk. other people who decide what or how i want to feel under assault. this is a. shield on my heart. back in the other corner joshua's been working hard to slim down for this fight recognition he'll need poise as well as power to
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beat paca. and the. confidence of landing that knockout blow as he's done in every professional to date. on the park and i believe in joshua. tree belts on the line but come saturday night just one winner. on our mind and now the top stories we're following for you clashes between the israeli military and palestinians in gaza are reported to have left at least sixteen dead demonstrators are demanding that refugees be allowed to return to homes that are now in israel. and foreign ambassadors was summoned to the russian foreign ministry as moscow announced the expulsion of fifty nine diplomats from twenty three countries it's the latest round of the standoff over the course of
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a former russian double agent. you're watching news from berlin well coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest on our web site that is dot com. thanks for your company and. they make a commitment. they find solutions.


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