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every journey begins with the first step and every language and the first word and the physical the cohesive germany to sign german. business first why not live. in simple line on your own while free. stuff. d.w.b. learning course. german maybe see. everyone and welcome to another edition of your own x. i'm your host making lee from sculptures in the santa docks and by the dozen we've got a fun show in store here's a look at what's coming up. a milestone birthday of the renowned swiss architect
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mario wartime turns seventy five. joining on dr sun says the first ever museum devoted to the leader dog. and bucket list around the world as it stands culture professor paul. swiss architect mario barto style is marked by geometric lines light and shadows now most of his signature works are located in his native country of switzerland among them churches and chapels where the star architect will soon be marking a milestone birthday suit for the occasion the council risk a museum in the car no is hosting an exhibition on his works. can you believe it or not this is a church in the chapel of sent him rio de young julie into chino. and the architect is maher you go to. a sixty five meter viaduct leads to the round
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chapel a building that resembles an ancient amphitheater. just as unusual as the church of sun voto in turin italy. and the chapel of every near paris. and overview of boxes designs is currently on exhibit in locarno switzerland. give it would have bought a new couldn't the architecture itself speaks to us through its silence and the sacred spaces of silence have a very expressive power a little for it but it did begin to be they embodied the idea of gravity the idea of light the idea of transition these are the very principles of architecture to keep us they still been fucked up that. this is how we normally imagine churches
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the madonna does so so in look on. in voters' home city of to chino sacred symbols are everywhere the same goes for the valley much north of lake majority. but in the mountain village of morn yo ma to go back to change the landscape in the ninety's an avalanche had buried the town in one thousand nine hundred six. but did designed a church of remembrance called the chapel of son giovanni but easter. architects giovanni luigi dot seo was psych manager then. we owe a lot to mario both because he has a rich poor area with this project. the order of all of this has become not only a landmark but also an expression of will power with generosity and passion that come into a deep. the church has a decorative chessboard pattern and is
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a site for visitors from far beyond the reach of. the marble in granite came from a nearby valley. or keep it a same pretty nearly mean to the architecture is always in dialogue with the landscape but with the surroundings. architecture is never also referential but your sculpture. it belongs to the geographical location as well as to the culture and history of the place. with light sails like half dome sea created a wellness oasis in arrow's of switzerland. the mountain restaurant in your di pietro or stone flower was opened in twenty seventeen unmounted general in switzerland. the facade with its seven towers was boldly built on a slope. but he has also left his mark on cities as here with the museum of modern
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art in san francisco. switching between secular and sacred buildings is not a problem for the architect he sees himself as a mediator another example is the construction of the chamber lease to synagogue in tel aviv which opened in one nine hundred ninety eight. you know it's interesting because it's a university campus intended for lay and not religious students. been through really josie be the lady we were afraid that the faithful were dominant and . maybe even the jewels so i designed big rooms do we see the way of. god to pray and will be the conference room as a place for discussion but again in that.
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today is working on more secret buildings including a mosque in china on the border with mongolia and a christian church in south korea near soul. always. it's good to work in grand the privilege is a privilege especially in this time of globalization to be rentis a patron projects so that people can express their spiritual not. the barely spawned. speed into the warm. at seventy five mario is far from putting his design plans to rest. so billions of catholics around the world are gearing up for easter sunday so in today's express we thought we would take
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a look at at the way some european communities celebrate this special day. all across spain millions of people have been joining in processions in celebration of holy week and the run up to easter parade in serbia is one of the most famous. in monica locals have been lining the streets every evening as sculptures of jesus christ in the virgin mary are carried through the streets in granada the procession passes through the cathedral square at the old del pear dome the door of forgiveness the various parades commemorate the passion of christ the crucifixion and resurrection of jesus christ. into the bully belgium forty artists from around the world have been sculpting figures out of chocolate locals call the town the smallest honor and host a festival with what might well be the world's largest chocolate pickers including
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eagles hundreds and lions. some thinkers are as high as three meters and visitors can round off a visit by sampling a selection of belgium's famous chocolates as a short lived my mentor. for the animals in london see you have been enjoying some festive easter egg treats this week. to convert it dragons got an extra helping of ducklings and there were thirty filled easter treats to find up in the tree. the. dog is man's best friend but when you live here in germany you get a super b f f status if you are a doc son now this breed of dog is one of the most popular here some are so. so there are stuff clubs and now a new museum dedicated to it and pass out right in the south of the country and of
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course where on hand for a closer look at this four legged friend. short on the legs but big on character good docs want as adored by dog fans around the world among them are seppi kubek and oliver shorts who became fans of the capricious canines twenty five years ago i did not really the first thing was of course those cute innocent little eyes which are just irresistible and they give you such love and loyalty they can be stubborn to sometimes but that just adds to a fantastic personality. the couple are now living a lifelong dream hoping the world's first museum dedicated to the docs and. over the last quarter of a century they've built up a collection of more than four thousand the miniature dachshund from trade fairs and collectors plus some donated by fans the museum has exhibits illustrating the history of the dachshund but it's the old ray of figurines that will be the real
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crowd pullers we have not really of course not all the exhibits we've assembled here are of cultural significance bob they deserve their places here even if they should think about if they will. among the stars of the show are a nodding dog and the mascot for the munich olympics nine hundred seventy two combo because so found inspiration from a cheeky little ducks and named blunt. and there are even songs dedicated to the dog. they've never really been own vogue but perhaps the image of them and their owners is now changing. into activity jackson should not be dismissed as something for old fogies it doesn't matter if you see them out walking with grandma or hipster what matters is the dog's character with. their extremely long body and short legs earned him the nickname soft. it sure winner dog. is german and literally means. the dogs had been bred so they could flush out badgers from their
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burrows that made its first foray into high society when german emperor of the second took a fancy to by the name of. celebrities like. also fell for the. despite having a checkered image over the years doc sons are now back in london's greenwich park is the scene of special sausage walks. that you know maybe. i'm five hundred the best. route with. krakow poland has an annual parade featuring hundreds of dogs and owners from all over the world. some of the dogs have become stars the canadian smooth haired crusoe has over
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a half million followers on his instagram page. of a bestselling book. it seems the whole city is gearing up for the new museum this baker has designed bread products in the shape of the dogs and their paws. inside the museum the owners are looking forward to spreading greener dog mania to their visitors. will be happy if people leave here with a smile. and say for a moment it was like being in another one. of. their own dogs. just can't wait for the grand opening no wonder the museum and a refreshing drink will be free of charge. the man in our next report is actually a scientist by trade but nature has drawn him to photography christian unclip
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travels the world to photograph cliffs canyons mountains and glaciers and he's most interested in catcher in capturing them in a special light for example he wants to see europe's highest mountain with the milky way in the distance or the grand canyon under a rainbow now his job involves lots of time and patience in order to find the right life but for class the end product is worth the wait. this is a man for whom the extraordinary is not enough. question kept tries to capture the nature around him in a very special light. come forward photography means writing with lines which is why i generally work in the
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twilight hours or at night that's when you get the most stunning light conditions the hope so about. kristen to have as a geoscientist by profession which involves travelling around the world on a regular basis. but today he's fulfilling a long held dream back home to capture the natural beauty of germany's north sea coast. venice with my daily i'd like to get these waves and ripples in a subtle backlight and tease the image in a light out of nature those images don't just drop into the camera by themselves. it involves a lot of hard work about who is going to come out of. his method begins with the photo in normal daylight conditions. then he waits for exactly the right moment at sunrise or sunset. that requires patience in spite of having to brave the bitterly cold winds of the north sea. however the photographer is used to far less
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hospitable conditions from his travels. he finds this remarkable machines in some of the remotest places on the planet. the beans are in the nevada desert at new moon. red sea stacks off the coast of new zealand the colorado river in the grand canyon and this view taken from a. glaciation iceland. these risky going in that you have to remember that there's a place you know is moving at a rate of one meter per day so once you're inside you're surrounded by these constant cracking and crunching sounds sort of isn't just not. good and it's an incredibly eerie but at the same time magical environments. particularly beautiful lobbies trance or blank volcanic ash deposited in the ice over the last five thousand years. that you scientists combines his in-depth knowledge of how the
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earth evolved with the nation for its beauty. he's willing to wait days to get the right shot. i had an idea of photographing locked issues are they at night as soon as i'm ok way a period of a month long so i had to return to that location again and again. until the night was perfect as it is no above the north sea. seeing these magical places does make you feel very small and in or in nature that's especially true in today's walks we need to show more respect for our planet and i think that only happens when people do something. the native american reservation in washington state is constantly sniffs disconnection and then in love with up planets breath taking. heroin you don't have to go very far to find
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international cuisine but finding a place that makes a good b.l.t. or bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich can be pretty difficult unless you're head to the trendy berlin restaurant called a michelle bagger now the original b.l.t. comes from the west but michelle burger irish chef makes a different version of it. i. think that people are definitely warmer and then there's strangers and a friendly through each other which berliners near the call sometimes it's just hard to use the force well. it's ok. allen makes house from limerick ireland he grew up dreaming of becoming a football player at a holiday job in a restaurant as a schoolboy he found his true calling and trained as a chef. he moved to berlin in twenty fourteen and was recruited that same year i
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shifted cuisine at the restaurant michel bagga in the hip friedrich sign neighborhood. bread here is breaks in house by the chef himself based on a german recipe. these are a shrewd stew come through his specially on the fish front. once he's country up a new connery creation he presents it to his kitchen crew. places great value on good working relations and he knows his suppliers personally. i think it's important for a lot of people. in modern times that they want to know where the food is coming from the city this. demands our gannett food and has to be built for some people especially in this neighborhood. michel bacharan strong belongs to the hotel of the same name that opened in two thousand and nine is a former industrial building that in the one nine hundred forty s.
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housed repair shops from machines. it's now a restaurant with seating in fact eighty people. in the morning serving breakfast to hotel guests. after closing for an hour and then serves lunch and in the evening it fills up with a cosmopolitan crowd. here tactic. menu is itself international with the occasional irish influence. the plants are designed to share amongst the groups and instead of a traditional statter main course dessert menu it's more of. a feasting concept. but grilled micro b.l.t. is his version of the classic sandwich. but rather than bacon lettuce and tomato at hotel. macro is the key for. the
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sandwich is served with a sound featuring c snails. along the coast of the chefs native island fish and seafood is served in every restaurant. traditional irish cuisine tends to be a hearty meat and potatoes affair not dissimilar to german food. banks gives it a modern twist. macro also features regularly in the restaurants on trains. as the chef in some sense if you go fishing and don't catch a macro when you've had a bad day. and the best time to catch micro is apparently between may and september.
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yeah i think everybody out and knows what mackerel is every household with a test from chips at a cost and a b.l.t. is it's a sandwich so it's free on the dish this week i just interpreted it and it was the to make it in the restaurant saw the combination of simple signage and something that i all i mean since i was a child. the mitchell baggage is frequented by hotel guests. locals and tourists alike to keep their appetites when to alan makes changes the menu four times a year today with pears a dish of michael served with b.l.t. sandwich saw to see snows and horseradish he enjoyed. well that's not the sandwich i grew up with all right well if you ever dreamed of seeing the pyramids of egypt or the great wall of china you can head to the baltic sea to kill two birds with one stone this is where the bins sand sculpture festival
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is underway until november under the slogan once around the whole world now the festival draws tens of thousands of visitors visitors every year to this german sea resort in this year's international event promises to be no different. from sleeping buddhas to mock terra cotta warriors visitors to this exhibition can journey through the ages the world's oceans and the continents. it's up to the artists to express their own take on this year's general theme around the world. we have a free dog in the british room the roads where my interpretation is
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a thriving. boss airport. and cruise boat or just three. one of the destinations visitors can choose is carnival in rio de janeiro. fifty artists from around the world use blocks of compressed sand to recreate famous landmarks historic events and contemporary celebrities dinse has become a magnet for many sound sculptors and for dutch artist memory fundamental there's an additional personal motivation. is having my i met my future husband. and i was also an artist involved in the project. every time we drive across the big bridge to the island. it's like coming home.
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visitors can even launch into outer space and join the first astronauts. carving figures from sand has an almost meditative effect for the artists innit. sand water is an essential ingredient in creating a realistic sculpture. of the globe trotting field reflects an architecture student gallo's stuff alleviates only outlook on life. i love has come to them as i know by them when our entire lives a basically a journey like the real thing with these projects give us the opportunity to visit different places and do crazy stuff now. it's become part of my life a month in one. visitors can marvel at the sam sculptures indents for the next seven months until november fourth. and with that we
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wrap up the show but before we go we want to let you in on our current contest now with the easter holiday just around the corner we would like to know what your favorite holiday is is it easter or maybe it's ramadan or something completely different only celebrated in your part of the world in any case we would like to know so please go to our website for all the details and you could qualify to win a euro max wrist watch as always for me in the crew here at euro max thanks for turning in the world see you tomorrow for the highlight show. next time on girl back some highlights of the we don't sing and the cats arena so doesn't the pose and brits talking and setting. the bible in training in screw classrooms this year. amazing them right british artist stephen roach actually sitting around. next time on your next time.
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the be. the be. able to. move the body.
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clocks. true for the boom slams a residential area it's. got a real good name in cape town from the back. to mitchell fences are to protect the housing estates move an acoustic courage for the impudent beasts. without harming a law. to go after them for god in thirty minutes a small d w.
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the but what of a people suffering from hunger in the. world food program is fighting over worldwide to. join the fight. fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes the hair style takes up to two and it is it's a lot of time that needs to be filmed so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives and i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spend at the salon i feel good quality hair when i see it and then
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a good story when i hear it. my name is elizabeth sean and i work at steve's. when i was young i dreamed about changing the world. but i was a woman in egypt things turned out differently. forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation you. know will also tell we rebelled i'll use the written word to stand up for women's rights. as a travel to the places where i lived as a child i'm filled with anger at the past. the world and so the. voice of egypt starting april eighth on t w.
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this is the daily news life from birth and die. clashes at protests. leave at least fifteen palestinians dead as the u.n. is calling for an investigation into the violence after israeli troops opened fire on protesters also coming up. a spokeswoman for peace back home troubled by war.


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